Re-establishing Alt-Right Connections to Power

OpenDemocracy’s recent article by Shane Burley offers an insightful critique of the Alt-Right’s current position and a major challenge we face. Burley starts by arguing that our break from President Trump was necessary:

This rejection of Syrian intervention is uniform on the alt-right and signals the first major betrayal of the Trump presidency. Most white nationalist ideologues did not think that Trump would actually carry out a clean interpretation of their politics, but hoped they could mobilize him on their key political issues like foreign policy, refugees and non-white immigration. While he has enacted some of their agenda—including the Muslim travel ban, which was taken largely from Kris Kobach and the anti-immigration Tanton Network—his collaboration with Republican business interests has been disheartening. In that sense, the Syria bombing is only the most recent infidelity to the alt-right, albeit the most significant.

While we agree that the break was necessary it did move us away from mainstream conservatives. I have experienced this IRL as normie Republicans have expressed dismay that I would withdraw support from Trump over his broken campaign promises as the US media wages an all-out assault upon him. Two points here: 1) normie Republican voters are not as bothered by broken campaign promises as we were (or, at least, are far more forgiving) and 2) they place far more emphasis on party loyalty to the GOP than we do. We never cared about the Republican Party; we were attracted to Trump’s rhetoric against immigration, foreign interventionism and free trade. But many Republican voters were never as strongly enamored with these as were we. I have heard this IRL from some Boomer normies who have even told me that impeaching Trump would be okay because then we would get President Pence and “he’s more conservative than Trump.” They essentially lack our nationalist worldview. At the very least there is a significant divide amongst Trump’s voters between the nationalists and the normies. That divide is not new, it is just readily apparent now as we withdraw our support from a president who has repeatedly let us down so early in his administration.

Most importantly though, Burley points out that “a crossover [appeal to the mainstream] is necessary for the movement to make any material gains.” He writes:

As Trump moves further away from the dissident cadre he brought into the halls of power with him, the alt-right is sent floundering, lacking its clear connection to the mainstream. White nationalism is still unpopular to the vast majority of Americans, so they need points of crossover to recruit. The Trump spaces have been that—from the recent “MAGA” rallies to the Students for Trump and Turning Point organizations on college campuses. If the alt-right publicly denounces and organizes against Trump, as Spencer and other major alt-right leaders are calling for, then the movement will lose access to its largest pool of potential converts.

Burley argues that “In the end, the alt-right stands to become just a fascist movement that found a moment in the sun. That moment faded when its Trojan Horse leader was appropriated by his own business party—thereby sending the movement back to the fringes it desperately wanted to leave behind.” He seems ready to write off our chances at growing the movement and gaining more influence.

I am optimistic about our prospects. The aggressiveness of the Left is surely radicalizing many people. It angers many White people when Leftists and non-Whites celebrate the tearing down of our historic monuments. And we are going to see a lot more of this over the summer and beyond. The triggering will be hot and heavy and it will start immediately. We are developing significant platforms to reach, entertain and inform larger numbers of people. Occidental Dissent,, TRS, Counter-Currents, Daily Stormer and Identity Dixie are a few examples of this. Activism is again a priority. It is much better organized than it was previously and we see far greater cooperation among nationalist/identitarian groups than in the past. Action groups, such as Identity Evropa, TWP, Vanguard America and the League of the South, are emerging to take the fight on the streets to Antifa and the radical Left. The “pool parties” are growing quickly in cities and regions throughout the USA. Every weekend now there is a large gathering or event take place. I have been active in the nationalist/identitarian scene since the mid-1990s and I haven’t seen anything like the current atmosphere since then. And it is far better organized, better led and more serious than it was in the 90s. It is also growing more quickly, I believe.

Still, Burley does make a good point. We do need to establish connections to the mainstream and ultimately to power. We will continue to grow as a subculture and political movement, in large part because identity issues are now in the face of normies as never before due to our demographic decline. As the Left grew as a subculture in the post-WWII era and prepared itself to take power, so will we grow and expand our influence. However, we need lots of points of contact – connections – to the White mainstream. Trump was a very important connection which mostly appears to be lost. There are other possible connections such as Corey Stewart and Roy Moore. Internationally, we have connections such as Le Pen, Farage, Hofer  and Wilders. Another possible international connection we should place on our radar is Jair Messias Bolsonaro, a rising nationalist star and /our guy/ in Brazil. As encouraging and important as these international connections are though, domestic connections are far more important. We have a lot of room to improve in this department – and a pressing need to do so. Establishing connections to the mainstream through music, fashioncartoonspublic figures, etc. is vital.

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  1. Anyone who doesn’t run as far as possible away from the Dailystormer deserves all the failures they will meet.

    DS’s latest weev article encapsulates why.

    My mantra: you’ll never engage middle class white men with anti-middle class rhetoric, and women’s rights are indivisible from middle class rights in an industrialized society.

  2. My perspective is that in the left’s war against Trump our standing back is really no different then the “patriots” standing back when it appeared that the anifa would overrun the altright at one of the protests. Republicans may be weak allies, but the left-Democrats-antifa are enemies and the battle against them is our battle. Aiding even weak, unreliable allies strengthens us if it weakens our enemies.

  3. I do not think that Burley’s premise (we will remain a marginal fringe movement that just had one moment of fleeting glory) is likely.


    Because the Empire has lost it’s monopoly on communication.

    Rock-n-Roll became a national obsession over a ten year period. 1955-1965.

    It did so without any help from the political establishment. In fact, it had a lot of opposition from the powers that were.

    Rock-n-Roll succeeded because it had it’s own communication medium (vinyl) and because it was perceived by the youth to be a rejection of the status quo, and so it was championed.

    We are in a completely new terrain compared to two years ago, where the SPLC seemed able to muzzle us, but, now, no longer can.

    We’ve gotten too big and too proliferous, and, now, even, mainstream media breaks their curtain of silence on us to make reports.

    This is totally new.

    It will only grow.

    We are the next hip fashion rage to strike the next wave of teenagers, now in the offing.

    BET ON IT!

    We, and our various ways of thinking, are the ultimate F*** You for an angst-ridden and overly hormoned 14 year old teenager to find.

    They will find it, and with them will rearise a new voter and a new fascist will enter the culture – the Dixiecrat of yore.

    This youth will be completely hostile to Republicans and Democrats, and immune to political correctness, all of which he will rightly see as an attempt to enslave him.

    He will be the new warrior class against the establishment, and he will live the end to Jewish hegemony over this land.

    There, I’ve said it.

    If you don’t believe me – listen for the anxious heartbeat of the likes of Mr. Foxman in Manhatten’s steel and glass halls…

  4. White Nationalism, Alt-Right, etc are going no where, while they keep pouring all their sweat into the Republican Party. All they are doing is working unpaid, to put Conservatives into power. They can’t get power without your help, but they’ll never thank you for it.

  5. American Alt-Right and WN are “Nationalists” that put Conservatives in power. No other nationalist group in any other country, does anything as remotely silly.

    Is that what they call 4D Chess? Is 4D Chess code for retardation?

  6. As whites reach minority status in the U.S ( 2040) the Heartland will still be majority white. In time, if we do nothing, red states will turn blue due to demography and differential birthrates.. There is a window of opportunity in the decades to come but it MUST involve creating a separate nation out of disgruntled red states. Anything else is folly! No nation lasts for ever- only Americans think the United States is so indispensable that it will be the first nation in humanity to endure for all eternity-an insane prospect when the evidence of its coming demise is becoming glaringly obvious. In a nutshell one CANNOT save both the United States and the white population contained therein. Make a choice. One of these goals is difficult but eminently attainable, the other is an exercise in futility and a colossal waste of time and energy.

  7. Anyone who thinks they are going to win popularity contests with Roman Catholics, or Jews, needs to get a new hobby.

  8. If the alt-right wants real power it had better start arming itself and organizing guerrilla units. The (((System))) will never voluntarily share or give up any of its power with racially-conscious Whites.

  9. The United States will not exist another 15 years at this point, trust me when I tell you this. Nonwhites will never group together, they will fight over pieces of meat like dogs. This is how it ends, everyone tearing off a piece for themselves,

  10. Onceler , which DS column do you refer to? Weev has written quite a number of them and so has Andrew Anglin. You need to be more specific- so that you can have your opinions either corroborated….or deconstructed.

  11. “This is how it ends, everyone tearing off a piece for themselves.”

    So is it Chittum’s “civil war two,” or Raspail’s “camp of the saints?”

  12. I think for the most part the Republicans are useless, I often doubt that the U.S has a two party system. There two major political factions yes, but that doesn’t mean that they offer voters any real choice, they are just two sides of the same oligarchy. The parties, if you want to call them that, don’t do what their bases want, they do what they people who give them money to run for office want.

    The donors want open borders, they want ‘free’ trade, they want a steady supply of cheap labor, they want persistent war. I think they want a war going some where all the time because it justifies ridiculous defense spending, which gives lucrative government contracts to Halliburton or Boeing. Anyway the powers that be want it.

    Much of the upper classes are insane social liberals, meaning they like death, baby killing, homosexuality, gender mutilation.

    I would make the argument that the country needs not a third party but a second party, because the two sides of the oligarchy don’t represent anybody but the donor class.

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