Central Arkansas Antifa Laughed Out Of Hot Springs, AR

This wasn’t one of our events.

Yesterday, there was another Confederate Memorial Day rally in Hot Springs, AR. It was held by Southern heritage supporters and the Patriots from American Warrior Revolution. Central Arkansas Antifa and Redneck Revolt showed up and were laughed out of Hot Springs.

Yes, that is a dude wearing skinny jeans with the purse in the second photo below. He is still wearing the mask in the third photo. I’m not sure what happened, but it was another low T day for antifa in the South. I can feel my self esteem getting rekt just looking at these photos!

Crawling in my skin/
These wounds they will not heal/

Note: What is Chong doing in Arkansas?

Update: I’ve since learned a limb fell out of a Magnolia tree and hit the zir. That’s why he was so embarrassed!

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  1. What is it with Antifa and flipping people off? I mean, they have no idea of the politics of the photographers yet they are always giving such rude and vile gestures. I suppose it’s just witness to the degeneracy and self-hatred of the leftwing state. I hear even Moldylocks was once a cute, likely sweet girl before she got hooked up with the Antifa/porn industry crowd.

  2. That Bonaccorsi dude…..he babbles on with so much nonsense that I can never decipher if he’s with, or against us. I hardly ever read his rants in their entirety. Judging by feedback from other contributers, I’ve since concluded that it must be a leftard troll who’s against us.
    Just ignore it, and hopefully it will go away.

  3. Yes, Bonaccorsi is a cucked, kiked, pseudo-intellectual who comes here to condescend. His goal is to interrupt the grown-ups while they’re talking. Freeze him out like the insecure, troubled, unwanted child he is.

  4. @Denise

    “Moldylocks is Jüde. It was never cute and sweet.”

    The six pointed star pendant hanging round her neck kinda gave it away, too.

  5. @Michael Cushman

    Real Southrons aren’t comfortable acting out in public, anyway. The South doesn’t have a protest tradition. The one I went to, we felt as silly as we looked. I left from embarrassment. And it was just a protest against a county commissioner.

  6. more of the same
    May 22, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    “Is it possible the Soros money has dried up?”

    Or the Obama funds have been spent.

  7. I think the constant use of obscenity is due to a very small vocabulary, little imagination to think anything through so they repeat the crap they learned in school, or from other kids.

  8. I was pretty sure Moldylocks was a Jewess by her looks, I didn’t see the Star of David Necklace, she just set off my JEW-DAR. James I do disagree, the South DID have a type of protest tradition, but unfortunately after the War and Reconstruction, it died. Stability killed it as did universal education and a change in Religion. BEFORE THE WAR, the Churches proclaimed the righteousness of tradition and killing to preserve it.

    AFTER RECONSTRUCTION this slowly began to change bit by bit into churches teaching compliance with the Laws of the Land Romans 13:1 at all costs. Now did it change overnight? No but it was a slow ebbing change and it really took off when the Baptists began licking the Jew’s shoes with their Christian Zionism thing. Think about it, there was never a mass uprising during the 1950’s over Desegregation anywhere. The Klan and the few who did the uprisings were considered outliers, however 60 years before the Churches would have preached to their congregations to oppose King with guns. Were churches doing that in 1965? Nope. Today they would be telling you to put down your gun.

    Universal Education produced a gelding effect, a mental gelding of sorts. Stability in the South following 1877 until the 1950’s was except for the 1890’s uprisings and 1919 Red Summer largely peaceful, two or three generations came and went never having to fight for what was theirs. Stability lulled everyone to sleep. Now they are finally waking up

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