Trump Visits Israel’s Wailing Wall

I will just leave this here:

Note: You have probably noticed there have been significantly fewer Trump posts. I lost interest in covering his every move over a month ago now. Since then, there have been more airstrikes in Syria, an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth over a hundred billion dollars and now this.

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  1. “Oh my gosh! Who could have ever have predicted that might happen!” DUH…

    Does it seem strange to you that American nationalists, are the only nationalists in the world that say, don’t support our candidate, support Republicans?

    I know nothing will be learned from this, WN will be back supporting Republicans next election and the ones after that. Makes me seriously think that WN is a scam set up by Republicans, to get dopey Whites to campaign for them for FREE.

  2. An astonishing set of photos. Could you imagine Ike, Churchill, or any other leader of a major power in the past donning a yarmulke, kissing that wall and pledging eternal fealty to these creeps?

    Also on this tour– ramping up hostility to “extremist” and “terrorist” Iran while playing best friends with the Saudis, who provided the manpower for 9-11, funding for ISIS and Wahhabi mosques throughout the world and more. (Of course Iran is hostile to Israel and Saudi Arabia is not.)

  3. Mestigoit
    May 22, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    “An astonishing set of photos. Could you imagine Ike, Churchill, or any other leader of a major power in the past donning a yarmulke, kissing that wall and pledging eternal fealty to these creeps?”

    Brother Nathaniel says its a ritual where they’re pretending to have sex with a goddess who lives behind the wall. lol

  4. @RB No, nationalists in the USA simply have no viable candidates. The choice is between not voting at all (I abstained from a number of elections because I couldn’t stand either choice) or voting for the slightly lesser of two evils.

    Trump was a gamble. He talked like a civic nationalist. He was voted for not because he was a Republican, but because he promised the Wall, suspension of immigration from Muslim countries, and other “moderately nationalist” policies. I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here.

    Also, voting for him wasn’t useless — his campaign really kicked the lid off the Uniparty, exposed how much the press is just a creature of the Vampiric Globalist State, and allowed disenfranchised Whites to exercise their political muscle together for the first time a long time.

    You can sit here and OD on Black Pills if you want, but Trump’s campaign and election already served some major nationalist purposes. Another thing it did was rile up the Left into a rabid frenzy that still hasn’t abated — they’re showing their true colors, blurting out their actual purposes, because they’re so ticked off. Never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake — and if Trump gets them spun up so much that they throw caution to the winds — which appears to be the case — then he’s worth it unless he turns directly in Hillary Clinton.

  5. The image of Trump sucking up to jews at the ‘Wailing Wall’ is stomach turning.
    Seems like all the leaders of the West are shabbas goys.

  6. Hmm: “You have probably noticed there have been significantly fewer Trump posts. I lost interest in covering his every move over a month ago now.”

    At is an Occidental Dissent post dated October 14, 2016, and headed “#NeverTrump’s Historically Unprecedented Stab In The Back.” Therein, our host, Mr. Wallace, wrote as follows:

    “As I sensed at the time, we were watching a major historical event unfold on Saturday when 1/3 of the #NeverTrump Senate repudiated Trump …

    [Quote from Atlantic article including the following: “By comparison, only a handful of GOP senators rejected Barry Goldwater in 1964; former President Dwight Eisenhower, despite private doubts, publicly campaigned for him. Even in 1912, when Roosevelt launched an independent candidacy, the Republican leadership remained more unified behind Taft than their modern-day counterparts are behind Trump.”]

    “To my knowledge, nothing of this scale has ever happened before in American history on the eve of a national election. The #NeverTrump stab in the back was bigger than TR’s revolt that led to the Bull Moose Party in 1912.”

    In response to that, I commented as follows:

    “These comparisons are meaningless. The earlier events–with Goldwater and T. Roosevelt–were true political events, involving disputed visions of America and of its place in the world. Trump is just an oddity, who has lodged himself, formally, as the Republican nominee but is not a real political figure. This is historic only in the way that, say, the crashing of an asteroid into Earth is historic. It can’t be ignored, but the only thing it reveals is that unusual things happen.”

    In response to that comment of mine, one of Occidental Dissent’s gracious Southern commenters wrote as follows:

    “Sure, pal. Trump is an oddity? No, Trump is the result of the liberal/left policies of the last 60 or so years. He is an imperfect vessel but he is the guy who has emerged, like it or not, to represent the real America. … Trump is the only person in my lifetime who has had the stones to take the national stage and call the Democrats, the Progressives, the RINO’s and all the rest out, for what they really are. And you sniff that he is an “oddity”. You are the oddity, Bonaccorsi, the poindexter sitting in his overstuffed chair who just does not get it. This is not just another election. if you do not understand that then for God’s sake go in the bathroom and hang yourself, because you won’t like what is coming down the pike.”

  7. Ironsides
    May 22, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    “@RB No, nationalists in the USA simply have no viable candidates. Lesser of two evils”

    That is the exact talking point they repeated on Stormfront, to ignore the Pro White candidate and to support the Zionist one. They refuse to use the White Genocide talking point, nor use anti-White, but they use memes to ignore Pro White candidates and support Zionist ones.

    Yesterday someone over there with a low post count, posted a single comment. “All White Nationalist websites are run by AshkeNAZI”.

    You know what? The incompetence of a group that ignore their own, and supports their biggest enemy, is something I find really hard to believe. The conspiracy looks far more likely.

    They will never have a viable candidate, because they never support their own candidates. Not now, not ever.

  8. Ann Coulter frustrated nothing getting done back home she ‘ll flip anytime soon say fukin Jews.

  9. If she was serious, she would stop supporting Zionists and run for office herself. If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

  10. PM Netanyahu and the Likud have lots of friends from republican party now majority house and senate.Short supply at the Department of Defense are streched globally. The army pork barrel welfare to wage war against Iran by land disastrous .The’ll carpet bomb, risk of nuclear fall out.

  11. Isn’t it time for another “holocaust” speech? It’s been weeks since the last one.

  12. Jew ass kissing is nothing new but I’m more concerned about how this Israel visit ties in with the $100+ billion arms deal with the Saudis. Supposedly it’s to fight terrorism but could that be a smoke screen for blackmailing Iran and Syria, thereby putting the risk of WWIII at much higher probability? Is this Trump’s way of providing all those jobs by feeding the Military Industrial Complex?

  13. Let’s face it, if someone like Trump was legit, he’d be dead or in prison by now.

    Perhaps they keep threatening Trump with impeachment to make him seem real.

  14. From Trump’s speech.

    “Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding for terrorism, and pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve.”

    We should be thankful he has not threatened to attack of confront Iran like the idiot Dubya.

  15. Like the rest of Jewish history the Whining Wall is fake, it’s really the remnants of an ancient Roman fortress. I hope Trump is America’s last president, this endless submission to Satan’s Chosen is obscene.

  16. Conveniently a terrorist attack has just occurred in the UK, and Stormfront has already forgotten about the Trump Hump at the Wailing Wall. Every idiot back on board the Trump Train! Choo! Choo!

  17. What is this wall banging and wall reverence thing at the wall of the ancient Fortress Antonia? This goes beyond respect for the Legions. I didn’t know the Kaganate had such fond memories of Roman law in Judea.

    Now Trump. Usually the visiting ZOGbot after fellating the Jews, kissing the Jew ass (both cheeks, then once again with feeling), being taken to the crypt to hear the sacred narrative and then schlepping the shovel for a little digging (the hole for the peace tree), like a good goy, he has to go and bang the wall over at the ruin of Fortress Antonia. At least he’s not head banging – just tuning in to the wall vibe. This is probably where the tribal g_d speaks to the ZOGbot through the wall vibe.

    Whatever he is doing there, he should take off the black beanie and go home and drain the swamp. Melania too. Next time ZOG has to go over there to bang the wall – send that little schlepper Jared.

    Meanwhile the real highlight of the trip is GOG’s new “global centre for extremist ideologies” in Riddyah. Some VIP ZOGbots bankrolling and training Islamist terror armies for regime change in the ME were there with their hands on the glowing orb×410-ghm1t6-png1434058531600-620×349.jpg.
    “Build me an army worthy of Mordor” – Saruman gets the order from the Great Eye through the glowing orb.

  18. Have you ever noticed how the Hebes are always pulling out what looks like scholarly books and old scrolls? Go listen to an interview of religious scholar, Michael Hoffman, and you will hear him state why these inbreds are so neurotic, feel they are superior, their use of violence, etc. It’s a great interview.

    Everything is a ritual. They have something like a million rules they have to follow. The rabbi can come over and check on things like your bed sheets. This is the same creep who sucks on little babies’ willies under the guise of a religious ritual. They are a sick and twisted lot that have turned the entire planet into an insane asylum.

  19. the exact OPPOSITE WALL we elected him for.
    Donald, quit touching the dirty Jews ugly ass fucking wall & never put another goddamn yarmulke on again.
    he might as well just cut his balls off

  20. @ Mestigoit

    Thanks for the clip. Kapner is a likeable guy and often gives an ear’s worth of juicy tidbits. Wow, copulating with Satan, what a surprise. Well, the bible tells us Judaism is The Synagogue of Satan; so, why do so many so-called Christians ignore it?

  21. Judaism’s entire point is to assert superiority over the other. That basic premise came first, I think, then the obsessive rituals evolved to probably keep them bonded together and controlled.

    Since Judaism needs to invade other people’s land (their Covenant holds that if they uphold it, Yahweh rewards them with other people’s land and labor, etc.) the obsessive rituals serve the purpose of keeping them from integrating. I wonder if this got worse in Europe with the additions to the Talmud and its intensifying deceptiveness.

    Certainly the jews’ ‘covenant’ in Europe was to go in, and run the banks, be tax collectors, etc. in partnership with the official political rulers. But to go into a totally foreign race-inhabited area (most of Germany and northwest Europe, then later eastern Europe) they had to maintain their separation while they simultaneously ‘integrated’ albeit from the top down to hustle peasants etc.

    Much of jewish neurosis is a direct function of this schizoid group personality disorder – they are ‘white’ and somehow ‘european’ whilst being totally separate and different racially.

  22. I wonder how well Trump would have done if this Goddamn picture came out in September before the election?

  23. It doesn’t matter how much tuchas he kisses, the jews will never trust Trump. And neither will I.

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