The Boomer Question

The SPLC is attempting to drag us into the debate about Baby Boomers:

“Brad Griffin AKA Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent and the Neo-Confederate League of the South, made his own attempt at Spencer’s banal point three months earlier in a slew of tweets titled “The Truth About Selma,” depicting a road-trip from the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery through the rural Black Belt.

This acknowledgement of poor and working-class woes, blindered by a strict focus on race, is a favorite recruitment strategy of the hallucinatory chess masters of the marginal right. Its success has been notably invisible. …”

No, I haven’t named the Boomer.

I said that lots of Baby Boomers came to the South from the North and West to participate in the Selma-to-Montgomery March. At the same time, the most notable civil rights activists who came to Alabama like James Zwerg, Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb weren’t Baby Boomers.

I don’t blame Baby Boomers for the Civil Rights Movement. The oldest Baby Boomers weren’t eligible to vote when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. The 26th Amendment, which lowered the minimum voting age to 18, wasn’t passed until 1971 and was a reaction to the Vietnam War.

The Civil Rights Movement in the United States was the work of the Greatest Generation and Silent Generation. It would be unfair to blame our grandparents though for the triumph of integration. At least in the South, the Greatest Generation and Silent Generation overwhelmingly opposed the Civil Rights Movement. Southerners in Congress voted down the Civil Rights Right Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

We got all of these things because the existence of the Union. Northerners and Westerners in Congress had the votes to overcome the Southern filibusters of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Supreme Court imposed integration on the South in the Brown v. Board and Loving v. Virginia decisions. That wasn’t the work of the Baby Boomers either.

Are the Baby Boomers completely innocent then?

I’m not saying that either. The great change in White racial attitudes occurred in the South in the 1970s and 1980s. It occurred in the North and West a generation earlier in the 1940s and 1950s. The North and West imposed its new racial values on the South from the Smith v. Allwright decision in 1944 until the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The Southern Boomers conformed to a cultural change they really had nothing to do with and which was imposed on them by the federal government.

I don’t bash the Baby Boomers because the real changes occurred in America a generation earlier. It was the Truman administration that launched desegregation. This had more to do with the Greatest Generation and its experience in the Second World War and the conflict with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The college campuses that poisoned the minds of the Boomers were hijacked a generation earlier and the outpouring of propaganda in the mass media was the work of their parents.

Americans have been becoming more liberal for generations. This has been going on for too long and in too many places to be the fault of any one generation. Millennials are even more liberal than the Baby Boomers. The same mistakes have been repeated in other countries. That’s because the real problem is liberal democracy. The logic of the system is what is ultimately driving these changes.

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  2. They also don’t look like they’re living in fear or were recently roughed up. Cattle. Just like us.

  3. Of course the whole evil of Civil Rights, Immigration Change in 1965, and all of that ATTACK ON WHITE CHRISTIAN America came about due to the “GREATEST GENERATION” (sic) voting for LBJ.
    The Boomers are THEIR children and sure plenty of blame but the GREATEST GENERATION was the PIT OF EVIL.

    There is plenty of blame to go around but let us remember that our people were OWNED by the (((Tribe)))

    The link in my name is to Cal State Long Beach website of professor emeritus Kevin MacDonald that will explain how IT happened. Whitey was just weak and the Enemy knew how to play him

  4. Thanks.

    I’m beginning to notice this more, and more: the recognition that democracy itself is the problem.

    I’m a member of the post-war generation: 1946 to be exact. I won’t use the word Boomer. I despise it.

    I knew Boomers before they were called Boomers while in college in the 60’s. I disliked them then, and I

    understand why later generations so dislike them. I couldn’t agree more.

    I am a life-long New Englander who reads Occidental Dissent everyday for one reason. It’s worth

    reading. There was another anti-democratic movement in this country (besides the Ante-Bellum South)at

    one time: New England High Federalism. It was swamped in the Jeffersonian Revolution of 1800, and

    gone by 1816. Out of curiosity ou may want to check it out?

    Anyways I enjoy your columns; Michael Cushman’s, and those of the Fire-Eater who uses a latin pen-name.

  5. Boomers? No, no, it was women who done it. A rather swarthy fellow by the name of Black Pigeon told me all about it.

    Those darned women are so susceptible to propaganda. Remember how they didn’t support Trump? They kept saying he was a conman of poor moral character who was unfit for office and other such nonsense. We sure showed those silly women a thing or two amirite? MAGA boys, let’s hear it for the God Emperor!

  6. @presbyterianrevival

    Hey, you whining, feminist cuck, why don’t you pull your tongue out of the ass of the 800 lb blue-haired whale who’s currently dominating you to check out who’s bringing all the immigrants into Europe?

    Things went downhill as soon as they gave women the vote. They’re not fitted by nature for it; they are not defensive people who value the tribe. They are made to be in the home, using their empathy to care for children, not bring down the nation with their feelz. They are excellent in their sphere. They are ruinous outside of it.

    Why don’t you make a point of how much superior brown people are to whites while you’re at it?

  7. I like how you silly billies keep blaming “liberal democracy” for all your woes and dream of fascism, when you just saw and whine about what happened with Trump. The people voted Trump in to do something specific and he’s ignoring their wishes like they always do. Trump is no different to Jeb Bush and Hillary wouldn’t be much worse.

    Liberal democracy is a scam, because it is not democratic at all. You boys want fascism, well you already have it, but it’s anti-White fascism.

    Oh and…

    Greatest Generation = Weakest Generation:
    An entire generation of men sent to boot camp, screamed at by their sarges until they pissed their pants and fell in love with anyone who screams at them. Easy for anti-White screamers to get what they want by screaming racist.

    Baby Boomers = Worst Generation:
    Needs no explanation.

  8. I can’t resist giving my impression of Boomers.
    Spoiled rotten and self centered. They have no care for the future of the younger generations. Everything comes down to their personal enjoyment. I know them well enough to know that nothing good would come from a hedonist like Trump.

  9. Not that there aren’t good Boomers obviously. I’m talking about Respectable Conservative and Liberal Boomers who are the bulk of them.

  10. Ironsides
    June 23, 2017 at 12:50 am


    “Things went downhill as soon as they gave women the vote.”

    And yet the majority of White women voted for Trump. The difference between White male and female voters this election was a paltry 10%.

    So why aren’t you blaming men, when men have always been the majority of politicians? We have all seen for the 1000th time, how politicians ignore the wishes of the people when it comes to immigration. So again why aren’t you blaming men? Are you one eyed? Can’t join the dots? Or one of those MGTOW gays, who attack women because they see women as sexual competition to the young boys they desire.

  11. @Preston
    Don’t forget the Weakest Generation: The Paper Hat Heroes who beat the “Nazis” in WW2, yet pissed their pants and ran home whenever a New York Jew screams racist.

  12. First of all it was white traitors in this country then and now who are responsible not boomers or any other generation. Speaking as a boomer I will tell you what it was like in the USA in 1965 when I was 12. You had porno legalized, you had busing, sex ed, homo’s protected, white guilt taught in schools,movies,and music. drugs appearing everywhere. riots, controlled media, feminism. This happened out of nowhere suddenly like a tsunami, people where dazed, didn’t know what to do. All you big talkers, if you lived then would have done nothing. You have 200 time more info than we had and you cant even stop antifa. The tea party has done more to turn things around than any group that I can remember.

  13. Be quiet Boomer. If you were legitimate, you would not be excusing and defending this generation, you would be shaming them for their treason.

    All the Boomers I know were fully supportive of shipping the manufacturing out of White countries in the 1980s, thus screwing their kids and grand kids futures. And they are supportive of the multi-cult today as they were back then, despite the terrorist attacks with little girls getting raped, and killed in the UK, they will not change.

    No. There are no excuses. They can use the Internet to get the truth, but they don’t want to know. The only thing I want to hear from a Boomer’s mouth is an apology, but they are too busy spending their every last dime, on restaurants and overseas holidays.

  14. @RB

    “So why aren’t you blaming men, when men have always been the majority of politicians?”

    lol false equivalency. Men and women aren’t equal, so there’s no reason to “blame” them for failing to vote properly in the same way we “blame” women for failing at voting properly. They are too different things, so they are judged with different standards lol.

    Men and women have different roles because having different roles serves the greater good of a nation. We know this to be true given the numerous amounts of empirical evidence of it working in the past. Men having the ability to vote serves the greater good of a democratic nation more efficiently than allowing women to vote as well given that women are simply more gullible.

    Men can be reasoned with; women cannot. And the ability to “reason” is paramount in a functioning

  15. I was asked by a couple of college co-eds for a survey they had to do for a class several years ago and they asked questions along the line if I thought the students were more polite/better mannered/etc today than when I went to college (late 60s – early 70s). I said I think the young people today are better than when I was in school. I told them we were really wild back then, drugs, riots, men streaking naked through the campus and they even shut down the whole campus one spring semester and went home early over the Vietnam war…incredible…(we knew how to get filthy and degenerate quicker than any other generation. I was against the Communists back then and I didn’t take part in their riots and was stopped on campus on why I was not wearing a black arm band and protesting the war. I told them I was here to get an education and not fight against the government.)

    I also told these college co-eds if you ask someone who is ten years older than I am you will get different answers than what I gave, I am quite sure.

    But, don’t think any succeeding generations are really much better…because society in general is still on its downward plunge into total oblivion in which this country will soon be a nuked out cinder.

    May God Save the South…

  16. Born in 45, watched the country do a step-function into disaster
    in the 60s. And we didn’t vote for ted kennedy either – had to be
    21 to vote back then. There is one very small group that drove
    this country over the cliff… and they’re not black…

  17. It’s the jews and their crooked gentile front-men who are to blame for the bolshevization of America.

  18. I certainly have no problem with Vietnam War vets, the majority of whom are baby boomers. And I really dig the music of the Flower Power generation. But a lot of boomers have left nothing for their kids and grandkids to inherit, except a country ruined by debt, unemployment and third world immigration. They are perceived as being a generation of spoiled ingrates and to a large extent that is true.

  19. Congrat on a reasonable argument, never do stupid shit like blaming boomers for the civil rights.

    @spahnranch1969, sociopaths and mental midgets would have existed even without (((them))), thought.

    @presbyterianrevival, you just demonstrate your ignorance of basic history, Woodrow Wilson got elected and re-elected, involved the US in WW1 before women had the vote. Same with the UK governement looking for an excuse to wage war against Germany in 1914 just to start with.
    Blaming your own women, how utterly pathetic! Gee, I wonder where that one comes (((from)))…

  20. It’s the JEWS, not the Boomers, for God’s sake.

    THE JEWS!!!

    Sometimes I have glimpses as to why the South lost the war, given how distracted Brad and Co. are by everything BUT the one thing that actually matters…the Jewish problem

  21. Everything boomers believe is pure garbage. The wheels had been in motion before they came of age, but they are the first failed American generation. The first consumerists, the first anti-racists, the first feminists, the first pacifists, the first churchians, etc. The first generation of anti-American Americans.

    History should/will spit on them.

  22. @ Goyim Goddess

    Yup. Men controlled the vote when American decided to allow the hordes of eastern european yids in, among other undesirables.

    White men let the jews in.

  23. The problem with boomers is that they talk like conservatives but they act like liberals. I think of them as the first generation that didn’t want their children to have it better than they did, unless by “better” they think of their daughters being college educated professionals on the pill. With imbecile pride. Can we blame them for their insanity? I don’t know. Their actions have led us to this point. They were raised to be selfish and to take an easy life for granted. Now we have to live with the future they’ve created.

  24. The gender gap was probably bigger than is admitted. While it’s true in some rural strongholds the white women voted more like the men, the truth is that in several states Hillary won by simply enormous margins among women, so much so that Trump would have won those states by fair margins if it was only men voting. We need to also face the fact that women influence many men to vote Left.

  25. The entire alt right is in a crash and burn mode right now. Do you not see what is happening, white people being turned against white people yet again….either we whites are truly mentally ill or something else is going on right now….what do you think that is….and are you all noticing how easily it is happening…so dont blame anybody else, you all have fallen for it as well

  26. “the hallucinatory chess masters of the marginal right. ” the memes of the Alt-right are showing up in all sorts of filthy places- $PLC, HuffPo, WaPo, JYT. The usual suspects….

    Oh, yeah. The (((Left))) is reading us, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    Go to Hell, JEWS. You’re ‘traif.’

  27. No one really questions AUTHORITY especially you conservative intellectuals so there we are every generation has been lead into the trap by the judas pigs we call conservative intellectuals.

  28. Ok, after reading through the comments on this column, I’ll give my two cents.
    I’ve already tried reason over at DS, and was shat on by a bunch of pusillanimous cowardly Millennials, who have no more respect for their elders, than a og. So, don’t talk to me about ‘opinions’ on the Boomers. These aren’t opinions- they are nothing but infantile excuses.

    1) Blame is only valid, if you are prelapsarian pure. NONE OF US ARE BLAMELESS, save one- and (((they))) put Him on a Cross for it. [Rom. 1]
    2) It is not the other Whites you should be vilifying- it is the “Other” -wherever and whenever you find them.
    3) Traitors are worse than the Xenos- as Codreneau said, ‘If I had two bullets, and found before me a traitor, and a Xenos, I’d use both bullets on the Traitor’ or something like that….’.
    4) There WERE Boomers who were the already degenerate spawn of the Liberals, who embraced: Beatles, Woodstock, Pot, Sex, Abortion, Abbie Hoffmann, Hippies, Yippies, SDS, Gay Rights, ad nauseum- not because they were ‘of us’ but because they were ALREADY TRAITORS, spiritually and ideologically, before all of this sh*t happened. It wasn’t an entire generation of Whites.
    5) Don’t start absolving yourself of the problems. Join with us- we’ve been in the trenches since Rushdoony and Schlafley in the early 1960’s, denouncing all this garbage. You kids are just late to the party!
    6) IF you aren’t already a Christian, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM- as I found out over at DS, when the Weeverites and other unwashed asses started their program of ‘banning’ for actually calling them to responsible ownership of the problem.

    “Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.” — 1Peter 5:5

    which presumes this, above all else.

    “A Christian who worships Christ in spirit and truth will not worship democracy. And the democratic heresy is the first obstacle that must be overcome before white self-defense can begin. A white Christian will not refuse to fight, in the fullest sense of the word, when such fighting takes him outside the parameters of democracy.”-

  29. Boomers, as a group, were indeed a failed generation – but they don’t stand alone. Most generations are, at best, benign. Only exceptional generations are remembered – like the Confederate generation or the National Socialist generation – the succeeding generations generally grow more flaccid with each wave. The North and the West are and will be, until White’s are removed demographically as a factor, Liberal to Marxist – no getting around that.

  30. Hunter –

    This was an absolutely superb piece and the comments by “Noteworthy” are spot-on. Congratulations on your cogent analysis and observations..

  31. Lot of suppos’n in this piece.

    Dates: Usual span of Boomers is 1946-1964 give or take a few years. Subtract 18 from 1965 and you fall out of the classical boomer range. That the author gets correctly.

    Attitudes: I really don’t think the North was any more accepted of a more progressive view than the South at the time. I only have to point out that the most violent race riot occurred in Boston over school integration. No, the civil rights movement was used by the North to blunt the South’s dominance yet again in the courts and Congress. Surprisingly, just as the SPLC does today.

    Blame: Look in the mirror. Jefferson wrote long ago that the character of the nation would change when the citizens were crowded in the cities. He was spot on. “The solution to pollution is dilution.” is not just about ecology. It applies to politics too.

  32. I’m a millennial of 22 and I can confidently say I am the entire opposite of what a liberal is and far to the right than a conservative in the mainstream ever could be, if at;-)

  33. White men and now white women are our biggest threat even more so than the Jews. blacks, browns, yellows and everything in between. Their greed, corruption, weakness, and stupidity (or was it?) allowed all of this to happen. They promoted it and facilitated it. The ultimate betrayal.

    We should be gathering the names of foundation trustees, corporate board members, large shareholders, society heads, agency heads, etc. who facilitated all of this. And, remember the names of the people who indoctrinated your kids and turned them against you. Instead we focus on the distractions they created to keep us busy chasing unicorns.

  34. Members of the Frankfort School (per WIkipedia)

    Max Horkheimer
    Theodor W. Adorno
    Herbert Marcuse
    Friedrich Pollock
    Erich Fromm
    Otto Kirchheimer
    Leo Löwenthal
    Franz Leopold Neumann
    Henryk Grossman

    People who were associated with the Institute or its theorists include:
    Siegfried Kracauer
    Alfred Sohn-Rethel
    Walter Benjamin

    Later theorists with roots in Frankfurt School critical theory include:
    Jürgen Habermas
    Claus Offe
    Axel Honneth
    Oskar Negt
    Alfred Schmidt
    Albrecht Wellmer

  35. this generational thing has been way overdone. The subversion came from the top down. During the 1930’s-60’s the Red wing of organized Jewry took over the Demoncrat Party. During the 1980’s -90’s the Zionist wing of organized Jewry took over the Republiscam Party. All else follows. Whites of whichever generation were simply bought off by a (((debt-financed))) Ponziconomy.

  36. @Onceler, exactly right. Don´t tell the Roosh V, Fatt Horney and Andrew Sperglin fandom that, all you will get is autistic screechings. -)

  37. The thing is this and what everyone must get through their heads here is that EVERYTHING Post-1880 in the United States was a Judeo-Communist thing made to happen. There was no YANKEE Conspiracy this was a JEWISH Conspiracy start to finish, Let’s take you back to how it began.

    Following the failed War For Southern Independence, the North went into a massive Depression in 1873. The Jews, who had been in academia, banking, etc since the Colonial Days, swept in and bought up newspapers small and large. The most powerful of these JEWS was Joseph Pulitzer, a German Jew from Hungary who purchased THE SAINT LOUIS POST and THE SAINT LOUIS DISPATCH in 1879 and combined them into the SAINT LOUIS POST DISPATCH. Pulitzer was an opportunist, started out after he became a citizen as a Radical Republican, then when it became obvious that the Republicans were more concerned with railroads and tariffs than with social issues, he became a Democrat. He married into a wealthy Southern Family, his wife Kate Davis was from MISS and a distant relative of Jeff Davis. In the 1880’s now living in NYC, Pulitzer buys the New York World from Jay Gould and becomes the most powerful newspaperman in the USA. Pulitzer’s brother Albert owned the New York Journal buying that in 1882. Eventually that paper became the staple of William Randolph Heart’s empire.

    Pulitzer was one of the many Jews to buy up newspapers, the most famous today being Adolph Ochs who purchased the struggling New York Times in 1896. 1896 was also the same year Franz Boas came to Columbia University and began his crusade against the White Race. Pulitzer founded the Columbia University School of Journalism and both men had ties to Boas. The Associated Press and Reuters were by this time completely JEW-ED.

    The flood of Russian Jews after 1881, gave birth to the gigantic magazine and later the comic book industry all of whom were interconnected with Franz Boas, the Ochs family and the Pulitzers. This Jewish wave of corruption and collusion created a sort of competing culture. Gaining enough power to buy up Northern colleges and entire city political machines, by the 1940’s they could force anything through.

    The Scottsboro Boys cases took place at a time when TWO JEWS, Benjamin Cardozo and Louis Brandeis sat on the court. Smith vs Allwright took place after FDR had packed the court entirely with his acolytes including (((FELIX FRANKFURTER))). The THREE Southern Justices FDR appointed, Alabamian Hugo Black and Kentuckians Stanley Reed and Wiley B Rutledge all voted in the affirmative in the decision. Owen J Roberts, a Pennsylvania Conservative appointed by Herbert Hoover voted FOR Texas’s right to run her primaries how she saw fit, his was the only dissent. At the time Roberts and Chief Justice Harlan F Stone, appointed by Coolidge, were the last Republicans on the Court.

    What happened POST WWII wasn’t as if there was some mass shift in consciousness in the North or anywhere else. What happened was JEWISH JUDGES, JEWISH NEWSPAPERS, JEWISH ACADEMIA, JEWISH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, JEWISH HOLLYWOOD, JEWISH MUSIC/HOLLYWOOD, and the rest all teamed together with a financial explosion to silence any opinion. The white auto worker in Flint or the steelworker in Pittsburgh or Gary didn’t support Negro rights, however he did support Union labor and oftentimes, the two were roped together. This is how the Left has done it, its called SINGLE ISSUE VOTING. Everyone ignores the meatier issues for the SINGLE ISSUES. The larger concepts the BIG PICTURE is incomprehensible to the average Joe. The problem is the same guys who went into the streets in Boston, Mass in 1974 and firebombed integrationist school buses were the same guys voting for the integrationist Teddy Kennedy. See the issue?

    As for the South, as I have stated elsewhere, White Southerners lost their savagery and taste for blood between Reconstruction and 1954. They became TAME. Although many men supported Segregation, how many of them picked up guns and fought against it? Dang few. What would have in 1875 started a mass uprising, by 1954 went on with a wimper. Only in Mississippi and Alabama did things ever approach fullscale revolt, the rest of Dixie rolled over like a dog wanting its belly rubbed. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? Answer that question and you’ll understand.

    Worth nothing Alabamian Hugo Black was one of the biggest Integrationists and Anti-Christians we ever had on the courts, YET he had once been in the Klan. Sickening

  38. Viola Luzzio was referenced by Hunter and I find it amazing that no one knows that Viola was herself technically a Southern girl. Viola’s father Heber Gregg was a Tennesseean, she was born in Pennsylvania where he had went to work briefly and then he moved the family from PA to Georgia and then back to Tennessee where they lived until 1941 when WWII brought them north to Ypsilanti Michigan for Defense plant work. Ypsilanti was almost a Southern Town in the 1940s and 50s so many Southern whites were living there.

    When interviewed in the early 1960’s Viola stated that it was her upbringing in Georgia and Tennessee that turned her against Segregation. Her family had been dirt poor and she had come to sympathize with the Negroes. Here was the REAL STORY of Viola Luizzio. A woman who came to hate her own people, her own kith and kin. She was a traitor to Dixie and she got the Traitors send off.

    Good Job boys

  39. Calling the greatest generation the weakest generation is both dumb and completely unsupported by facts. They grew up in the Great Depression and went and fought brutal regimes as teenagers. They came back and worked hard and built this country into an economic force and were mostly traditional, God fearing Americans (i.e. white, European and Christian). There was a cabal that were infiltrating government, academia, media, Hollywood, etc. the whole time – started long before WWII. By the time of the Civil Rights Act and Immigration Act of the sixties, most of that generation was maybe 40-45, raising large families (by today’s standards) and trying to put food on the table, and send their boomers to college so they had a better life. Most weren’t marching to Selma. Most had no interest in integrating neighborhoods and schools, etc. That was a group of radicals that unfortunately appealed to the first wave of baby boomers coming of age that were rejecting much of what their parents stood for.

    I’m not a boomer, I missed it by 3 years, but I came from a large family with older boomer siblings and WWII era parents.

    The boomer siblings almost to a person rejected everything my parents stood for: God, family, country and all the usual institutions. Ironically, the most radical of them ended up on the government teat: as educators or city or state employees.

  40. Thomas
    JUNE 25, 2017 AT 4:40 AM
    Calling the greatest generation the weakest generation is both dumb and completely unsupported by facts. They grew up in the Great Depression and went and fought brutal regimes as teenagers. They came back and worked hard and built this country into an economic force and were mostly traditional, God fearing Americans (i.e. white, European and Christian).

    What Brutal Regime do you speak of? The WW-JEW Generation was clearly the Worst Generation America ever produced only for the reason that they managed to give everything away without firing a shot. They allowed television/pop culture to raise their children, they allowed their wives to work and do what they wanted and then they allowed the Civil Rights Movement. Never once did they march, never once did they oppose any of it. All they did was go to the factory, come home like Archie Bunker drink beer and bitch.

    The Hippies proved the fact that enough of them were piss-poor parents that it caused what came afterward. Believe you me, no one was so dense as to not realize the colleges and universities were teaching poison. Piss-poor parenting, piss poor everything. Thats the mark of the WW for the Jew Generation. They were a group of failures!

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