Dr. Duke & Hunter Wallace — Zio Coup in White House Before Trump is Kicked Out & Big Charlottesville Aug 12 Rally!

Editor’s Note: I had the honor of talking to Dr. David Duke on his radio show yesterday. We discussed the latest on Trump’s feud with Jeff Sessions, the rise of the Zionist globalist faction in the White House and the upcoming Unite the Right rally.

Listen Here.

Today Dr. Duke had Occidental Dissent publisher Hunter Wallace as his guest for the hour. They discussed the Jewish coup d’etat that has been taking place in the White House. Trump needs to start working with the decent goyim in his administration like Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson and stop slumming with Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner. (Yuck!)

They also discussed the upcoming “United the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12. This will be a great opportunity to enlighten people who already know they are under attack as to (((who))) it is that is attacking them.

This is an powerful show that will help you let the goyim know. And there’s a whole lot of goyim-knowing going on. Please share it widely.

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Click here and look for the show dated 7-26-17.

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  1. About the only problem I have with the Alt-Lite is they frequently don’t name the Jew. The Jew is not all of our problems but their money makes their support of those others not Jewish sometimes insurmountable. Without their support many wedge issues in the US and Europe we would work out by ourselves. Mostly in our favor. With Jews support of ailing corruption it becomes much more difficult.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Dr Duke. He exposes things about the Jews that you just don’t hear about on mainstream ‘fair and balanced’ news. The highlight is his Friday show when he chats with Mark Collett who beautifully articulates a European perspective to the cause.
    One must admire a man who stands by his beliefs, and raises public awareness of them, no matter how unpopular or uncool they are with some. The truth won’t please everyone. The truth hurts. The truth discriminates- but still needs to be out there.
    I’m sure Dr Duke does all this at great cost to himself, but for the greater good.
    His one reported shortfall- he was addicted to gambling-so I was told- so I hope he’s sorted that stuff out.
    Keep up the fight Doctor. We need you.

      • Spahn,
        Dr Duke does spend a lot of time on the Jewish question, perhaps at the expense of all others, namely blacks, Asians and Muslims, but I think he has to. The symptoms are usually obvious, but not the cause- that being the role Jews play.
        Having said that, not all Jews are bad…..half of 1% could be ok.

  3. The wife and I both listened to this episode, and, though we consistently find Dr. Duke’s programs strong, entertaining, and highly informative, your presence on his show upped the ante a bit, and made it even more excellent.

    • No one has achieved the success Duke did breaking into mainstream politics. David Duke is a flawed man like everyone else, but he achieved what he did when the media had complete control of the narrative through their TV networks and newspapers in the early 90s.

  4. Finance capitalism with a twist by the Federal reserve boards of dual citizens.1988 expansion of borderless trade bankrupted small business and left small town in ruins.NY federal reserve central power lies. Frank Sinatra lyrics I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep
    And find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap

    These little town blues are melting away
    I’ll make a brand new start of it, in old New York

  5. Duke has never gone after the infallible Pope and the corrupt Roman Catholic Church, by the same token, the Roman Catholic politicians didn’t win him any statewide elections or keep him out of jail. Including his friend Scalise who denied even knowing him.

    I’ve followed Duke’s career since the early 1970’s when a friend of mine brought me back a southern rock & roll magazine from New Orleans that featured a large and favorable story about Duke who was then in college.

    • Duke isn’t a snake handling sperg like you and attacking the Catholic Church in a largely Catholic state when he wasn’t running for Governor and Senator would have been political suicide.

      • U Mad I BTFOd your Tongue Speaking brother?

        Let’s see, you have some anonymous Sperg who constantly rants about Catholics calling out the ONLY successful White Nationalist politician for nor turning his fire on white Catholics instead of focusing on Jews and Blacks. Yeah, I’m gonna side with David Duke 7 days of the week and twice on Sunday over Krafty Wurker.

        • Yehudah has not followed any of the news of the Pope, and his Roman Catholic Church on immigration, refugees, illegal aliens, Africans, Muslims, and homosexuals (including his own priesthood) to name a few anti-White scandals of the Catholic Church. Duke should have driven them home. I guarantee you he would have been elected to a state- wide office, and never had to endure a federal persecution.

          • You’re just made because some priest fiddled you when you were an altar boy so you sperg out here.

            Holy Shit. The autism here is off the charts. You think Duke would have been elected to a statewide office just for going after the Catholic Church. This notion is both laughable and insane. I’m sure the Jew media would have give Duke a pass if he went easy on them and focused on the Catholicks.

          • Yehudah makes fun of the biggest international child-raping scheme in the history of the world, using that resume to *defend* Catholicism.

            Something’s seriously off there.

      • Onceler: More than likely one of Yehudah’s parents is a Jew, the other a Roman Catholic. He maybe crazy, and he surely has a lot of time on his hands.

        • More than likely (actually 100 percent likely) you are an Autistic faggot who spends all his time ranting about Catholicks and counter signalling David Duke when you aren’t in the thrall of some tongue speakin preacher.

          • All you can do is call names Yehudah. Duke should have launched principled attacks on the Roman Catholic Church, and its politics. I guarantee you, that the Confederate Memorials would still be standing in New Orleans.

        • I’ve said it before. The best way to subvert our progress would be to infiltrate and become one of ‘us’ and then go on the attack against the most threatening messengers.

          That would be us, Krafty. Now more than ever the Judeo-Roman power grid is exposed. Its heart is NYC. Junius should be changing his shtick to ‘NYC Government;’ mediterraneans aka jews and guineas (there are only minimal differences) rule the North and are coming after whatever defiant protestants are left in the western world. Even John Kelly worships the roman caliphate as an irish catholic. And the guy went to Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service for his MA. Remember the ‘WASP’ who isn’t one, Gorsuch, attended Georgetown Prep.

          There is no coincidences happening there, mark my words.

          • Yeah, because your Autistic purity spiralling on the same damn issue in every thread is progress.

          • Jews always exaggerate and distort, it’s so hard for them to exert self control as they’re socialized from birth to parasite off of others…playing the victim as an act of aggression is like breathing oxygen for them.

  6. Nothing is as off as two Spergs derailing a Podcast thread with Hunter and David Duke to purity spiral against the damn Catholicks, which were never discussed at all by Wallace and Duke. It’s not calling names if it’s true Krafty Wurker, you and Onceler are in fact Autistic faggots who continually derail comments sections with your bs. It’s been called out by myself and some of the writers on this site.

    • Appealing to authority to repress a debate you can’t win on the merits is another top 3 jew tactic.

      Poor hymie needs a pacifier.

      • If Krafty Wurker went up to David Duke in person and said he could have been Governor OF LOUISIANA, a state full of Cajun Catholics, by attacking the Catholic Church, Duke would laugh in Krafty’s face and tell him to shut the fuck up and go away.

  7. You want to know about a nothing burger? Talking about a coup in the white house. For fucks sake this site has lost credibility faster than Bill Cosby.

  8. Yehudah and his sock puppet Spahnranch1969 are here for no good—and I’m not educating them anymore. If Duke wants to say something about the demographics of Louisiana, Huey Long, and other politicians before, and, after Long, that’s up to him.

    I’m hoping Duke’s reading this, it should be enlightening.

  9. You two assholes, or should I say the same asshole, Spahnranch1969/Yehudah should be sure and ask for money after every post on OD.

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