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  1. I think Sessions is a gentleman but we don’t live in that world. To make myself understood I’m in NO way against Sessions or want him to leave. I do believe the Jews are a force of evil and you can’t fight evil with goodness.

    Good point about Flynn. Major mistake. He ran the DIA intelligence agency. He could have been great help in countering the other agencies. He knew the players.

    Kushner! Arrrggghh.

    The waste of resources on weed is a big debit against Sessions. There’s only so many resources. It’s not that I or many others are pro weed it’s that we need to go after more important things. Weed is also a huge derailment from Cops going after violent and property crime. If there chasing stoners they’re not chasing armed robbers.

    I think the civil forfeiture change is not reversing civil forfeiture it’s reversing that the civil forfeiture can go on FOREVER. He put back in standard time limits. Obama wanted to take people’s money forever and ever. The reason they wanted this is to have fines hanging over people’s heads to intimidate them forever.

    Rosenstein needs to be fired immediately.

    You make a good point about them dumping Sessions and how then it will be impossible for a bunch of arrogant New Yorkers to get the rest of the countries Representatives to take them seriously. You know how arrogant they can be. It won’t play well with a bunch of middle America types.

    All together I think that Trump vs Hillary, Hillary very well might have brought about the complete destruction of the US. I’m not kidding. She could have even gotten us in a nuclear war with Russia.

    You know the simplest solution to why Trump changed so fast is he’s being blackmailed. Not saying it’s true but it fits. I noticed right after the election at some point he looked very chastened. That’s when the cucking started. It seemed to be a change of his whole demeanor. It seemed very prominent to me. I’m not sure if others saw it the same. Now he’s gained back a little of his old behavior but for a time there he looked whipped.

  2. Trump is rocking the foundations of the liberal state. Isn’t this desirable to the alt-right as a meta-political movement?

  3. “Dr. Illusion” doesn’t bother to explain why he was kicked off TRS. Unless I’m mistaken, it was because he made an ass of himself on a recent podcast.

    • It’s because I mentioned in a debate with some e-celeb named “Destiny”, in which I destroyed him, that I was a degenerate as a teenager.

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