ICE Rounding Up Immigrant Teen Gang Members

Donald Trump’s Administration continues to make positive moves on immigration. Think Progress reports on the latest white pill:

The Trump administration will engage in “preventive enforcement” to detain and deport Central American immigrants suspected of gang involvement, a senior White House administration official told reporters Thursday evening. The press call took place ahead of a presidential visit to New York to discuss ways to combat the well-organized and major street gang MS-13, which has extensive networks in El Salvador and the United States.

…An internal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency memo as seen by Reuters last week indicated that immigration agents should, in part, target immigrant teens aged 16 and 17 years old who came into the country without guardians and are suspected gang members for deportation proceedings. As such, agents have been conducting nationwide raids this week on minors who have been arrested for suspected gang activity. Under the previous Obama administration, minors could be deported if they had been convicted of crimes.

…The senior administration official also said on the call that the Trump administration would look to Congress to pass legislation to fund the hiring of 10,000 more ICE agents for the enforcement and removal of immigrants; hire more immigration judges on the border; close a “loophole on catch-and-release,” a practice which ended in 2006to release immigrants into the United States while they awaited their court hearings; and force localities and states to cooperate with federal immigration agents to detain immigrants for deportation proceedings.

Despite the media’s open war on the White House, the economy is growing, young immigrants are being deported, the DOJ is cracking down on sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants are now widely fearful of being deported. And it looks like Obama’s DACA program which shields at least 800,000 illegal immigrants from being deported will probably be struck down in a court challenge.

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  1. Gee. Imagine what DT could have done, if he had a legitimate Congress working WITH the President…..

  2. But let’s fire Jeff Sessions because Trump is throwing a tantrum and wants to protect Jared.

    • Sessions has a tendency to cuck. He needs to cut that shit out if he wants remain part of Team Trump.

      • Sessions sure is cucking visiting El Salvador trying to shut down MS13. My intuition is that Jared is guilty as sin of SOMETHING and Trump is scrambling to protect his son in law.

        As for the recusal, do people not realize that Sessions just can’t pull a John Mitchell and obstruct the investigation?

        • If Trump is protecting his kike son in law or taking any advice from that beady-eyed jew I will be the first to call him out on it.

          • Trump has been taking lots of advice from Jared. It’s been all over this site for months.

      • I believe he has mongrel grandchildren but I believe he’s doing the best that he can under all the hostile circumstances he’s facing.

  3. The left has succeeded in defining the language of political discourse. The term is illegal aliens, illegal aliens. The right should use term illegal aliens every time the social justice media uses the term illegal immigrant.

    • Bingo. The most important thing alt-Right must do is destroy their language and replace it with ours. “Social justice” means no justice for White people.

  4. I wonder how the liberal crybabies are going to justify not deporting violent MS-13 gangbangers? “They’re just children, they need more money for education and job training”, “We have no right to break up the families of undocumented immigrants, that will only create more problems”, “There are 11 million undocumented immigrants. Is the government really going to waste its resources trying to round up and deport so many people?” and my favorite: ” B-b-but we’re all the children of immigrants, except Native Americans. ”

    Cry me a river of 6 million tears, shitlibs.

  5. Mr. Finkelstein – What I meant to say is if Trump CONTINUES to protect or take advice from Jared the jew I will be the first to call him out on it. I’m still very upset with Trump about all that tuchas-kissing he engaged in a few months ago and it will not soon be forgotten or forgiven.

    • Got it. Everyone’s upset with Kushner’s influence. One unforeseen positive of the Mueller investigation could be Kushner taking the fall and going to prison.

  6. You can thank Ronnie Reagan and his homosexual log cabin anal sex appointed Federal Judges for MS-13 on Long Island…

    Saint Brigids Catholic Church in Westbury…is where most of them were baptized…..same church Bill O’Rielly was baptized in……just down the road from a cordoned off endangered species of prairie grass that extended all the way out to the Midwest….

    Greenport=MS-13 nursery….Stawberry Fields athletic fields…scenes of MS-13 GANG WARFARE with axes embedded in the skull….

    Blame Ronnie Reagan’s anti-commie crusade…blame the homosexual pedophile Catholic Priests……blame the Log Cabin Federal Judges with syphyllitic bloody rectums….

  7. Illegal aliens are just a minority of browns in any white nation. The real danger is LEGAL aliens who are welcomed by the government, but whom we never asked for. Being ‘legal’ doesn’t make them any less Muslim, or brown, or black, or incompatible. They still pose a threat down the track.
    Saw a documentary on El Salvador a while back……you don’t want to be there. The murder rate is horrendous, and many of the perps and gang members are returned ‘refugees from America, who honed their skills whilst there.
    Lets see….now Trump is removing Central Americans… about Muslim’s, Asians, and Africans who are illegal? The public has a right to know who is being removed, and who is remaining. The taxpayers are forever paying for it.

    • Yeah, everyone forgets about the “legal” ones or applauds them as good Americans, Australians, etc. Diversity is just fine as long as all the paperwork is done correctly.

      • @MOTS,
        Yeah exactly….as long as the paperwork is in order, everything will be fine. What could possibly go wrong….
        What a farce.

  8. I heard that Trump called MS-13 members “animals.” That’s sure to rile the media trash.

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