SPLC, Amren 2017, White Nationalism 1.0

The SPLC has written an article about the 2017 American Renaissance Conference.

I was featured in the article even though I haven’t written anything about the conference. I’m not going to be in Tennessee this weekend because I already have plans to travel to Virginia for #UniteTheRight. Amren 2017 is sold out anyway and it is too expensive to attend both events. I also have family from Texas visiting us in Alabama this weekend and can’t be on the road.

When I wrote about White Nationalism 1.0, I drew a clear distinction between the two branches of White Nationalism. I wasn’t referring to American Renaissance or VDARE which have long been islands of stability and normalcy in the movement. Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow built their platforms decades ago. They avoided the vicious infighting of the 2000s, educated the next generation and transitioned into the social media age. VDARE and Amren are active on Twitter and YouTube.

I’ve never once had anything negative to say about American Renaissance or VDARE. I think the annual Amren conference is a great institution. I wish we had more such institutions and events. I encourage anyone who can be there this weekend to go and check it out. Richard Spencer is going and lots of my friends are there. The SPLC mentions an old feud that I had with Greg Johnson which ended years ago. As always, their goal is to stir the coals and create as much division as possible.

Here’s what I like about American Renaissance:

– It is a stable institution.

– It is a platform that has consistently generated content for 25 years.

– It hosts an annual real world conference which is a place where relationships can be formed and trust and social capital can be built in an otherwise anonymous scene.

– It has taken advantage of social media to amplify its message.

In my view, there is nothing to complain about it. Those who have a different message like Dr. Duke or Peter Brimelow are doing the same thing and are having a lot of success. There is never going to be a One True Organization or One True Messenger with One True Leader doing it the One True Way. The best we can hope for is specialization and cooperation with the movement.

My way of doing things is to foster coordination instead of infighting, encouraging our people to become more active and aggressive while building social media platforms and real world networks. We need stable organizations that cater to various niche audiences. Instead of indulging in violent apocalyptic fantasies, we need to build networks, generate content and get more organized.

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  1. WN 1.0 served its purpose during that long stretch of time between the Snivel Rights era and the rise of the alt-right. But its methods are now old and outdated. Now is the time to start getting serious about dealing with the Enemy.

    • I think it was Richard Spencer who made the comment that when he got started in the movement it was all old men listening to speeches in hotel conference rooms. Now it’s hundreds of young men in public places pushing our message out.

      • Until people can create jobs and give other pro-Whites some kind of safety net in the real world, it’s still just a bunch of people listening to speeches, whether it’s old or young, conference rooms or open air. Guys scrounging up money to attend yearly or semiannual events is all fine and dandy. But just don’t kid yourselves about how far the pro-White message has come when it still has a long, long, long way to go before it becomes self-sufficient and able to compete with what the anti-White establishment can throw at you.

        I have a lot of remodeling projects that will need to be done over the next few years. Any suggestions on a pro-White builder in my area? I need occasional vehicle maintenance. Any suggestions for a pro-White mechanic in my area? When I was on the market for a new home, was there a certain pro-White realtor I should have been dealing with? Do you have a list of pro-White farmers and craftsmen I could be buying directly from instead of giving my money to anti-White corporations? Any place close to me where I can donate things and be assured that they will be delivered to needy pro-White families?

        It’s all still just a bunch of people listening to speeches until these questions can be answered for the average person.

        • No one’s saying there isn’t work still to be done. But we’re in a lot better place than just listening to speeches at hotel conference rooms, which is all the movement was for a long time.

        • My suggestions for these pro White contractors, pro White mechanics is to find healthy, honest White guys in these areas who simply do other jobs well and don’t discuss any type of politics, including White nationalist politics while they are on the job. You can find some “hints” that some White guy is one of us, things like his carpentry business being called “Viking carpenters” – things like that.

          • No, I say STOP HIDING. White shame and fear is what feeds anti-white. When we stop crouching around, they back down. There’s still more of us, especially if you consider who’s paying the bills versus creating them.

            This is where ‘white nationalism’ fails. Most whites don’t really identify ‘white’ as something concrete in terms of identity, so we don’t rally around it. And don’t regale everyone (this is to whoever) with all the ‘IQ and morality’ BS. That wouldn’t exactly work with these contractors…

            Viking carpenters is a start, though.

            Mostly there is no hope for a northern state or nation. There is some for a southern one, and forming that could influence how things shake out in the North.

            There’s nothing wrong with being stealthy unless it preempts boldness. The jews used both angles of approach to seize power.

      • Exactly. Another correction: I meant to say the long stretch of time from the end of the Snivel Rights era to the rise of the alt right (1970s to the 2010s).

  2. You can argue about where we need to be all you want, but the alt right movement is a lot better off than it was 40 years ago, when the liberal media stifled everything that wasn’t the same nigger lover open borders crap; and got away with name calling everybody that disagreed with them.There was no forum at all for anything else.

    • @Copper,
      Never again do we want to be where we were in the late 60’s/ early 70’s when we were weak, small in number, and somehow couldn’t counter the drivel rights movement or leftwing counterculture movement. As a result, the murder rate for blacks increased and general degeneracy crept in. Drug use is out of control and fags came ‘out’ in big numbers.
      Remember, blacks, Gays or the Left don’t care if each other come from the North or South. They don’t allow that distinction to divide them. Nor should we. North, South or indeed other Western nations….wherever we’re from, we need to unite, grow, and be heard.

  3. I can’t attend Amren this year cuz I am essentially already booked up. I did want to attend, though, just to watch the expressions of the Egghead crowd, during the Golden One’s presentation. This will be PRICELESS! A pal of mine from SF has sworn to give me a blow by blow account!

  4. Other than ‘they look hwhite to me’, I love what Jared Taylor has to say. His messages need to be mandatory listening in our schools and institutions. His message is fact-based and should not be hidden.
    Emotion-based argument should never take priority over fact-based argument- that would be our downfall in the end. To survive, we must know, and push the truth.

  5. OK, John Kelly is Chief of Staff – as I suggested prior – and Preibus is out.

    The sessions / bannon / scaramucci stuff was a red herring for (((the media))).

    First the Deep State, then Immigration. We are at the 6 month mark, Trump is making his move. Like clockwork: plans within plans.

    Trump has been landing some body shots on the Deep State recently, they are looking for a quick knock out, but Trump has a solid gold Jaw and will not go down.


    What is the Alt Right going to do to help out? Here’s what the Alt Right should do, cease being “meta political” and start working for concrete wins in 2018. Cucks need to be primaried, and even if they squeak by in the general, then we support the Democrat in the fall. Solid GOPers need an alt right army of grass roots workers as a reward. The Wall needs support, and so does cleaning up the voting rolls. You actually grow faster and make more money when doing regular politics.

    It’s up to you, but don’t claim later you weren’t told.

  6. Amren is a circle jerk which has self educated and reeducated their 50-60 year old audience circular content and subject matter for the last 15-20 years.

    • I’m not a big fan of Taylor’s methods, but AmRen has been a fairly consistent outlet that’s been able to put out original material and organize events. They’ve been doing this while most other pro-White groups and orgs have either stagnated entirely or fractured and dissolved over the years.

    • “Amren is a circle jerk which has self educated and reeducated their 50-60 year old audience circular content and subject matter for the last 15-20 years.”

      TJ. I would disagree. Since I am in that age demographic, (and don’t appreciate your tone of disrespect of your elders- a breach of the Commandment) I would say that the comment section over at AR has become far more: a) jew-wise, and b) angry, in the last ten years. It was going to an AmRen conference back in the day, that confirmed my suspicions about the lies and deceit being played on us all. It does serve a purpose. And, for many of my generation, it is the slyness that the PTB have about the ‘goyim’ not waking up, that is what keeps AR and other sites like that (Alex Jones comes to mind, and Rush Limbaugh while we’re at it) going: and it is sites that like, that has enabled young punks (like you) to actually ‘get woke’. So, it’s all good. Remember, the retired on pensions and Medicare can help finance your goals, if you are willing to include them in on your vision. And you WILL need us. Just sayin’

  7. Whenever I think of the 90’s and 00’s I think of Harold Covington. He is the personification of the dysfunction that was WN 1.0.

    He is looney tunes.

  8. One of the less palatable truths about online “activism” is that it’s not very conducive to building social capital. As our Host points out, Amrem is.

    One of the issues that keeps popping up is that some of the existing structures, be it the pre-2014 message boards, or major gatherings of a particular canidate, the “Bernie Bros” for example, really don’t convey any real sense of building social capitial. Many of us read the other side, did anything productive come of “Women for Hilllary” or “Hipsters for Bermie”?

    No, because those campaigns were springboards for their prospective activists and established operatives, not the local supporters who might be looking for a new social circle or people of their own views. Perhaps some Bernie supporters found a new trendy bar.

    Until roughly June 26, 2015, there were few ways, outside of heavily screened intellectual circles, to form offline social capitial. The “No platform”, doxxing, and infiltration efforts were extremely effective. The window we’ve taken in the last two years is completely different than before, and we need to take advantage of it.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the two Amren conferences I attended in Middle Tennessee. It’s like being back in a much better world with sensible, civilized people. I would caution people to have realistic expectations. The small numbers of speakers, trusted top guys at Amren are few and yes, they are mostly older guys who’ve burned bridges and given up having careers in the system, getting on even Fox News etc. Some young rising stars like Richard Spencer or some British young guy who worked for the BNP when the BNP was briefly successful – these young guys will come in to give a speech, but their not part of the full time Amren team. Many attendees at Amren know of Occidental Dissent and like our blog and remember my name Jack Ryan, though no one seems to remember a single article or cause I’ve championed in my 10 plus years here.

    It’s a kind of closed circle at the top.

    And I’m also afraid that Jared Taylor has fallen in to a William F Buckley type arrangement where he hires handsome, admiring young assistants who are gate keepers and don’t want to let anyone (me) else get near their boss, lest they be published, paid, promoted etc.

    I also was filmed at one Amren conferenced and doxed by the SPLC. That’s life.

  10. Thanks John I work hard to earn the respect of our readers. I even have a few loyal readers here at OC also in comments at Amren, letters to Vdare. I also have some really pissed off, I HATE JACK RYAN folks – most notably in the Ron Paul/Rand Paul Libertarian, Constitutionalist race denying cult. I’ve also pissed fans of:

    Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
    Rancher Cliven Bundy
    Mississippi Pawn Shop owners that sell bulk gun sales to Chicago Black Gang gun runners.
    C&W Patriots Toby Keith and soon Hank Williams Jr.

    But, thanks for the words of respect John.

    All the best

    Jack Ryan

  11. While I do respect Taylor’s accomplishments, I resent the fact that he obstinately refuses to name the Jew. Any comment about The Tribe on AmRen will be quickly deleted, even if the comment is objectively and demonstrably true!! And any WN movement that doesn’t name the Jew is doomed to fail. Jews are behind every single subversive, degenerate anti-Western movement since the ’60s. They have, in fact, been a thorn in our collective side since the Middle Ages. I can’t believe Jared Taylor can’t see this.

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