Summer of the Black Sun: Another Sign in the Heavens

As the Alt-Right rises and challenges the forces of evil to save our race and nation we have another important sign in the heavens of change at hand. And it happens on the night of our movement’s biggest event in decades as we rally around the monument of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. Travel and Leisure reports:

The Perseid meteors are caused by Earth colliding into a stream of debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle, and the meteors visible this August come from the parent comet hundreds – if not thousands – of years ago.

…The meteor shower can last anywhere from several hours to a few weeks, explains Cooke. In 2017, the Perseids are most active from the end of July to the end of August, and this year’s expected peak is August 12.

An ancient sign in the heavens comes to us. And then the sun goes black as the age changes. This is the Summer of the Black Sun. The world will never be the same. Our time is at hand.

H/t Aaron Dale

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  1. May God(s) bless you in and near Charlottesville. Please try extra hard for discipline and security – LOtS dress codes, don’t let anyone and anyone show up dressed however they want, shooting off their mouths, brandishing guns etc. .

    Please have a strict policy towards guns and other weapons.

    • So the Charlottesville event is going to be more about preserving Southern heritage than promoting White Power? Moderation in defense of the White race is no virtue.

      • Evidently, spahnranch1969, it hasn’t occurred to you that a rally in defense of a statue of Robert E. Lee can’t be anything other than a Southern Nationalist rally. I’d guess our host, Mr. Wallace, is pleased. That’s the kind of stupidity he’s hoping for on the part of non-Southerners.

    • “May God bless you in and near Charlottesville. ” There, Paul.

      Fixed it for ya. Deut. 6:4.

      You know, Spawn, and Bone of Contention- why DO you hang around here, when you aren’t wanted?
      If patriotism is not local, it is not meaningful. It’s nothing more than ‘proposition patriotism.’
      I (as a Yankee) at least understand that. Sheesh.

      • You are the one who is not welcome here, Friar John – and rightfully so. I can assure you that no one here is interested in your constant proselytizing. What church do you even belong to? It seems as if you condemn them all as “heretics” or “apostates”.


  2. I’m not big on signs but hoping Charlottesville will be remembered as a significant turning point in our struggle for White survival.

  3. If I want to attend an explicitly pro-White rally with German war flags and lots of Heil-Hitlering I suppose I shall have to organize it myself.

  4. If alt-rite is to the right of conservative right than white (S)upremacy is farthest right. In fact, white (S)upremacy IS Right. The question then becomes WHY will does the alt-writer refuse to narrate this final step instead of archiving the last one for the sake of no posterity?

    • @Thordaddy: Well said. To paraphrase the late Senator Barry Goldwater moderation in defense of the White race is no virtue.

  5. Mr. Wallace…

    If you desire a Southern Monopoly without a most bloody civil war, alt-rite ain’t your huckleberry.

    Real sugar is the KING of PEDs.

    And the South is sucking on sweet poison.

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