Hank Williams Jr. “Don’t Give Us a Reason” – Worst Ever Cuckservative Song

It feels like it was just yesterday, (actually 1991) that I was leading a one man “America First” opposition to the first American invasion of Iraq. I was doing my anti war activism in Nashville TN where I lived and had graduated from Vanderbilt University. I took out full page advertisements in the Nashville Tennessean (Al Gore interned there to try to make him seem “Southern”) and in the Chattanooga Times. My best girl friend Cindy was from Chatatanooga TN. They don’t make great Southern gals like Cindy here in Chicago! I went on state and local talk radio and did some local cable TV cultural shows, one hosted by “Teddy Bart” (former name Bartkowski – J. tribe). I listed all the vile forces supporting this ridiculous US war for “Freedom and Democracy” in Iraq – I did “name the Jew” but also listed some other bad actors like the Saudi Sunni Wahhabists, Neo Conservatives, military industrial complex, and dropped some scare words like “United Nations, New World Order” to any remaining John Burch society patriots. I pointed out the rather obvious fact, that America’s borders were undefended and American cities were sinking in to Third World cities of drugs, disease and despair. I quoted President Washington’s “Farewell Address” to the nations, used Charles Lindberg’s battle cry of “America First”, but didn’t reference him as I knew World War II was still a sacred cause, the “Good War”. I was treated surprisingly fair by local Tennessee media and thought I held my own and won all debates. Unfortunately, most Tennessee Red state callers/listeners couldn’t get over the idea that the only people who protested American military actions were those hated 1960s Jane Fonda Liberal Commies and they were all sick of losing Viet Nam and by God they were 100% damn sure they would win this war like we did World War II.

The “Powers that Be” got one of the C&W prostitute singers to turn out a particular terrible war mongering song inspiring all great Amurikans to Kick Saddam’s ASS. I apologize for posting a blog where I said it was Toby Keith in 1991 prostituting himself to the Zionists, Neo Con Con man war mongers with “Amurikun Soldier” – but that wasn’t done until later when the “Powers that Be” were pushing for more US wars interventions to finish off Saddam and bring “freedom and democracy” to all of Iraq and the whole Middle East, instead we got 20 more years of anarchy in the Arab world, genocide of Christians, ISIS coming to power holding child sex slave auctions. Good job there Amurikun patriotards!

So let’s hear from our OD Readers. Who was/is a worse cuckservative ZOG prostitute:

Hank Williams Jr?
or Toby Keith?

I’m voting for Hank Jr. – This has to got to be the worst C&W song ever – total ZOG, Neo Conservative prostitute.

“Don’t Give Us A Reason” link


“Don’t Give Us A Reason”

Hey ole’ Saddam you figured wrong
When you thought the whole world would back down
And let you take all the oil in red kuwait and plunder and spoil
Let sleeping dogs lie don’t give us a reason

Cuz people in the USA are not really afraid
Of your starving army and all your worn out tanks
And if you take some innocent lives
Thats when the furs really gonna fly
Hey, man back off get smart, don’t give us a reason

Don’t give us a reason
To come gunning for you
Cuz the odds don’t look so good
And your neck is in a nouse
Cuz the eagle and the bear
Make a mighty strong pair
And my advice is don’t give us a reason

When all our people over there
Know that we all care
Now that’s a situation ole’ Saddom you don’t wanna be in
Cuz if you do something stupid
We’re gonna come down hard ole cupid
You better think this thing all the way out
Don’t give us a reason

Don’t give us a reason
To come gunning for you
Cuz the odds don’t look so good
And your neck is in a nouse
Yeah you picked on your little neighbor
So do yourself a favor
Get out and go home and don’t give us a reason

Yeah we’ve heard all your threats
And you’re gonna freight yourself to death
My advice is don’t give us a reason
You can take that poison gas, and stick it in your sassaphras
Don’t give us a reason
Yeah I’d like to find out, just for fun, just how fast those camels run
I’ll tell you son don’t give us a reason
No the desert ain’t veitnam
And there ain’t nowhere to run
And we got the real top guns
Don’t give us a reason”


  1. I have to be honest here… Aside from the the lack of coherent structure in your writing, is there any reason why you have to dig up stuff from 1990 other than to qualify yourself as jew wise? What are you trying to prove? A post like this trashes an otherwise great site.

  2. OK Red. Here goes. We are making some slow, but steady progress deprograming our people from the worst Neo Conservative, Fake Conservative, Christian Zionist false opposition to anti White Lib Leftist cultural marxism. Our enemies created these effective false “Conservative” oppositions to their anti Southern, anti White Lib Leftist program of destruction and replacement of our people and they brutally smear, purge and marginalize honest Conservative patriots (Pat Buchanan, Joe Sorbran, Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire) who opposed, oppose these Zionist, Neo Con wars in ME, against European nationalists in places like France, Serbia and now Russia.

    Our enemies bribe or corrupt respected folksy C&W singers (Hank Williams Jr. Toby Keith), Christian pastors, Viet Nam Vet patriots like John McCain to sell their poison to our people as they know this poison wouldn’t be accepted from open Lib Leftist Communists, LGBT, BlackLiesMatter, Muslims etc.

    Just read the lyrics to this pro Zionist, pro Neo Con war monger song and watch and listen to the Music video.

    The enemy is very effective at lying and they are skilled using agents, prostitutes like this C&W singer to get regular Southern White folks in Red States to go swallow the poison – go along with the show.

    “Hell yeah, Let’s fight fur Amurika – let’s teach this Saddam guy, let’s teach Assad and the Russians not to GIVE US A reason to fight back. We’re not some liberal fag pussies. Let’s fight for Amurikun Freedom and Democracy, plus Saddam and Now Assad are Hitler and we sure damn showed Hitler who’s boss”.

    Meanwhile our borders are still be invaded by tens of thousands of 3rd world migrant rapists and our cities are falling in to third world slums of drugs disease and despair. White cops in Indiana are murdered on a daily basis

    And it is only Older, pretty much retired Country and Western Singers like Mearle Haggard (America First) and Charlie Daniels who dare speak out on this and buck the C&W music establishment which is pretty much dominated and controlled by the Hollywood J Media mafia.

    OK, I hope that answers some of your questions.

    I hope you aren’t still falling for these blatant, lying Neo Con, Zionist war propaganda. I hope you don’t believe that Syria’s Assad is Hitler and that he’s gassing 6 million little children and we must accept unlimited numbers of Syrian war refugees who turn out to be low IQ rapists from Afghanistan and Algeria.

  3. I’m living here in Mexican & Refugee Occupied Nashville TN..I remember all the controversy, and I thank the writer for taking a stand !

  4. All of these retarded “Conservacucks” make me want to vomit. They’re even worse than our declared enemies. I’m not religious, but a Bible passage comes to mind… something about being “lukewarm”… and how G-d would “spew them out of (His) mouth”. I think you get the point.

    Even idiot “Israel’s war-boy” George Bush (the son, not the daddy) said something, though aimed at anyone who might not support the “war on terrorism”, hammers the point home on my personal feelings towards these Alt-Lite and Conservacucks: “YOU’RE EITHER WITH US OR WITH THE TERRORISTS”.

    That’s exactly how I feel about THEM. They are either red-pilled and awakened (and with US)… or blue-pilled (or pink-pilled — neither blue or red, but a mixture of both, some truth some lies) and cucked… and with (((the terrorists))) who are doing everything they can to destroy White people in their very own homelands.

  5. Hey Thanks C Green. My time spent in Nashville TN during college than when I lived there for 2 years after grad school – these were the best years of my life. Middle and Eastern Tennessee regular folks are some of the best, nicest people in the world – plus they are not cowards or pussies. That’s why I get so angry when “The powers that be” – enemies but also traitors, fools and idiot mislead these good people.

    Charlie Daniels used to close the radio concert “The Volunteer Jam” by saying:

    “Ain’t it good to be alive and be in Tennessee”.

    (Somehow I doubt flooding Middle TN with tens of millions of obese, low IQ Mexicans, Central Americans and Somalian Bantu Muslims is going to be good for our place. God bless you C Green and all those like you.)

    • I thought Toby Kweef backpedaled on his rah-rah USA BS. Where are you located in IL? I am in Joliet area(Shorewood). My parents retired from here to Knoxville,TN area 15 years ago- it’s nice there but I am a Yankee through-and-through- LOL.

  6. herrwolf88 I’m mostly in and around Chicago. Though I travel a lot and like to keep contacts with the great folks in Tennessee. Mostly or even exclusively Middle Tennessee. Does South West fly to Knoxville TN?

    We’ve got a solid and growing Alt Right metro Chicago group here, some of our best guys and gals are far SouthWest Suburbs so Joliet is just what another 20 minutes away. Want to join us for some meet ups in your/our area?

    We’re mostly guys a fraternity with some GF, and wives, age is mostly 30s, I’m an elder at 50. All of our events have been well attended, positive with nothing stupid, illegal are negative.

    E-mail me here if interested


  7. I fought in that war. I still think liberating Kuwait was a good idea. But I was less than enthused about our Saudi “allies” and my opinion has continued to drop. Maybe we were killing the wrong sand niggers.

    • The Saudi royal family are blood cousins to the kike semites and as such aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit. As far as Kuwait, those snakey ragheads were directional boring under the Iraqi border and tapping into Iraqi oil fields so Saddam marched in. It was all none of our business over there but the Israelis drug us into that quagmire because Saddam was threatening to upset their quest for a Greater Israel which was “promised” to them in their stupid holy book.

    • Saddam Hussien was justified in invading Kuwait…Kuwait through directional drilling was stealing Iraq’s oil…

      Preston Brooks…another pinhead Southern Boy…..who would risk his life liberating the slave state Kuwait…

      Hopefully Preston will die from Gulf War Syndrome soon…

  8. If the South woulda won, we woulda had it made
    I’d probably run for President of the Southern States
    The day Elvis passed away would be our national holiday
    If the South woulda won, we woulda had it made
    I’d make my Supreme Court down in Texas
    And we wouldn’t have no killers getting off free
    If they were proven guilty, then they would swing quickly
    Instead of writin’ books and smilin’ on TV
    We’d all learn Cajan cookin’ in Louisiana
    And I’d put that capital back in Alabama
    We’d put Florida on the right track, ’cause we’d take Miami back
    And throw all them pushers in the slammer

    Oh, if the south woulda won, we woulda had it made
    I’d probably run for President of the Southern States
    The day young Skynyrd died, we’d show our southern pride
    If the south woulda won, we woulda had it made
    “Play a little dixieland boys, ah yes”
    I’d have all the whiskey made in Tennessee
    And all the horses raised in those Kentucky hills
    The national treasury would be in Tupelo, Mississippi
    And I’d put Hank Williams picture on one hundred dollar bill
    I’d have all the cars made in the Carolinas
    And I’d ban all the ones made in China
    I’d have every girl child sent to Georgia to learn to smile
    And talk with that southern accent that drives men wild
    I’d have all the fiddles made in Virginia
    ‘Cause they sure can make ’em sound so fine
    I’m going up on Wolverton Mountain and see ole Clifton Clowers
    And have a sip of his good ole Arkansas wine

    Hey, if the South woulda won we’d a had it made
    I’d probably run for President of the Southern States
    When Patsy Cline passed away, that would be our national holiday
    If the South woulda won, we’d a had it made, olay he hee hee
    I said if the South woulda won, we would a had it made
    Might even be better off

    Hank Williams Jr. – If The South Woulda Won.

    That doesn’t sound like a Cuck to me. When I read shit like this from you it kinda makes me wonder what I have in common with a guy from Chicago. Back up, punt & stay on target Jack. Hank isn’t the enemy.

    • Agreed. The post is over the top. I hope Mr. Ryan can find the other nine people who are ideologically pure enough to associate with him.

  9. @Jack,
    You just don’t get it! By having the military involved in endless, M/E wars, and accepting their terrorists and ‘refugees’ into our nation’s, the government is keeping us safe you see. The military is not needed locally, they are over there to stop terror……I hope you now understand. The U.S. military will make everywhere peaceful, and nobody will ever hate or kill eachother again!
    Seriously though, its time for robust discussion on what they are trying to achieve over there, and if it couldn’t be achieved earlier, then why would it be possible later?
    We should say to the Jews- no more wars and no more refugees. We’re tired of being your bitches.

  10. Country music is for cucks. Rock music is better. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is jew-wise and Axl Rose of Guns n’ Roses doesn’t like the coloreds. Jim Morrison didn’t care much for nigras, although he was friends with Jimi Hendrix and Arthur Lee.

    • New pop country music (since 2000) is garbage. Old country music is great, but like everything else, the Jews took over the Nashville record labels and destroyed country music.

  11. Truth Corps – yes, I agree. “If The South Would Have Won We’d of Had It Made” is a great, best ever song.

    But, that’s why Hank Williams Jr.’s treason promoting the endless Neo Con, Zionist wars in Iraq and other ME quagmire is so disturbing. Regular, decent Southerners who couldn’t much understand these ME conflicts would go with the idea that:

    “Well If Hank Williams Jr. is all for it, it must be right. God Damn! Hank Williams Jr is our unofficial “President of the Southern States”

    “Hey, if the South woulda won we’d a had it made
    I’d probably run for President of the Southern States
    When Patsy Cline passed away, that would be our national holiday”

    This is one of the most powerful weapons of our enemy – the Jewish Media Mafia and related political snakes that change their skin as often as decent people change their clothes.

    They take a respected, beloved folksy singer, sports figure, religious figure (former Baptist preacher turned governor of Arkansas) and bribe, corrupt the guy/gal and make them the main spokesman for something dreadful like US Wars against Serbian Nationalists, restarting the Cold War against Christian Russian Nationalists or for these endless Neo Conservative Zionist wars against Secular Arab Baathists in Iraq, Syria, Libya.

    The real issue of the day is of course stopping and reversing the mass 3rd world migrant, illegal alien invasions of the West – Western Europe, the USA – lots of us Alt Right, Southern Nationalists LOtS, Immigration patriots do this, but regular Southerners are distracted over the huge media propaganda campaign to support these Neo Conservative wars for “FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY” and then there are beloved, trusted C&W Stars like Hank Williams Jr and Toby Keith leading the propaganda war mongering campaign basically saying:

    “All true good Southern Boys that like Elvis, Patsy Cline, Hate Yankees, Liberals, pussies – we got to go to war and wump that Saddam Hussein and Assad and Vladimir Putin like we did Hitler. God damn”.

    Sorry, this Hank Williiams Jr taking the 30 pieces of silver and betraying his/our people. The C&W music stars who don’t go for this SH%** who aren’t being spokesman to take down the Confederate flag and desecrate Confederate monuments, Confederate graves – these authentic C&W folk heroes like Mearle Haggard and Charlie Daniels don’t get hired for $ intros to Monday Night NFL Football. Hank Williams Jr did/does.

    If Hank Williams Jr. or his publicist wants to contact me/us personally and apologize for being the official C&W Judas cheerleader for the first (of many) US Iraq wars for the Neo Cons/ZIonists/Saudi Sunni Wahhabists – I will agree to work to forgive him/then for their terrible sins, just as authentic Christian priest/pastor does for the other sins of our Christian people.

    But, M’thinks Hank Williams Jr and his publicist don’t want to admit any errors. They like the system

  12. I always thought Country Boy Can Survive is cucky, and that came out way before the Iraq War. His ((New York businessman)) friend who called him hillbilly, and wanting to avenge his death, likely at hands of a minority, sounds about right to me.

    I’ve always liked Hank Williams, but never cared much for jr.

  13. Todd “Country Boy Can Survive” is excellent. Almost an anthem for our fallen times. I don’t give up on Hank Williams Jr. – it’s possible he’s redeemable or even has been redeemed.

    If memory serves right, Hank William Jr got canned from doing the very $ lucrative music intro to NFL Monday Night Football over something politically incorrect he said.

    Do we have contacts for Hank Williams Jr?

    Let’s invite him to the Charlottesville Demo opposing the destruction of Confederate War monuments, desecration of Confederate war graves. If Hank Williams Jr would come out and lead this demo – yeah that would be great. Hank Jr. used to feature the Confederate Battle Flag in his album covers, M’thinks his publicists wants him now to hang out with Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen and do pop music concerts for get out the vote for Hillary and pass comprehensive immigration reform (Mass Amnesty).

  14. Jack, I agree the song is an anthem for our times, but not for the same reasons. The lyrics just read like he has a duty to protect his condescending ((friend)) from the dark hordes, while making himself out to be Jethro Bodean. Can we get any more modern than that, and I think that song was written in the early eighties?

    Either way, that was my take on the song the first time I heard it, which was well before the first Iraq War. It just made me cringe, but that’s my take.

    I don’t know how to contact jr., or what he would do for the movement, but I would love to see some alt-right music festivals to rival the roots music movement, which mostly comes off as leftist to me. Real musicians doing non-formulaic music for the fun of it. That moves people. I imagine a Kenny Chesney or Faith Hill show just deadens people, as they seem designed to do.

  15. The late Bob Whitaker was writing about the effects of the Cold War: The Left worshipped Mommy Professor. The Right worshipped The Military. This has not significantly changed and the (((warmongers))) know it.

    BTW, “Modern Country” sucks but Hank Sr. was a prolific song writer of real country and probably a genius as well.

    • I agree, Hank Sr. was a great lyricist. Could you ever see Sr. writing something like the song above? I’m not sure who writes Lil’ Hanks lyrics, but what I have heard have been awful. The rhyme and rhythm don’t usually work, and the actual lyrics tend to be dumb. Without good backing musicians, Lil’ Hank would be on the level of rap.

  16. Todd – we can at least contact Hank Williams Jr. fans on social media, FB, Youtube, official fans sites. Be respectful, but also show our disappointment that Hank Williams Jr hasn’t been open opposing the destruction of Confederate Monuments, opposing the Left Coast Media Mafia’s vicious lies (Rolling Stone Magazine UVA rape hoax) against Southern People and Southern culture and for HW Jr’s shameless cucking for Neo Con/Zionist wars in ME, now restarting the Cold War with Russia.

  17. Sadam Hussein would not have invaded Kuwait if U.S. diplomats had not given him mix signals(do as you like).By disign to make Sadam the agressor hence U.S. liberation.Senior Bush proclaim NWO.

  18. Here’s Hank Williams Jr official page/fan page – It looks OK. Lot’s of Merle Haggard


    Please stop by sign up – start to network. Be polite, but let’s get Hank Jr and his fans back on our side and off the Neo Con/ZOG side.

  19. They had also been weakened by the failure of America’s conservative party – the Republicans – to fight on the cultural and moral fronts.

    They preferred to posture on the world stage. Scared of confronting Left-wing teachers and sexual revolutionaries at home, they could order soldiers to be brave on their behalf in far-off deserts. And now the US, like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World. – Peter Hitchens on the election of Obama.

    Hitchens only touches on race in this piece when he talks about the ecstasy he saw among Hispanics on the streets of D.C.:

    They grasped the real significance of this moment. They knew it meant that America had finally switched sides in a global cultural war.

    It’s enforced coyness, of course, the real issue the Republicans can’t stand up against is the genocidal race war being waged against white people worldwide. It means absolute doom for them, their party, their alleged political ideology, and their nation. Everyone knows it. After they deliberately sold the majority of their constituents into slavery and death the con men at the top had to have something to offer the rubes, and a furrin enemy is a historically popular choice. As for those at the bottom, well, a starving man will eat grass. They too understand their doom, and unwilling and unable psychologically to physically fight the forces destroying them they’re happy to have faux patriotic wars to relieve their anxiety about their coming dispossession and extirpation. What were their cries? “It’s just like Normandy! It’s just like Iwo! We’re not really dying!” The crooks at the top are holding fast to their con came, they can hardly do anything else at this late date, and they remain a deadly obstruction. But some of the polloi are starting to tumble to the reality that they can’t go back to the bankrupt gossamer fraud that was the “conservative” politics of the Bush era. The trick now is to force them to confront the race issue head on.

  20. ok, great start…you pointed out the hypocrisies and failings of the gullible white working class….but can you also admit that the supposedly leftist side has some good ideas, too? After all, lots of libs were against both middle east wars…and what about single payer? whites pay for nonwhites to get free healthcare…isn’t it time that whites get what they are already paying for?

    • That’s a very good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Whites are already paying for free healthcare for the non-white masses, single payer would only even things out for the white middle class…

      One problem is that a lot of those middle class whites are still in denial or just plain ignorance about the situation.

  21. Hank Jr. typifies Southern ZioCucks: his shilling for McCain, his comparison of Obama to Hitler, and now this lame ass song. Great music in the 70s Hank Jr, but please go away.

  22. the alt white comics Writes:
    “ok, great start…you pointed out the hypocrisies and failings of the gullible white working class….but can you also admit that the supposedly leftist side has some good ideas, too? After all, lots of libs were against both middle east wars…and what about single payer? whites pay for nonwhites to get free healthcare…isn’t it time that whites get what they are already paying for?”

    I respond:

    As Gretchen Wilson recently said “Hell Yes” Redneck woman Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82dDnv9zeLs

    Absolutely, we/I are open to positive Lib Left policies, Left ways of thinking.

    I personally led the League of the South’s opposition to Tyson Foods As* Ho*** CEO Donny Smith (yearly compensation $7 Million) who’s flooding Middle Tennessean with lowest wage Somalian Bantu Muslim food workers.

    I even quoted Jesus Christ, King of the Jews on his opinions of As* Ho*** rich folks who have very, very long shots of making it heaven.

    Don’t write off the Liberals Amren:


  23. Personally I like Bocephus but not his politics. I could say the same about thousands of leftist artists like the guys from the 70’s band The Eagles as well. If I needed to agree politically with musicians id never listen to music again. Bocephus is no political genius, he is a Country Singer. Since when are singers expected to be poilitically astute?

  24. JohntheSecond – that was an amazing comment! Did Peter Hitchens write all of that, or were these mostly your writing? You should write for us – Occidental Dissent, or others in the Alt Right, Alt Light. Great job! I hope to meet you and work with you in real life.

    Jack Ryan

  25. BillyrayJenkins writes:

    ” If I needed to agree politically with musicians id never listen to music again. Bocephus is no political genius, he is a Country Singer. Since when are singers expected to be poilitically astute?”

    I respond:

    I think you are being too charitable. Black Americans for instance, will brutally ostracize any Black American celebrity who doesn’t support Obama, who speaks against Black criminality and Black dysfunctionality (Bill Cosby) – they are tarred and smeared as “oreo cookies” “uncle Toms”, traitors. Jews do the same to even Jewish celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld that support some Conservative causes, politicians.

    These tactics work, and we have to do the same. Hank Williams Jr rose to fortune and fame by appealing to Southern regular folks, for promoting Southern pride and Southern heritage. Now that he’s super rich and connected to the (predominately Jewish, anti White) Media Mafia he’s pretty much AWOL on defending Confederate monuments, defending Southern Heritage or even defending the right of Southerners not to be replaced in the South by mass migration/immigration – plus he does as bad as it gets Neo Conservative, Zionist war mongering propaganda.

    I kind of expect the Media mafia is approaching him to do war propaganda against the Russians – put out the meme that Vladimir Putin is Hitler, buy say it with a Southern Country twang ‘Y’all Better done get that Vlad I Meer Putin, before he gets us!”

    Hank WIllisams Jr. wants that $ million gig opening the Monday Night Negro Felon League show!.

    Anyway, I do think we should try to pressure Hank Williams Jr to take a stand on the issue of Confederate monument desecration. As a proud Southern Good Ol Boy, this shouldn’t be a tough call. But that rich guy that wouldn’t follow Jesus, he couldn’t make the call to separate from his money. Can Hank Jr.?

    • I just honestly dont give a shyte about singers and actors and their beliefs. I mean sure I agree with you more should stand up for their own people, but if I spent my time being mad at singers because of their viewpoints id never have any music to listen to

  26. They wanted to drain the swamp? The biggest snake in the swamp is the war criminals in the American government and deep state. Nobody has laid a glove on them in decades that I can see. They wrap themselves up in their Goddamned flag, and if anybody questions them, then you’re criticizing ‘our brave fighting forces’.

    They don’t bat an eye at sending some clueless 20 year old from Podunk U.S.A to some third world crap hole to get his head shot off, so they can show what a bad ass the U.S. is. Every world leader is supposed to stand at attention the minute somebody in Washington opens up their big mouth.

    North Korea is a good example, they haven’t done anything to the United States, they haven’t done much of anything to anybody in the last 60 years, outside of Korea. But the meddlesome Maddie dildos in the deep state decided to put themselves in charge of international gun control, so the Koreans aren’t allowed to test fire their rockets. The United States has thousands of nuclear weapons, and many rockets, they test fired atomic bombs routinely for decades, and without the permission of the North Koreans, and they are the only country to actually use them on anybody. So the U.s. government has a perfect right to order everybody else around.

    I had hoped that Trump would try to restrain the war mongers a little, instead it looks like he’s joined them, he just put General Flapdaddle in charge of the staff.

  27. Country Music, up until the late 90s was 100% implicitly white music. Hank Jr., Alabama and Alan Jackson were all music that even rural Yankees like myself grew up listening to. I think that Bocephus has been fooled like alot of other Good Ol Boys into all the Jewish BS, but that doesn’t make me hate him or any of the other rural Americans, in the South or otherwise, who are just good God-fearing Whites who believe what their pastors are telling them. We really do need a Protestant church that teaches the Bible the same way all the other Protestant churches were 100 years ago. Southerners are especially susceptible to Zionism-from-the-pulpit because of their outstanding faith in the church. It is not a bad characteristic ( Hank’s heart is in the right place), but the enemies of all Whites have turned my Southern brothers faith and piety against them. The Southern people deserve better. Going after Hank is getting mad at the wrong entity, I don’t believe he’s shabbos goy, just another dupe, like 90% have been at some point throughout the course of our lives. ZOG is the enemy, not our white brothers.

  28. Ok Joseph Nimrod Eustis – I understand your position. But, still Hank Williams Jr is an extremely wealthy artists that made his fame and $ as a champion of White Southern regular people. So when he turns Cuck and pushing Neo Con, Zionist war mongering treason. That’s sort of like, well Judas taking the 30 pieces of Silver.

    I’ve been trying to contact Hank Williams Jr and his handlers, publicists and guess what? They don’t allow folks to contact them. You can only pay $ to be receiving fan club promotions.

    • And I also see your point, sir. My only reply would be that I think he is also speaking for a great many of the Southern people still. Unfortunately, many there amongst the Southern population who believe exactly as the song states. I think Hank is a symptom, just as the modern state of the SBC and the SCV, as opposed to an agent of the (((disease))) itself.

  29. A lot of those good ol’ boy country songs are actually written by jews from New York’s Tin Pan Alley.

  30. It’s old news of course but the first Gulf War was almost as much of a con as the second. Our ambassador April Glasbie told Saddam prior to the invasion that the USA had no interest in his conflicts with Kuwait. She greenlit the invasion at that time. The daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador lying about babies tossed from incubators when she had been in the US for the previous five years is another example of the lying propaganda campaign.

    Having said all of that, PGW 1 was essentially a large scale training exercise. 148 dead out of hundreds of thousands deployed, friendly fire was more of a threat than Iraqi forces.

    Toby Keith was probably the bigger cuck but even he recanted his support for Operation Iraqi Freedom after it dragged on.

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