Alt-South Celebrates Orlando, FL’s New Golden Circle Flag

Leaders of the city of Orlando, Florida chose to celebrate its 142nd birthday with a new flag prominently featuring a large golden circle, reports WFTV 9 ABC. The Golden Circle refers to the old plantation civilization of the New World centered around the Caribbean Sea. It utilized a labor and social system which included African slave labor and White supremacy. A Southern Nationalist paramilitary order named Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) organized across Dixie in the mid 1800s. The KGC and other like-minded groups launched efforts to take Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua to establish a Southern-led empire of plantation societies. When the Southern States seceded in 1860-61 the KGC strongly supported the Confederate cause. Florida was the third Southern State to secede from the Union.

The Alt-South strongly supports Orlando’s beautiful and symbolic new banner and looks forward to seeing it displayed widely throughout the city. Orlando demonstrates the vast potential of Dixie and points to the as-yet-unrealized dream of a Southern empire. The use of the golden circle, a highly important symbol for secessionists, neo-Confederates and Southern Nationalists, is an obvious “dog whistle” to the Alt-South. As the city explains on its website, “The reflection of the “O” in the water symbolizes our careful consideration of our past and our bold vision for the future.” It goes on to explain the symbolism of “patriotism” and “timelessness” captured by the wonderful new flag.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Orlando’s city, especially Mayor Buddy Dyer. We understand in the present hostile climate of Leftist political oppression that Mayor Dyer must parrot Progressive anti-White and anti-Southern rhetoric against his wishes. However, with the embrace of this new flag the mayor and city government have communicated their Alt-Right and Alt-South sympathies to us. Message received, friends! And may God bless you, Orlando and the entire Golden Circle.

Future generations of Southern Nationalists will doubtlessly carry this new Golden Circle banner as our troops go forth to stamp out degeneracy and bring civilization, inequality, paternalism and Southern leadership to the entire Caribbean region! And until then this banner will delight and inspire our growing movement.

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  1. Lol. I would love to see someone on our side flying the new Orlando “Golden Circle” flag at Unite the right.


    If we criticize the president, we, also, ought praise him for what he does good; and, in this speech, he outlines his support for faith.

    Why is this important?

    Because, if you don’t know, The Left, as best embodied by President Obama, has been attempting to prevent religious folks from having a political voice – the former president having instructed government employees, at the IRS, to target religious organizations for scrutiny, in order to make it more uncomfortable for them to either exist or to advocate.

    Too, there is the Johnson Amendment, which authored to make it illegal for religious organizations to either endorse or oppose political candidates, is in Trump’s crosshairs.

    In this brief Reaganesque speech, given just a few days back, Trump affirms his support for the biblethumpers in our midst, and his resolve to order the Yankee Government to stay away from religious organizations.

    Let’s give President Trump a great big hand!

  3. The situation for the South is more dire than that for the nation itself; there is not much time left to turn things around.

    The Mexicans are flooding the South, but the bigger, more immediate threat is the transplants from the North East and the West Coast. They will vote in Leftist leaders and create an easier environment for immigrants and niggers.

    The Southron as we know it today may not be around by mid century. The culture is being severely diluted.

    • Hey Ronnie – I agree, we need to stop the invasion.

      That said, you can drive all over my state, North Carolina, and if you stay out of big cities, you’ll see how little diluted out culture is.

      Chin up!

  4. Christian Evangelicals- ugh- how fucking stupid does this group of inbreds have to be in their fanatical support of Israel- the largest concentration of Christ-hating Satanists in the world.

    • Your vulgar comment is both insulting to those called Christians, and redolent of the prideful condescension of those Unitarian who gave us John Brown, and the Mormons, Mary Baker Eddy, Ellen G. White, and a whole host of Transcendentalists, and other liberal navel-gazing asses.

      That the Independent assemblies who ‘CALL’ themselves Christian (and are not- Rev. 2:8,9) departed from the ‘faith once delivered unto the saints’ is a given. But Comments like this only serve to legitimize our common (((Enemies))).

  5. That flag? Meh. Looks like the flag of some Pacific island nation. If it featured a golden circle inside of which was a map of the greater Caribbean – including Florida- then there would be no question as to what message was being conveyed.

  6. Florida was only about 1/8th to 1/4th settled in 1860, Orlando didn’t even exist until 1875! Most of South Florida was heavily settled by Yankees and Immigrants as far back as 1900. Its doubtful anyone in Orlando City Council even realizes who the KGC was. I think you might as well write off most of Florida, thats NEW CUBA/NEW HAITI now. Dixie aint getting Florida back EVER. Better concentrate on the base territory. For a New CSA to rise, the work to be done will be so gargantuan everywhere else, Florida should be forgotten about. Simply not enough White Southern Men left for any type of takeover

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