Chinese SJW Angry At Native Charlotteans

Chinese liberal activist Amy Chiou has penned an article in The Charlotte Observer expressing her frustration with people who take pride by saying “I’m a native Charlottean” in being from the city in which she now resides. Chiou writes about how natives look skeptically upon the team of outside political activists she leads in setting up shop in their city:

The first time I heard these words, I was working on a political campaign. People walked into our campaign office constantly to express their skepticism of a team of outsiders. They questioned whether we could win a local election.

Chiou blasts the city’s “system of inequity” and natives of the city who prefer that their way of doing things not be pushed aside by outsiders. Is this unreasonable of Charlotte natives? Chiou seems to think so. She contrasts natives as “people who have a history here” with outsiders such as herself, described as “people who want a future here.” She also writes that pride in one’s home city makes her feel unwelcome, attacking the phrase, “I’m a native Charlottean.”

Personally, when I hear these words, I feel unwelcome. I am reminded of my outsider status. I want to be respectful of history and context and as a result, take longer to offer my ideas. I spend time figuring out how to present solutions in the “Charlotte way.” A few times a month, I think about whether I belong here. And, I’m not alone.

Not only does Chiou demand that natives change their ways to accomodate her and stop expressing pride in Charlotte as their home city, she also admits to working with a group of “young civic leaders” who do not identify with the city but wish to determine its future. She is the executive director of a far-Left group called Queen City Forward.

Last week, I attended a meeting of young civic leaders. As part of our introductions, we were asked whether we considered Charlotte “home.” Only one person out of ten said yes, and yet, collectively, we had contributed so much to making Charlotte a great place. Around a single table were people involved with alleviating homelessness, improving public education, catalyzing entrepreneurship, transforming criminal justice, elevating local politics, developing mentorship and leadership and building community. Professionally, we represented real estate, law, public service, higher education, nonprofit, banking, and tech. And yet, we were hesitant, almost reluctant, to claim Charlotte as our home.

This is hubris, plain and simple. Why should an outsider, especially one who does not identify with a city, have a say in its politics and organization? Imagine the arrogance of penning an article in a major newspaper of such a city detailing all of this and expecting sympathy from readers.

I once lived in a foreign city for a number of years. I knew I was a foreigner there and never sought to undermine the natives’ sense of pride or ownership of their city. I was an outsider, a foreigner. As such, my opinion meant almost nothing there. This is a lesson Chiou appears unable to learn. She questions whether she, a racial alien and Leftist activist who does not identify with a Southern city, belongs in that city. I can tell her without hesitation that she does not belong. It is perfectly reasonable for natives to be upset with her as she tries to change their politics and culture to fit her values.

It is time for Amy Chiou to say goodbye to Charlotte, North Carolina. Shanghai is calling you home, Chiou. It is ruled by the Communist Party, so I know you will feel at home there. And it is populated by Chinese people like yourself, so you should have no problem identifying with it.

As you hopefully pack your bags I’m sure that many people in Charlotte will join me in happily bidding you “ciao,” Amy.

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  1. The mere fact that these outsiders, be they Chinese, Jews, Mestizos, Middle Easterners, whatever, feel emboldened enough to even complain to us about their outsider status… is infuriating to say the least!

    • I don’t know if you have been in Charlotte recently? But, the city has a seedy look to it, and you can’t help notice the Mexicans/mestizos/Roman Catholics hanging around everywhere.

      Charlotte likes to portray itself as a “New South banking center”, in reality it’s kind of dirty looking.

  2. ‘Chinese SJW Angry At Native Charlotteans’

    If,’ Native Charlotteans’, is a veiled reference to those White Tarheels, native to Charlotte, I’m surprised that there are any left.

    Charlotte, much more so than Raleigh, Greenville, and Asheville is a Yankee Empire dumping zone.

    It’s a very strange phenomenon with The Yankee Empire – each state they conquer they manage to rule several large urban centres, but, because the system theym and their Jewish mistresses, bring is much akin to a transient piracy, the vast majority of the land of these states remains largely untoucht by the invader,, instead homes for the natives; and, as such, places like Charlotte more closely resemble sardine can like dumping zones, in North Carolina, for the One World Order and Race…

    • @juniusdaniel1828

      That’s exactly the way it was in Oklahoma, during the WSI. The Yankees clung to their forts and some towns, while Generals Maxey, Gano and Watie, with their Texan, Cherokee and Choctaw troops, controlled the countryside. It’s still like that now. Only the forts have been replaced by urban enclaves. We have the countryside from which to rebuild and retake everything.

      • The day is comin’ ,Mr. Owen, when we are going to strangle these Yankee forts in our midst, by the neck, and the howling is going to be heard all around the world.

        But, there won’t be any pity, because they’ve had no respect for us, at all.

        And if they send they’re drones for us, some of us will surely die, but, those who live will return them to their owners, and hoist them up high on the nearest tree.

      • #James

        I wasn’t aware of there being any towns in Indian Territory to speak of in 1861-65, trading posts and forts yes, but I didn’t think there were any towns. I do know the Creek Indians split, Union-Confederate the Cherokee remained pure to the cause. I know the Shawnee fought for the Union.

        The Yankee businessmen and settlers who came into the West after 1865 largely clustered in the cities and towns, they left the countryside to the Southrons. You probably learned in Texas history many moons ago that Texas was the only Confederate State to come out of the war with very little damage to her economy or infrastructure. Unlike Virginia, the Carolinas or Georgia which had been picked bare, there was still plenty of game to eat, plenty of horses and mules and plenty of opportunities for work further west. From what I have read about Yankee migration to the Western frontier, they typically avoided the more established areas and settled in the newer cities further west. That is probably why there are GAR monuments in some places. Strangely enough Odessa Texas was planned by some men from Zanesville Ohio as a sort-of western health resort which is bizarre to say the least. However this issue of interlopers isn’t new, it was just less pronounced.

        As I wrote about Florida elsewhere, most of South Florida on the Atlantic Coast was settled by Yankees, friends of Henry Flagler of Standard Oil following his Florida East Coast Railway. Miami was founded by a woman from Ohio of an old Connecticut family and was the only Southern City to be a Republican stronghold. Southern Democrats, who tended to be small government and let the market decide kind of guys, in Florida saw nothing wrong with giving the Yankees three counties to themselves basically. The immigrants of all types followed. The bizarre hybrid culture that came out of that, uppity wealthy Yankees, Jews, Southrons and Negroes all mixing together, no one knew would grow as big as it did. Unfortunately it grew like a fungus and finally swallowed most of Florida.

        Texas and the rest of the South saw Florida getting fat on Northern money in the Sixties and the chamber of commerces and business associations decided to push for expansion. Fifty years later, all it did was line the C of C’s pockets and screw the locals

    • The funny thing is how fast her Chink ass would be raped and killed by the thousands of Jigs in the Charlotte area. She’d best shut her mouth, if it wasnt for Southrons performing as peace officers shed be dead already

  3. I imagine if was in China complaining about all those who were proud to be natives there…I too would be mentioned in a local newspaper…in the obituary section…

    • @Ronald Blake

      “…transforming criminal justice,…”

      Code words for stop prosecuting niggers.

    • That sounds like a nigger crime wave with no serious consequences for the offending coloreds.

  4. One must use jewbook to comment. I refuse to sign up for jewbook. Some-one needs to pay that obnoxious slant a personal visit.

    • @Denise: “Our” leaders should have allowed Imperial Japan to continue ruling over China and Korea. There never would have been any WWII in the Pacific, no Red Chinese Revolution and no Korean or Vietnam wars. And best of all no Yellow colonization of White countries like Canada and Australia.

  5. Her “outsider” comments are by no means unique but right out of the anti-White playbook. She didn’t come to Charlotte to make it her “home”. She came to Charlotte to give it Diversity. All the self hating White cucks will agree.

    • Look at Charlottesville, Virginia. You couldn’t have a better example of what happens when outsiders Jews/northerners/RomanCatholics/communist-socialists get a grip on a southern municipal government. The first, major insult to the city, and, state is to destroy the memorial to one of the state’s finest sons, from a family who literally made the State of Virginia.

      • I beg your pardon, there are Roman Catholics who are white and are proud of their race. If anything gave the Jews a foot in the door it was the wonderland created by your big beautiful reformation. Catholic monarchs and Popes kept the Jews in check until the renegade priest Luther came along.

        • The Romans forced the Jews into our european homeland. The notion that they and their sandnigger cult were anti-jew is beyond distorted.


          Under Roman Catholic reign during the Middle Ages, 98% of jewish men in Europe were literate, while only 3% of gentile ‘christian’ men were. A european man caught with books was tortured and literally killed.

          GET FREAKIN’ REAL.

          I’m happy to cite sources for anyone struggling to deal with REALITY.

          • Harley

            The local vernacular languages weren’t even formed or made modern written languages for like 500-600 yrs after the Roman Empire. All scholarly books were written in Latin, probably a few written in Greek in places. It took YEARS for scholars to begin writing in the vernacular. That wasnt the Catholics fault



    Can’t get a comment through over at ALTRIGHT.COM…..does got gooks doing comment control?

  7. America used to have a Sihk Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act also….made America=MAGA!!!

    The SIHK LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT was repealed…and post-1965….Niki Haley’s street shitter parents came to our America from the TOILETS OF THE PUNJAB….and as a consequence….we got ourselves a street shitting SIHK prostitute US UN Ambassador who issues violent threats every week to Conservative Christian Russia….


    ALEX JONES wants Donald Trump to confront the Chinese Navy on the high seas…while at the same time handing over the State University Systems of all US states to Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born Chinese geneline…

    Will somebody please flush Alex Jones down a toilet bowl or perhaps seal him into a septic tank…

  9. She may not be welcome anywhere except at left-wing university campuses, globalist NGOs or government agencies. She wouldn’t be welcome in Beijing. Native Beijingers complain about non-native Beijing residents destroying the traditional culture and Beijing way of life. Honorary White Nationalists in Beijing

    Also, isn’t Queen City transphobic?

  10. I agree. I’ve been pushing this lately. The USA doesn’t have gates that keep anyone in. There’s no wall like the USSR where they shoot you if you try to flee. If they(or you) don’t like Whites…let them(or you) go elsewhere. If every response or complaint about Whites this or that was met with with the the phrase,”There’s no one keeping you here. There’s the door” we might get a lot less complaints.

    This applies to the SJW or who I have recently decided the proper name for is Scalawags. There’s a whole world of “diversity” out there if they want it so much then,”There’s no one keeping you here. There’s the door”.

    I really believe if this was a universal response it would work wonders.

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