There and Back Again

These days, one could argue, are the most difficult time to be a unreconstructed Southron. As much as I have a hard time arguing against that charge, allow me, as an older gentleman, interested in the Alt-Right to offer a little hope. I grew up in rural town an hour outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. As a child of the 80’s, I got to enjoy what was left of late 70’s embrace of (((southern culture))). I parenthesize this because I’m speaking of pop-culture of course. Burt Reynolds had torn off a half dozen or so movies based in the South. Charlie Daniels and Hank Jr. were being played in every other car. The General Lee flew over gullies in an unbelievably dry area of Georgia. It seemed it was okay to claim some sort of Southern heritage. Then it all ended.

Parallel events seemed to happen with reverse effects in America. As racially motivated events bloomed across California – the Rodney King video, trial, ensuing riots, and the OJ media circus almost burned L.A to the ground. Meanwhile, rap had become mainstream, particularly Public Enemy and NWA. Spike Lee rolled out a slew of racially charged movies giving a national platform to black grievances.

As the tide of black consciousness rose – Ruby Ridge, the collapse of the militia movement, and the OKC bombing (and perhaps the Waco siege) essentially squelched any idea of an implicitly white resistance to federal control. This, coupled with the Brady gun law stopped any notion that you could separate yourself or your family from a society that at the time seemed to be falling apart. You were now along for the ride.

You weren’t forgotten about, Southron man. Ken Burn’s The Civil War reminded you that it was all the South’s fault. No matter how emotionally charged the narration of letters of Southern war dead, accompanied by soaring fiddle in the background, rest assured – you are guilty. These things combined, have now boxed you into being a cultural relic. It’s the New South after all. You’re no longer bound by blood and soil. It doesn’t matter your family line spans centuries in this region. You’re merely a consumer under one republic, really an Empire. You’re still not respected, but your money is green like everyone else’s.

As a teen in the 90’s, libertarianism seemed to be the last refuge of white political action. Liberals point out (correctly, I believe) that libertarianism is a safe way to say, “I don’t want to give minorities welfare.” I became what could be as best described as a “fence sitting individualist.” The early 00’s were a good time for that. Opposition to interventionist wars and federal expansion was an easy thing to do all the way up to the housing bubble.

It’s very obvious from here on out, in this timeline, that we’re all familiar with recent history and why most of us are here. The housing bubble wasn’t so much about predatory lending practices. It was more about who took these loans and didn’t pay. Occupy Wall Street wasn’t about ending the Fed. It was more about introducing progressive stack politics and intersectionality into every discussion. The BLM movement was probably the most redpilling moment. Forcing many of us to try to understand how we got to live in this clown world, thus leading us to “hate facts“, /pol, and other online outlets of radical dissent.

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I started off this piece stating it is a difficult time to live in the South, but I am hopeful. In my youth I saw no visible outlet for Southerns. Southern Nationalism wasn’t even a concept I was aware of. As little as of three years ago, I had never heard of The League of the South, nor was there a Rebel Yell. I didn’t know anyone who believed in the same things as I do.

All that has changed.

I interact with more people with my sock than my normie feed. I may never meet any any of you face to face, but we can accomplish much. The potential to redpill others on Southern identity is endless. Let’s face it – the South is poz’d as all get out, but hard times create strong men.

If not you, who?

By Robert Hoke and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. Great article, as always, Mr. Hoke.

    I loved the sign that young man is holding up!

    By the way, are you kin to the great Tarheel General Hoke?

  2. @The Author…

    ‘As little as of three years ago, I had never heard of The League of the South, nor was there a Rebel Yell. I didn’t know anyone who believed in the same things as I do.’


    Same thing happened to me, Mr. Hoke/Reynolds. Why, it was about back in 2005 I came out of the closet and said to a friend, ‘I reckon this union thing ain’t working out.’

    Did not have much company in that thought until about 2012, when, at YouTube, I happened upon Mr. Cushman interviewing Dr. Hill.

    Right then and there I knew I was home – a few lone voices of compassion, courage, understanding, and sanity in a world with precious little of any.

    My wife likes Dr. Hill, too.

  3. Moved to U.S. in the early 70s. 12 yo in the mid 60s from Euro. our history and music was folklore classical and goth and greeks and romans.It was a culture shock of American jazz and hip hop. TV sitcons comedy of coons shuck and jive of 80s 90s of Bill Cosby.

  4. I always considered the South to be a separate country that was under Union occupation. Mind you, I was born and raised in the North! Apparently the jews and globalists also regard Dixie as a separate country, because they are actively trying to destroy any sense of Southern nationalism.

    • My Lord, Spahn – you are so perceptive, it makes me wonder how you survive everyday normal life – and all the people who live largely in denial.

      You are one smart cookie, feller!

    • The war on the South isn’t about the South, its just one long battle in the War on Whites worldwide. The thing is, the South is simply because of 60 years of Jewish media classical conditioning and the lack of it’s own power structure the easiest to attack. This was Dixie’s weakness from day one, it never published its own school books, it never held all of its own students and intellectuals home, nor did it really become self sufficient. Thus it always depended on the outside. Thats how it was kept weak and thats one reason now it is in so much deep s—

      The Jews hold the rest of the USA already, have held it for some time. Thats what open borders from 1802-1924 accomplished.

  5. The 70s into the 80s was the last great time to be a Southerner. I know, I was there. Sometime in the 80s (((Hollywood))) decided to demonize White Southerners. The movie “Porky’s” comes to mind. It was made to titilate young male audiences with sex and then led them right into self loathing and Jew worship.

    • @Truth Corps

      I was there, too.

      “The movie “Porky’s” comes to mind.”

      For me it’s Outlaw Josey Wales.
      It was also Texas Outlaw Country and Oklahoma Red Dirt Music.

    • Porky’s was a Canadian production, ironically written by Bob Clark, who was a native of New Orleans. I think it would have been pretty accurate for parts of South Florida in the 1950’s. Remember Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale were largely settled by Yankees and Immigrants in the beginning, a Southern white working class migrating there. Miami was the only Southern City that was run almost exclusively by the Republican Party from its founding in 1896 until the late 1940’s.

      When you see that Southeast Florida was basically a Northern Colony where wealthy Northern businessmen and Jews held quite a bit of dominance and Southern Whites and Negroes made up the working class, you see how the South lost it. It lost it because it never truly had a hold on it.

  6. The Dukes of Hazard, Smokey and the Bandit, Hee-Haw, the Clampetts, Li’l Abner and the scary backwoods rednecks from Easy Rider and Deliverance – That is how the rest of the world perceives the South. It’s not exactly Renaissance Italy!

  7. THE YEAR 1992 WAS WHEN EVERYTHING FLIPPED. Before 1992, Country music wasn’t marketed as a mass-appeal music, its audience was still largely rural. Television shows barely uttered a curse word before 10pm at night, although Safe Harbor had been thrown out by the courts in the 1970’s, President Reagan’s FCC had arm twisted Hollywood enough to keep the Big Three networks relatively clean before 10pm, Fox being the exception. Before 1992, lawsuits dealing with the Confederate flag were laughed at, kids loved the flag because it represented the Dukes of Hazzard, which were still popular in reruns.

    I can remember the very day it all flipped and that was April 29th, 1992 at 6:15 Eastern Time. That was when the Rodney King verdict was read, acquitting the cops in the beating. Most of us had remembered seeing the beating on tv for over a year, the Jew media played it every night but we didnt think about it. Within an hour, Los Angeles was in flames and Reginald Denny was fighting for his life. When the riots finally ended, it was like looking at a balloon that all the air had gone out of. The Reagan-Bush era was OVER, we all knew that Bill Clinton, who went to Los Angeles to kiss Black babies and shuck and jive would probably be President, although some of us hoped against all hope that H Ross Perot would somehow pull it off, but deep inside we knew Clinton would take it. That year all the major 1980’s tv shows and sitcoms excluding CHEERS were cancelled and Johnny Carson retired and was replaced by Jay Leno. NBC realized that it had to hold something back, or else their viewership without Cosby would completely die. In fact the Cosby Show’s last episode aired on April 30th and Bill Cosby did a PSA in Los Angeles begging the rioters to go home and watch the Cosby Show. No one listened. Bill Cosby suddenly found himself like George HW Bush utterly discredited, the new more radical generation DGAF about Bill Cosby.

    By the end of 1992, Rap Music and Grunge Music dominated the airwaves, Garth Brooks had taken over Country Music and everything took a more racialized tone. I can remember never hearing the word Racist growing up, after Bill Clinton was elected I heard it ALL THE TIME. In 1993, the State of Alabama under Court Order was forced to REMOVE THE CONFEDERATE NAVY JACK from the State Capitol Dome, Since then its been downhill into hell

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