Alt-Right, Alt-South and #UniteTheRight

George Hawley has written an interesting article on regional differences in White racial attitudes at The American Conservative that touches on the Unite the Right rally:

“Whether it is primarily due to migration, mass media, federal policy, or the homogenizing effects of global capitalism, the cultural and political differences between the North and South have become less pronounced in recent decades. But it remains unclear just how different Southerners remain from their fellow citizens in other parts of the country. White Southerners’ attitudes on the issue of race remain a question of particular interest and importance.

This subject has been coming up with increasing frequency. Across the South, monuments to the Confederacy have been coming down—though not everywhere in the region—and with some serious pushback. Alabama, for example, passed legislation protecting such monuments in May. A white nationalist rally in defense of Confederate statues occurred in Charlottesville, Va., that same month. A similar rally is apparently in the works in a few weeks. …”

Here’s why I don’t exactly agree:

1.) I would be wary of using Donald Trump as a proxy for White racial attitudes. From what I saw during the 2016 presidential election, it seemed to me that Trump was a more polarizing candidate along class lines. White working class rural voters responded to him with greater enthusiasm than traditional Republican candidates. White college educated suburbanites were much less impressed. Trump also performed much better than expected with blacks and Hispanics.

Trump won a smaller share of the White vote than Mitt Romney but won the 2016 election because of the nature of his coalition. He lost voters in places like the Atlanta, Houston and Philadelphia suburbs, but he gained disaffected voters in places like rural Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton bet the election on winning over those disaffected Republican suburbanites and lost.

Trump’s underperformance in the South tells us more about how he repulsed college educated White suburbanites than anything else. At the end of the day, those people shocked pollsters by voting for him anyway in greater than expected numbers. They couldn’t stomach Hillary Clinton.

2.) I think it would be more useful to look at the big picture than the performance of a single candidate as controversial as Trump. The overall trend is the demise of the Democratic Party in the South. Republicans now have unified control of 11 out of 15 Southern state governments. In 2016, they picked up unified control in Missouri and Kentucky while losing the gubernatorial races in Louisiana and North Carolina. Republicans control every single state legislature in the 15 Southern states.

In the House of Representatives, Democrats didn’t pick up a single Republican held seat in the South in the 2016 election cycle and lost one in rural Kentucky. They’ve been pushed back to urban enclaves and predominantly non-White majority districts. There isn’t a single White Democrat representing the 5 states of the Deep South (AR, LA, MS, AL, GA and SC) in Congress.

Southern politics is much more racially polarized today than it was 10 years ago. We are significantly more racially polarized now than we were 20 and 30 years ago. The Republican Party is the White party in the South. The Democrat Party is the non-White party. That’s the elephant in the room. We haven’t been this racially and culturally polarized since the Jim Crow era.

If Trump is a proxy of racial attitudes, it is worth noting he won 13 out of 15 Southern states in the Republican primary in a field of 17 candidates, which handed him the Republican presidential nomination. He only lost Texas and Oklahoma where Ted Cruz had a home state advantage. In the general election, 190 of Trump’s 304 electoral votes came from the South, which was 62.5% of his electoral total.

The base of the Republican Party in the South is becoming more racialized, more populist, more White working class. Decades ago, suburbanites were the Republican base in the South. In the future, we will see more of these uncucked candidates like Donald Trump and Corey Stewart.

3.) The explanation for this is intense racial and cultural polarization. Trump only won Mississippi by 57.9% of the vote compared to 68.2% in Wyoming. In Mississippi, 58% of the population are non-Hispanic Whites compared to 82.9% in Wyoming. Whites in the Deep South are much more inclined to vote as a racial bloc for the Republican candidates than Whites in the Midwest or Mountain West. In much of the rural and small town Deep South, elections are racial headcounts.

The Deep South has always been the most reactionary region of the United States. There is little evidence to suggest this has changed. It’s true that we no longer live in the Jim Crow South. Both the South and the rest of the United States has been transformed since 1965. The most fundamental transformation has been that the North and West have become demographically more like the South. Alabama is now whiter than the national average. California was transformed into a majority-minority state in a generation. This is why a candidate like Donald Trump succeeded on the national stage.

Whites elsewhere in the United States are now grappling with many of the same problems that have traditionally been confined to the South. The Midwest is gripped by nostalgia for a bygone industrial age. The Northeast and Southwest are more racially diverse than the Upper South. No one in mainstream conservatism saw Donald Trump coming because they didn’t appreciate how the electoral landscape had changed or how alienated their base had become.

4.) The polls cited by George Hawley will prove to be lagging indicators. They are measuring socially acceptable answers. It’s true that there was a great transformation in White racial attitudes in the South in the 1970s and 1980s. White racial attitudes in the North and South converged in this period. The Alt-Right loves to poke fun at what it calls the Boomer Mindset.

Fundamentally, this convergence was due to a series of historical coincidences: the memory of the Second World War among the Greatest Generation, the Cold War with the Soviet Union which kept Americans unified around an external enemy, the unusual consolidation of the mass media in this period, the power of a few Jewish television stations to control the Narrative, trust in the government, media and other institutions, the relative strength of the Republican Party and conservative movement, a healthy two-party system in the South, the historical peak of American whiteness, a better economy, affordable college tuition and so forth. None of these conditions hold anymore though.

The smartphone and social media will have a revolutionary impact on our culture and politics. The transformation will prove to be just as dramatic as the introduction of film and television which created a Jewish cultural elite which had a monopoly on the Narrative. The Southern cuckservative and the Eastern liberal might give a pollster the same answer on a racial question, but for different reasons. The former is giving the socially acceptable answer whereas the latter is a true believer.

The White South’s commitment to social justice and civil rights is much more shallow. It was a byproduct of an unusual period when New York City and Hollywood dominated our news and entertainment. America cast its shadow over the entire world at the time. The “mainstream” culture will be the easiest to break here. It has much deeper roots in other regions of the United States.

Who passively sits in front a television for hours on end to get their news and entertainment? Elderly people who grew up in a different world which is now passing.

5.) I think we will find that White Nationalists have a better take on the pulse of the American South than mainstream conservatives. From the rural areas and small towns, we will use social media to tap into and recruit from a vast and growing pool of culturally alienated, economically distressed, college educated and working class White Millennial males. They are alienated from traditional religion. They don’t believe True Conservatism has any answers to their problems. They are unswayed by editorials in newspapers they don’t read and conservative pundits on television they don’t watch.

What do they have to lose? A career, a wife, or social respectability they don’t have? Many of those who have these things assume they will be lost at some point. The typical life for White males who try to navigate this insane system will only become more expensive and perilous with changing racial and cultural demographics. We will live to see this country go down the drain. There will come a point when millions won’t have anything to lose anymore and they will have a lot of time on their hands. What does conservatism have to offer them compared to our message?

The reigning taboos that have come down to us are dead weight we have inherited from the late 20th century. The “mainstream” was a creation of the television era. These -isms and -phobias are things cranks in academia cooked up which our cultural elites in a few metropoles expect us to believe because really important people who matter on television and with bylines in newspapers and liberal clergy preaching social justice in empty mainline churches are saying that is what it means to be a good person. None of those people have any control anymore over our discourse.

Trump showed how ripe they are for a fall for all the reasons mentioned above. The long term trends are only going to become more favorable for us. Fifty years ago, they could create “a story about race in America” in a place like Selma and move legislative mountains. Now, we have all the tools we need to create our our own “story about race in America,” an increasingly receptive disaffected audience and all the tools we need to mount a powerful challenge to the status quo. I’m an optimist.

Note: I don’t think it is a Southern thing. I just think conditions here are more favorable mainly because the opposition is softer due to our history. The new media we have at our disposal has a global reach. The system we are challenging is also coextensive with the West.

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  1. I would add that few non-elite Whites, in any region, have the money to pay for another round of “white flight”. That reduced the opposition away in prior decades, but thanks in large part to the financialization taking wealth to the metropoles, that wealth is no longer out there.

    • “White flight” is getting less and less affordable and Diversity, like terminal cancer, keeps encroaching into previous “too white” areas. A united Right must rally around White survival or it is totally useless.

    • True. a cohort of mine just moved, The cost was horrendous. The fees, the taxes, etc. She’s White, of course. If she were some variation of Darky, she’d get everything handed to her for free.

    • This point cannot be overstated. The concentration of wealth seems to correlate with those concentrations occurring in the cities.

      This has profound implications for whites.

  2. From personal experience, the South still survives culturally, politically and psychologically, outside of the big cities.

    Small towns and the countryside are the ark and repository for Southern culture. And the seed bank from which the Southern nation can be regrown.

    • Even if I didn’t agree with you, Mr. Owen (I do) the fact of the matter is that Yankees agree with you.

      I say this because those Yankees who have come to Northeastern North Carolina, to live out a kind of ‘Gone With The Wind’ like dream, have, to a one, talkt to me of their shock at how we are – how different we are, and how bizarrely anachronistic they feel we are.

      Recently, when I was talking to one Yankee, I said, ‘yes, when the wife and I returned from our long exile in New England, we came out here to be in our traditional culture, and we were pleased to find out that things are, cell-phone and cablevision notwithstanding, mostly like they were in the 1960s – when we were kids.

      Without a hesitation, she replied, ‘1960s? How about 1860s!’

      And how right you are about Southern culture surviving out in the Piney Wood.

      The fact of the matter is that North Carolina is two entirely different states – about 3.5 million largely non-Southern folks living over slightly less than 20% of our terrain in our cities, and the rest of us (about 4,5 million+) occupying the 80%+ remainder of the land.

      It’s a bad formula for the Yankee Government, because, if things go awry, we, Traditional Tarheels and kind, will be everywhere – armed and well fed.

      Yes, so apropos – we are ‘an ark’ and a seedbed repository’ waiting to regrow Dixie.

      Praise The Lord!

  3. I’ve been watching MSNBC this AM. Jeff Flake, UBER White Race Traitor RHINO from AZ (the Heir Apparent Race Traitor Juan McCancer) was one, blathering about how “Trump’s not a Conservative he’s mean to immigrants we need growth we must open up markets and think ahead” with this nice White smile with his nice white teeth, blithely stabbing Whites in the neck (Attention Andrew Anglin! It’s the WHITE MEN! Not the women – the WHITE MEN IN POWER) Some OTHER White male (he may be a fag. I caught a whiff of fag coming off of him Hugh Evans (sob! a tragically Welsh name), founder of Global Citizen, was on as well, babbling aobut the big festival in Jew York City this year, and how the Murkin Government is cutting down foreign aid to niggers in Africa – now they won’t get educated – they NEED education, not just food – and how his organization has grown to 20 MILLION since Trump’s been in….then this Trump dictated Donnie Jr’s excuse for meeting with the Russian Jewess lawyer………

    Not to be too Black Pilling………but we have a long road ahead. The (((Globalist))) Demons are doubling down….

    General Kelly may be the Last Faint Hope for the Trump Admin,

    • Jew-mockracy will always attract the worst people to serve as its politicians and bureaucrats, madam.

  4. The war on the South and Southern culture isn’t about either, it is about what is perceived by the Jewish Left to be a soft underbelly via which to attack whites as a whole. As long as the Union and Confederate Veterans remained alive, there were no attacks on heritage. Think about it, the last great Confederate Memorial was built in BALTIMORE MD in 1948, it had been in the planning for some years, a double equestrian statue of Lee and Jackson. Nancy Pelosi was at the dedication speech with her father, Maryland Congressman and Baltimore Mayor Thomas D Alesandro. NANCY PELOSI IS BY BIRTH A SOUTHERNER. Don’t tell anyone that though thats a secret.

    In 1948 there were still multiple Union and Confederate Veterans still alive. According to Confederate Records, the last Confederate died in Lincoln Alabama in 1951 his name was Pleasant Crump. According to Yankee records the last Union Combat veteran, James Hard died in 1953 and the last drummer boy, Albert Woolson, who never served in combat, died in 1956. Because of the burning of Richmond, no one was ever able to decide whether any of the rest of the list of supposed veterans, most controversial of which being Walter Williams, who was supposedly 117 in 1959 when he died was legitimately a Confederate veteran.

    The attacks on Southern Heritage began ca 1963-64 ish, slowed down in the 1970s and 1980s and have been rolling like a freight train without any breaks since Bill Clinton. At the end of the day the Jewish Communists dont care a whit about the Confederate Flag, all they care about is destroying White Christendom. In the USA, the South is just the easiest and last culturally identifiable place to attack.

    • Oh come now, Billy Ray. No WOP is a southerner!

      And as for the acronym, it came up on here long ago that Jewpedia claims ‘WOP’ didn’t mean ‘Without Papers’ but from guapo meaning ‘pimp’ or something in Italian.

      Now why would anglos adopt an italian language word to denigrate italians? They wouldn’t. It most likely really did mean Without Papers, and the jews don’t want us to know it as that would remind all us whiteys how similar the italians are to the hispanics, both in terms of their sneaking and forcing their way into the US and of their language and culture and mores, etc.

      Actually, some of the hispanics actually work hard, so this could be unfair to them…

      • Onceler it depends on what metric we are using. If we use the metric that being born somewhere makes us a part of that land, then yes what I stated would be true. If it means two or more generations born on that land, then Pelosi would qualify as she was second generation. Maryland was always a Catholic supporting state, having Catholic politicians and governors back to Colonial times, so the argument that Southerns cant be Catholic doesn’t work. In fact if you went to South Louisiana and said that Catholics aren’t true Southrons, you’d be beaten up.

        Do I consider Nancy Pelosi the same as Francis Scott Key or General Bradley T Johnson? Absolutely and postively NO WAY IN HELL. However using the Meme that Pelosi is a Southerner is a good way to aggrivate Leftists to No End. THAT IS WHY I USE IT.

        Fact is Southern Nationalists have yet to come up with a good definition of WHAT AND WHO IS A SOUTHERNER? Is it being born on Southern Soil? Is it two or more Generations born on Southern soil? is it tracing your heritage to Confederate veterans. I have never seen a good working definition on this. Personally to me its two or more generations of WHITE PEOPLE born on Southern Soil. Thus Abraham Lincoln would qualify. Lincoln’s namesake, his grandfather Abraham Lincoln was born in Pennsylvania but Lincoln’s father Thomas was born in Virginia. His grandfather was killed by a Shawnee warrior in present day Louisville Ky in 1786. Woodrow Wilson would be a questionable Southerner, as his father was born in Steubenville OH and his mother in England.

          • As I said before, no one has ever come up with a working definition of who is and aint a Southerner. I consider it two or more generations born on the land. By that definition Pelosi would qualify UNFORTUNATELY. Like i said by that definition. The Confederate Government had no birth requirements, the JEW Judah P Benjamin was allowed full control of the CSA government although he was born in the Virgin Islands

        • @Billy Ray: As you already know both Presidents Lincoln and Davis were born in Kentucky. And Mary Todd Lincoln was related to the Custis family of Virginia, which of course was the family of Martha Washington.

          • Onceler didn’t like the fact I called Pelosi a Southerner because she was born in Maryland as was her father, because she is under this idea that Catholics and or Mediterraneans cannot be Southron. There were quite a few French Catholics in the Confederacy in 1861, there were likely a tiny handful of Italians as well, they’d been coming into New Orleans for a long period of time even then. The Confederacy considered all Europeans White, including Jews and there was no anti-Catholicism in the CSA. The only nation to recognize the Confederacy was THE VATICAN

    • Crybully ‘loons’ like you and some others (okay you might have sat that specific let’s-channel-our-innerjew-fest out) had me banned on here for merely pointing out that the picture of raped and murdered (by a black) Reagan Tokes, who looked obviously mediterranean, was splashed all over the media during the same weekend an anglo aka WHITE Texan woman was purposely targeted (for being white not mediterranean) and killed, also by a black man. Reagan was at the very least putting herself in a high risk situation; her family lobbied afterwards against the housing of ex-con sex offenders in densely populated areas as Reagan’s assailant had been living in city facilities near the bar she was working nights at, most likely in a seedy section of town.

      The white Texan woman’s picture was purposely left out of the story in 15!!!!!!!!! different news articles on her murder over the exact same weekend. It took days for me to find a picture of her. Yet there was mediterranean Reagan’s face everywhere, who went wandering into the lion’s den voluntarily. The fact is, she may have been soliciting drugs from the black guy based on some of the details, although it’s also possible her mediterranean looks had immunized her from ACTUAL anti-white woman violence prior to the attack causing her to feel invulnerable from all but the hardest core blacks, whom she had apparently not noticed milling around the neighborhood at 11pm and later…

      Nope, this is a war against the northwestern europeans and in the US, the anglos most pointedly.

      You as a man have been comparatively immune. Go explain your extreme obscene denial to that Texan woman’s husband and their two children, among others. The jews and their mediterranean paisans have your back.


    This wonderful article can be, in short, summed up like this –

    Technology gave the aliens a way to control The South, by moving the Southern dialogue from the front porch to the TV.

    Yet, now technology is moving it to a cyber space that is much like the front porch – this being that folks are once more connected to posts and posters with whom they agree, and who generally mirror back to them their values.

    I expect the Jew England Government to make some serious attempt to destroy this cyber Front Porch – though, like the ‘Federal Reserve Act of 1913’ it will be speciously entitled as ‘something for our own good’.

    • Junius, haven’t recent events illuminated for you that there is NO ‘New or Jew England Government?’ Are you somehow not getting it’s the ‘Jew York City Government?’ Make that the Judeo-Roman Government…

    • Wray has been confirmed for new head of FBI. He was born in NYC and went to Andover for high school, then to Yale undergrad. Both Bushes went to the same schools, Yale of course is home of Skull and Bones and Andover is the famous New England prep school:

      Mostly comparatively low IQ richie riches went to Andover in my generation (I’m mid-40’s) as shipping kids off to boarding school went out of style in the 70’s. These aren’t ‘normal’ people by any stretch. The Andover types I encountered along my journey were pure sociopaths, or even psychopaths. It seemed like a particularly virulent source of mediocrity and decadence.

      What some NYC scion would know about busting federal-level crime is beyond me.

  6. Everyone, google Rachele Jarrett and the word ‘fire.’ She was a homeless woman sleeping on an abandoned house’s porch with her boyfriend last week, when a groid ran up early in the morning and doused her with gasoline then lit her on fire. She died within days.

    I have been looking for half an hour on EVERY news article. NOT ONE PICTURE of what was probably a white woman, given the total lack of pictures and info on her race, can be found. This took place in West Virginia, the whitest state in the country.

    Remember Reagan Tokes’ face all over the news? If Rachele looked even remotely like some jew her image would be plastered all over, to convince ignorant whites that we’re not being hunted down purposely by the jews’ proxies.

    What will be interesting is if (((they))) begin including a pic after this gets posted.

    • Reagan Tokes obituary says she was raised in the Christian faith, although she wasn’t all that serious about it going out to saloons at night. One thing to have a glass of wine in a restaurant with food, quite another to go out to saloons.

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