Why We Should #UniteTheRight

I’ve put together this little explainer of the interest of each faction in coming together at #UniteTheRight on August 12th. I don’t expect everyone will agree, but no one has explained every layer of the controversy in Charlottesville and why these rightwing factions are starting to converge at public events. We’re in the earliest stages of a mass movement which is gestating in the real world and social media around the issues of identity, heritage, free speech, freedom of assembly and ending political correctness.

Southern Heritage Activists

Southern heritage activists have the most to lose in Charlottesville. This whole controversy was started by the black racist Wes Bellamy’s campaign to tear down the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. The Charlottesville City Council has already renamed the parks.

You’ve already seen what has happened in New Orleans, Orlando, St. Louis, Gainesville and now Tampa. The same people who want to tear down the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville, a group called Standing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ), want to do so in Richmond and all over Virginia. In fact, Democratic candidates are already calling for the removal of all Confederate monuments and the renaming of all highways and buildings in Virginia. This is Southern cultural genocide.

I’m sure you have probably heard people say that #UniteTheRight is a “racist” rally. Let’s be real here. The War Against the South has been raging for years now. The decision to tear down the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments was made before the Klan or Alt-Right ever held any rallies there. If there had never been any rallies in Charlottesville, we would be exactly where we are now. You’ve also been called a “racist” at every Southern heritage event you have ever attended.

The enemies of Southern heritage only understand force. The only thing that will stop them from pushing their anti-Southern agenda is to make “social justice” too expensive. The Klan rally in Charlottesville on July 8th cost the city and county over $30,000. It cost New Orleans over $2.1 million to remove its Confederate monuments. The lesson we can take away from this is that huge, intensely polarizing events are expensive and the way to dissuade local governments from yielding to the demands of SJWs and tearing down our monuments is to punish them with these rallies.

The people of Charlottesville are already fuming that Wes Bellamy and the Charlottesville City Council have brought this ordeal upon their city. #UniteTheRight is going to cost Charlottesville far more money than the Klan rally. Bring your Confederate flag and join us on August 12th.

Southern Nationalists

I don’t have to explain to my fellow Southern Nationalists why we should support #UniteTheRight. These people are tearing down monuments of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. They are attacking our greatest heroes. They are striking at symbols which are at the core of our ethnic and cultural identity. You’re damn right we are going to be there on August 12th.


The Alt-Right is about identity. It surprised many though when the Alt-Right jumped into the fight over Confederate monuments. These monuments are symbols of Southern identity. They represent the struggle of a people for independence and the sacrifices they made.

Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson also represent the best of the White race: a sense of duty, a sense of honor, religious faith, tradition and sacrifice, lost masculinity, blood and soil, attachment to place. The Southern cause resonates with the Alt-Right because it shares many of the same themes and concerns. The romantic Cavalier is a symbol of what has been lost in White America.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the Alt-Right would be attracted to Lee and Jackson. The Southern view of the war was similarly ascendant in the early 20th century. An entire generation of Northerners and Westerners came to believe that the Civil War and Reconstruction had been a terrible mistake. As industrialization and mass immigration changed the North, they developed a newfound appreciation for the Southern way of life and even went so far as to borrow the Klan.

Who are we today in America? We’ve degenerated into a pitiful mass of weak, deracinated, cosmopolitan individualists who are squandering our birthright. The Old South has always been the national repository of authentic conservatism and those who are alienated from the Enlightenment and are looking to restore what has been lost under modernity often go looking there.

Jared Taylor says it better:

White Nationalists

Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville who agitated to tear down the Confederate monuments, is an anti-White black racist. He has openly said he doesn’t like White people, compared White women to the devil and said he enjoys the look on the faces on “little white men” when they have to look up at him. He is heavily involved in Black Lives Matter and sees everything through a racial lens.

For Wes Bellamy, tearing down the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville is 100% a racial issue. It is about being a black man on a power trip and sticking it to the White man. This is someone who showed up to the latest Charlottesville City Council meeting wearing a Black Panthers jacket. He has also expressed interest in targeting Thomas Jefferson’s statue and Monticello.

Matt Heimbach says it better:


Mike Signer, the Mayor of Charlottesville, declared his city to be the “Capital of the Resistance.” The city has become a hotbed of Far Left SJW activism in the Trump era. The #UniteTheRight rally was organized after SJWs and Antifa started to form mobs to brazenly harass and intimidate Jason Kessler and other rightwing activists at bars and restaurants on the downtown mall.


The Alt-Lite is for free speech and against political correctness. There should be thousands of SJWs and Antifa in Charlottesville on August 12 rallying against the former and for the latter. #UniteTheRight will be many times bigger than anything we have seen in Berkeley. There is only one way to destroy political correctness and that is to openly break its taboos in large numbers.

Augustus Invictus says it better than me:


This is going to be the biggest f***ing triggering of leftists the internet has ever seen. There will also be lots of parties and fun to be had after the event.


Patriots are for the Constitution and pro-law enforcement. There will be thousands of SJWs and Antifa in Charlottesville for #UniteTheRight. In July, they rioted for hours against the police after the Klan left town. In their twisted minds, the police are “the biggest fascist group” in Charlottesville.

Say what you want about the Klan, but they held their demonstration, exercised their constitutional rights and left peacefully. #UniteTheRight has the same intentions, but we expect the same scenario to play out in Charlottesville with Antifa and SJWs taking out their frustrations on the police. These people are also known to harass hotels, private businesses and stalk and intimidate people on the downtown mall. August 12th will be a good day with that many anarchists in town if they are only dispersed by tear gas again and don’t riot like they did in Berkeley and cause widespread property damage.

It is reasonable to assume there is a high potential for civil unrest. There hasn’t been a Far Right event this large in the United States in over 25 years and by the end of the day the Antifas and SJWs could be very, very, very triggered. Someone has to protect the public.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that many of these groups have their differences. At the end of the day though, they have all have common enemies whether they choose to recognize them or not.

SJWs and Antifas want to tear down the Confederate monuments, flood the South with immigrants and destroy its culture, “no platform” their political opponents, create an anarchist or communist society, “punch Nazis” and force political correctness down our throats. The differences between these rightwing factions pale in comparison to our differences with the Left.

Southern heritage activists and Southern Nationalists fight like cats and dogs, but ALL want to preserve the Confederate monuments. The Alt-Right and Patriots frequently clash as well, but ALL want to preserve free speech and freedom of assembly. We’re ALL going to be called “racists” and “rightwing extremists” and “hate groups” by our common enemies no matter what we do.

The Left has been pitting us against each other for decades by playing the associations game. It is a divide and conquer strategy. Is deplorable hate group #1 associated with hate group #2? Is anti-government extremist group #1 associated with hate group #3? We only weaken ourselves in the streets by falling for this gull trap of faux respectability which is never bestowed.

By joining forces as a cultural vanguard, we will be stronger. The Right can push the Left aside in the streets and break the spell of political correctness in mass social media spectacles. We can summon the culture war from online spaces into the streets and win that fight. Millions of alienated people are chafing under the Iron Curtain of political correctness and yearn to be liberated from it. They are sick and tired of living in fear of being stigmatized and ruined as -ists and -phobes.

How did you imagine this system would ever end? Do you think playing the media’s game and being respectable in their eyes will end the status quo? There is only one way and that is through a mass uprising televised to millions through their smartphones and social media accounts.

The cultural fire we will start in Charlottesville on August 12th will be relatively small. It is just one step forward. It will have strong appeal though to the angry, alienated and the disaffected. Future events will build on previous events. It will snowball and gain momentum.

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  1. Good strategy to drive up the price tag for SJW terrorism’s backlash.

    But overall I have to wonder how much good it serves whites and white civilization to bring together groups that wouldn’t all be considered legitimate by most whites. Or to ghettoize all pro-european activism into ‘the right.’

    I am not part of any ‘right,’ really, yet I and many out there who think like me detest what ‘the left’ is doing to our people.

  2. Don’t allow the event to be your peak, but your beginning. Make it be the start of something. Capitalize on it, and build from it. The movement must snowball from this. Take advantage of the numbers and unite, build and spread the message. Finally, use it to plan future events and have continuity.

  3. …and, there’s something about all these videos hearkening the battles our people have fought that never seem to include those soldiered by our women.

    For dummies and men, women died in childbirth prior to the advent of modern medicine at higher rates than men did over the same generation in most armed conflicts. That’s just one frontier in the many wars women have fought.

    I get the feeling the ‘Alt Right’ has way more in common with their purported adversaries than it likes to admit – utter contempt and scorn for european women, especially the evil anglo ‘white bitch.’

    • Onceler, are you a cuck, a shill, or just stupid? I tend towards demoralization agent, myself.

      Women are not made for aggression, power, and policy. They are destructive in the public sphere. They can’t help getting their “feels” in the way and creating drama. Their proper role is supportive, period. If our people is to survive, they should be producing and raising children, not out there shrieking around in feminist tizzies on the battle line.

      • a. non-white women ‘in the public sphere’ have beat your white male ass pretty bad from the look of things now b. your narrow and wholly unpragmatic contrived view of women doesn’t jibe with most white people’s reality.

        You can’t even interpret ‘battle’ with any sense of how most of those men who served on those battle lines conceive of the term and their women’s role in it.

        One of us is definitely a dummy.

        I don’t see how raising questions is so demoralizing.

    • Are you serious? Women died in childbirth – so obviously it must be men’s fault? And if fewer women die in childbirth now, that couldn’t possibly be thanks to the efforts of men to improve medicine.

      Contrary to your view, I don’t hate women, and I think I’m probably typical; But in your case (and your insane feminist ilk) I think I could make an exception.

      • I didn’t ‘blame men’ that women fought their own battles. I’m blaming the Alt Right for pretending we don’t.

  4. I would like to see a lot more emphasis on White militancy and less on trying to appear “respectable”. The Enemy literally wants to kill us, I couldn’t care less about dress codes and proper conduct. But if nothing else the rally will upset the shtilibs of Charlottesville for an entire weekend and force them to pay a fortune for extra police and sanitation. The rally might also scare away shitlib customers from patronizing shitlib businesses in town!

    • These events are great recruitment tools. Looking respectable helps win over normies. You can still kick some ass even in a polo shirt, can’t you?

  5. Great vision. I hope this event takes the street battles to the next level.

    Also agree it’s important to make sure every city council on-the-fence over Confederate monuments understands the connection between taking down monuments, forking over a lot of money for police presence, and unpleasant PR for their city. Also, get rid of that freak mayor of Charlottesville. He’s a militant Jew, very anti-Southern and anti-American. Make sure people there learn he is a Jew so they can wonder about him while waiting for the next election.

  6. Its important not to sweat the small differences. For the greater good, you need unity. What we’re fighting for is more important than the small things we disagree on.
    We all want a future for our children where they can prosper, have happy families, live in safety where their culture is not challenged, have stable nations that build things and innovate, and who will eventually take their skills and knowledge to other planets.
    We have all this great potential, yet all some of us ever do is stand there bitching about petty non-issues while our enemies remain strong and in unison.
    If you are tired of us being held back, then see the bigger picture, jump aboard and help us move forward.

  7. Well written as usual.

    Something I’ve been meaning to ask…will there be some means available to network with fellow ralliers leading up to the event? I am going up there alone, and it would be nice to have a link in to the rest of the crowd.

    • Depending on when you and everyone else gets there, I’m sure…

      Afterwards, there’s going to be plenty of time to network, meet and greet, party, etc…

      Hope I run into you next week.

  8. “The cultural fire we will start in Charlottesville on August 12th will be relatively small. It is just one step forward. It will have strong appeal though to the angry, alienated and the disaffected. Future events will build on previous events. It will snowball and gain momentum.”

    And let’s face it, there’s nothing more formidable than a cultural fire that snowballs.

    • “A classic example of the embarrassment that can result when the unlettered engage in the mixing of metaphors.”

      – The ghost of George Plimpton

  9. Uniting the right is a worthy idea, if rather unrealistic. But attempting to unite it around the issue of Confederate legacy is a terrible idea.

    In my view, SN’s are only in it for themselves. They are endlessly contemptuous of other pro-white movements. Then in that case let them fend for themselves.

    Jared Taylor’s arguments about future assaults on northern symbols fail. The Confederacy was solely about slavery and contributed nothing to 21st century values. One can’t therefore argue that, well, these southerners, they were wrong about slavery, but let’s not trash them completely because look at what else they contributed. There simply wasn’t anything else. That’s not true of the north.

    As for his mother’s feelings, for the life of me I can’t imagine why any non-southerner should care. I’m dismayed Taylor thinks anyone would be touched by the conclusion she drew as she was driving through New England villages. She didn’t pity the fact that the war took place at all, she basically pitied the fact that the south didn’t win. So Taylor is completely wrong to claim his mother’s attachment to southern identity has no political connotation whatsoever.

  10. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more formidable than a cultural fire that snowballs.

    My prediction is the whole thing will fizzle.

    • @Silver – I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. Racially conscious, jew-wise White people need to stop romanticizing the past and just become full – blown militant National Socialists.

  11. The battle is coming, it’s already here, the White Nationalists can either be ready or not. be peaceful if at all possible, don’t give the enemy an excuse to arrest or shoot. In my judgment, big city police are the enemy, so is much of the military. The military was a good spot for conservative thinking at one time, not now. I saw where the head of the coast guard wanted to stay loyal to his transgendered ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. That is a truly disgusting statement, but it does show what we’re up against.

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