Problems With Chris Cantwell’s Polygyny Proposal

In recent weeks Radical Agenda podcast host Chris Cantwell has proposed polygyny (not polygamy) as a way to bolster White demographics. Cantwell, a libertarian activist who has moved in a decidedly pro-White direction over the last several months, has spoken at length about the problems Whites face as a shrinking majority in the United States and a small minority world-wide. He has embraced the need for a White ethno-state, a popular proposal on the Alt-Right. But he has also repeatedly spoken at length about the benefits polygyny could offer White Nationalists. He envisions this arrangement as a way for White elites to spread their genes more widely. He also notes that this practice in a White Nationalist area or ethno-state could lead to a shortage of White women. Cantwell has argued that this would prompt young White men to leave the pro-White territory and go out into multi-racial or non-White areas to find women. He has described this as a way of Whitening the world. He says that Whites should be exporting their genes rather than importing non-White genes.

Cantwell has repeatedly asked listeners to his program to call in and give him good arguments against polygyny as a practice among White Nationalists. With that in mind I will give a few reasons why polygyny is not something our movement should embrace.

  • If practiced intensely in a given area polygyny comes with some genetic health risks such as those which afflict certain polygamous Mormon communities in the Western USA.
  • If successful it would lead to a shortage of women, thus encouraging men to leave the pro-White area. This would deprive the ethno-state or community of needed manpower.
  • The exodus of White men from the ethno-state would likely lead to out-breeding with other racial groups. Cantwell embraces this idea for those outside of the ethno-state. This would create potentially dangerous ties between White families in the ethno-state and mixed-race families outside of it.
  • Over time, if practiced intensely, this racial-mixing outside of the ethno-state would create lots of mulattos, mestizos and happas. This would blur the distinction between White and non-White. The Whitest of these racially-mixed people could present a problem for the ethno-state because of their mostly-White appearance and family connections to people in the ethno-state. This could lead to significant amount of non-White genes flowing back into the ethno-state.
  • The creation of numerous castes of part-Whites would elevate the IQ of areas outside of the ethno-state. The part-Whites present a greater danger than the non-Whites because of their Whiter appearance, higher IQ and (generally speaking) greater animosity for Whites. The creation of large numbers of frizzy-haired mulatto women with problem glasses is a frightening prospect. In fact, we face that in the next generation in the current system. Adding to their numbers would be imprudent.
  • The embrace of polygyny by the ethno-state would be a sharp break with White cultural norms. It would make the Whites of the ethno-state appear strange or cult-like to outside Whites who might otherwise be sympathetic. This is a needless barrier to entry or support.
  • Finally, polygyny is un-necessary. Whites took over and re-populated most of North America, Australia, New Zealand, large regions of Latin America and parts of Africa. They did so mostly without polygyny. It was fateful and tragic policy decisions on citizenship, voting rights and (most of all) non-White immigration which has of late harmed these once pro-White areas and threatened the survival of our race. It is such policies which must be changed, not the White family structure as it has existed for centuries. If such policies can not be changed in existing polities then separation, secession or revolution are in order.

UPDATE: I should add that the above is a series of objections to Cantwell’s argument on polygyny, not an attack upon the man or his show. I enjoy his program and am a subscriber.

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  1. If certain White guys want to go abroad and spread their DNA into the populations of Central Asia, North Africa and the Near East why should anyone object? Those areas used to be filled with White people in ancient times. There are still many White or partially White people living in unlikely places such as Egypt, Syria and Afghanistan.

    • @ Afterthought. I like that. It’s incredibly true not just for this polygyny but for the Jewish Problem as well — like the news that a poll says “69% Oppose AIPAC Bill That Would Criminally Outlaw Boycotting Israel.” Or America wants to impeach Trump for his political stance of no trannies in the military. “An ecosystem has been created where insanity can be rewarded by attention.”

      • Agreed, Mr. Cushman…Cantwell is a fierce warrior, and I am a HUGE fan. The polygyny meme does get tiresome, thougj. You made excellent points above in your article — especially the similarity in appearance and natural family ties that would form.

  2. I’m actually in favor of limited polygamy but not for racemixing as Cantwell apparently proposes. We should absolutely purge Dixie of antiDixian men and the leftover women can go to worthy men. We also know that men are more likely to be born retarded or get killed on the job or in war, so that alone creates a relative shortage of marriageable men.

    Bigamy/polygamy permits would also be a cheap and easy way for the government to reward men for desirable behavior such as faithful service during the Dixian Reclamation.

    Cushman is right in saying we peopled continents using mostly monogamy but that was when women were scarce relative to men. In the future we are likely to face the opposite problem.

    But I would still be against extreme polygamy. We would probably need no more than a limited amount of bigamy to accomplish our goals while maintaining a mostly monogamous culture.

    • There is a way to do a polygamy of sorts without actually doing polygamy. A good example of this is sperm and egg harvesting. For example, your genetic material is harvested and stored safely in a collection place. You and your wife could potentially have maybe 5 or 6 children naturally if you were so inclined, however via the use of artificial wombs or for our case purposes Mexicans or whatnot, you and your wife could bring more children into the world, in fact you could be both having children up until your fifties or further past. This eliminates the worry about late in life pregnancy as the sperm and egg were harvested at the peak of freshness. Very simple

      • Not totally true, BRJ. Part of fetus health is how efficiently and healthfully a woman’s body can nourish it, so it’s not just the age of the eggs and sperm, it’s also the body carrying it. Although age of egg and sperm are definitely the far more pivotal issue in terms of the genetic quality.

  3. I’ve addressed most of these on air I think, but perhaps not sufficiently. It is long overdue that I write on the subject, and you’ve now given me motivation to do so. Thanks for this thoughtful critique, and for making a point not to turn this into a personal attack. I’m an occasional reader of your work, and I also appreciate your other contributions.

    • Cantwell, I’m a listener and supporter — love your show ! I wad mis-hearing you as saying “polygamy”…I agree with Mr. Cushman…especially re natural familial ties that would form creating conflicts of interests. TONS of respect to you, even so.

    • Cantnotverywell,

      White men breeding with Orcs does NOT “spread White genes”; it DEFILES White genes. Placing vanilla ice cream into a bowl of shit does NOT turn the SHIT into vanilla ice cream . Grow up.

      • Race-mixing and homosexuality are not bad when men does it! They are my only means at getting laid because White women keeps rejects me because of female hypergamy and feminist propaganda shaming neckbeards!

        All the Chads needs to be eliminated so the Stacies, especially the under 15 ones, can be redistributed to us Nice Guys, White Sharia now!

  4. This is practiced in parts of Utah by a breakaway Mormon sect…….and I understand their white birthrates are among the highest in the world, and they also approach or equal third world levels. That is impressive, regardless of what your opinion of it may be.
    Of course our low birthrates aren’t a problem in itself. Its only a problem because the third world hordes are pouring in and diluting our numbers, making it a problem.
    Why does the population of any nation need to increase under normal circumstances? For example, if Australia was a prosperous, peaceful nation in 2010 with 22 million people, then why can’t it still be prosperous in 2040 with 22 million? This ‘we must increase our numbers with migrants to survive’ is a big Jew hoax to destroy us. The incompatible hordes will bring many things with them….but ‘prosperity’ won’t be one of them.


    … in our manner of reproduction, is hardly something that will ‘save The White Race’.

    Just having White Bodies roving around, who have had no proper upbringing, is just tatamount to suggesting that we ought grow the private prison system, over which the Koch Brothers presently preside.


    The notion of growing the South with this is like attempting to grow tomatoes plants by substituting herbicide for fertilizer.

    Can you say ‘Anti-Chryst’?!?

    • Thank you. This is all an attempt to ignore Christendom, and get the WASP variant of 72 Virgins…. totally pagan. Just declare war on the Uruk- hais, and be done with it.

  6. God does not recognize interracial marriage as marriage. Thou shall not commit adultery, adulteration, mixing, miscegenation. That is the meaning in the Hebrew and Greek. Race mixing is forbidden for Christians to do by Yahweh God in the seventh commandment which is also repeated in Romans 13:9. Scripture does regulate and promote polygyny. Even God Himself shows himself married to two women, something he could not do if it were sin. There is a scriptural way to do it. Non-Christian groups and some of the Christian groups are not practicing it according to scripture.

  7. I get the impression – just an impression, mind you- that Cantwell has had more than a few disastrous relationships with women. Are there any red light districts in Keene, New Hampshire?

  8. Honestly, this is why older married men like myself tend not to take most of the young MGTOW types seriously. Low birthrates are not a problem without (((globalists))) flooding our nation’s with the ash and trash of the Third World. A more traditional America with an AltRight ascendancy would have higher birthrates in any case. Plus, this would just deepen the economic gap between Whites.

  9. I don’t think it wise to alienate normies with right-wing wackiness. Let the left have all of that.

    And who really would be the men with multiple wives? It wouldn’t be working guys who couldn’t afford it. They’d be screwed once again and as always, sent abroad to breed with who-knows-what.

    This sounds more like something for (((ugly, deceitful, vile))) men with money to dream about…

  10. For me personally, having just one wife is a bloody nuisance at times. ‘Don’t buy that’, ‘do the lawn’, ‘cut your hair’, ‘have a shave’, ‘you’re not buying that’, ‘do as I say’……any man who wants to quadruple that needs his head read! LOL.

  11. Personally, I think Polygamy should be allowed for at least one generation or more to bolster numbers. Yes it is an ugly thing and yes I do not agree with it, but we are approaching a dangerous position demographically. I also believe in egg harvesting, in other words girls at the age of 14-15 of fine genetics should have a good portion of their eggs harvested and frozen to be used later. This way you and your wife could potentially have children forever

    • Come on, now, Mr. Jenkins!

      This ain’t rocket science. Find a woman (or let her find you) marry her, love her up, and give her 3, 4, or 5 children.

      We can do this – we really can!

      • As I said I am in favor of the Thirty Years War program, when the Pope gave a dispensation to allow German Catholic Men to marry up to ten wives because of the loss of most of Germany’s Catholic male population during the war,

    • Cryopreserved sperm and egg banks should absolutely be part of 14 words. It would save our genetic stock unharmed through any nuclear events that might happen in the future. Lots of people would survive fallout only to find themselves subfertile or spawning birth defects from damaged gametes. But genetic materials kept in nitrogen tanks could survive a thousand fallouts unharmed. You can bet your bottom dollar Jews in Israel are doing it for their people.

      • Been saying this for a long time on this site and elsewhere. We need to do something to up our game. Dramatically. As I said before if your wife had her eggs harvested when she was 18 and had them frozen, potentially you could have natural babies by your wife until long after she couldnt have them via surrogates or when we perfect them artificial wombs. We have the technology almost here guys!

  12. Mr. Cushman,

    On an unrelated note, have you yet read Drew Fraser’s Dissident Dispatches: An Alt-Right Guide to Christian Theology? Would be great if we could have a review of it by you.


    You know something is wrong with the culture when we have to discuss strategies get our womenfolk pregnant.

    When I was young, this was a given – you fall in love with a girl, commit, give her children, and cherish her for all she’s worth.

    No, it ain’t the NFL, Facebook, or you cell-phone, but, it’s right rewardin’.

    Try it an see!

  14. Historically polygymy amongst Mormons let to lower birth rates. Brigham Young, Mormon leader during their polygamy period married 55 women and had “56 children by 16 of his wives; 46 of his children reached adulthood” (Wikipedia). Only 16 of his wives because he married a lot of older women who were past child bearing age. So to be generous, by looking at those 16 women alone, that’s a birthrate of 3.5 children each. Hardly a high number per woman given the era.

    If those women had been married to a different man each they would have probably had a lot more children because they would have slept with their husband’s more often during their peak fertility periods. Instead there was probably lots of pregnancy opportunities for those women missed as Brigham was either with another wife that day or too drained to preform. So yes, Brigham spread his genes widely, but he also negatively impacted population growth for the Mormon community.

    It’s a small case example but hopefully my point comes across. Polygymy will further exacerbate low birthrates amongst whites. That’s a bad idea for us.

    • White American birthrate has been in decline since the Revolutionary War. The New England Puritans had the highest birthrate in the Colonies in the early days the Puritans it was said had each 10-12 children. The result was New England became overpopulated and with the poor farmland there, they were forced to spread south and west into New York State, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Southern White birthrate took a long time to go above replacement rate, in the beginning there was a sex imbalance and alot of poor white men had babies with Native women and even Black women. White women became available to all men after 1700, when enough native born generations had survived in the Virginia heat to adapt to it. Miscegenation declined after this. By the Revolutionary War, Universalism/Unitarianism was sweeping New England, family size had plummeted, while Southern White family size continued to grow.

      After the war, the White birthrate in New York and New England collapsed and it declined all over but for the South. As states from the old Northwest Territory were added, states like OH, IN IL, the birthrate continued to drop in the North, although not as severe as in the Northeast. This had to do with universal education. As females became more educated, they wouldn’t have as many children. The only reason the North’s population grew was immigration. In 1800 the average family in Great Britain was eight children, compared to our six. British families were continually larger than ours, the poor class women in England were kept in almost total illiteracy until the 1880’s.

      The War For Southern Independence was actually demographically a victory for Dixie, not the Yankees. The New England Yankees, with their educated shrewish women and their extreme battle losses in the Eastern Theater, were all but replaced in Boston by the Irish and other immigrants by 1900. They continued only to live on in small towns. There were so many single women following the war in Massachusetts, the concept of the Boston Marriage, ie Two Women Living Together became common. Such a thing never happened in Dixie. The end of the war broke down the barriers between Aristocrat, Business Class and Dirt Farmer, only the Poor White Trash remained untouchable. Women regularly after 1865 married below their station just for a husband. The result was by 1900 the Southern White population had recovered. The Northern Protestant White population never did, it was replaced in many places by Catholic Immigrants.

      By 1900, the average birthrate for White families in the USA was about four children give or take. The birthrate in the South was about eight to 10. This was the high water mark. Southern White birthrates began to slowly decline after 1900, as the women became more educated and business prospects improved. By 1940 the average in America was about three children. The Baby Boom edged it up briefly to four from 1946-1960 but it began to drop like a rock after 1960, the introduction of the Birth Control Pill. Southern White and Yankee families by 1960 were nearing each other in family size.

      Thus you see the USA only had a growing white population because EUROPE had a growing population. When European Growth began to shrink dramatically after 1900, ours which was never as strong as Britain’s, shrunk as well.

      • @Billy Ray: The South got partial revenge on the North after WWI, when many of the textile mills and manufactories in New England shut down and moved their operations to Dixie. Ironically, those were the same mills and manufactories that made the cannons and uniforms supplied to the Union army a little over 50 years earlier.

        Those New England industrial towns never recovered from the loss of those jobs, so they got to experience the Great Depression ten years before the rest of the country did. And since the 1970s those towns have been colonized by swarms of brown people from various cannibal islands in the tropics.

  15. In jewmerika, it’s now almost impossible for a young couple to have
    lots of children, simply because the jewconomy is rigged against it.
    There needs to be a support network, like a church, that has the
    older and richer folks partially supporting the young fertile couples.
    Kinda like surrogate parents and grandparents… like the Amish.

  16. Decadent western culture may be beyond rescue. What race can survive the separation of sex and procreation from marriage? The survival of the human race has depended on defending procreation and anathematizing sexual practices like homosexuality that did not encourage the survival of the race.

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