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  1. Many, many thanks for the livestream! I’m really going to get my jollies from this, big time!

  2. Apparently last night at the torch ceremony, which featured at most 10% women, the one of maybe two natural blondes began screaming out ‘nigger’ or yelling that someone ‘sounds like a nigger,’ with no actual blacks anywhere near her.

    Like most blonde women are going around heckling blacks with that name when they are around, much less when they’re not. Color me suspicious.

    Then we have the MSM reporting these Alt Right women are tougher than the recently flunked out first Navy seal: https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-supremacists-show-city-didn-142444666.html

    Ironic, or cohencidental? The average Alt Right guy doesn’t even think women should be allowed to speak, forget carry a gun.


  3. Hunter

    Since Richard Spencer and you….and The Alt Right will have achieved ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!! status post-Charlottesville:

    Remember….your target audience are our fellow Native Born White Americans……Richard Spencer now has a platform because of this free publicity…Thanks Governor McCaullife!!!!……to speak directly to our people…….And this what Richard Spencer should say…and nothing else:MY FELLOW WHITE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS….JUST EXACTLY WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP FOR BEING A WHITE RACIAL MINORITY IN POST-WHITE TOILET “AMERICA”……

    I was a witness to seeing The Suffolk County Police harass and arrest on trumped-up charges..stepping off a curve….. the Italian American Grandmother who founded and organized Sachem Quality of Life…moreover, I was at the big SQL Conference in Sachem…it was filmed by the documentary film makers who did a documentary on Sachem Quality of Life that went on to win an Academy Award…go rent it…I stood right behind them as they filmed Margaret Banciulli….one of the bravest woman I have ever met….

  4. Governor McCauliffe gives cockroaches a bad name…..one of the most corrupt politicians in America….How the fuck did this cockroach from Buffalo NY become Governor of Virginia?

    Terry McCauliffe was the big time money man for the indictable War Criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton….this makes Terry McCauliffe a WAR CRIMINAL also…….besides being a YANKEE CARPET BAGGER!!!..

  5. Richard Spencer summed it up: “We came in peace. It was the government and antifa that used force against peaceful, lawful demonstrators.”

    • doesn’t matter “who started it”. Just so a good, healthy rumble was enjoyed by all. ‘Cept maybe the dead communist. Remember,

      Chaos is our Friend.

      or did you still think you were going to “vote” your way out of the Jew-crafted deathtrap we’re in?

  6. This is a golden opportunity for alt-right leaders to become the face of the new free speech movement in the US. There really is no other group whose ability to peacefully assemble and speak is so under attack. There is going to be an enormous amount of publicity so I hope you guys can take advantage of it.

  7. OK, the alt-right played by the enemy’s rules and got their cars vandalised and their faces sprayed with mace as a result. And they learned the hard way that the police are NOT their friends.

    No more respect for law and order. Time to go underground. Time to go guerrilla.

    • It’s exactly the opposite, Spahn – NOT time to go ‘guerrilla’.

      It’s just time to continue with these rallies, and to let our sleepy-headed White Brethren see what kind of a nation we live in.

      To win, we must take the pain, not inflict it.

      Our righteousness will shine through, and we will become huge.

      2017 be damned – this is about 2050., and beyond – for our children’s children.

      • Bravo American patriots. Your freedom fight is top news all over the world. European commies screaming like hell.

        But you don,t have time to 2050. That was the landmine we stepped 30 years ago. Collapse of liberalism is so fast that nationalist folk must act very fast. We made first demo in 1987 and 3 and half years later 1991 USSR was gone.

        And we were not prepared so mr. Soros and commies rebranded themself, grabbed power back and held it more than 15 years. Only then mr. Putin secured his power and Eastern Europe got nazi stuff back on track and we still dealing with consequences.

        You must prepare leaders and movement in general as fast as possible. To avoid “repacking” like they did with us. I predict that to the total collapse of liberalism in US is time maximum to the election in 2018.

  8. Marcus here. We had to battle just to get to the park itself. Have to wash off some pepper spray and other crap, and maybe I’ll post later

  9. Time to have more Tiki Party events. But just don’t let the authorities get months to prep the ambush.

  10. My experience:

    Got there a little before 12 and struggled to find a parking spot. I saw a large parade of Alt-Righters marching the opposite way, so I was happy to see we had a nice turnout. Ended up parking a half mile south of the park and walked on up…right into the midst of antifa. I’d seen pictures, of course, but in person they’re just hilarious to look at…the biggest bunch of fat-assed, dreadlocked, androgynous degenerates the human race has ever produced. Luckily, I was plain-clothed, so I grabbed some photos/vids of them before moving on.

    A policeman politely informed me that the Alt-Right had been forced out of the park (and, I later learned, directly into the jaws of antifa–I saw a few wounded goys later on from that mess). Caught an Uber with some TRS folks and went down to the other park, where the Alt-Righters had shifted to. After some waiting around, we were addressed by Richard Spencer and David Duke, who gave some very defiant speeches about the bullshit we’d just gone through. After that, we had to disperse due to the state of emergency that had been called.

    I couldn’t get a ride from anyone, so I had to hoof it for an hour to get back to my car. While it was good to burn a few calories, it would have been nice to see a bit more comaraderie from my fellow goys.

    -Large turnout from the Alt-Right…must have been a few hundred people at least
    -Visually, we were a heavenly contrast to the antifas…there was a surprisingly large number of beautiful white women on the Alt-Right side, and fine young men, compared to the aforementioned scum gathered by the Antifas
    -From what I saw/heard, our side did not start any hostilities with Antifa, but did act in self-defense as needed

    -Poor communication. There was a large amount of chaos after we were booted from Lee Park, and maybe only a third of our people went to the other park after disbursement. No idea if there was another attempt at gathering after Dr Duke spoke.
    -Tacking on to that note, where was the announcement about the torch rally on Friday? I would have LOVED to attend that, but I only read about it after it was over! Where was this organized at?!
    -Still have a long way to go as far as Alt-Right unity. The biggest offenders were the TWP (overly gruff demeanor, very standoffish), but each faction was definitely making a point to keep to themselves and there was even some jawing between the sides. And course, that distrust between factions led to a reluctance to lend a hand to stragglers like myself. Even with the enemy right in fucking front of us, people still refuse to set aside their petty differences.

  11. I’m pretty dehydrated and sore now after all that, but if there are any get-togethers later on tonight, I will be there…so long as there is some announcement ahead of time. I’m not counting on that, though.

    On a positive note, I got some shaky yet decent cell footage of the Spencer and Duke speeches. If anyone would like to see them, I can upload them to my YouTube channel and link them here.

  12. A couple of points:

    Preliminary facts indicate the rally was shut down by the police before the first speaker even began when the area inside the park, for which a permit had been issued, was calm and peaceful.

    Yesterday the US Dist. Court issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the city from cancelling the permit. I have not read the order, but I believe the City’s action, by and through the police, in shutting down the rally may constitute contempt of the court’s order. This means the plaintiffs (US) could ask the judge to require the city to show cause why it is not in contempt of the Court’s order. This would involve filing written pleadings setting forth the facts. Obviously, the City would file its own papers in opposition. The City’s opposition papers would provide useful information to be basis of subsequent law suit.

    OR….simply amend the existing law suit, on which the injunction was based, and add causes of action for violation of civil rights (42 USC Section 1983) and other claims, both federal and state law. Section 1983 provides a private right of action for damages arising from the violation of federally protected civil rights by anyone acting under color of law. It would certainly apply here.

    Raising new claims in an Amended Complaint in the EXISTING lawsuit and framing those claims in the context of the CITY’S contempt of the Order of the Court is an effective way to paint the city and the cops as the law breakers in this incident.

    A lawsuit like this, in the age of the internet and alternative media, could be a real tar baby for the city and the cops. Their pleadings, discovery responses and depositions would end up on line.

    They won a tactical victory by shutting down the rally before it started, but I think it was a serious legal and strategic blunder at many levels, legal, political, and public relations.

    • I really hope our side can take advantage of this by fighting for a legal victory. There was absolutely NO cause for shutting down the rally before it even started, when we had a permit to assemble there. There’s definitely time to make lemonade out of lemons here

  13. No license plate on the tinted windowed assassin car.

    Total government operation. Like they wouldn’t be blocking streets for at least a few miles around the park. Like the driver didn’t think he was going to get caught.

    McAuliffe is pretty Deep in The State. Tim Kaines jurisdiction too.

    Cops stood down completely.

    Not surprised.


    Yep, that’s the headline on Fox News – it narrated by a Negro.

    MSNBC is little better – they interviewing the Scalawag White Congressman from the Charlottesville district, he all but saying that folks like us ought be ‘gulagged’.

    • It’s sad to think that this might wind up being the most widespread tale of the day…I hope to god we can identify this as a false-flag, cuz if this was one of our guys gone rogue, this is gonna be a nasty setback.

    • Under Tim Kaine’s urging, Virginia passed a law wherein any citizen can be interned once deemed ‘in need of treatment,’ for however long a state commissar pretending to deal in science (without one iota) says. That means anyone can have a pseudo medical diagnosis slapped on them and be imprisoned, drugged and tortured.

      No longer does the homicidal or suicidal imminence clause apply, not that (((they and theirs))) wouldn’t lie about that.

      And the white middle class gets to foot the bill.

  15. The assassin car is linked to a Jerome Vangheluwu, his son Joel is a suspected antifa. His facebook posts are littered with antifa type posts and memes. The funniest part is the left, and all other non white nationalists are quick to blame us when the facts look to be the exact opposite.

  16. I’d get charges leveled at the cops who cleared Lee Park. They created stampedes.

  17. If the leadership do this right, the car driver can be strung up, and take down a few top cops.

    Cops were reckless.

  18. ‘Eyewitnesses’ are claiming the assassin car was observed with suspicion ‘lying in wait.’ How could civilian protesters have somehow seen this but not those trained to detect such threats?

    Who believes they wouldn’t have blocked off all surrounding streets?

    McAuliffe will give a press conference soon.

    MSM still claiming it’s a WN, but no name in spite of hours in custody and a license plate.

  19. The controllers want violence to occur so they can shut down the Alt Right.

    The police should never have allowed the commies to get even close to the event. This was intentional and probably the brainchild of (((the Charlottesville mayor))).

  20. Hope this is just the start. Remember, these rallies are necessary to get the message across of our plight. We want to be free and left in peace. Compared with involvement in a civil war (looking more and more likely), these rallies are a piece of cake, and needs to become regular.
    To the people who showed up- you took one for the team and we salute you. Hope your cars are still in one piece.

  21. Onceler the eyewitnesses no doubt are niggers who retcon everything to fit a series of lies and wishful thinking.

  22. National Guard Helicopter monitoring the Nazis crashes. All crew and passengers killed. McAuliffe must be impeached mah niggahs.

    • I thought that was odd. What are the odds the helicopter would go down much less burn. I saw a video where there was a large smoke cloud. For those that don’t know a helicopter can auto rotate down with no engine at all. It’s not easy and sometimes they hit hard but it would be rare that they would burst into flames. Part of getting a helicopter license is being able to auto rotate with no engine and land safely so it not some super odd miracle thing.They’re built specifically to absorb shock when they land hard.

  23. My WAG is the establishment wanted violence so they can politic against the alt-right and send the Feebs against it. What a joke that will be like it’s the 60s KKK, what fools sending morons out to troll high IQ people who invented trolling. War against Pepe and millions of white kids who want to stir the pot.

  24. The Jews on the News are lighting Trump up for not coming down sufficiently hard on the alt right. Every channel. God forbid he imply that the leftists are capable of anything but love and affection.

    • Hahaha, I loved the caption on one of the interviews: “3 dead in Charlottesville after car crashes into crowd of protesters.” Very clever…

  25. It looks like James Alex Fields Jr. (Republican) is the culprit. Check Twitter.

    The open-borders guy doesn’t appear to be the culprit.

    I hope no one here was injured at least. R E Lee used to be seen as a mainstream hero… All trace of pre-1965 America is being erased.

  26. HE WHO WINS…

    In a political war, the event only exists as a basis for the propaganda war to follow.

    That battle has only begun.

    If the driver of that Ohio car turns out to be Anti-fa- the scalawag Virginia governor and the Jew Charlottesville mayor are going to have a bucket of egg, all over their face – not to mention Fox News, which has taken the whole afternoon to condemn our likes.

    Let’s keep our fingers crosst.

  27. The Jews mean to do us in, that’s obvious. They will see this as the perfect opportunity to become more strident and violent in their calls to basically outlaw being a white European Christian. As they consider themselves their own messiah (see our Lord’s parable about the wicked husbandmen ), they will see this as their great messianic hour to cleanse the earth of those wicked Christians. Namely the white ones.

  28. Sursum- THAT IS OUR ENEMY.

    “Let us beware of illusions: As long as people in the West believe in the six million and the gas chambers, they will always support Israel in principle, even if they criticise the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians as being unnecessarily harsh.”

    “If the holocaust were publicly exposed as a shameless fraud, if people all over the world learned that, while the Jews undoubtedly were ….. persecuted during the Second World War, there was no attempt to exterminate them, that the death factories, gas chambers and gas vans were a Jewish swindle, and that the six million figure was a fantastic exaggeration, the Zionist-led “New World Order” would be all but finished.”

    – Jurgen Graf, Historical revisionist-in-exile, ‘Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences’, 2000

  29. A scientist fairly familiar with choppers says they rarely blow up when they crash. He and others are saying the pic of wreckage is unconvincing.

    • On top of the rest that is wrong with you, you are also one of these types. Everything a false flag operation.

    • Helicopters crash all the time, they are dangerous machines. It’s just a mere coincidence and unrelated to what went on.

    • “…choppers says they rarely blow up when they crash…”

      This is true. They have parts of the landing gear designed to collapse to absorb the energy when they crash.

  30. The government doesn’t like any group it can’t control. The group’s message is often irrelevant.

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