Leftists March Against White People Across the USA

Many tens of thousands of Leftists and non-Whites rallied and marched in cities across the United States to express their hatred of White people. A large portion of those who marched were self-hating Whites who called for historic monuments associated with Whiteness to be destroyed. The New York Times reports:

Tens of thousands of demonstrators, emboldened and unnerved by the eruption of fatal violence in Virginia last weekend, surged into the nation’s streets and parks on Saturday to denounce racism, white supremacy and Nazism.

Demonstrations were boisterous but broadly peaceful, even as tension and worry coursed through protests from Boston Common, the nation’s oldest public park, to Hot Springs, Ark., and to the bridges that cross the Willamette River in Portland, Ore. Other rallies played out in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Memphis and New Orleans, among other cities.

As numerous Leftists have informed us all White people are “racist.” The word “racist” is simply a pejorative term for White people.

WSB-TV reports on the Leftist rally against Whites in Atlanta:

Dozens of groups gathered in Centennial Olympic Park Saturday to march against racism and hate.

The rally is the latest in the response to last weekend’s deadly protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Georgia Resists, a newly formed coalition of civil and human rights groups, met at Centennial Olympic Park to march to the Martin Luther King National Historic Site “as a show of resistance to hate and white supremacy in Georgia.”

Some speakers called for Confederate memorials to come down. Religious leaders from different faiths ignited the crowd.

As Leftists gathered in Charlotte one Black writer for the city’s leading newspaper explained that not being “racist” isn’t enough – one must be aggressively anti-“racist” (anti-White).

In Columbus, Ohio an anti-White group called Showing Up for Racial Justice marched and demanded that a statue of famous explorer Christopher Columbus be taken down. They covered the statue with a banner reading “Topple White Supremacy!”

In Baltimore, Maryland anti-Whites in the State government forced the removal of a statue to former US Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney.

In New Orleans anti-Whites covered a statue of French leader and saint Joan of Arc with graffiti demanding it be torn down.

In New York City Blacks rallied to demand that a statue of an historic White doctor be taken down.

This is just a small sampling of the anti-White activism and Leftist rage which is in the news this weekend. Clearly, it is not just Confederate heritage under attack but any White monument or symbol. The unifying aspect to all of the Leftist activism taking place now is hatred of White people and our past.

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  1. The schools themselves have created enough lobotomized morons to kick off the next Bolshevik Revolution. Entire populace is drugged with fluoridated water and GMOs, police are trained in Israel by IDF criminals, kikes criminalize ‘hate speech’, JUDEO-TYRANNY NEVER ENDS…

  2. If only someone had advised white nationalists not to associate themselves with “Unite the Right.” If only someone had told them that “Unite the Right” was a Southern Nationalist event, which signified support of the Confederacy and thus slavery, the Confederacy’s cause.

    Oh, wait–I did.

        • You’re acting like all this leftist mayhem is due mainly, or even solely, to the Charlottesville rally. They’ve been going insane since Trump won, getting progressively worse, and are now apparently in the midst of attempting one of their Color Revolutions. This is a massive operation that would have gone ahead regardless; they simply added an ad hoc Charlottesville propaganda stream into the river of stuff they were already planning.

          This is really blatant stuff. You’re acting like the Left would be all quiescent and sweet and reasonable if not for that evil Unite the Right meetup. But this gigantic putsch is something hugely coordinated and long-planned, probably in case of Hillary’s victory, but they decided to kick it off anyway.

          The only function of your statement is superior preening. It does not correspond to reality.

    • It was about state’s rights- not slavery- quit parroting what you read in US Public Education System history books written by the jews. Slavery in the US was done for anyway with the dawning of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1800s.

      • I suggest you take a course in zoology. You’re confused as to who’s the parrot here.

      • Herr Wolf88: That’s true. The practice of slavery ended peacefully in Russia, Great Britain and Brazil by the mid to late 1800s mainly because of changes in the economic system brought about by industrialization. The Southern states were tired of being ruled by powerful Northern interests.

    • My original post was inaccurate. Never, I’m pretty sure, did I ever advise any non-Southerner not to attend the event. I simply stated that it was a Southern Nationalist event and that any non-Southerner who would attend it would be confused.

      • Bonaccorsi, you are the only one here who believes that Yankee soldiers fought and died for a race of people they didn’t even want to live with. And, your only goal appears to be the reinforcement of Zionist lies and antagonizing our Confederate brothers and sisters.

    • I have been tracking this weirdo Bonaccorsi for some time. His bizarre comments have no place on Occidental Dissent, which is a Southern Nationalist site. This Philly fool is so stupid that he believes that there can be a true Right Wing movement in this country without Southerners. I have news for you, bud. Without the South there IS NO AMERICA and there is certainly no Alt-Right, Right Wing, conservative movement or whatever you want to call it. And while Southerners respect the rights of our Northern brothers to disagree about the causes and the results of the Civil War and honor those they see as their heroes, that does not extend to allowing ANYBODY to show disrespect to the men who tired to defend our land from a pitiless, hate-filled invading army. Bonaccorsi is an ignorant man who apparently knows nothing about the history of slavery in the Western Hemisphere, the role huge role played by New Englanders and Jews in it, or the complex causes of the Civil War, a national catastrophe that forever destroyed the idea that all Americans are brothers. The New England Abolitionists ruined that dream by demonizing Southerners and doing all they could to bring on the war. The ideological and in some cases literal descendants of these treasonous lunatics marched in Boston a couple of days ago. Bonaccorsi, you are as much a threat to white Americaa as any BLM activist or Antifa criminal.

      • AGREED. Mods, please ban Bonaccorsi – he ruins every thread he posts in, no one knows why he posts here, we all hate him, and we’re all sick to death of having to scroll through his ramblings. Thanks.

      • The more I study about the Antebellum Era the more I am convinced that the Rothschilds and the Jacobins/Illuminati were the ones behind Abolitionism. Thomas Jefferson allowed it all to happen by opening our borders in 1802 saying that all ideologies should be welcome in America. Sam Houston said in a speech in 1860 that the entire thing was being funded from Europe. Had we cut off the money we would have caused it all to collapse.

        Unfortunately the Southern Democrats of Antebellum days were Short-Sighted Fools who followed Jefferson as if his words were God’s words and didn’t notice the damage he had wrought via Open Borders. The few wise men like Calhoun who did were called crazy until by 1846 or so it became obvious he was right. Thats why Calhoun lambasted Jefferson in his Oregon Bill speech.

    • 70 years of fake news about gas chambers built with wooden doors and you seriously think anyone is going to believe this? lol

      “We have planned for a long time for today’s events.” – Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Aug. 12, 2017.

      That rally was the best thing that could ever happen to us. Let them kick this off before we decline any further, time is not on our side.

    • Black lives don’t matter and the ((( commies ))) are calling for the Thomas Jefferson memorial to be taken down. What’s next ? Where is this all leading to ? The ((( Marxist))) ultimate goal : A constitutional convention which is a gathering for the purpose of writing a new constitution or revising an existing constitution. This could happen based on the argument that the authors of the constitution were slave owners therefore ….Racist …..1st and 2nd amendments are the first to go.

  3. Did these idiot ever think that once they get rid of us who is going to pay for all their free stuff?

    • Argue holocaust truth with them and see the hate come spilling out.

      It’s like they are possessed of a spirit they can neither manage nor control.

    • @Robert DeZinna

      “Did these idiot ever think that once they get rid of us who is going to pay for all their free stuff?”

      Niggers aren’t generally known for thinking.

  4. When I mentioned the idea that Christ the Saviour cathedral Moscow destruction was on the cards I wasn’t exaggerating. The Jihad in Barcelona was aimed at Gaudi’s Cathedral building. Expect to see a major European or American cathral to go up in smoke. Soon.

  5. Bonaccorsi can be entertaining with his condescending attitude.

    Free speech is free speech. I disagree with a ban.

    • As do I, madam. Banning opposing points of view is the kind of childishness the liberals and kikes engage in.

      • He doesn’t appear to be offering a point of view, but rather an attempt to slow or befuddle the dialogue that is going on, otherwise.

  6. The liberals are total shit. They could have used their influence to effect positive change, like getting homeless vets off the street, promoting prison reform or abolishing sweatshop labor. But instead they want to inflict violence on White people and create endless chaos. They will have to be ruthlessly dealt with in a way that the present System is incapable of doing.

  7. In San José, Ca, the homeowners recently opposed the city’s plan to locate tiny homes for the homeless in 11 areas of the city. Where are BLM, SPLC, and the rest of the Marxist agitators? Why are they raving about monuments back east when they should be out west in the country’s most expensive real estate bastion of white privilege? Go figure. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-a-c-y?

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