Joshua Zeitz Urges South to be Treated Like Post-WWII Germany

Joshua Zeitz, a liberal activist and historian from a New Jersey Jewish family, has a new article published by Politico in which he laments that Dixie is not treated like defeated Nazi Germany.

Zeitz writes that “the example of Germany’s post-war de-Nazification may offer a way forward for the United States.” He praises the Germany of today, with its millions of Muslim immigrants, declining native population and atmosphere of censored speech and Leftist political oppression, as a “vibrant democracy that is notably less permissive of racism, extremism and fascism than the United States.” The Jewish writer then describes the complete cultural and academic cleansing that was forced upon Germany and ultimately succeeded generations later in creating a self-loathing population that is shuffling dumbly to its collective grave. He notes that ultimately anti-German, pro-Jewish propaganda in the media was instrumental in breaking the will of the German people.

The writer explains how in his mind the South – which was devastated by the war, Reconstruction and decades of punitive economic and political measures meant to make the formerly wealthy region a colony of the North – actually got off easy. And Zeitz makes it clear that he favors taking down all Southern monuments and indoctrinating Southern youth in self-loathing (which they are already getting a heaping measure of in the public school system and mass media). Essentially, the author argues that the people of Dixie should be treated as a hostile enemy whose will and identity must be destroyed – just as was done to the Germans:

In Germany, you won’t see neo-Nazis converging on a monument to Reinhard Heydrich or Adolf Hitler, because no such statues exist. The country long ago came to grips with the full weight of its history. But you’ll find Nazis and Klansmen in Virginia, circling a statue of Robert E. Lee, a traitor who raised arms against his own country in the defense of white supremacy.

How do we explain to the descendants of his victims—fallen Union soldiers and widows, and so many million slaves—that Robert E. Lee doesn’t deserve the same eternal infamy as Eichmann or Heydrich?

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  1. Another dark, beady-eyed, bespectacled jew hiding behind his keyboard, arguing for the metciless destruction of a White country and the total erasure of its history. IMAGINE THAT.

  2. Why did the Germans treat the Jews so well? They pampered them! Auschwitz had a BROTHEL, for God’s sake!!! Thanks to the concentration camp system ironically saving the lives of so many an inferior, evil Jew, we are now cursed with their evil, SATANIC descendants, whose base genetic imperative to doom white America shines through every single time. Gas the kikes, race war nowwww.

    • Whenever kikes got booted from anyplace – they could always flee to Germany. The appropriately named city of “Wurms” has been a devil jew stronghold for approx. a thousand years. Yet millions of White Eloi have permitted jews to abuse, use, slander and kill us for centuries. WHY?

      • @Denise – I’m NOT impressed with the current crop of WN ‘men’, either: too effeminate, compromised and certainly not as intelligent as they believe themselves to be (see: Richard Spencer)

        • My God, we’re resorting to attacking the white men who are willing to put their faces out there. Shame on you!

          Separate Spencer out for attack but don’t lump all of them together. Those guys in Charlottesville were in grave danger.

          I keep telling folks David Duke is a subversive. I think Kessler is too. In regard to Spencer, as of now I don’t believe he is a traitor or a subversive. Time will tell.

          • C’mon Snowy, you don’t think the ‘WN’ party line towards women is abominable?!

            I’d say the Southern men probably behaved heroically, but you’d have to seriously sift through the ‘WN’ types. All the ‘White Sharia’ shouting ones have done is put us at greater risk.

            Kessler 100% guaranteed subversive. Spencer and Damigo 99%.

          • GG – I wouldn’t judge Spencer on the wordpress narrative. It could be false info. I’m not buying it right now. There is truth in there but we have to wait on this one.

            We can’t be eating our own on possibilities.

          • Onceler,

            I don’t believe that’s the white nationalist party line. It is individuals who see a portion of white women as enemies and I understand where that is coming from. I believe women have played an even bigger role in our destruction but I also believe they can be a force to be reckoned with (just not a physical force). Unfortunately, they’re even more malleable than weak white men. They buy the bullshit that they are equal and therein lies the tale. Equal is a weapon in and of itself.

            We need to set traps. That’s how you purge from within. A thorough vetting process, good detective work, and confronting suspects directly. Deception is a weapon of war which we don’t seem to want to use.

          • How do you square the Charlottesville ambush?

            Richard Spencer attended UVA (as did Kessler). He has a think tank located somewhere between it and DC. He’s a major wonk.

            There simply is no way that he didn’t know the jewish mayor, black vice-whoever, and McAuliffe were going to set whites up. Or that a ‘Unite the Right’ rally wouldn’t even benefit whites or Trump to begin with.

            There’s lots more on the guy but this plenty in and of itself.

          • Onceler,

            Dr. Richard Sauder says Charlottesville is an alphabet town. It would explain a lot. I do think a lot goes wrong when Spencer’s involved in an event but I just don’t know. I would tread with caution. There’s lots of suspicious morsels that can be examined. Why was Charlottesville a focus when he never took part in New Orleans from what I understand? But Duke did. Maybe it’s one or the other. And, him saying make white privilege great again is highly suspect. And, Duke saying in Charlottesville we’re taking our country back, Trump’s country or something like that. I nearly passed out with that one.

            Perhaps he’s needs to be confronted. If it’s true, I would expect a change in his behavior no matter how well-trained he may be.

          • “It is individuals who see a portion of white women as enemies and I understand where that is coming from. I believe women have played an even bigger role in our destruction.”

            The jews and their bought off figureheads – masons, some irish catholics, italians in general, etc. – are responsible for our destruction and their role far outweighs that of white women. I’m disappointed to read your responses here, for I think to pretend that Andrew Anglin, a half mongoloid midget, could somehow be in any way ‘understood’ as something other than bitter demented and corrupt is confounding.

            I absolutely see ZERO justification for even entertaining what passes as ‘understandable’ in WN, and further, any true leader of men would possibly validate some of the incredulity and resentment the jews sow in white men towards their sisters but forge a new path for them – LEAD.

            It is our weakest link that we even contemplate vilifying either sex for the jewdevil’s handiwork.

          • @Onceler – Agree, 100%. You don’t see ANY other race besides Whites vilifying their women, in public, with such mendacity and glee. If it’s true that Richard Spencer’s great-grandparent(s) were Jewish – GAME OVER, he’s never calling them out (any more than he does now, which is barely ever) and I bet Hunter Wallace will say nothing about it! Bunch of cucks

          • P.S. I am SO, so, so extremely alarmed at the catastrophic levels of passivity and subliteracy to be found amongst American white men. Between video games and porn, NO ONE READS. (((THEY))) are rubbing their hands with delight…

          • DS is not on my menu. I visited it once or twice out of curiosity but did not contribute. It’s not for me. I actually prefer a Counter-Current type site but they have no comments forum. But, there’s a good group on here that I feel connected to. And, I like Brad. I think he’s a genuinely decent human being although I don’t always agree with him on positions.

            All whites are to blame. Period. I saw our gloomy destination back in the 1970’s and called it out. And, who were my greatest adversaries? Whites, mostly women. Very few, leaning toward miniscule, saw the same vision I did even though I thought it was quite clear. I always got along better with males because I found the vast majority of females I encountered in life – not all but too many for my taste – shallow, phony, self-absorbed, manipulative, and, most importantly, not interested in blood and soil. The more women were touted as equals to men, the worse it got. Differences do not mean less than. We all have pros and cons and, to me, too many women often appear to not see their gender cons (yes, there are men like that, too). I’ve always believed that if a man has a poor opinion of women, it started with his mother. Or, are we going to blame daddy for mommy’s poor choices or weaknesses?

            I’m in this fight for my people as a distinct race with a distinct culture, not to settle scores that I myself don’t have. I have encountered males on this very site who are combative and insulting. Do I have an issue with them? Yes! I ignore them or give it back to them and move on. We can’t be divided with gender squabbles. It has got to take a second seat or we are doomed.

            We can blame the Jews all we want and I do put much blame on their doorstep but too many of our own kind are willing participants in our destruction. Whether they’re morons, fools, defective, weak, or whatever, we already knew the history of the Jews in our societies and we did nothing to protect our house from their insidious behavior. We never even frisked them when they entered.

            I’m sorry I disappoint you.

          • I like Brad, too! I’m sorry if my past comment seemed insulting of him or anyone else – you guys are all fantastic, esp. Billy Ray our in-house historian, Denise and Onceler. I really love the comments here

    • Do (((these people))) not understand that, by their illegal, immoral and unprecedented actions, (((they))) are fomenting a JUSTFIED and eventual American Kristallnacht?

      My God, how filled with Chutzpah can one (race) be????

  3. Whenever someone asks:

    1. Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and his last major work “Two Hundred Years Together.” Add Igor Shafarevich for good measure.

    2. Their leading role in libeling, slandering, ridiculing, vilifying, attacking and threatening Trump, southerners, traditionalists, nationalists (except their sort), and others. Massive and shocking venom. Every single time. A current example from the Anne Frank Center: Bannon is a “filthy engine of hate.”

    3. Their purchase of US foreign policy and their promoting wars against everyone they dislike. Wrecked countries pose no opposition to Eretz Israel. (Thanks to the coalition now mopping up in Syria they will not get southern Lebanon for its water or southern Syria and its oil.)

    4. Their leading role in dismantling the “monolithic societies” in Europe and replacing them with a savage Multikulti, a “transformation which must take place.” (See the demonic crone Barbara Lerner Spectre.)

    • The (((Anne Frank Center))) is totally insane. Their Twitter background is, or at least used to be, a Photoshop of Ol’ Typhus Annie herself next to a crying ‘refugee’. (((They))) are truly unparalleled in the art of exploiting their own pathetic war dead. Can you even imagine being born into such an unscrupulous tribe of shysters? Unreal.

  4. I’ve told people on THIS site, for YEARS, that’s the JEW. It’s always been THE JEW. Yet I’ve gotten tons of opposition in the past.

    Do you SEE, now?

    It’s not Yankees – there are barely any Yankees left – it’s the JEW.

    • Dear Miss Denise,
      It IS first and foremostly The Jew – in that you are absolutely right.

      Yet, it still is with the Yankee, too.

      That said, I see some changes occurring in the North, that they are beginning to see that, if The South is buried under, y’all will be next.

      I’m very grateful for this change of heart and thankful to those Yankees, who drove to risk their lives in Charlottesville.

      My hopes are that many more become like you, and realize what must be done.

      My hopes are that, though I have been right about the past, I will be wrong about the future.

    • To be clear, Miss Denise – those Yankees that seem to be beginning to have a change of heart are from central Pennsylvania and New York westwards –

      As to the disposition of The New England Yankee, I point to this weekend’s rally in Boston, clear evidence that the heroick New Hampshirite Chris Cantwells are outnumbered 150 to 1.

    • Not exactly denise. There are all kinds of “Jews.” There are a lot of “Jews” over on Breitbart that have no.problem.with me spreading holocaust truth on their site.

      Our problem is not “Jews.”

      It is *Edomites.* And it’s an important distinction to make.

      Even though yeah, a lot, if not most, Edomites identify as “Jews.”

      • Triuwida,

        Most here have never dappled in true investigative work in regard to the War on Whites & NWO. The secret societies, witchcraft/sorcery, Satanism/Luciferianism (connected to the aforementioned but a separate entity, New Age movement, etc. are all alien to them. They really think it’s crystal clear but it’s a web of deception.

      • Trui – it’s the Hebes. ALL of them. Stop, Just stop, This is what Whites always do, This is our Tragic Flaw. It doesn’t matter AT ALL if “it’s not all of them”.

        It’s the Kikes. Our oldest enemy, They must GO from our world.

  5. Jewish Fifth Column on full-display…….of course, there will be no African Negros for his precious Jew only Israel….

    • Mr Zeitz is at least showing his true colours. In my former homeland, Poland (I live in Sweden) Polish citizens with Jewish backgrund pose as Poland’s greatest patriots. They actually oppose Muslim immigration, anyway their rhetoric is anti-Muslim. Poland’s primary role in the globalist agenda however is not to fill the country with Muslims but to provoke Russia in any possible way. Poland’s government’s policies and the propaganda in MSM are pro the Ukrainian regime and very aggressive to Russia. Out of the unrequited love for the Ukrainian people, Poland’s authorities have within a short time invited more than two million people from Ukraine. Most of them are people seeking a better life, but far from all, as criminal gangs and veritable Pole-haters are to be found among them. In cases there the “patriotic” media didn’t manage to cover up a serious crime that Ukrainians – or Chechens (not always clear who is who) – have committed the authorities and media blame the Russians.

  6. It’s difficult to see this in any other light than Jews, as a whole, are craving to become so despised, that they are thrown out, en masse.

    If there is some other way to interpret this, it eludes me.

    • No one listened when Jewess Susan Sonntag said, “The white race is the cancer of history.”
      Or Kike Noel Ignatiev ( who is still living).

      Books like E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, “or Michael Hoffman’s newest book, “The Renaissance Church of Rome,” STILL are falling on deaf ears, even though they outline the verifiable GUILT of the Deicides.

      Wake up, Weimerica!

    • Actually it’s not Jews that are the problem.

      The problem are *Edomites.*

      But Edom seems to be mostly found in modern day Jewry.

      • Most here don’t know it’s really bloodlines and not ethnicities, races, or religions. Jews are masters of destruction and willing subversives so use the best tools whenever possible.

        • I can understand the perception but still tend to disagree. Most don’t seem to realize just how many Jews are opposed to Bolshevikism, even within the alt-Right (not naming names), and we need all the allies we can get.

          But sad to say, most people today seem to struggle with all but the simplest of concepts. We really are dealing with the Twitter generation so you may be right.

          I don’t see what’s so complicated about bloodlines vs. nationalities but it is what it is.

  7. ‘…you’ll find Nazis and Klansmen in Virginia, circling a statue of Robert E. Lee, a traitor who raised arms against his own country in the defense of white supremacy.’


    Clearly Mr. Zeitz cannot think, because, if he could, he would realize that, indicting Robert E. Lee this way, he has indicted the Founding Fathers – every single one.

    Or, in the unlikely event Mr. Zeitz can analytically think, we are left to draw the conclusion that he is after The Founding Fathers, under the pretext of going after Lee.

  8. Josuah Zietz:”There will be no African Negros for my precious Jew only Israel!!!!!!!!!!!…no fucking way!!!!….and No Iranian Muzzies either….

  9. Denise – don’t say it’s the Jew as you’ll turn potential recruits off immediately. Just focus on the ideology that’s driving all of this – Bolshevism. Obviously founded by the Jews by you’re not naming them.

    The advantage to this is: 1) all of the different groups that are against us are grouped into one identifiable category – Bolsheviks (and it’s true), 2) people will start to learn about the evil history of the Bolsheviks – thus our opponents, in the normie view, are anchored to the murderous Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, and 3) you don’t have to name the Jew – once people study the history then they’ll know by default that the Jews were the driving force.

    It’s getting very serious folks – the Bolsheviks are coming at us from the govt (both Dems and RINOs not willing to acknowledge that Antifa is violent, etc.), the corporations (shutting down all of the right-wing websites / social media / etc.), academia (Bolshevik professors pushing Bolshevism in the universities and are supported by their administrators), and the useful idiots like Antifa.

    If you think that you won’t wake up one morning to find yourself being dragged from your home to a Gulag (think FEMA camp) then wake the F up.

    • ” don’t say it’s the Jew as you’ll turn potential recruits off immediately. Just focus on the ideology that’s driving all of this – Bolshevism. Obviously founded by the Jews by you’re not naming them.”

      “Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good.”
      -Is. 5:20

    • The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” – – Joseph Goebbels

    • Jim,

      Don’t be a pozzed pussy. The Hour Groweth Short. The Normies need to SNAP OUT OF IT. The kikes are providing us with loads of ammo, on a daily basis. Let’s USE it.

    • I think the gulags will be reserved for some select (or not) group.

      The more imminent threat is the gulag coming into your home, via court-ordered pharmajewticals. Besides building infrastructure all over the country, the 21st Century ‘Cures’ (for whiteness) Act legalizes court-ordered chemical castration and provides the funding for it.

  10. The Antifa:”We want to impose homosexual pedophilia and trannyism on the Christian Children of Russia…” This is what they said in Boston yesterday….

  11. On a side note – does it not seem strange that two Navy ships are rammed in the open seas by ships that move at half their speed within a month or so?

    Is this purely coincidental or is something else going on? Is it just sheer incompetence that we’re seeing from all the vibrant diversity in our military? Is it a new secret device being tested against the Navy by a foreign power (disables all sensors or throws them off)?

    This is just too weird in my book.

    • Tranny-Lesbian Commanders of US Navy Destroyers…..this how war with Shia Muslim Iran will commence…

      Sargeant Joe Biggs:”The US Military must be majority nonwhite….import more legal immigrant Indians and Chinese….This why I married a fat subcon from Guyana…”

    • I think they’re using frequency weapons on them. Do you think the Chinese are going to let the U.S. meddle in their neighborhood? The U.S. government will never admit they’ve been neutralized.

  12. as german i can only say that this piece of shit Zeitz is right about germany. (((They))) destroyed us with the frankfurt school and all this pathologicaly process of coming to terms with the past! The most people around me know exactly that this replacement policy is wrong but they are just to scared about what other nations would think of them if they would vote a right wing government in. THIS is the brainwashing that is destroying us.

    • So, suicide is the better option? There are millions upon millions of people the world over who know the German people are the greatest group of victims in present times. The fools that turn a blind eye to your dilemma should not be the ones you try to please.

      Of all the people I know who are willing to admit it, their positive view of the German folk is so high, there are only two words that can capture it: unbridled admiration. They know what’s going on.

  13. Don’t think for a minute that this rabid anti-White Jew gives a rat’s ass about descendants of fallen Union soldiers or millions of slaves either. Divide and conquer folks.

  14. They react with such surprise when someone expresses even mild dislike at their hatred and vitriol.

    • It marked the peak of Bolshevik control over America.

      That’s what I learned this afternoon. No way they’re going to pull this off.

      There’s still a lot of work to be done but it’s all downhill from here.

    • The cucked traitors have no clue that it is the kikes and their ideology that they are worshipping. By the time the lights go on, and it will, it will be too late.
      We’ll have to let them go and never look back.

    • Negro-worship via sportsball and Jew-worship via braindead ‘Christian Zionism’ are, in tandem, literally murdering the South. Neither of the aforementioned problems receives enough attention on this site – we absolutely MUST discuss.

      I have read reports from horrified witnesses of megachurches in places like Texas actually flying the Israeli flag

  15. “The example of Germany’s post-war de-Nazification” was known as The (((Morgenthau))) Plan, and more than nine million Germans died as a result of deliberate Allied starvation and expulsion policies AFTER the Second World War. This (((tribesman))) appears to be suggesting to repeat here in the USA, history’s worst ethnic expulsion and one of history’s greatest crimes.

    Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950;

    Minimum Maximum
    Expellees (1945-50) 2,100,000 6,000,000
    Prisoners (1941-50) 1,500,000 2,000,000
    Residents (1946-50) 5,700,000 5,700,000
    _________ __________
    Totals 9,300,000 13,700,000

    from page 131, “Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950”, James Bacque; 2007.

    “This is many more Germans than died in battle, air raids and concentration camps during the war. Millions of these people slowly starved to death in front of the victors’ eyes every day for years. … These deaths have never been honestly reported by either the Allies or the German government.”

    David Irving’s Introduction to the Morgenthau Plan:

    • Free copy of “Other Losses” by James Bacque – the truth about Morgenthau and the intentional starvation of German prisoners of war & German civilians by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Get it while you can:


  16. Fox News a few minutes ago…Bret Baire interviewing a retired US Army Colonel:”Bret…we have to be in Afghanistan…or the terrorists will come here and kill us..”

    DENIS KEARNEY’S RESPONSE:”Don’t let the Muslims into our America so they can kill us…

    Colonel:Mr. Kearney…we need to import Muslim Legal Immigrants into America because we need Muslim legal immigrants to vote White American Christians into a racial traitor!!!.

  17. If this fugly kike believes the proud White man and woman of this country are going to hand over their country to him and his biological weapons of mass destruction well… he will be sadly mistaken!

  18. I have gone to the original article and posted a dissent to our young Hebrew professor. I also posted a correction to a female Epstein about Southern history.

    I suggest you all do the same.

    And I suggest you don’t take prisoners.

  19. I’m going to play devil’s advocate. The HuffPost had the headline regarding Bannon “Goy, Bye!” for all the world to see. Now this article from a character straight out of central casting. Could this be a psyop to get us all riled up? Again. Or, are our secret rulers turning everyone against each other and the low hanging Jews are now fair game?

    Come on, hit me with those nasty reply comments. I welcome challenging ones as well.

  20. I keep a entire file cabinet on creatures like Zeitz. One day in the not too distant future these archives will come in very handy. Whenever you see such an outrage carefully note the identity, obtain a photo, and whatever bio you can. This will make finding them that much easier when the time comes.

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