Racist Eclipse: The Black Sun

Did you enjoy the “racist” eclipse today? The Atlantic used it as an opportunity to pile on more White guilt. Then the Leftist media attacked the Right for mocking anti-Whites who will literally use celestial events to push their talking points that Whites are evil and non-Whites are perpetual victims.

Yes, Leftists. The eclipse is racist. The sun and moon are racist. The sky is racist. Nature and everything in it are racist. It’s true. You can not win because the entire universe is against you.

I enjoyed watching the racist eclipse with family and friends near Columbia, SC. We had a wonderful view with a mostly clear sky. One of the most impressive aspects of it was the sudden temperature drop that made an August afternoon in Columbia actually pleasant.

Please share your racist eclipse story with OD readers!

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  1. The News Jews really played up the “Coming Together as a Community Kumbya” horseshit- and, no, I did not watch it and could have cared less.

  2. Hung my Sonnenrad banner on the wall. Lit a candle. Got my Fuhrerjugend replica dagger, and drank a goblet to the immanent forces of NATURE, which know no such madcap lunacy as “equality.”

  3. I wore a black polo shirt with a red schwartz sonne emblem to commemorate this unique solar event. Funny, not one person asked me about it all day.Coming down an elevator, minutes before the total eclipse, a passenger glanced at it. It was quite obvious he knew something about this great symbol from the disgusting look on his face. No words or confrontation. We both exited & I proceeded out into the street to experience a few moments of darkness before the sun returned. Then I remembered that solar eclipse on Saturday, July 20, 1963, when mom warned me not to look up or I’d go blind. You know back then, people were talking about how bad it was getting & the fear of nuclear war was on their minds. Well, 54 years later, people are still talking about how bad it’s getting & the fear of not only nuclear war, but just about everything is still on their minds. This might sound somewhat oxymoronic, but it’s been said the more things change, the more they stay the same. You know, I can’t ever recall the ’63 eclipse being called racist, by the way!

  4. There was a huge cloud blocking the view where I was at, but it was awesome nonetheless to see the world darken for those couple of minutes.

  5. During the short time of that solar eclipse the jews actually stopped whining and the coons paused from their ook-ooking. They both have an animal-like fear of the Aryan forces of Nature.

  6. We had clouds and couldn’t see it. It got darker for a few minutes and that was it, nothing compared to the eclipse of 1978 where it became almost like night.

    Shortly after I came across definitive proof for an answer to this one little puzzle that’s been plaguing me the last 10 or 15 years of my career. I thought it was a pretty good sign.

    So I explained to my client the top 10 reasons why the Holocaust is bunk, and he took it pretty well.

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