Poll: Most Americans Support Confederate Monuments

Reuters reports that according to its polls a majority of Americans support keeping Confederate statues while slightly more than a quarter favor taking them down:

The Aug. 18-21 poll found that 54 percent of adults said Confederate monuments “should remain in all public spaces” while 27 percent said they “should be removed from all public spaces.” Another 19 percent said they “don’t know.”

Responses to the poll were sharply split along racial and party lines, however, with whites and Republicans largely supportive of preservation. Democrats and minorities were more likely to support removal.

This means that the attacks on Southern monuments (which has escalated to terrorism and rioting in recent days) is being backed by only about one in four people in the USA. It is not a popular agenda.

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  1. Funny how those noble statues stood for decades and generations without bothering anyone, including the coloreds. Now all of a sudden they must be pulled down.

    What (((dark, malignant force))) could be behind all this artificially created hysteria?

  2. I think the jews and coloreds want those statues removed simply because they are envious of the White man’s artistic superiority.

  3. Your calculations are right Hunter. Congrats. Whites generally want to keep their heritage, history, myths and heroes intact.

  4. It’s making the rounds that here in Texas, individuals who deface historical monuments, cab be shot dead on sight.

  5. Wherever Jewish people have been put in charge they haveonly been capable of creating ugliness, sowing discord, promoting perversion and wrecking the lives of people and nations with usury. IMHO.


    What a fucking cockroach Trump is….

    I used to live in Mount Kisco NY…Trump tried to poison our water supply with a Golf Course……….

    Trump’s MAGA!!!!!!!!!! jobs program…fracking America to death so there is enough energy available to sustain a middle class life style for Greater China’s geneline and Greater India’s geneline in the US………..


  7. “Where there is harmony may we bring discord where there is peace may we bring war where there is grace may we bring cruelty where there is beauty may we bring ugliness”

  8. What you are seeing here is the culmination of at least 2000 years of nonstop Jewish work to destroy Christianity and 300 years via using their Freemasonic Death Cult. In 1777 a year after he wrote the pagan Declaration of Independence, which declared us equal in the eyes of the Grand Architect of the Universe (Freemasonic god) and not Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ, Thomas Jefferson penned another Pagan document, This one was the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. The statute was not enacted until nine years later, but as Jefferson stated later, the act clearly stated that ALL FAITHS WERE WELCOME in Virginia. In fact Jefferson himself and his allies personally fought an amendment that would have said ALL CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS are allowed in Virginia, because like in Freemasonry, where men of all faiths are welcome inside the lodge, Jefferson believed in total Religious Relativism. The next year, Jefferson’s protege James Madison penned the US Constitution, which was Freemasonic inspired with its Freemasonic First Amendment stating that the US Government couldn’t regulate the press or religion of any type. As a caveat here, at the time of full ratification 1789 until 1861, this only extended to the Federal Government. States and local communities could set religious qualifications if they so chose.

    As things stood in 1800, you had a heavily Secular Virginia Aristocracy, a slowly secularizing New England and a hodgepodge elsewhere. The Bible Belt in 1800 was unquestionably New England although that was SLOWLY changing. Then something happened. In 1801 in Cane Ridge KY religion suddenly exploded on the frontier among the largely Scots-Irish peoples and soon this swept east, north and south in every direction. The old secular Virginia Aristocracy of Jefferson was wiped away by the 1830’s replaced by Virginians who believed in God Family and Virginia in that order. Unfortunately the laws they passed remained on the books. 1830 was the tipping point as well, In 1830, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina all supported State Churches, Rhode Island and New Jersey mandated citizens be of the Christian faith, although Rhode Island had an exemption for Jews. By 1860, only Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina still funded the Church of England (Episcopalian) and New Hampshire still funded the Congregationalists.

    What happened during those thirty years 1830-1860 was that the South’s balance of power had shifted westward away from Virginia and with it she became much more Christian, Conservative and less Patrician. The growth in the Baptist Church particularly by 1860 had suddenly placed the South as the Religious center of the United States. We need not go into the war, but once Dixie was on her feet again by 1880, she reassumed her role as the Christian Center of the United States. By this time, the Protestant Religion in the Northeast was dying, replaced by Catholicism and Maryland was the only Southern State affected by this dramatically which was why she never was united with the rest of the South as part of the Bible Belt.

    Unbeknownst to most Americans and shockingly completely ignored in the South the Kike and the Freemason had been working solidly all along to destroy our civilization. Now this may seem strange, after all almost all Southern CSA leaders were Freemasons, how did they not know they were part of a genocidal anti-white anti-Christian cult? Even the Klan was Masonic. At the time of the war joining the Freemasons was like loving your Mama, almost every Southern boy wanted to be a Mason. I suspect they didn’t know because the controllers, the 33rd Degree types were very good at concealing the true meaning of the rituals. Morals and Dogma, written by Gen Albert Pike (burn in hell) is a good explanation of the rituals and in it he says clearly ALL FAITHS ARE ONE UNDER THE GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE. The Jews exploited this religiously, almost all of them who were powerful joined the lodge and made their blood oath promises. As Theodore Herzl said, the Masonic Lodges Are Established all over the world and will work to give the Jews Zion, those White Pigs will never know the true meaning of Freemasonry. The oath of the 33rd Degree says that the oath of a Mason binds him to cover up for his brother in all things. So if your brother Mason Congressman is an Atheist, but you have a more Christian mindset you must support his Atheist legislation because the good of another Mason is higher than any Jesus Christ whom all high level Masons regard as a phony. The South had virtual control of Congress from 1789-1860 and from 1880 until the modern day, yet her Congressmen could never band together and protect anything? WHY?


    • The popularity of Freemasonry in America waned after the abduction and murder of Captain William Morgan of Batavia, New York by his fellow Masons in 1826. The Skull and Bones cult came over from Germany in 1832 to replace Freemasonry as America’s premiere secret society.

      I should like to know the identity of the god or gods to whom your Jehovah answers, Billy Ray.

      • The popularity of Masonry was never affected in the South, in fact being Southern was to be a Mason and vice versa before 1861. Strangely enough almost all the ANTI-MASONS were Yankees who later went on to be Abolitonists. This is the absurdity of the entire situation. The wackos in New England who should have loved the ANTI-WHITE DEATH CULT of Freemasonry hated it and the Southern Patricians who believed foursquare in White Supremacy were mostly all members of the ANTI-WHITE Freemasonic death cult and by extension mentally enslaved to Jewry.

        The Skull and Bones were part and parcel of Freemasonry, in fact you cannot be a Bonesman and not be a Mason.

        As to Christianity i am not here to debate it nor convert anyone, I just believe that as a cultural anchor it proved the most steady, at least from about the year 313 to 1517, its true after 1517 things went into the crapper but thats another story.

  9. The destruction of all of society and all Religion is a stated goal of Freemasonry. In fact the goal has always been the complete extermination of all things Christian. Southern Monuments stand for a Christian People. Find me a Southern Traitor to his people Ill show you a Freemason or a Jew

      • Almost ALL SOUTHERN MEN OF PROMINENCE were Masons in the 1830’s. What changed over the next century was that certain religious groups in the South began teaching that Freemasonry was evil and it slowly declined in popularity but it was always more popular in the South than in the North.

        I think Old Hickory like most men went through the rituals and never thought deeply on them. He did become a Christian late in life, so its hard telling what his feelings were on Masonry late in life. George Washington himself, although Masonic Artists picture him wearing his Apron, its said in his letters had not attened the lodge regularly in 30 years by the time he died and he was worried about the Bavarian Illuminati and their influence on Freemasonry.

        The destruction of all symbols and all cultures is if you read the LEO TAXIL book which he claimed later was fiction, but I believe like all things he mixed in some truth with the fiction clearly said that the goal was the full destruction of all culture and all belief systems to institute and pave the way for the religion of Lucifer. Yes this is what all Masons believe.

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