Going State and Local, Making the Phone Calls

(I’m having very solid success phoning Virginian state reps/state senators. I’ve only contacted White Republicans, I might try some Dems. So far 1005 support of our position opposing the destruction/desecration of Confederate statues, Confederate graves. Here’s the contact info:


Here are some tips.

Be polite, be brief, try to establish a back and forth dialogue, not just a one way rant. Try to establish some connection to the State reps’ area. I’m from the Midwest, but I tell the truth that I applied and was accepted at the University of Virginia Charlottesville founded by Thomas Jefferson. I distinctly applied to UVA because it was a Southern University and I support Confederate statues to just honor one part of Southern American history. Southern Confederate history is everything about American history, but it is an important part. I don’t want to destroy Confederate Statues or Confederate Graves just as I don’t support people doing Jewish grave desecrations. After a brief presentation of your/our views – ask if you can send a short e-mail thanking the state rep for listening to your concerns. Understand you’re going to be talking to a staff member, not the actual State representative, unless he/she calls you back. Most of these staff members are nice people with boring jobs and they like to talk with intelligent people. I’ve talked to some very charming young Southern women staff assistants and that makes my day.

Again be polite, establish a back and forth dialogue follow up with a “thank you for listening to my concerns regarding Charlottesville demos/riots”.

Include some links to Alt Right, honest presentations of Charlottesville VA events. Here are some of my links:

Paul Joseph Watson (Brit expat)

John Derbyshire (Brit expat) Vdare writers are all excellent

Ann Coulter

Jim Goad – Takimag

Steve Sailer – Takimag (Steve notes the Communist mayor of Madison WI actually destroyed a grave market commemorating the death of Confederate POWs in WI!)

– I tried to finesse the JQ and instead refer to the anti Southern media monopoly mafia. I have successfully used the example of Ted Turner as the only Southerner who owned a national news station which ended when Ted Turner sold out to Time Warner inc. Here’s a link to VA state rep contact list:



  1. thanks Steve7927!

    I am having solid success calling the staff members of (R) Virginia state reps. Remember Barack Obama – my neighbor in Chicago went from being an obscure Illinois State representative to being a US Senator for a year and a half, to being elected President of the United States!

    So there’s maybe some ambitious Virginia State representative who might be willing to jump on this issue of Confederate Statue, Confederate Grave desecrations and National Cuckservative cowardice – he might be a local populist hero.

    We need to find these local populist heroes.

    Let’s make those calls and follow up with “Thank you for listening to my concerns”.


  2. Yankees excel at annoying people by being relentless so maybe some of our resident Northerners could take up this cause as well.

    • On the bright side for us Yankees- a lot of the Northern Baby Boomers cucks are moving down South- Enjoy!

    • Learn to tell the New York Jews apart from the rest. Southerners typically cannot sight the Jew the way Northern people can, plus most are still drugged up on Southern Baptist Jew kissing logic. Average snowbird is typically an ex-truck driver or someone like that. The New York Jews are the ones expanding and poltiicizing, not commoners

  3. Sending emails and making phone calls to those politicians isn’t half as effective as taking the time and effort to write ’em a letter. Y’all remember how to do that, right?

  4. spahnranch1969

    Nah. I work with a lot of ex Congressional staff members in their 30s. They all tell me Constituent mail, post cards don’t have any effect, at most some intern makes a tally of Constituents for and against and most post cards and mail campaigns are recognized as special interest spamming.

    It’s much better to make a personal phone call, talk to a staff member who’s job it is to listen to constituent concerns. If you are intelligent, polite and a good conversationalist, the staff member will be happy to talk with you – breaks up a boring day.

    • Your right, Jack. I contacted the Congressman in my native Kentucky who voted against the Russian sanctions. The staff member was very polite & understanding. He pointed out that the Russian people shouldn’t have to suffer because the US is run by a bunch of dickheads taking orders from you know (((who))).

  5. Thanks for doing this Jack. I bet a single one of those calls do more good than 100 of my posts, and I’m going to start making some calls.

    Absolutely I believe that any politician who starts defending our heritage is going to find he has a lot of support, just look at Trump’s base. It can’t do anything but good to let them know we’re out here.

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