ACLU Apologizes to Leftists for White Baby Ad

Leftists this week took to Twitter and other social media to condemn the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for releasing an advertisement of a White baby holding a US flag and the words “free speech” on his shirt. The ACLU message that came with the ad said “This is the future that ACLU members want.” The ad promoting free speech was denounced specifically because the ACLU spoke of the future and showed a White baby. Leftists attacked it on those grounds, essentially saying that they do not want a future in which there are White babies. Under attack from anti-White Progressives the ACLU retreated and thanked the fringe Left for their attacks.

The Kansas City Star reports:

Critics blasted the free-speech organization for promoting what some said looked like an ad for the KKK.

“A White kid with a flag?!” one woman quickly tweeted.

The group tried to control the backlash with a follow-up tweet: “When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere.”

Fox News described the over-the-top reaction as “a big lesson in political correctness.”

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  1. “Big lesson in political correctness…”


    Unarguable hatred for white (S)upremacy.

    It’s ^^^ a ruthless diss-ease.

  2. I’m no tough guy but if I ever saw one of those demonic creatures from the Left trying to harm a White child they would soon find themselves on the floor in a pool of their own bodily fluids, writhing in a great deal of pain.

  3. That little baby is Muh Supremacy…

    These Orcs are going to strangle our children in their cradles.

        • Nothing wrong at all with HATING these f**kers, herrwolf88. If you didn’t, then I’d question your sanity. I hate them, too, with every nano-fiber of my being. We know that they hate us, they even hate our little, innocent ones… yet they try to claim the moral high-ground? It’s maddening to say the least. If they want me and my kind dead, which they do, you’d better believe I wish even MORE of the same on them. Hate is a perfectly natural response to the manifold attacks that have been launched against our precious people, our dearest and most vulnerable. I am in no wise ashamed to admit that I HATE my enemies, hate their lying, stupid, violent, perverted, stinking, filthy, worthless guts.

          That little baby boy looks like my little nephew, one of my sister’s children. I’d punch a hole through this world for him.

  4. I never was a fan of ACLU but the message here is implicitly pro-White. No more White babies, you Nazis! Of course they apologized.

  5. Just goes to prove, whites are the biggest recipients of racism, and have been for decades. The filthy, racist Left are even discusted by the sight of a beautiful, white child (heaven knows how they’d view me).
    Non whites=absolutely gorgeous
    White children=oh dear, shock horror!!!

  6. I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel about them fighting court cases when they can’t even win twitter battles…..BTW The ACLU is roughly 86% Satan’s (((chosen))).

    • Yeah, I got awfully suspicious when they seemed to help Unite The Right. Vast majority of their legal battles are for the far Left. Once in a while they’ll help the Right so as to appear impartial. I don’t expect them to do anything to combat online “Nazi” purge.

      • THANK YOU for mentioning this. This has been bothering me for weeks. The (((ACLU))) is Communist, anti-White Jew FILTH, and it was dismaying to see the supposed Alt Right ‘brain trust’ behind Unite The Right actually put any trust into such a subversive group. Only those totally ignorant of history would actually naively believe (((they))) would do anything but shut us down. Totally disgusting to see Richard Spencer/Hunter/Kessler/etc. put any trust in this (((group))) whatsoever, and reinforces my suspicions about the Alt Right.

  7. The next radical step for all {{{radicals}}} is unadulterated white (S)upremacy. The “brink-of-annihilation” ideology says so.

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