The Cultural Vanguard Strategy

Editor’s Note: I’ve fleshed out my thoughts on the optics debate, strategy, tactics in one spot instead of in hundreds of tweets. It’s a divisive topic and I do enjoy arguing these issues. I’ve been mulling over this stuff for 16 years now.

Guns are too provocative.

In our experience, this isn’t true. We’ve held dozens of armed rallies with no deaths, no violence, no injuries and no arrests. The most violent rallies are ALWAYS in leftwing strongholds, particularly gun free zones on college campuses, where Antifa feel emboldened to attack.

There have been three occasions in which our people have been arrested. In Auburn, there was a scuffle on a gun free campus. In New Orleans, we were disarmed at Lee Circle. In Charlottesville, there were multiple injuries and arrests after it was decided to hold a disarmed event. We can’t afford to continue to leave behind a trail of arrests, injuries and medical bills.

The Pikeville rally was heavily criticized because of “optics.” In Pikeville though, no one was injured or arrested because we were heavily armed and not in a leftwing stronghold. No one died like in Charlottesville after violence was allowed to spiral out of control. The worst optics in Charlottesville was due to the car crash, not flags or what people were wearing on that day.

People will die at violent armed rallies.

Guns are far more popular than the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right is squeamish about guns. Southerners love their guns. No one has been shot at any of our armed rallies. All the violence and arrests have taken place in gun free zones. We can hold public events anywhere and it is prudent to avoid places which are known security risks.

If we were attacked in gun free zones, normies will sympathize with us.

In Charlottesville, we saw that Antifa are now using flamethrowers, wasp spray, acid and battering rams. This is a major escalation in Antifa violence. We had dozens of people get injured in Charlottesville. Several people in our own group were attacked with clubs and required medical treatment. They were peacefully returning to their cars. The media took every incident out of context and even ignored their own reporters who were victimized in order to portray thugs like DeAndre Harris as the victims.

Chris Cantwell was maced twice in Charlottesville. He was arrested and went to jail for using pepper spray in self defense. Now, he is relentlessly mocked by the media as the “Crying Nazi.” There was no outpouring of public sympathy from normies over our victimization in Charlottesville. Instead, we have arrests, medical bills, job losses and downed websites to deal with. Normies have never cared about all the “racists” who have went to prison over any number of bullshit charges. Ask Matt Hale.

Berkeley was different than Charlottesville for a number of reasons but above all else because we fought back and weren’t dramatically outnumbered by Antifa. The Berkeley rally was organized by the transsexual Amber Cummings. Joey Gibson is a Japanese-American who comes across as “a Unitarian Sunday school teacher.” The lineup of speakers in Berkeley was going to be “three blacks, two Hispanics, one Asian, one Samoan, one Muslim, two women, and one white male.”

We can’t go the Berkeley route to “change the narrative” without abandoning all of our beliefs in the process. As long as we can be tagged as “racists,” the media will cheer on Antifa who attack us and “both sides” will be blamed for it and the result will be indifference from normies. No one is going to care about your victimization. You’re just going to be the “Crying Nazi.”

We shouldn’t have public rallies.

If the #UniteTheRight rally had been held in Lynchburg, VA instead of Charlottesville, VA, it would have been fine. There would have been no violence. The police would have done their jobs. Everything that happened in Charlottesville flowed from the fact that it is the most leftwing city in Virginia which is why the police stood down and allowed #UniteTheRight to descend into anarchy.

We’re not going to stop holding public rallies. This is an overreaction. The truth is that we aren’t safe in leftwing strongholds where police stand down like in Berkeley or Charlottesville. That’s the real problem. There’s no reason why we can’t just avoid those places and continue to hold public events. Also, if we want to hold rallies in leftwing cities like Charlottesville, flash rallies are safer and preferable.

The torches will scare the normies.

The torchlight parades are powerful.

I had never participated in a torchlight parade until Charlottesville. I think it is an effective tactic and the dramatically increased turnout suggests it has strong appeal. Conceivably, we could get better looking torches which would look even more powerful. The League of the South, Traditionalist Workers Party and Nationalist Front didn’t participate in the torchlight parade on August 12th. These groups had planning and strategy sessions on the evening of August 11th.

But, the optics.

The optics of the event were the khakis and polos. This was heavily commented on after #UniteTheRight. It’s not like this fact went unnoticed. It was duly noted. We were still a bunch of “racists.” We’re always going to be a bunch of “white supremacists” in the eyes of our enemies.

But, the Nazis have to go.

Even if there had been no Nazis at #UniteTheRight, it would have still been called a Neo-Nazi KKK white supremacist rally. Joey Gibson and Amber Cummings were labeled “white supremacists” by Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. Black Confederates were attacked by Antifa in New Orleans. Tens of thousands of people marched against the free speech rallies in Boston and San Francisco.

But, the swastika flag.

There was one guy at #UniteTheRight with a swastika flag in a crowd of 1,000 people. The Left was using dozens of Red flags and Pan-African flags. The NSM doesn’t even use the swastika flag. Could the optics of the event been better without the one swastika flag? Sure, but the overall narrative would have been the same. It would have still been called a Neo-Nazi white supremacist racist event.

But, the Confederate flag has to go.

The Confederate Battle Flags were appropriate at #UniteTheRight. The rally was about preserving the Robert E. Lee monument. It would have looked ridiculous to have a sea of American flags. That’s the flag that Robert E. Lee fought against in the War Between the States.

We should only use the US flag because that is good optics.

In doing so, you’re choosing optics over numbers and being dramatically outnumbered is also bad optics. The effect of using only the American flag will be to create a polarizing issue. Lots of people won’t use the US flag and the turnout will go down at rallies. Normies still won’t join us because our cause is stigmatized as “racist” and they are fundamentally motivated by socioeconomic status.

We can’t appeal to the normies with all these weird flags.

Why do so few people use the US flag to begin with? It’s because we’re not normies. We are alienated, disaffected reactionaries. We believe the past was better than the present. Different groups have different reactionary styles but the mindset is the same. It is all about disillusionment with the present.

We’re not going to get large numbers of disaffected people to use the US flag to appeal to normies. We’re not patriotic because life is actually really bad for White people. We’re losing the First Amendment now. Life is getting worse for White people and that will create more reactionaries.

Flattering normies has never worked. It doesn’t work because normies are individualists and materialists who are motivated by economics and social status. They have a fundamentally different mindset. The goal of the normie is to glide through life and avoid controversy. We’re synonymous with controversy! We’re romantic nationalists which has always been at odds with being a normie!

You’re appealing to the most extreme elements.

First, we have to understand who we are. We are alienated, disaffected, disillusioned White Americans. Second, we have to understand who normies are, which is to say, middle class people who are comfortable and satisfied and who don’t want to make waves for financial reasons or fear of loss of status.

In order to grow, we want more people to adopt our views. We want the normies to become angry, alienated, disaffected and disillusioned like the rest of us. The audience then really isn’t normies who are being converted. It is the disaffected who we should be organizing.

We’ve got to win over the normies.

Actually, no.

Victory for us is by definition normies ceasing to be normies. It means overcoming these economic and social status concerns and embracing romantic nationalism. It means being carried away by righteous anger and shattering all politically correct taboos. Cultural change happens when an idea reaches a critical mass. Then it rapidly sweeps through the rest of the population. In other words, the goal has to be to create a cultural vanguard which can initiate this transformative process.

How do you propose to win over the normies?

Antifas are our ambassadors to the normies. Fear and loathing of living under a communist, socialist or anarchist government is our most compelling argument. In the long run, normie life will become impossible for a vast swelling pool of White people. Instead of flattering normies, social and economic decline will create more disaffected people and a greater pool of potential converts to mobilize. We give those people a myth and a cause greater than themselves to believe in.

We’re going to MAGA though.

No, you’re not.

This country is too far gone. Trump was the last hurrah of Taking Back America. This was actually the fourth of fifth Taking Back America movement. The Tea Party was the last incarnation of that impulse. The same people have been talking about that since Ronald Reagan was president. Every single time it is coopted into pushing the same corporate agenda.

It sounds like you are rejecting mainstreaming.

I’m rejecting naive mainstreaming.

In a sense, I want our ideas to be “mainstream,” or more socially acceptable. The only way you do that is through amassing power. What is power? It is numbers, organization, money, will power, etc. We become powerful by smashing taboos and demonstrating we won’t observe them anymore.

Charlottesville devastated the Alt-Right.

No, it didn’t.

10% of the public identifies with the Alt-Right now. That’s more people than live in Texas. The low end is 6% of the public which is more people than live in Florida. The reaction to Charlottesville broke down on partisan lines. Among Trump’s base, most people actually blamed Antifas. Only something like 28% of the public blamed “white supremacists” exclusively for what happened in Charlottesville.

We need to be “mainstream.”

You will never be “mainstream” because you are incapable of visualizing what the “mainstream” is …

The “mainstream” is the left side of this discursive cloud. Decades ago, the blue side of the cloud used to be the entire cloud but that has radically changed since 2008. At the time, the habit was developed of always deferring to cultural norms established by the Left which is the origins of cucking. That’s what it meant to be “mainstream.” It meant deferring to their overwhelming cultural power which has since been lost. No one trusts the “mainstream” anymore except 20% of the public who are Far Left Democrats.

This sounds like vanguardism.

I’m rejecting stupid vanguardism which is, say, retreating to a rural area to await the demise of civilization or taking up arms and attempting to overthrow the US government. I’m not advocating violence or purity spiraling. Instead, I am saying a cultural vanguard is needed to violate norms. Cultural change happens when 10 percent of the population comes to hold an unshakable belief:

We tried that in Charlottesville.

Yes, we did. The entire political, corporate and media establishment was sent into a full blown panic. That’s never happened before because we demonstrated power through numbers and unity. When entrenched elites fight back against you, it is because they feel threatened by something you have done.

The Jews were scared shitless.

Yes, they were. We’ve got to overcome a number of obstacles. In particular, we have to overcome digital no platforming. This was going on before Charlottesville. We had already been banned by Disqus, Donately, PayPal, Patreon and GoFundMe. It was always going to end this way.

You’re completely discounting the optics.

I believe optics has its place.

The torchlight parades, for example, are powerful. The marches are powerful. Obviously, the polos and khakis are better optics than Klan robes and swastika flags. Obviously, physical fitness is preferable to being out of shape. So I am not dismissing optics. There is massive room for improvement in that area. It’s just not the only thing.

Ethics are more important than optics. We need to appeal more to our people’s sense of right and wrong than what looks good. It is the former that really moves people to action. We need to rewire our morality. We’ve lost the moral sense of our ancestors because our culture has degenerated under liberal democracy. There is too much focus on aesthetics and not enough on ethics.

You’re against the US flag.

If you want to use the US flag, by all means use the US flag. Go have US flags rallies! It’s just unreasonable to expect everyone to use the US flag because of optics. There were people with US flags at the #UniteTheRight rally and I didn’t have the slightest problem with them.

What is optics cucking?

It is more accurately optics spiraling. I see it as a source of unnecessary division. We’ve dealt with it before. All it does is create polarization and reduce our numbers. Normies will drive by and honk their horns. They might even think you are a wholesome, good looking bunch of guys on television. The visual impression, however, isn’t going to change normie incentives and behavior though.

We should be signaling the normies with US flags.

I’ve encouraged the people who want to do this to try it. I don’t see how the experiment could hurt. If I am proven wrong, then so much the better. Frankly, I just don’t believe thousands of normies are going to respond to US flags based on the theory that it will be just like a Trump rally. The difference is that you will be labeled a “racist” and the same incentive structure will remain in place.

What do you propose?

We should continue to hold real world events: conferences, public rallies, private social events, cultural events, flash rallies, speaking engagements.

Flags are inappropriate and unnecessary at speaking engagements. These speaking engagements are also in gun free zones on college campuses, anyway. So much of this debate is making mountains out of molehills. The goal is to create a polarizing social media spectacle. Again, we want to attract the angry, alienated, disaffected and disillusioned and organize them into a cultural vanguard.

The establishment overreacted. I mean look at “Goy, Bye.”

#UniteTheRight really was the greatest triggering of all time. It exceeded my expectations. If it hadn’t been in the park in Charlottesville, there would have been no violence. The elites really dropped the mask and bore their fangs after Charlottesville which is good for us.

Just look at all the damage to our websites.

You’re calling for a revolution. The establishment is going to fight back. You need to accept that. We need to be making ourselves invulnerable to such attacks, anyway.

What do we do now?

Quite honestly, we should be rebuilding our sites on Alt-Tech infrastructure. I’m for more public rallies. The priority has to be on rebuilding for now though.

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  1. Excellent and well-thought-out article, Mr. Wallace. I myself agree with each of your points, 100%, and that’s kinda rare for me. I don’t think anyone else could have presented all of those points any better than you did.

    • I’m late to the party on this one, but agree 100% as well.

      “Antifas are our ambassadors to the normies…Instead of flattering normies, social and economic decline will create more disaffected people and a greater pool of potential converts to mobilize.”

      The centre is collapsing, as it did in Weimar Germany, and does anywhere else where political legitimacy is dying. As the collapse hastens, normies will be easier and easier to bring onside against Antifa (which just alienates them as you’ve pointed out).

      You know who’s shit scared? All those effete lefty profs at places like the UV who can foresee their cosy little world crumbling.

  2. Excellent. I’m posting my mass vote to say you’re wrong to tolerate NS flag though.

    That one guy with NS flag was loved by the MSM. Had he not been there, the narrative against Charlottesville wouldn’t have worked as well. That’s fact. He helped MSM, harmed you.

    The MSM was desperate to paint you as violent, bad, etc. And they’ve always loved painting those to the Left of Trotsky as “Nazis”. Thanks to lone NS flag guy, the MSM was able to convince Americans that there really are lots of Nazis about.

    A large portion of America believes that rally was misreported on. However, a large portion believes it was full of Nazis who attacked a black guy, drove a car into people.

    Luckily Antifa went berserk. You were really saved by the overreaction. Jews and elites freaked out. And that benefited you.

    *Never lose your calm* *Never panic or get angry* The elites panicked, got angry. So, they lost. Otherwise, you would have lost from Charlottesville.

    You won only because our opponents are inept.

    As you say, things are going to deteriorate in the US. So, whites will inevitably move to the ethno side regardless.

    You need to be sure that whites are drawn to you and not to the establishment white Al Sharpton. Because inevitably when identity politics really breaks out, there is a strategy to divide-conquer-control each side.

    The US used al Qaeda, it used ISIS, it even uses Nazis in the Ukraine. And the powers-that-be have used (MSM praising and propaganda) Antifa.

    So, the powers-that-be are willing to use radical, violent, shocking groups. And we need to be sure we are not dancing to Soros’s tune.

    Some guy who talks up wanting violence or likes to use dirty words is quite possibly working against the interests of whites. Just because someone is extreme doesn’t mean he’s legitimate.

    The joke tends to run that the Klan still exists, but 4 out of 5 of its members are FBI. And Soros has his money flowing too. Antifa likely infiltrates also, so it can make opponents look bad.

    Bill Lind’s 4th gen warfare book is a good thing to read.

    • Personally I much prefer contemporary nationalist flags. However, Hunter makes a very good point. We aren’t going to ”fool’ anybody by flying the American flag. At the same time, the normies who flee into our camp or are driven into our camp by the inevitable polarization aren’t going to care.

      My concern is not the ”nazi” connotation, it is the association with LARPing. I would advocate barring reinactors in uniform of every variety.

      • Sounds wise to me. A positive of appearing mainstream is there’s less damage economically. If a guy is walking about with an NS costume, his employer isn’t going to like that. Some won’t care about Confederate flags; most won’t mind American flags. But it’s tough to explain NS.

        Historically in Iceland, one couldn’t easily live independently without some land. One then was expected to just be a servant for an established farmer household. So, there’d be no family. Also, if one received public assistance, then one would need to ask special permission to marry.

        Basically: No children and no wife, unless one had accumulated some capital to raise them with.

        And in the US today, we have a roughly similar system, except that today adultery and childless sex is common today.

        My fear is young men aren’t going to reproduce if marching about shocking everyone. We need families, large families. That requires workers, preferably those who can get good jobs.

        Some here want a revolution. Well, I believe in taking care of the essentials first. And the first essential is young men need to earn enough income to raise families. We need a virtuous culture that enables them to raise their children protected from the corruption of general society, so that they have right values, marry well.

        If someone’s in his early 20s, maybe he has plenty of time. But when he gets to his late 20s and early 30s, marriage and children need to be the focus. For many professions, education and training, experience are necessary to build up a solid income. Women can find themselves sterile in their mid-30s, and mutations can begin arising from older parents.

        Those who become radicals requiring external funding are essentially relying on “normies”, who could then be stigmatised by any linkages to shocking symbols.

        The content is what matters most, not the shock. So, I’d prefer the values remained strong or even went further while the symbols moderated.

        I would argue there’s risk of people failing to realise that “this time *is* different”. .Because today we have the Internet. We can have an online movement with strong values and good jobs with many kids also. We can have it all. The pre-Internet era was akin to a different era. The era of tv and radio dominance was one of mass control. That era is broken.

        • This is the problem with the Stormers. Even being seen with them guarantees s you will lose your job at an event if your boss gets wind.

          Many of our guys are honest and hard working, and are far more valuable with their jobs than the spoiled suburban internet Nazis that Andrew Anglin is breeding, who will never hold a job because the are too autistic to understand when to keep their mouths shut.

          • Easy, lawsuites. Also, there is a reason Yvette Felarca didn’t get fired. They have usefull skills? There really needs to be nationalist-friendly companies anywhay.

            The Spergers might be autistic, loveshy virgins and race mixers but you (apparently) believe rally goers would not face lose their jobs without them.
            That is nearly as delusional as Anglins obsessive hate of White women for not giving Nice Guys like him the poontang he feels entitled to, just sayin´.

          • “Yeah, right.” You sound like a disinformatia agent from the Jewish press. You have no knowledge of the readership of Andrew Anglin’s site-especially now that it’s down.

            Take your bullshit and go somewhere else.

    • “Luckily Antifa went berserk. You were really saved by the overreaction. Jews and elites freaked out. And that benefited you.”

      Gee, I wonder how that happened?
      heretical. c om/miscella/glrswast. html
      Das rite, Lincoln Rockwell was right!

      • Yes, it’s a good argument in favour of those promoting reaction in Charlottesville (such as the fascist imagery in the fliers).

        However, wouldn’t a sea of Pepe the Frog flags create just as much reaction?

        You can have fun stoking reactions without using NS / fascist / Klan symbols.

        You could even goose step march or something silly while flying Pepe and wearing goggles to protect from blindness :p

        • I think that basic design the one holding it gave way to much of a nerdy, scrawny vib. LARING as Muuurica types would have been worst, tho. The Kekistan flag looks better and got attention because of that but somewhat high on the autism spectrum. Traditional Workers Party and Southern nationalist flags are decent but there could be better.

          What would have been good is something both contemporary and well-designed, show that serious efforts have been put on it.

          Still, you proove Lincoln Rockwell right, even more so than over half a century ago.

          Even going as far as to miss how ridiculously unprepared many were. Lauren Southern, who is a 21 YO Lolberg, have the sense to wear goggles and a helmet back in April. Such a spectatcle is way worst.

          • The genius of Kek is it highlights how others perceive ethnicity/”racism” where it doesn’t exist.

            Kek stands for nothing, yet ADL declared it a hate symbol. It’s hilarious.

            I need to check out the Traditional Workers Party. I used to talk about the potential of an American Workers Party several years ago, and I guess others did also. No need for such now that Trump ran though. Or at least, the potential is now reduced.

            My ideal was that if market wages were increased (and the Federal Reserve ended), the welfare state and warfare state could then be reduced.

            And a friend of mine noted how if reducing warfare state, great unemployment would be created. So, infrastructure would be necessary.

            My point: I’m not a “socialist”. However, if welfare policies keep voters happy, then they are better than losing elections.

          • I was just joking. The only “fascist” I’m even really familiar with is AK Chesterton. And he was more of a British imperialist who tried out the label “fascist”.

            Dr. Gottfried wrote a book explaining fascism, which I have.

            Some people admire Pinochet for rejecting the Communists in Chile. Many who admire fascism seem to admire primarily how it has repeatedly defended societies from communism. And as I’m sure you’re aware, communists have a tendency to start killing tens of millions of people, oppressing many others. So, it’s very bad.

            I’m a Southerner. I have no tradition like fascism to look to. Huey Long was admirable to the extent he seemed to be “trying to prevent socialism”, but he was certainly no fascist.

      • ” That is nearly as delusional as Anglin’s obsessive hate of White women…..”.

        Women are not rational creatures. They belong to the male that birthed them, or the husband that wed them. In short, the very chattels they revolt against being called!

        This bullshit of equal rights, and women having the intellectual capacity to deal with the greater issues of life, is really what pisses you off about Andrew Anglin -and the fact that his website was far more popular than almost any other website on the Internet today: both points being tacit confirmation that he is correct -and that the biblical statutes of female submission to male headship…. are correct as well.

        Which is why (((they))) had to make his website come down, because the Jewish lies of the last hundred years were being demolished at the very point at which it had its weakest link:, the ‘weaker vessel.’ When White Men begin to realize that women are their helpmeets, and not their equals, the Jewish lies cannot stand the light of day.

        And Andrew Anglin has vowed that his website will be back, no matter how much people like you whine about it.

    • ” Jews and elites freaked out.”

      The NEED to be freaked out-they are not Americans! They need to go-by any means necessary.

      Don’t you recall every single leftist Hollywood bullshitter signaling “we’re going to leave the country and go to Canada if Trump was elected”? Then why the hell haven’t they left?!!

      Good riddance -get the hell out of my White Nation- God doesn’t want you here, and neither do I!

      “And that benefited you.”

      Then let’s capitalize on that benefiting, and never ever let down again, until all of the “Amalek” has been driven into the sea.

  3. Ditto to the above comment!

    I especially liked sentence,

    “We’ve lost the moral sense of our ancestors because our culture has degenerated under liberal democracy,”

    So true! So true! So true!

    I’m a life-long New Englander who knows blood and soil as a New Englander!

    New England Cultural Marxism is a whole different story!

    God bless!

  4. We tried that in Charlottesville.

    Yes, we did. The entire political, corporate and media establishment was sent into a full blown panic. That’s never happened before because we demonstrated power through numbers and unity. When entrenched elites fight back against you, it is because they feel threatened by something you have done.

    So on target. The establishment isn’t losing their minds over this for no reason. Charlottesville was a massive net win for us.

  5. Only thing I disagree on is the US flag. The left hates it and it serves as a trigger to #Antifa and the left in general. It is a symbol of American nationalism. The left likes to burn it and desecrate it. No better optic than that. Fox, Tucker Carlson and normies will eat it up.

    • The Left has hated the flag openly for about 20 years, and has been desecrating, burning, and removing it for about 10 years.

      Aside from standard griping, very little has changed among the normie population.

      • Still a symbol of white/European nationalism, though. The enemy certainly doesn’t use it. The people attacking Trump rallies, for example, had Mexican flags. They know the score.

        • It depends on what segment of The Enemy you’re referring to. The straight-up Bolsheviks don’t use it, but the more sneaky cuckservatives and Neo-Con Kikes have turned it into a symbol that represents multiculturalism, magic dirt, and sending your sons to fight and die in East Muhdikistan.

  6. The issue is t so much that a Swastika shows up at a rally, it’s that no one asked the guy for an ID. No one trailed him back to a vehicle.

      • I don’t have any confidence in Nazis. Normies at least tend to be moral, even if that manifests as overly compassionate. Nazis, are vicious predators and will need to be put down like rabid animals right after the Antifa are.

        • “No stooge of Hitler” – no Rockwell wasn’t – he honored Hitler for his leadership and political genius – you need to study your subjects more before you shoot your mouth off – Rockwell, named his party straight up: American Nazi Party, Stormtroopers, Swastika flag, confronted Reds and Niggers, esp in Chicago, received over 7000 votes when he ran for governor of VA on his first try.

        • I read his book and if I remember correctly he pushed the Nazi flag mostly because it was the only way he could shock people to get any press.

  7. How about Anglin keeps his beak outta Southern Nationalist business? He’s an utter hypocrite and a drugged up loser who always has to start some kinda drama just when everyone was trying to get along.

    • I have been following Andrew Anglin and the date of the Stormer on the darkweb and on gab ( which he was just banned from apparently).

      The guy, and many of his minions are becoming a liability we can’t afford anymore. Anglin is self centered, myopic and autistic. His bullshit is an albatross around our neck, and he needs to be blackballed.

      They are the ones doing the Roman salute and carrying white Sharia banners (who the hell besides a sperg would think that meme was a good idea anyhow?). Those guys, need to be put in their place, physically if needs be.

      Put it this way, I won’t stand in any battle line that includes them, as they are doing our enemies work for them. I will never tolerate people that ridicule the sacrifice of my family. My grandfather taught me why he hated Nazis, and told me stories of the things he saw in the war. They, are not our allies.

      Given the one bullet to shoot a Nazi or a Bolshevik, I would put the Bolshevik in front of the Nazi and hope the bullet went through both.

  8. Good article, well reasoned and well written. Can’t say I disagree with any of it. I think the US flag is m ore useful as a symbol than you do, but that’s a minor point. We can be flexible enough on a local, regional basis that the flag issue should not divide us in our pursuit of the goals: WHITE UNITY, WHITE SURVIVAL. WHITE VICTORY.

    • @Tommy: Not good for the sheenies or the shitlibs, you mean. Come on man, take your balls out of your wife’s purse.

      May I propose a compromise: Instead of displaying the “controversial” Rebel battle flag, how about using the Stars and Bars instead? You know, the CSA national flag with the seven stars in a circle, the two red stripes and single white stripe in the middle? Only an historically literate person would recognize that flag as being Confederate in origin. And historically literate people tend to be a lot more civilized and less prone to childish tantrums than your average shit-lib.

      • @Spahnranch1969… I love my people, my culture, and my heritage.. my ancestors fought against Nazis, and I have no admiration for any totalitarian style of government. Optics mean everything, and any association with Nazis will never bring people to our side.

        Many people have issues with the negro destroying their communities. This is good for us. Flying swastikas and doing Nazi Salutes will just turn away Americans though. As well as the anti-jewish rhetoric. Most people don’t see the jews as a threat, and just think it’s ridiculous when people say things against jews… myself included.. say what you will but the jews aren’t selling heroin to white communities, the jews aren’t burning and looting white businesses…the jews arent out killing whites because their white, the jews arent making neighborhoods unsafe to walk through…you get the point.

        • Jews are the vermin that brought us to where we are right now.

          You think negroes managed to “empower” themselves?

          And no, Jews are not White.

          • They really are that, Marcus. Unfortunately, Tommy and way too many other whiteys are naive enough to believe that the horrible state of matters was brought on us without the help from the eternal – and victorious – (((sufferers))).

        • Jews are less obvious. However, I would point out that significant numbers of Jews appear to be turning more-pro-white, in both Europe and the US.

          The reason LoS etc. focus so on Jews is they get attacked by Jews constantly in the media and by institutions like ADL, SPLC. And Soros funds so many anti-white groups. Zuckerberg.

          Also, if you look at who the faux-conservative leaders are: Often Jews. Not only Neocons but also people like Frank Meyer who suckered traditional conservatives into libertarianism (fusionism).

          Sam Francis once wrote out a list:

          “Searching for such forces that help animate the managerial-therapeutic state’s
          war on Western culture, we should extend our inquiries to other religious and
          ethnic formations besides those of Protestants. If we are looking for the sources of
          the collective consciousness of “sins” such as “racism,” “sexism,” etc. and the
          systematic, politically enforced reconfiguration of American society, then the
          Jewish role in promoting racial egalitarianism, promoting feminism and
          subverting male social roles, instilling collective guilt, promoting mass
          immigration, and pushing multiculturalism (through Franz Boas and his disciples
          in anthropology, the civil rights movement, Freudian psychoanalysis, the
          Frankfurt School, any number of Marxist and New Left movements, Jewish
          feminist ideologues like Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and Susan Sontag, proimmigration
          lobbying by Jewish “public interest” groups and individual political
          figures, and the major architect of multiculturalism, Horace Kallen, not to mention
          the largely Jewish “neo-conservatism” of recent years) can hardly be ignored.
          Gottfried, however, does ignore it almost entirely, though he gives a casual and not
          very complimentary nod to Kevin MacDonald’s work, which he characterizes in
          a footnote as “methodologically uneven but occasionally illuminating.” (p. 42, n.
          5; and see also p. 15, n. 21) In short, even if we grant, as Gottfried seems to think,
          that the managerial elite has no inherent tendency to wage war on traditional
          Western institutions and values and even if we resort to extraneous forces such as
          religious and theological movements, there are any number of such forces present
          in modern society that are at least as plausible as the “liberal Protestantism”
          Gottfried accuses.”

          As you say though, one can’t expect most Americans to understand these things. Because they aren’t on the ground, have limited experiences.

          I prefer to blame whites anyway, because our society and culture have been so weak as to be easily harmed. Blaming another is weakness. One should always blame himself, take responsibility, and strive to overcome the challenge.

          • Dear Weavert, I wouldn’t buy into their change of mind into pro-white. If they do such a thing, there must be a (((tribal))) strategic reason behind. This “patriot” phenomenon is nowadays apparent in my former homeland, Poland (I live in Sweden), where the officially non-existent Jews have put themselves into patriotic shoes much bigger than the shoes of ethnic/Slavic Poles, not only in the mass media but also in the government and the parliament. Those Poles whonowadays shout themselves hoarse in the streets are either useful idiots/Catholic zionists or paid Muslim-haters.

            The reason behind the performances in Poland might be a need of a reserve country for Jews, i.e. a land that is not crowded with Muslims. There however might also be a deeper reason: the by the tribe never fading ambition to divide white people. The soo “patriotic” government of Poland is about to demand war reparations from Germany. Naturally, the authorities, media – and Church – in Poland are fervently anti-Russian and very pro the Ukrainian regime. The “love” for Ukrainians however is unrequited, probably because the globalist propaganda in Ukraine is particularly anti-Polish, as it contains territorial demands on Poland. This fact has not hindered Poland’s “patriotic” government Beata Szydlo from letting in more than two million people from Ukraine within barely two years’ time. As most of them seem to be ordinary people who want to work for a better life, it sounds good, anyway if compared to immigrants from MENA. But it sounds less patriotic regarding that employers get a considerable tax reduction for appointing Ukrainians.

        • “my ancestors fought against Nazis,”

          How did that work out for the future of their country and whatever ideals they fought for? The Poles and Russians had valid reasons for doing so, westerners do not!

          The funny thing is, ones such as yourself is why Lincoln Rockwell decided to use the Swastika more than half a century ago, his only mistake is not making an elaborate, aesthetical American one.

          • I don’t know much about the man, but I suspect his primary mistake was the mass media owned us. And none may resist the mass media.

            With the Internet here, everything is different.

            There are other factors, but I believe the mass media is most important, or at least the most important variable that has changed.

            It’s tempting to condemn our recent ancestors, but I fear none may resist the mass media. Or at least, individualistic capitalist sheep may not resist it. Defenceless. Resistance is futile.

          • And how many non Jewish Christian poles and Russians did the Nazis murder in their conquest?

            The concentration camps and Jew gassing wasn’t even known by the average GI until near the end of the war. They fought for decency’s sake, which the Nazis lacked, and lack still.

            Reducing the second world war to all about Jews is as inane as reducing the civil war to all about negros. You really won’t gain any sympathy by shitting on our ancestors.

          • @Yeah Right

            What is this mythical “gassing” you speak of?

            And do you have proof as to this alleged “gassing” in rickety wooden shower rooms?

            Does it have the same source as the Jew claiming that blood was gushing in fountains from the ground at a concentration camp?

          • @marcus Cicero, my grandfather didn’t care one way or the other about the Jews. He cared about the millions of Christian WHITES murdered by the Nazis.

            In like fashion, I couldn’t care less even if hitler did gas them. My concern is for our people.

            You should address the issue instead of dodging it. The Nazis carry a lot more baggage than just the Holocaust.

          • The issue has been discussed more than enough times by multiple figures on this website in both humorous and academic tones (I personally think that trying to carbon copy NS won’t ever work).

            And on a serious note:

            You’ve mentioned your grandfather fighting “muh evil Nazis” like six million times already – it’s getting old and slightly annoying.

            Funny enough, my grandfather on my mother’s side fought on the German side (my dad’s dad fought for America in the Pacific Theater), and said more than once that Adolf Hitler was a genius-type man that comes only once every thousand years or so (mistakes were made, but whatever).

          • And on the subject of WW2 while we’re on it:

            Britain and France were the ones who started the war, Poland was acting retarded and insane in the run-up to the German invasion, and without the Germans, you would have had Communism march through the West in the early 1940’s at the latest.

          • To those fools that cite alleged German atrocities and murder of Jews, the whole Holohoax was exposed in a 1985 trial in Canada when the government brought charges against Ernst Zundel for his publications exposing the “holocaust” lie. The trial went on for about two months and the Jews and their “experts”were exposed for the liars they were and are. That trial transcript should be required reading. The “survivors” and the “experts” admitted under cross examination by the brilliant Doug Christie that they had lied, distorted and omitted information – AND THAT NO OFFICIAL REPORT OR INVESTIGATION EVER FOUND ANY GAS CHAMBER AT ANY GERMAN CAMP. The defense witnesses were awesome – a chemical engineer, researchers – even soldiers who were at the “liberated” camps who saw no evidence of any exterminations.

        • I second Tommy on his sentiment. My grandfather fought the Nazis, and told me why. I will not bow to any man unless he holds a cross and wears the cloth.

          Nazis, will never be allowed to rule this movement, I have more faith in our people than that.

          Tommy never made excuses for Jews. But thinking all problems originate with Jews is myopic and reductionist. You owe yourself and the movement more rigorous thought on the matter.

          • I’ll take you up on your offer, because I don’t believe you’re serious anyway.

            ” I will not bow to any man unless he holds a cross and wears the cloth. ”

            Your comments (all on this one post) sound as if they were meant to divide and dissuade people from hearing the truth. I don’t believe you are who you say you are. You actually sound very much like Grima Wormtongue, or the American Jews -who demonized German-Americans, both in World War I and World War II.

            My dad fought in World War II also, but he wouldn’t go over to Germany because his ancestors were German. Hitler was “man of the year” in 1939 onTime magazine.

            Who are you to determine his eternal fate, or judge Andrew Anglin? Let the man’s future actions determine his future fate. Because it’s only Jews and leftists who are their lap dogs, who would want to just destroy the First Amendment, rather than allow one man to air his opinions.

  9. Charlottesville was the Alt-Right coming out party and there were some very bad first impressions which is not a good thing because then you send all your time trying to undo what can’t be undone. The only fault of the Alt-Right was being young and naive and thinking the powers that be would allow you to control the optics. You were sloppy and you’re being made to pay. Either you clean it up and tighten the ship or you will fail. Optics are everything! Most normies aren’t very intelligent and are programmable. Go look at a group of people watching a television set if you don’t think so.
    A simple clear message is needed. The optics provided at Charlottesville did nothing but confuse people and the mainstream media then only needed to step in and tell them what they saw and repeat it over and over and over again.
    A simple clear message along with;
    One Flag.
    One Anthem.
    One People.

    • > Muh optics!

      The only really bad optic was not being prepared for a serious confrontation, not throwing tons of yellow paint balls at the antifa filth!

    • One Lord, one faith, one baptism him. The flipside of your coin. And the only solution to the Jewish problem. The.Only. Solution.

  10. I am listening to Kevin McDonald right now about the Charlottesville rally. He has what I think is a good idea. Namely, small rallies in small towns across rural America where more people would be on our side. Remember, the enemy has all the power when planning. A good lesson from SCUBA diving I learned very long ago and it works for everything you do ‘Plan your dive, dive your plan’. It is applicable to everything.
    One Flag.
    One Anthem.
    One People.

    • Dr. MacDonald is a great man, but I’m grumpy at him over posting an unpleasant WWII war support fact about the South recently on twitter… Some facts, should not be shown!

      I assume we wanted to join the war in part, bc so many were British descended then in the South. But that’s speculation.

  11. Someone needs to work, to send in donations :p

    Donors don’t want to be stigmatised by NS/fascist symbols.

    The AltRight seemed to be a happy, unified group, until shocking symbols arose. It’s a shame how the little twitter group split up over one guy with a flag and some others doing the salute.

    The weakness of the Right is always that we divide, because we care about things. The Left readily unites, because it’s universal.

  12. Hunter – great article but I’m going to zero in and focus on this one section:

    How do you propose to win over the normies?

    Antifas are our ambassadors to the normies. Fear and loathing of living under a communist, socialist or anarchist government is our most compelling argument.

    Self-help guru Anthony Robbins makes the point that we make life changes only when we reach our “pain threshold”. For example – the alcoholic finally decides that he has to quit alcohol when his wife has left him, he’s lost his job, and he’s living under a bridge. Thus in order to make changes, focus on the pain of not making the change and elevate that threshold.

    With normies – we must focus on the “severe pain” that’s in their future if they don’t acknowledge what’s happening. And we must make it simple – no need to even talk about Nationalism, etc.

    1) Don’t call our opposition “the Left” – that’s white-washing what they are – they are Bolsheviks.

    2) Start enlightening your readers on the history of the Bolsheviks in Russia – why they took over, what they did to the common Russian (unbelievable tortures, massacres, etc.). The target was the White Gentile (Christian) Russian. Highlight Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s 2nd book “Two Hundred Years Together” – this is the one that nobody would publish in English – what he said about how the Bolsheviks hated the Russians with a fiery passion, etc.

    3) Then explain the links between the Bolsheviks in Russia to the Bolsheviks in America today.

    – For example – compare the Antifa logo from early 1930s Germany – the similarities to the current logo are obvious. Explain that Antifa in Germany was the armed group of the Communists that were trying to take Germany down. The German Communists were closely allied with the Bolsheviks in Russia.

    – Another example – the Bolsheviks outlawed “anti-Semitism” under penalty of death. They have done it to a lighter degree in Europe via the “Holocaust Denial laws” and the “Hate Speech laws” – and they have been trying it here – in 2009 they attempted to get a law passed against “Hate Speech” but it failed. They have tried passing similar laws to imprison people for being critical of Israel, etc.

    – Another example – the Christian churches were burned / destroyed. Christianity was attacked and forbidden. Slowly here in the U.S. Christian symbols have been removed from schools and public areas. Christians are denigrated as well.

    – Another example – torture. The normie says oh they wouldn’t do that. Well starting with the “war on terror” we justified torturing prisoners – totally against the Geneva Convention agreement. Then Obama signed the Exec order allowing the to govt to kill Americans who are “deemed terrorists”. So the taboos against torture and executing citizens has been removed.

    – Another example and this is dicey because it addresses the JQ – the Jews were in the top echelon of the Bolshevik movement. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said it in his second book which they refused to publish in English – and Putin said it publicly to the Jews a couple of years ago – that 85% of the original Soviet govt was all Jews.

    Then use the CNN and NYT memes that have been circulating on Twitter which show that the top echelon are all Jews. Same for Federal Reserve. 30% of the Supreme Court are Jews (even though 2% of the population). Same for Treasury Secretary – almost always a Jew.

    Again – this could be problematic so it can be used only if the normie appears to be “open”.

    4) Make it clear that this Bolshevik movement has been in the background for decades and encompasses Antifa, Academia, both Democrat and GOP politicians (all are bought off by Soros and others), and some of the corporations like Google, Apple, etc. So there is one enemy – the Bolsheviks.

    The bottom line is that the normie must understand that there is one enemy – the Bolsheviks – and that, based on past performance / history – they will, upon attaining absolute power, imprison us, and execute us. That is the normie’s dark future – not a comfortable, quiet retirement with little stress.

    • It’s a great idea in theory, but the vast majority of Protestantized American dumbbells, do not consider Holy Orthodoxy… to be Christianity!

      Neither, sadly, has all of the propaganda of the cult of Rome (over the last 1500 years) been favorable to Orthodoxy, either!!

      Even I (who consider myself to be Orthodox Christian), am not a Byzantine-because I refused to be baptized into being either a Greek or Russian, merely to be the Catholic Christian I already was, prior to my reception into Orthodoxy!

      But you are correct 120%, in acknowledging the fact that the Russian Orthodox people suffered the greatest at the hands of the Christ-killing Jews, during the Bolshevik reign of terror-because they did.

      And their witness should be enough of a historical reality, to anger white Americans enough, to stand up to this Jewish menace.

      But Americans are so “at ease in Zion” that their gross obesity, their lackadaisical immorality, their football idolatry, and their pop culture liturgies, have a rendered them ripe for judgment at the hands of the Almighty.

      I truly believe this is what is happening in the United States-we were given the chance- as was Donald Trump, to be a Cyrus for this people, and we were given to understand that this change of order, was to route out of the evil ungodly in our midst.

      Sadly, we have not even begun to do that, and the rallies that Trump has engaged in, are merely to assuage his ego, because he cannot -or will not purge effectively, the evil Democrats from his administration. And he is allowing Jared Kushner-one of the most rabid Christ-hating people on the planet, to be his “advisor” -and his whoring heretical daughter to be even allowed access to her father, indicates that we are under the curse of God.

      We are entering into an era of war, and only the blood of battle will cleanse this land from the evil that we have engaged in, for almost a century. The Bible is clear on this. We used to sayof our nation, “No king, but King Jesus.” Well, we have been liars… for at least 100 years.

      May God have mercy on his faithful. And drive to death the faithless Jews, the abominable sodomites, and the heretical liberals – all who think they can find salvation, via politics.

  13. Southern secessionists should fly the Stars and Bars more often as an alternative to the “controversial” Rebel battle flag. Us pro-German types can fly the Imperial German flag of WWI as an alternative to the dreaded Hakenkreuz flag. It will convey the same general message without any upsetting the precious normies.

    And no more white polo shirts with khakis. From now on it’s olive green or black combat fatigues.

    • Black looks like crap. It’s the color of Antifa, for one thing, and it automatically makes you look like a ninja wannabe, for another. Whatever you pick, I’d suggest skipping the black.

  14. Addendum to the Bolshevik comments …

    It’s important to not label our opposition as simply “Communists” – otherwise it does two things:

    1) It dilutes the target by evoking images of the Chinese, the Cubans, the Cambodians, etc.

    2) It makes us appear as Cold War throw-backs that fear a Communist hiding under every bed.

    Our enemy is very much descendant from the Bolsheviks – same ideology and objectives, same race, same “religion”.

  15. George Lincoln Rockwell was popularizing the NS flag and symbol – so it can be done. I mean, if Jew propaganda can cause a significant portion of the White population to become homosexual, love their displacement, adopt Pickaninneys, etc then they can learn to view the Swastika as a symbol of their revival. A movement has to be strong and masculine for the womanish masses – Jared Taylor’s ridiculous suggestion of not defending oneself – not even having shields – shows how out of touch he is – the normies would not have any sympathy.. Antifa and Niggers would have murdered the demonstrators. The only criticism is that the demonstrators should have been prepared with the appropriate means to strike back and defend themselves. Suggestion: bear spray in a back pack with a hose to the operator – very powerful.

  16. Nothing wrong with the Swastika – most of the WWII goobs have died off, or may as well be dead – nothing but their Nigger grandchirren to bury them.

    • My grandfather was a good man, and did his duty as best he knew how. He certainly never fathered bastard children by colored women.

      How can you pretend to love your people when you shit on their sacrifice. What the hell is going through your head?.

      • YeahRight: WWII goobs sat on their collective asses while MLK and the Reds began this ongoing Communist revolution – which is closing in for the kill now – they were uninspired draftees. Unlike Confederate veterans or the German veterans of WWI, they did not rise up, organize or do any damn thing other than maybe sit around the VFW swilling beer.

      • Not at all convinced that you aren’t a Hasbara troll; however, assuming that you’re telling the truth about Gramps, I’ve got to tell you that it’s time for you to realize that Gramps and millions of other white Europeans were duped by the Jews. Instead of relying upon the Jew MSM, go read some history about the two World Wars.

  17. The ignorant, historically illiterate rabble don’t know this but the Swazi and the Fasces symbols were very popular in America from the late 1800s up until WWII. The Roman salute was also widely used in many schools instead of the hand over the heart gesture when pledging allegiance to the US flag. America was a mildly Fascist country in the early 1900s. Even the Fuhrer acknowledged this fact.

  18. Hunter,

    First of all thank you for being a cool head in a chaotic situation.

    Second, I agree with 99% of this article.

    Lastly, regarding “But, the Nazis have to go”.

    I agree that regardless we are all going to be called Nazis by the media and antifa. We aren’t after their approval.

    There are though a shitload of patriots, who know who our enemies are and hate the left who are not “normies”. Alot of these guys are from military families, with family that fought the Nazis and have no fondness for the ugly shit they did to civilians and anybody they conquered. In short, Nazis and people that LARP as Nazis are not our allies.

    I know this to be true, because I am one of these people. And my family is FROM pike county Ky. We, not the Nazis are the base of this movement. Don’t forget it.

    Most of these “Nazis” are teenaged and or autistic spergs who spend too much time on the Daily Stormer bbs and think that’s white nationalism. Most of those are disaffected suburban brats who bitch more than they work because they seig heil Everytime they see a black person or anybody with a big nose.

    In short, there are way more of us than them, and our quality is far in excess of theirs.

    Shoot for the honest working class white, and discourage the outliers, and you will guarantee a sound movement.

    Can’t hurt if they are Christian either, which means, not a Nazi.

    Overall, thanks for the wall of text. I will need to read it a couple times to get all the goodies.

    • Nazi’s were the most civilized of WWII, they almost killed Communism – Americanism saved Communism. WWII goobs did nothing to fight the Red movement in this country – just draftees who survived, not worth any praise. Only National Socialist ideals will save the White people, not “Americanism”.

      • OK, there are more choices than just those two.

        I agree that the US and Britain should not have gotten involved. But my reasoning is different. I don’t see NS the same as you do.

        I hate Communism though. I hate the French Revolution and most of the Enlightenment ideals.]

        A nice positive about America is we have the Bill of Rights. And our political traditions shouldn’t be imperial. So, there’s the potential for a sort of Americanism that is very different. (Eg. if Pat Buchanan had won in ’92 and ’96.)

      • Korean War, Vietnam and every engagement in the cold war we’re proxies if us versus the Communists.

        We are getting ready to nuke North Korea because our country still hates Communists.

        National Socialism led it’s people to a horrible defeat. They earned their fate, same as the Daily Stormer and all the internet Nazis that are getting pushed to the fringe of the movement. Too much, too fast and with no regard for morality or consequences. That is the legacy of National Socialism.

        • YeahRight: Are you really that dumb (I think so) or just ignorant ? The USA has NEVER hated Communism (the people in charge and a high percentage of the Sheeple). Post WWII has just been turf wars for economic advantage, two hyenas fighting over the kill. National Socialism saved Germany from a genocidal purge when the Communist attempted to take over and freed Germany from the Versailles diktat and rebuilt its freedom and dignity – by doing one important thing – naming the Jew as their enemy and acting accordingly. Your Conservacuck crap will go no where, no one will respond to it because it has no message – must so much bourgeois happy clappy.Your type is proud of the genocide perpetrated on the Germanic peoples in the name of “Americanism” and “Democ-racy”. But there are a lot of you – so I would wager that ‘Murica is doomed.At any rate, the Left has no problems with Commies, Commie flags and all the rest. Think about it.

          • You should link to this book:

            Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists

            by Antony C. Sutton

            However, there’s a similar book for Germany.

        • The US conflict with NK isn’t as it appears. But after you’ve had others battling you recently here, I’m not sure you’re receptive to my argument.

          China wants NK as a buffer state to prevent the US from having bases on its border. And the US wants to justify putting defensive systems in SK, to guard against an attack from China.

          The peace solution would be for the US to help SK and Japan build up their own defences, end the America-Last trade deals we bribe those two polities with, and then remove our own troops.

          Both SK and Japan should be allowed to own nukes. And, once we’ve left the area, China then would probably be more open to a unified Korea.

          Remember, a very large number of Koreans were killed in the Korean War. So, NK doesn’t simply hate the US “for our freedoms”. However, it seems to desire nukes largely to prevent a regime change. When Libya gave up its WMD, regime change followed. When Syria gave up its WMD, the push for regime change continued.

          So, the US has been teaching the wrong lessons.

          I’m generally a “noninterventionist”, but I would support an intervention if a legitimate threat to the US ever arose, which of course will never happen.

          • “…The peace solution would be for the US to help SK and Japan build up their own defences, end the America-Last trade deals we bribe those two polities with, and then remove our own troops…”

            I agree with this a great deal. Asian countries need to pay for their own defense. Why are we still in Korea? We should throw a peace treaty recognizing North Korean over the wall at the border and go home.

    • @YeahRight: Your wife just called. She wants to you to pick up her black son from basketball practice this afternoon.

  19. Although retreating to a rural area to avoid nonWhite violence, be self-sufficient, and live a more rich life surrounded by people who believe as you do is a good thing (especially if you’re doxed).

    • Kevin MacDonald is an academic, not exactly at the front of the cultural vanguard about which Hunter Wallace was writing, Mr. Nearly Everyone.

  20. Mr. Wallace, I agree on your position about the normies. Every morning, while in cardiac therapy, they have fox news on. Normies are seeing the fight at Charlottesville over and over again showing our Black Cross flags yet no one is asking “who are those guys?”. Anyway, bypass normies, they are too propagandized into Neo-Con wars, fake economic news and double-mindedness on religious and social issues. Stick with and consolidate the awoke youth.

    As far as flags go, old gory represents everything we’re not.

    • That is their damn flag, not mine. And it represents one unconstitutional illegal war after another. God knows how many white 21 year old boys got hurt or killed fighting so this shit government could order everybody around, liberty and freedom; my ass.

  21. The kids are the future, and I believe that they are being reached, at least to some degree. In my local area, St Louis, a private school has gotten in trouble when some of the students posted ‘racist’ comments online. I didn’t know they had it in them! I don’t know what they said exactly, but the usual crap asses are complaining about lack of tolerance, so they must be on some path of being realistic about race.

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