#UniteTheRight: What Went Wrong?

I’ve been mulling this over since August 12th.

The only failure at #UniteTheRight was the policing. If it hadn’t been for the police breakdown, everything would have gone according to plan. The Antifas would have been cleared at the Jefferson monument. We would have had a massive peaceful rally with safe entry and exit.

Just watch the livestream below. The violence was caused by the police breakdown. You can see the police standing around and doing nothing while Antifa blockade the event, bombard Lee Park with projectiles and attack people trying to enter the rally. There are no barricades. There’s not even an attempt to separate the two sides. Instead, the police stand behind the barricades.

The vast majority of our people enter Lee Park and begin socializing. The shield wall takes up a defensive position at the entrances to Lee Park. This was due to the failure of the police to enforce a neutral barrier. You can also see the shield wall race into the crowd to rescue people who are attacked. #UniteTheRight protesters actually show little interest in engaging with the Antifa.

I’ve been to dozens of events and have never seen anything resembling the policing on display in the video below. It is incomprehensible. Everywhere else I have been the police established and enforced a neutral barrier. It makes even less sense when you consider the fact that the Department of Homeland Security warned McAuliffe and Charlottesville about the potential for violence.

There’s no way this was an accident. The fact that the police pushed the #UniteTheRight protesters directly into the crowd of Antifa shows that they were encouraging violence. What were their orders?

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  1. “What went wrong” is that the organizers believed the gubmint vermin. The Jew Mayor, The Black Panther House Slave mayor, the commie Chief of Da Po Po – do your research, in the future, when choosing a venue.

    I actually don’t think it “went wrong”. This was a real battle. The injured fellows have suffered battle wounds. Cantwell is suffering tyrannical persecution. Fields – he’s mental, right? God help him. Hopefully these guys will be released and vindicated. The resulting national media kerfuffle, whilst initially dismaying and infuriating, is yielding all kind of lovely un-intended consequences. The “success” of the Antifag VERMIN in Charlottesville gave these morons the signal to attack Normie MAGA/Free Speech Murkin types in Boston, Berkeley, etc. Hell is breaking loose. Normies errr….don’t like them. The Antifa freaks are now getting denounced publicly. The Nation is dealing with the fall-out of Harvey, which will have far reaching economic consequences, so no one is in the mood for the Antifa commie psychos.

    Things are going just fine! We must keep pushing pushing PUSHING. We will win!

    FYI – I was sitting in Chicongo’s O’Hare airport for hours, waiting for a connecting flight. I was watching the reports of the battle on C’ville, and lamenting that I wasn’t there. Has I been there, I’m certain I would have been injured, and sitting in a jail cell now. I’m just sayin’……

    • No, Denise, Fields was not ‘mental.’ Most of us are ‘mental.’

      He was allegedly schizophrenic, a real brain disease hallmarked by psychosis, itself a distinct state defined by material delusions and/or (usually) auditory hallucinations.

      Absolutely nothing about his behavior correlates with schizophrenia. Nothing about the incident correlates with reality.

      The car crash was a psy op. The police stood down not just to mess up the rally, but to contextualize the crash so as to make it ‘believable’ by all the normies-among-the-mentals who can’t give up their authoritarian belief system to countenance the obvious.

      Jewgle James Fields and mental illness, etc. and see how young defiant young white men are all teetering on the edge of ‘schizophrenia’ and homicidality. ‘Pre-crime’ intervention is upon us.

      • Onceler – I know. Labeling defiant Whites as “mentally ill/schizo” etc has been a Jew practice for some time. I know very little about Fields. I am actually very worried for his well-being. Cantwell as at least been able to give interviews. There hasn’t been a peep from Fields, or his family members.

        • I feel bad about Field’s Dodge Challenger getting hit by that huge worthless blob. I hope it can be repaired!

          • I find the whole situation massively depressing. Heather Heyer was an obviously brainwashed product of the ‘public education’ system and (((media))), and Fields himself is half Juden


    BLM and ANTIFA have the protection of corrupt governments and corrupt law enforcement but their victims, WHITE peaceful ralley goers, DO NOT HAVE THAT PROTECTION.

  3. Brad, the organizers of UTR should have known that our anti-White police are trained by the Israelis to treat all suspected ‘White Supremacists’ (i.e., White Americans exercising their Constitutional rights) EXACTLY LIKE how the IDF terrorists treat the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. It is brutal, it is horrible, it is a massive violation of our rights, IT IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL, AND (((THEY))) WILL NEVER CARE NOR EVER STOP as long as they can get away with it.

    The consequences of this rally was huge. Stormfront and the Daily Stormer were shut down, and God knows how many Confederate statues were quietly removed (is ANYONE keeping track? Does anyone care?!)

    • Should’ve written “consequences of this rally WERE huge.” I hate this commenting system. Oh, and relying on the (((ACLU))) for legal filings on our behalf was not, in my opinion, the most intelligent move.

      • P.S. I was able to go to bed with a smile on my face after hearing that Gary Cohn was pissed off and about to resign after hearing about the ‘Jews will not replace us’ chants. THE RALLY WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT, just to make Gary Cohn mad. God bless you guys.

  4. What went wrong is YOU LET SPENCER AND KESSLER RUN THE WHOLE DAMN THING. They are the BAD NEWS BEARS of the alt-right.

    HW, next time YOU are going to be in charge, since you are the only fellow whose head is screwed on properly.

  5. I agree with Denise and Spahn. Being an anti-White Duginist, Richard Spencer doesn’t seem to care how many Confederate statues are removed/destroyed (the most horrific outcome of the rally) and the long-term consequences of his actions. He seems incredibly narcissistic, disorganized, unintelligent and only interested in his next mainstream media interview. He’s toxic.

    • Okay, perhaps not toxic, but I’ve read all of Dugin’s writings and a lot of the Eurasianist stuff, and it’s *virulently* anti-White. NOT good.

  6. Those white nignogs in the footage are a fucken disgrace. They should be roasted in an oven to make them black. They have no right to wear white skin.
    I hope lawyers have been consulted by now. A class action against the ferals and feral pigs is whats needed. Sue them to death, and organize far more rallies. We won’t be defeated. Our civil rights were violated.

    • ” A class action against the ferals and feral pigs is whats needed. Sue them to death, and organize far more rallies. ”

      I would concur. Sadly, because (((they))) have ruined everything in our native land ( never theirs) we are reduced to the ‘Zundeling’ of the Kikes in Court.

      But this time, Truth is the ONLY defense!

      • The jewdicial system will NEVER rule in our favor.
        Luckily, the pen is NOT mightier than the sword.

  7. I’m absolutely terrified our (((government))) will destroy our movement by lawfare, subversion or gunpoint. (((Their))) goal is a new South Africa, with a cowed and beaten minority white population amongst a hostile nonwhite majority, with all the Jew rats stripping America of its final wealth and fleeing to Israel. WE MUST GET SMARTER.

    • Goy Goddess,
      Yes, South Africa-and Zimbarbaric- are presenting as barometers of what our predicament will be in 20, 30 or 40 years time (depending on which nations fall first) if we, ahem, continue to be progressive and all – embracing. With non whites as the majority, what could possibly go wrong?
      People like us are the only ones who can foresee whats coming.

      • @John – I’m convinced that the reason Whites in America are killing themselves in such astronomical numbers, with opioids and whatnot, is because of government-forced racial integration. There is literally NOWHERE to escape it, unless you are (((extremely wealthy))). The (((American government))) is literally a terrorist entity. Google ‘Kathy Ainsworth’ and you’ll see what I mean…

    • Dear God Godess. The rats actually might have plans to flee somewhere else than to Israel. Have you reflected upon why Poland’s government is opposing the mass immigration from MENA? If so, do you really believe that Poland’s deep state would defy the EU just because ordinary Poles are against Muslim immigration?

      • @Lucy – you’ve mentioned here and elsewhere, I think at Occidental Observer, the bizarre and subversive situation of crypto-Jews in the Polish government changing their names whilst marrying into positions of power and influence. I had no idea, prior to you bringing this up, that this situation was so bad in Poland, because Eastern Europe nowadays is generally cited as a Jew-free utopia of sorts. I would love to know more about this!

        • Eastern Europe is riddled with Jewish gangsters, thieves, and terrorists. It is not a Jew-free utopia, if it were why are Eastern Europeans leaving? Why are so many Ukrainian and other Slavic women seeking to marry western men? As if the bad economy’s not bad enough, there is a very brutal Jewish instigated war underway in Eastern Ukraine that killed thousands, tens of thousands already, most of them innocent people slaughtered in the streets, their cars and their homes. The only reasons why they aren’t being swamped with Muslims and Africans yet is there is no welfare for them to leech off of, and the fact is there is no racial guilt. Indeed, Slavs hate Jews and non-whites with a passion, and they sometimes show that with fists, knives and bullets.

          • Maybe us White asylum seekers should emigrate to Russia? The blacks and messicans would never be able to follow us there. I no longer care about which country one lives in or has allegiance to, all that matters is saving our Race!

        • “…crypto-Jews in the Polish government changing their names whilst marrying into positions of power and influence…”

          I’ve often wondered if the Ukrainian war and the flooding of Jews into Eastern Europe, Poland, etc. is not a back up plan for the Jews. They’ve pissed off the Arabs to no end and their last war in Lebanon shows they can no longer stand up to them if they’re determined. They blew up a lot of buildings and killed civilians in that war but they never dominated the battle field. Hezbollah was never defeated. I think their ass kicking by Hezbollah really shocked them. Far more than they’ve let on.

  8. If you’ve ever taken opioids for an operation you know they make pain a zero. It makes things tolerable and easy to cope with.

    Heroin as Johnny Lydon said is “the lowest form of love.”

    It’s the drug of choice for otherwise unloved people. I’d say that whites in the US qualify.

  9. Cville 2.0 was to Unite The Right, and it succeeded.

    The Media, Antifa, Silicon Valley, the Establishment, they all want to #NoPlatform us. Not just because of the optics, but because they are afraid that we’ll meet in person, talk to each other, eat and drink with each other, and realize that we can work with each other and drop the feuds of online fiefdoms.

  10. Dear Ones,

    RaHoWa is upon us. We have nothing to lose but our very existence. We must fight to live. Fear not. Fear is the real killer. Every-one must play their parts, in any way possible. This is going to be a very long war. It’s BEEN a very long war. Don’t worry. There are all kinds of other elements at work, Harvey has taken attention away from Charlottesville, rightfully so. People are noticing that White men are ALWAYS the rescuers. Point that out to Normies who haven’t noticed yet. Houstonians are posting “You loot we shoot” signs. Not a peep out of the BLM vermin, although every-one knows who will be shot for looting. Bindi whore Nimrata Haley is babbling about “North Korea is begging for war”…that means war with China.

    Let Private Sheffey go to regime change Kimmie Ung

    Stay here,

    God is with us,

    • Thank you, Denise. How are you accessing DS and Stormfront during the day? Are you able to at all? I’m going through withdrawal…

      • You’re absolutely right. NEVER lose hope. (((They))) may print the money – for now – and gloat about our supposed ‘extinction’ – but they have no souls, and they will never prevail, because we have the Truth.

  11. The local police were ordered to stand down by the mayor and when the march was shut down the state police were ordered by the governor to shuttle the Alt-right directly into antifa to insite the violence it was a

  12. Yes, the police response was the ultimate failure on that specific day. But the ultimate failure is the lack of any real leadership. People like Spencer are middle management types at best. Anyone who would still be giving interviews to mainstream media and agreeing to meet with Antifa/anti-Whites like Lacy MacAuley are in it for the face time and exposure only. The Alt-Right seems to be slowly becoming a parody of itself, where people constantly ask for money today so that they can be assured they have a platform to ask for money tomorrow. If you want a very serious movement that puts practical solutions into motion which help the average White person in their daily life, then you need very serious people with well-above-average sets of skills.

  13. Oh, and one more thing – it’s come to my attention that Nathan Damigo and Identity Evropa (among others) have financially supported the scam ‘South African relief’ organization Suidlanders, run by the Jew Simon Roche (who worked for the ANC, FYI). I believe Jared Taylor the cuck has also promoted this Jew and his organization. It is unbelievable that (((they))) would prey on well-meaning WN seeking to help our White suffering kin in the genocidal hell of South Africa, but you better believe it…

        • Also: http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2017/03/16/audio-suidlanders-contact-occidental-dissent/

          “I heard that interview with Jared Taylor. I think it’s the same one. For some reason, my browser won’t play this one. One Simon Roche, was it?

          He is not a “sincere guy of our folk”! How could you think that? He’s a Jew who worked for the ANC, for Pete’s sake. He’s one of the termites who destroyed my homeland. A pox on him, and any organization he represents. I would not trust these bastards as far as I could throw them.

          I’ll go further: this puts a very big question mark over Jared Taylor. I’d hate to think that Hunter Wallace, or any OD representative, knowingly supported this guy.

          You’re not paying attention. It’s got nothing to do with religious beliefs. A Bible believing White Christian would not go to work for the ANC, with all the corruption and theft that he describes, and in which he freely participated. He was a true believer, and I’ll guarantee he spent his student years demonstrating against Apartheid. He actively worked against White interests.

          Now he claims there was no other option (like partition, for example) “on the table”. He’s lying. Apartheid was on the table. That’s what Apartheid means. We could have negotiated a more generous division of territory. I’d have supported that – the proposed map didn’t give any black nation a viable territory. If they refused that, we could go back to the guns. We could have just carved out a homeland of our own, maybe in the Western Cape, where there were hardly any blacks. We didn’t have to give them everything, and hope for the best.

          I watched the whole process of decolonization, from Ghana (1958) through the Congo, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe – every one ended the same way. What on earth would persuade anyone that South Africa would be different?

          I know this type. Believe me, he’s a Jew.”

  14. It was a success because (((their))) plan was violence. They WANTED a Southern white male to dump a full magazine of 5.56 from an AR-15 into a crowd of ANTIFA. That would be all they need to craft hate speech legislation here in the former USA. Thankfully no one took the bait… Yet.

    Any updates on Whitestock HW? I would like to attend.

  15. @Mr. Griffin…

    Nothing ‘went wrong’.

    Y’all went out there and made y’all’s point, and our opponents went out there and made there.

    The got some things out of it they wanted, and we got some things we wanted.

    Like most battles – both sides got in some knocks.

    Charlottesville decided nothing.

  16. I read that James Fields was Jewish. Now couple that with him making NS type remarks on his facebook. Maybe he was a Jew plant that got caught up in the riot and panicked. So now his Jew parents are saying he was schizo, with the convenient help of a Jew doctor to back date his schizo treatment, to get him out of hot water. If Fields is Jewish I say fuck him.

  17. If you look at the traditional workers party on the way into the park they had perfect formations. Really good work. The shields pushed people out of the way and the flag carriers used the poles to keep people from grabbing the shields and pushed them back. It was excellent work. If the whole Alt-Right group had of went out in exactly the same way. Pick one side of the street and use the same pole/shield method to move the commies back I think you could have all got out of there in good order with way less casualties.

  18. Urbanity is maladaptive. Don’t believe me? Look at last November’s county-by-county national election map. See the pattern? Urbanity voted Clinton, Rurality voted Trump. Can someone please explain the logic of marching into an urban center occupied by your enemies and actually expecting to win? Did you really think Bull Conner was gonna show up and save you from MLK’s army of Selma looters? Next time you organize an Alt right national event, you should probably consider doing it on a sustainable farm surrounded by good food and productive people instead of in a blighted shithole filled with the dregs of the human genome. I vote Joel Salatin at Polyphase farm, but what do I know.

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