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    • I doubt it. His ex-wife is Jewish, his new girlfriend is Jewish. His kids are Jewish.

      However, as things have moved to the Right, his show is no longer perceived as extreme – so he is probably being forced to the Right to retain an audience.

      I view Jones as someone that exists to tie real issues which are problematic to the establishment, to the insane stuff he pushes. His purpose in life seems to be to trivialize important issues, by conflating them with lunacy.

      • What’s the deal with Paul Joseph Watson? There are lots of weird right-wing entertainers. I assume he’s a standard Brit who worships the Market God and believes in “reason” etc?

        • PJW is (or was) married to an Asian woman – they might have kids, I really don’t know. So, I presume he is trying to redefine WN as something he (and his kids, if any) will have a place in. He won’t have any luck, but it isn’t stopping him from trying.

          Gavin McInnis is in a similar situation – shitlib Indian wife (Emily Jendrisak), I think. Cernovitch is married to an muslim Iranian woman, I believe.

          So a lot of the ‘Alt-Light’ media personalities are people with baggage that excludes them from being part of the Alt-Right – and they are constantly attempting to pervert the Alt-Right into something they can be in.

          • Ty for the reply. That’s surprising to me. I suppose that makes him more employable.

            Chronicles recently condemned Dreher in an article. Dreher had been an advocate of the Iraq war, then went berserk against Trump. Dreher’s just another weird fraud, much worse than PJW though.

          • The Manosphere, the Alt-Lite e-celebs are generally a bunch of snake-oil merchants and petty scammers with personal problems seeking to get fame, money out of right-wing sentiment.

            For that, they must disavow the Alt-Right to avoid the consequences.

      • ” His purpose in life seems to be to trivialize important issues, by conflating them with lunacy.”

        Much like “Mark Levin!”

          • but Levin promotes an article 5 constitutional convention of the states…this is surely the only way we can get out of this mess without a bloody civil war…Levin is ok…
            you know, there are people on the side of the white race who are married to nonwhites…nothing wrong with that, right?
            As for jones and PJW, cerno etc…they are trying to make money, etc…

      • A whole lot of jews do not want to live in a non-White former USA and Israel cannot receive them all without major territorial gains, so far most of them keep quiet for fear of consequences. Still, they find an outlet with Alex Jones and Breitbart.

          • “…there are plenty of jews that not only see themselves as white but who are against mass immigration”

            And just as vocal as all those “moderate” muslims we keep hearing about. Happy to side with the victor either way. No sympathy and no quarter.

    • A nice thing about Lane is he was religious (wasn’t atheist I mean to say). I don’t know his story, but I used to appreciate seeing 14 words everywhere. No one else seemed to care about whites.

  1. “White genocide” is memetic soothsaying for the functionally deracinated. It is the meme by which one chops off his own hands and subjugates his mind to a demonic (m)aster through a contagiously visible affliction.

    The {{{enemy’s}}} operating paradigm is a perpetuating “white” self-annihilation. An “any means necessary” the function of a “brink-of-annihilation” pathology. In other words, “white genocide” is a meme to induce the white masses into a “brink-of-annihilation” sickness that then works to rationalize and justify an “any means necessary” paradigm. And to operate by “any means necessary” is to declare one’s self “terminable without consent.” This DOA status then sustains a “white” existence of perpetuating self-annihilation.

    And then there is white (S)upremacy as mechanism of transcendence.

      • The “choice” is white (S)upremacy or self-annihilation. “White genocide” serves like “climate change.”

          • (S)upremacy > (s)upremacy…

            You only “know” the latter because you GRANT the {{{enemy’s}}} frame.

            And you fail to conceive the former.

            Yet, unless you are a high IQ “white” then you are, ultimately, not accountable for this shortcoming.

          • “We” are making the same argument. “Choice” is in quotes for a reason, namely, to indicate that there is no choice. Self-annihilation is determinant. Anti-whites who oppose (s)upremacism are truly anti-white (S)upremacy.

            The only dilemma is whether YOU choose to be a white (S)upremacist in the face of your avowed {{{enemy}}} or are you determined to self-annihilate? “White genocide” is out of your hands, absolutely.

          • It is a hoax if the “white” mass is self-annihilating.

            And because the “white” masses are anti-white (S)upremacy then “white” self-annihilation is operative at the individual level and “white genocide” serves like “climate change.”

            So go ahead and claim that the “white” mass is not anti-white (S)upremacy IF you like to indulge in pretty lies?

      • If *you* operate by “any means necessary” then you are “terminable without consent” whether you call yourself alt-writer, Jew or pink, fluffy bearhugger.

      • He’s arguing what WN 1.0 used to like arguing: That if whites place themselves as victims, then they’ll be destroyed.

        He wants whites to declare that we’re not victims, that whites are mighty and superior, and then take that pride and start expanding, living.

        I am in disagreement with this argument, but it’s a common argument among WN 1.0

        In my experience, supremacism also tends to go hand in hand with what I used to label as “Lab Rat Nationalism”, those seeking to bioengineer a new superior race to replace whites. White are but lab rats, base material to such people…

        • No…

          “Whites” are victims of mass degeneracy. There is no dispute concerning this reality.

          The delusion is believing that an alt-rite amounts to a transcending of this victim status?

          The {{{zeitgeist}}} is anti-white (S)upremacy.

          And Denise being an anti-white (S)upremacist memes she’s an ass speck of the zeitgeist.

          Go beyond your superior/inferior brainwashing.

          “Ours” is all about living with a peace of mind against a relentless, worldly chaos.

          • You write: “The {{{zeitgeist}}} is anti-white (S)upremacy.”

            This is a dichotomy created by anti-whites.

            Similarly, during the Cold War whites were told to choose between Capitalism and Socialism.

            The correct path in both cases is the *third option*. The sheep path is to choose one of the two given options.

            You write: “The delusion is believing that an alt-rite amounts to a transcending of this victim status?”

            The Alt Right is a diverse group. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, no.

            You write: ““Ours” is all about living with a peace of mind against a relentless, worldly chaos.”

            I want a secure society despite the chaos of the rest of the world. Richard Weaver argued how one can fence off good things. I’m not wanting to save the world. I want political allies though. I appreciate foreign traditions, but I believe in largely leaving foreigners alone.

            I would pursue different policy goals depending on the situation.

            I expect biotech to create a much greater chaos in the world. So partly I wish for a state than can resist such power, preserve its sanity.

          • If you want a secure society despite the chaos of the rest of the world then you must pursue a sustained separation first as an individual and only secondly as an exemplar to the collective.

            Sustained separation JUST IS white (S)upremacy.

      • The argument in favour of whites (accurately) portraying ourselves as victims is whites seem to be very moral. Whites like siding with those who are wronged.

        So, if survival becomes a moral issue, then presumably whites will rally to the cause, just as whites rally to all manner of ridiculous “moral” movements.

        Whites seem to me to be the most religious race in this regard. You always see whites running about “helping”. And whites often don’t seem to put thought into whether the movement is truly moral. Whites want others to verify that such is moral. So, we seem susceptible to others manipulating us with moral arguments.

        Even when whites run about praising “reason” or degeneracy, it seems to me like a moral ideal, which is why whites take things to such ridiculously rational extremes.

  2. To publicly plan a “white genocide” MEMES the most intelligent “whites” are complicit.

    Does the alt-rite contain some of the most intelligent “whites” or not?

    Are they complicit in publicly planning “white genocide?”

    They SURLY make the public plans known…

    Is this complicity?

    • It’s not a matter exclusively of IQ.

      I recommend reading Sam Francis’s book on James Burnham. Spencer just released a lengthy version, or you can read Francis’s original published version which has fresh used copies here:


      Or you can just check wikipedia for info on the “managerial state” / “managerial elite”. Or I can link an article by Francis at TOQ that explains things somewhat.

      Focusing overmuch on IQ ignores other factors.

      Machiavelli taught that it’s the ambitious who acquire power. Nietzsche said the spirited triumph over the strong.

      So, IQ (strength) is not the primary factor.

      • It is a fact that the death of white civilization is a direct indictment of its class of high IQ “whites.”.


        If “white genocide” is true then a critical mass of the high IQ “whites” ” must be accountable.

        Many lurk within the alt-rite.

        • IQ, IQ, IQ. How ridiculous.

          Alt Right is for people with 120+ IQ. Lots of people with that.

          A common joke at corporations is how CEOs tend to be idiots with nice hair. It’s the engineers who have the IQ. The engineers often don’t have so much power.

          Read up on the managerial elite if you want to learn something. You *do not* have all the answers with your: *IQ is the only thing and everything* theory. That is low info nonsense.

          • Weavercht…

            Either you’re are purposely “missing the point” of who is ACTUALLY ACCOUNTABLE for “white genocide,” or, being of the dulled masses, you honestly cannot intuit?


            The SMARTEST “WHITES” must be accountable for the downfall of white civilization or else nothing can be done to stop the inevitable.

  3. Natural Law begets the right to existence or else a master could not tax his slave. Common Law mitigated this taxation. Corporate Law allows one to contract advantageously against his perpetual self-annihilation.

        • Take your (S) and {{{}}} faggotry somewhere else, Okay? You post a bunch of stupid, childish nonsense dude. We do use the echoes here, true enough, when alluding to jews, jew activity, and non-jews who push the jewish agenda… but your over-the-top use of brackets, your attempt at coming off as some kind of super-clever person, is annoying as hell. Just like Denise said. You’re arguments are crap also, as has been proven by a couple of others here who’ve responded to your nonsense.

          • Is this supposed to be an argument against YOU being a white (S)upremacist and proving yourself an avowed enemy of Jewish anti-white (S)upremacy?

      • A Christian would say the strongest punishment is the death penalty, to prevent a criminal from causing further harm to others (including to others in prison). This is the same justification for imprisonment.

        A strong punishment highlights how terrible a crime is valued by society.

        And punishment by the state is partly necessary, for crimes in general, to prevent vigilante behaviour and feuding.

        A problem with torture is it corrupts the one giving the punishment.

        Is this the sort of answer you were seeking?

        • The problem with stringing up and skinning a white (S)upremacist live is that such “white genocide” is the clearest indication that one is demonically possessed.

          • From “savage” to “demonic” in 24 hours? Wow! Not sure if I am going forward or going backward.

            Do you always create your own definitions for ones that already exist? If you want to know what a savage is, go study the Comanche because even their children took part in acts of heinous torture. If you want to know what a demon is, go study (((Madeleine Albright))) who felt that slaughtering 500,000 innocent Iraqi children was totally worth it. I would never even contemplate such a method to be used on an innocent. My wrath is solely for guilty monsters, many of whom probably are, as you say, demonic!

        • Getting vengeance on those who have destroyed our people as well as other peoples, destroyed our homelands as well as others’ homelands, raped the world in our name and our image, and who will continue to wreak havoc on the entire planet by continuing to slaughter innocent people and steal natural resources from everyone everywhere would not cause me to lose an ounce of sleep. Let the punishment fit the crime! If that makes me a savage or corrupts me, it is, as (((they))) say, just business and from my vantage point, totally justifiable business. Their move caused my move.

          • I’m not judging you. I tend to argue that justice is found in the next life though.

            Sometimes revenge seeking can be costly.

            It’s interesting how Jews are so obsessed with vengeance against NS Germans. They’ll hunt down someone in his 90s. In doing this, they’ve kept alive this Holocaust victimhood. “3rd generation Holocaust survivor” etc. The battle against Germany never ends!

            I think an open-mind is needed. I like the ideal of living as a Christian. But I also believe politics is for the Fallen. So, if you can find a benefit in seeking revenge, I might in some situation support it.

            I like to encourage people to have open minds… Mostly I just try to get my arguments heard. I don’t claim to know everything. 4th Gen Warfare isn’t about one person dictating what should be done. It’s about individuals and small groups learning for themselves, then acting as they believe to be correct.

            While we’re not at “war”, politics is a sort of war…

          • If a savagely demonic being existed…

            “It” would say, “String up and skin alive that ‘white (s)upremacist,’ now.”


            This ^^^ is, in the clownworld of “universal equality,” EXACTLY what “Snowhitey” WROTE as though jew was the {{{enemy}}} thyself?

          • “Snowhitey”

            NO ONE is stopping you from “getting vengeance” except thyself.

            So please, quit lying to thyself.

            You are as free as a demonic savage could possibly be…

            Set your revenge on all this disease.

      • It is weak men like you that has caused our current dilemma.

        Have a great life….. The Resident “Savage”

  4. What exactly births these traitors? Who molds their minds? Who do they owe that they must sell out their own people like this? Or, is it possible, are they even “us”?

    • How can a white (S)upremacist be a “traitor?”

      He is exactly what the {{{enemy}}} fears and jew makes no bones about it.

      Clownworld in dwarf land.

    • You’re probably being rhetorical, but if you want an answer: I recommend looking into the managerial state / managerial elite. It’s an answer that works for me.


    Is there anybody left in this country, who is not in The Left, that does not know what is going on, vis-a-vis the replacement, subordination, marginalization, and ultimate destruction of the White Races?

  6. I left a couple of messages on the video, not that it matters (bcuz I’m sure they’ll be deleted soon):

    “The most infuriating thing about A. Jones is that he KNOWS that the “White supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” he’s always crapping on are RIGHT and have been right all along. And he’s only being candid about White Genocide now because he knows that his show isn’t edgy anymore, that people are tuning OUT from his bull-crap about “Illuminati, globalist, elite, NWO” hogwash… and REALIZING that this is a JEW WORLD ORDER plan to genocide White people and the JEWS rule as gods once we’re gone. He f***ing KNOWS this, no matter what kind of crap about “White supremacists” and “neo-Nazis” he normally spouts!!!?”

    And then a 2nd comment:

    “Picture a thimble of water next to a Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with black ink. White people, the whole world over, represent that tiny thimble of water…. and all of the “people of color” represent that swimming pool full of ink! Now imagine trying to pour all of the ink from the swimming pool into the thimble of water: what do you think becomes of the tiny bit of water that was inside that thimble? THAT is a very apt analogy of just where things are headed UNLESS WHITE PEOPLE GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR BUTTS, WAKE UP, AND PUT THE BRAKES ON OUR GENOCIDE.?”

  7. I have no idea who Alex Jones actually works for or what his ultimate goal is a lot of times but he sure is entertaining sometimes and he’s getting better. I like his rants.

    There’s some sites that say Jones is really a re-branded comedian. I believe they’re correct. He looks exactly like the guy, sounds just like him and has similar ear structure. It’s getting tougher to hide a lot of stuff they used to hide routinely.

    • @Sam J. – Some people think Jones is really the late great Texas comedian Bill Hicks in disguise. But I disagree, because Hicks was intelligent and Jones is a semi-literate buffoon.

  8. Perhaps a better term than White Nationalism is White Separatism-Nationalism as we must separate from what is-the present system-before we can build what must be- a free and independent white Ethno-State!

  9. Break the conditioning!!

    Ordered Liberty + the Mantra against white genocide

    That’s really Uniting the Right!

  10. Look up the following in Google Images, it’s disgusting:
    American inventors
    White couple
    White woman with children
    European history people
    European people art
    Happy american couple
    White man and white woman
    Who created white people?
    They are trying to replace the white people With Black people
    Google is extremely bias and they absolutely hate whites

    • Right, SS. I’ve looked up a few of the terms you mentioned, before. It’s f**king mind-blowing. And there’s no way that JEWgle can claim that their search results are simply governed by algorithm! If it’s so, then those algorithms have been manipulated in such a way as to be 100% anti-White and pro-(((Left))). Negroes are clearly the Chosen of the Chosenites, aren’t they.

      Best thing we can do about JEWgle is to stop using any and ALL of their “services”. Use DuckDuckGo or one of the other less-biased and pro-privacy search agents.

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