Black Lives Matter Riots In St. Louis

I watched it for hours on Twitter last night.

The double standard couldn’t be more glaring. Black Lives Matter rioted in St. Louis over the Jason Stockley verdict. They danced on police cars, marched through the streets open carrying AK-47s, paraded illegally through the streets for hours, burned the American flag, attacked police officers with bricks and acid and smashed the windows out of a public library and restaurant. The Black Lives Matter mob was even bold enough to surround and attack Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house.

Today, the media acts like nothing of any importance happened in St. Louis. Congress isn’t going to convene to denounce Black Lives Matter. Democrats won’t have to answer for it. Hollywood celebrities aren’t going to engage in any virtue signaling about “hate.” The eternal normie yawned and watched college football because this is the new normal in American politics.

The moral of the story: Antifa and Black Lives Matter have a blank check to act as badly as they want to in full confidence they won’t be held accountable for it.

Note: 32 percent of Americans support Black Lives Matter after all that they have done and gotten away with. That’s over half of Democrats.

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  1. Its ok….I’m sure the media will give it full coverage, and that the government will condemn them for the terrorist racists they are, and that the SPLC will doxx them won’t they?
    …..Won’t they?

    • Roving gangs of irate coons and their mud shark bitches is part and parcel of living in a modern society.

  2. Good thing Congress just passed a resolution condemning White Nationalism! Tolerating Nazis could lead to disgruntled blacks rioting.

  3. If they want to be treated equally, that should mean an equal right to have their rallies shut down, free speech denied, doxxed and be called racist. Don’t discriminate! Oh that’s right…only treat them eqally when it suits them. Every other time, give them special treatment.

  4. And once again the Marxist mainstream media proves that black dysfunction is the big elephant in the room that we are all supposed to pretend doesn’t exist. Because in the words of that famous limousine libtard Al Gore, that would be an “inconvenient truth.”

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