Cuckfederate Threepers Routed In Richmond

A small group of Florida Threepers who are notorious for counter-signaling the League of the South have been routed and chased through the streets of Richmond:

“Everybody is welcome to come to the rally that is not racist, that does not have that hate or terrorism in their blood,” she said. “I denounce KKK, League of the South, white supremacy, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, ANTIFA. I denounce all of them.”

Brandau claims she’s held other rallies where there were civil conversations with opposing groups. She says she has even helped law enforcement track down some of the white supremacists accused of violence in Charlottesville. This would be her first rally, however, it is taking place after the violence in Charlottesville.

She says they want to educate people.

“They’re actually known as U.S. veterans, and I stand up for all my veterans whether they’re American or Confederate,” said Brandau. “That is the whole reason why we’re doing this. We want to teach people not everybody is racist that has that flag. They (the white supremacists) pretty much hijacked our flag is what I call it.”

What if white supremacist groups do show up?

“Everybody has the right to Freedom of Speech, but they’re not going to be standing with us,” she said. “We will not allow them to infiltrate us. It’s not allowed.” …”

The Virginia SCV denounced them … I guess because just showing your face in public with a Confederate Battle Flag is too strong for these born losers:

“The Virginia Division of Sons of the Confederate Veterans says they do not know who this Confederate group is, and they’re encouraging their members not to come this Saturday.

“Outside agitators are coming to Richmond to cause more trouble similar to what they did in Charlottesville last month. We expect the city and state police to handle whatever may occur. We prefer to seek redress in the courts, the General Assembly and at the ballot box,” the group said in a release.

How did all of their cucking work out for them? They got REKT by Antifa who slashed their tires and literally chased them through the streets of Richmond. HAHAHAHA!

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  1. There is no middle ground anymore. You are either pro-white or pro-white genocide. Cucking is not an option. Triangulation is not an option. You are either with us or against us. We are all nazis now.

    • Dutchman-even the evangelicals &the Trad. RC’s are going to have to make a choice -between the antichrist forces of hell, or the race that Jesus Christ incarnated into-that is, white European Christendom.

      There is no other option. This is their Armageddon.

  2. Will Oklahoma and Missouri be part of the newly reconstituted Confederate States of America? I think they should.

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