MOAR: Mother Of All Rallies Overshadowed By Juggalos In DC

MOAR was billed as the “Mother Of All Rallies.” 2,100 Patriots and Trump supporters were supposed to attend this rally in Washington, DC. It had been promoted for months:

In the end, MOAR attracted about 200 to 300 Patriots and MAGApedes who listened to speakers praise Trump, denounce the Alt-Right and this based black dude rap about MAGA MOFO. The Confederate flag was banned. Black Lives Matter was allowed to take the stage and speak at the event. Oh, and MOAR was dwarfed by the Juggalos March at the Lincoln Memorial.

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  1. The Juggalos put on a much better show at their rally. They actually came across as the good guys, especially when Insane Clown Posse took the stage. Those MAGA cucks wanted to create a cult of personality around Trump, but thankfully they have failed.

    • Kyle Cuckman and the Trump Chumps. This looks worse than about anything I’ve seen. I actually enjoy ICP and have known about them for close to 20 years. That’s the side I would have attended. I didn’t know that they were persecuted, and it makes me pretty steamed.

  2. At least the Juggalos are all white. More than can be said about the totally disgusting “#MOAR”. Posobiec the gov’t agent welcomes our future Mestizo Amerika.

  3. Anyone who still supports Trump should read this little piece out of Canada. I don’t think anyone has summarized the MAGA administration better than Professor Petras:

    www (dot) globalresearch (dot) ca/who-rules-america-2/5608802

    When it counted, Trump had no spine whatsoever. And, the only balls he has are made of matzo. What a complete failure he turned out to be. With all his globalist appointments, how could we ever have even thought change would happen. Okay, we got a breadcrumb (TPP) but I’m betting it will be back on the table at some point.

    Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable (the revised edition).

    Remember this….. in the current environment, our children have NO FUTURE. It’s up to us to change that.

  4. Having seen several live concerts, I’m not surprised that a relatively large underground group can turn out more people than a political event. I sometimes think of going into music but then I overthink things and don’t do it. It’s like that website I was going to build to follow FMP that I never built.

    • Music subcultures are real communities. There’s a lot to learn from the way they operate. There’s a very interesting book by Amanda Palmer about her Dresden Doll fan base.

    • Clearly, the old adage, “Less is MOAR,” now has a far more concrete meaning…. let the GOP dead bury themselves. Tomorrow belongs to the Alt-Right.

      Martyrs are the seed of any White Movement…..

      • Cap’n John,

        Yes. I reviewed this weirdo’s history. It’s all over the place. It changed more than the weather.

        Do you speak to people in England? Does any-one care about the latest (((terrorist))) attack?

        • No one has emailed me about it. As no one was killed it’s brushed off. Most people were worried about me being a victim of Dindoos here!

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