GA Tech Police Kill Violent Sexual Degenerate Activist

The campus police at Georgia Tech have eliminated a knife-wielding sexual freak who had a death wish. In our feel good story of the weekend the sharp shooting law enforcement officers at Tech saved the Peach State from a student activist who demanded to be referred to in the plural, was confused about his own gender and presented a risk to those around him, New York Daily News reports:

Georgia Tech campus police fatally shot a barefoot student heavily involved in LGBTQ activism late Saturday in a tense scene that was captured on video.

The shooting victim — identified by relatives as Scout Schultz, 21, a four-year engineering student — was seen walking toward police and ignored numerous orders to drop what was believed to be a knife.

“Shoot me!” the student shouted about a minute before the shooting occurred.

…The victim’s parents question why police used deadly force.

Normal, decent people can breath a sigh of relief that no one of any value was hurt in the incident.

Lynne Schultz, Scout’s mother, called them “nonconformist and very, very bright” in a Sunday phone interview.

…Schultz, from Lilburn, Gwinnett County, was president of the campus’ Pride Alliance, a student organization for LGBTQIA students and their allies.

Scout — who planned to attend grad school and hoped to make biomedical devices — preferred they/them gender pronouns and identified as bisexual, non-binary and intersex, Lynne Schultz said.

…Pride Alliance released a statement Sunday, crediting Schultz as a “driving force” within the organization.

Schultz was clearly deranged, as evidenced by his desire to be referred to in the plural (a demand with which the NY Daily News complies even though Scout was a single human male). And he must have felt his own worthlessness deep inside, as he called upon the police to kill him. We can only hope that his actions will inspire a wave of degenerates to present themselves before the police and demand to be executed in similar fashion.

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  1. It was deeply deeply insane, and obviously thoroughly enabled by it’s spawners. I’m sure the Sex Freak Activists will raise Hell, but there will be no riots over the Po Po putting down a White (?) mental case.

  2. Watch the video. Somehow both recordings (how did they come to even sense the incident underway…why would the tranny shout when the cop was right in front of him, etc.) have the camera pan away just as the tranny gets close to the assassin cop to some boring cop walking towards the two from down the street. So we miss the actual shooting and the cop’s excuse as to why such deadly force was necessary.

    The jews really can’t have all their frankenstein entitled zombies converge against them, so I guess pro-whites (young men especially) can look forward to lots of interesting camaraderie in the asylum.

  3. It’s hard to believe that this is not some kind of mere nightmare and that l will wake up and go ..*whew*..but the reality is that the government long ago established WITHHOLDING to promote this type of behavior and deconstruct normal family relations. Yet… praise the Lord! The .gov centurians INSTINCTS held away and that awful (((golem))) was dispatched to his father Satan in hell.

  4. Sex pervert homos know they are disgusting and don’t belong in normal society. Notice how that freak’s mother was the parent that got interviewed. Its father probably wanted nothing to do with it or its mother.

  5. Sorry but I got to wonder, was the killer black? And was Shultz killed by a trigger happy black because of the color of his skin? Sick twisted racial pay back perpetrated against a distraught, confused and emotionally distressed white person?

    • Hey, if the cop was a brotha’ all to him for putting down this sicko.

      How did this dude think he was going to get a job as an engineer, walking into an interview looking like that? Then again he probably did think about that and realized the gig was up and might as well end it. Really goes to show a lot of so called “transgenderism” is actually about mental illness and a desperate attempt by these ill people to get out of their own skin to escape their inner demons. Engineering is a disciple that only attracts the most masculinized brains. No way would a female brain trapped in a woman’s body ever get involved in STEM type studies. They’d go into fashion or some other vapid female pursuit. (All the transvestites out there engaging in promiscuous sex for the sake of sex just like men do also lay skepticism to their claims.) I’d say this dude had a mental disorder and all the hoopla about transvestitism being the newest sacrament caused him to pursue it in hopes that changing genders would leave his demons behind. Instead he found that he was tricked into doing the most humiliating thing any man could ever engage in and became suicidal. The media is definitely turned up the notch after the queer marriage abomination. Note all the “drag” popping up in TV commercials these days? First as “humor” with musclebound men dressed up as bratty teen girls, but pretty soon it will be full on serious dudes who chopped it off and take hormones if the left has it’s way.

  6. O/T: How fascinating that the Berkeley PD badge fags (to use Denise’s lovely phrase) were somehow magically able to protect (((Ben Shapiro))), his tiresome hasbara propagandizing, and his (((followers))) from the antifa orcs, but NO NON-JEW WOULD EVER BE AFFORDED THE SAME PROTECTION.

  7. Didn’t California House pass a bill criminalizing misgendering the pronouns of transexuals? Just a day or so ago McCain affirmed his support for transsexuals in the military.

    Now this. Hmm…

    And, in St. Louis lefties protest killer cops…was the supposed victim ever said to have been suiciding-by-cop?

  8. This freak was a male!!!???? When I saw his(?!) picture, I thought he(???!!!) was a woman! And from the language he/she/it used before whatever it was before the thing was sent on it’s way, the critter didn’t know what it was either!

  9. Only two words can explain this mutant: Plum Island

    I’m not even sure Josef Mengele would have touched these critters. Second thought…. how could he not have? They blow twins right out into space. Even I’m curious as to what’s inside. Nah, just playing with ya.

  10. This is why I now wholeheartedly support the bullying of sissies in hi-skool. Bullies are a necessary part of the food chain. They keep the misfits and the deviants terrorized into submission.

      • I have higher aspirations for our ethnostate. If we live long enough to deprogram the next two generations I think we will be shocked at how little conflict we will actually have. On to Mars…

    • LOL, be careful, Spahn – ‘anti-bullying’ is now part and parcel of the Orwellian ‘mental health program’ forced on all good Amerikans.

      Nowadays in the government school system, there’s a snitch system in place wherein students report suspected fellow ‘bullies’ to the school ‘counselor’. This is how that kindergartener got reported by the other kindergartener for ‘racist brownies’ (remember that great story?)

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