Abraham Africanus the First

In a recent article for Politico Joshua Zeitz, a Jewish historian from New Jersey, attacks White identity politics in US history and glorifies identity politics for Blacks, Jews and other groups since WWII. He begins by writing about the way in which Abraham Lincoln was described by conservatives in the 1860s. Zeitz doesn’t address it but notice that the racial mixing and Black criminality against Whites that Democrats predicted has come true. They may have indulged a bit in describing Lincoln as a mulatto (he was an incredibly ugly White man) but their basic premise that he would undermine White order and lead to the amalgamation of the races was correct:

When Abraham Lincoln was running for reelection in 1864, a typical Democratic Party newspaper warned that should Lincoln earn a second term in office, his administration would bring about the “blending of the white and the black”—an epidemic of black men and “snow-white bosomed” women falling into sexual liaisons—a profusion of “squint-eyed yellow babies” born to “every Abolition woman … quickened by the pure blood of the majestic African.” It was a common refrain that ugly election season, in which Democrats cast the coming election as a battle for the sanctity of the white race, a struggle with a clearly identifiable villain: “Abraham Africanus the First,” rumored to be “of negro blood … brutal in all his habits. … He is obscene. … He is an animal … Filthy black nigger, greasy, sweaty, and disgusting, now jostle white people and even ladies everywhere, at the President’s levees.”

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  1. Wow, those were the days when America had a truly free press! But ever since King Kike took control of the media there has been nothing but a grim, semitic uniformity of news reporting and opinion. Thankfully, that hostile alien stranglehold on what we can read, see and hear is finally, FINALLY loosening.

    • The CIA controls the media.

      “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” ~ Former CIA Director William Colby

      And, the Deep State thanked him for revealing this truth by suiciding him. Oh, silly me, that’s not correct. He decided to suicide himself by taking a little canoe trip down the Potomac on a rainy night. What was it 10:30 PM?

      Folks, you still don’t understand the deadly, murderous, tortuous, insidious control mechanism…..

      • It appears to me that the CIA is still a few rungs down on the chain of command. I also bet they don’t even know the identities of the shadowy geriatric banking cartel that controls us. The advanced age of our overlords might be our best advantage.

        • I think the CIA is part of the servant class.

          No, I don’t believe the banking cartel is the top of the pyramid. The monarchies are also heavily involved and probably, I would think, above the banksters albeit intentionally giving the appearance of having no control or participation. There’s a lot of anti-humanism, pure evil, in the agenda and there is no doubt about that part of it. It’s not just the things they do to humans but also to the planet itself. Setting off nuclear bombs in the oceans is a fine example. Dozens of them. I know they’re insane but even this breaches insanity.

          The first 3 to 3-1/2 minutes will do it:

          youtube (dot) com/watch?v=JJHKeb2P4rE

          Go to 4/6/17 article and read the section under “The Deep State”:

          eventhorizonchronicle (dot) blogspot (dot) com/search?updated-max=2017-05-23T19:17:00-07:00&max-results=100

          These are summaries and opinions that probably should be saved in the memory bank regardless of what one’s first reactions to them are.

          • Le Hunt,

            They are absolutely involved. Not all family members, just those at the very top. Prince Michael of Kent is well-known to be heavily involved in a pedophile ring. Jimmy Saville, a pedophile ringleader, was good friends with Chucky. The Windsor line is German, not even English. What a joke. They are from the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line.

            The monarchs today are black nobility. If you don’t know the term, look it up. I hope you really don’t believe they’re protectors of the Church of England. Not even a sigh from Elizabeth regarding the flood of Muslims into their domain. It’s all smoke and mirrors!!!

            In reality, it’s an even bigger con than the 6,000,000 perished lie. The info is out there.

      • The CIA wields a lot of illegal influence over domestic news agencies but the mass media is nearly 100% jewish controlled. I’m sure you will not disagree with that statement?

        • I absolutely will not disagree with that statement.

          The CIA and the Pentagon are heavily involved in what comes out of Hymiewood, too. They are all servant class and connected. Think of them all as Damien’s disciples. I am stating that as an allegory. They serve and protect whatever they serve and protect…..

          “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” ~ Former CIA Director William Casey

          They tell us almost everything if we paid close enough attention.

      • “…He decided to suicide himself by taking a little canoe trip down the Potomac on a rainy night…”

        With his dinner half eaten on the table and after he had taken a job with a financial company that had handwriting experts analyze Vince Fosters “suicide” note and determine it wasn’t him. Also after the talked to another lawyer about kids being raped by Congressmen. He was a spook but he wasn’t into all the illegal stuff areas of the CIA were up too and wanted it stopped. He was not able to do so.

        • Many of them – meaning those in the actual control mechanism – are decent people. But a lot of them are inhuman. That’s what confuses most people. It’s one or the other, it can’t be both. Everything is compartmentalized.

          Whatever we are fighting has been around for a long, long time. I believe that Woodrow Wilson was referring to this same “entity” when he stated:

          “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

          It grows over time until….. perhaps universal forces react. Does anyone else here wonder what happened to all these formerly advanced civilizations? Do you believe everything the (controlled) system says? Stan Monteith stated that his research revealed that the technology we are experiencing today existed on the planet in an earlier time. But it came from a different source than where ours comes from. These are profound statements.

          Jordan Maxwell recently stated that he does not believe we can escape “it.” I think he knows far, far more than he ever discloses. That’s why he’s probably still alive but he has been raked over the coals….. and the fact that many people dismiss him outright. Oh, he’s one of those looney conspiracy nuts. Eustace Mullins didn’t think he was a loon.

          Bob Chapman once stated that he had spoken to an Admiral or two about the globalist agenda. And their greatest fear was that they did not know who they could trust at any level. And, that is probably our biggest dilemma. “Its” servants are all around us in every aspect of society. It is that insidious.

  2. It’s amazing how many statues of A.L. are around the world. It has been common US policy to give them out as gifts for diplomacy. Just type in A.L. in WikiLeaks and see what comes up.

    • I think Abie was a Zhid himself. Hebes always tout and promote their own Tribal members, no matter how untalented and fraudulent they are. His actions are in keeping with Jew stratagems.

      • I am personally convinced now that the Civil War was to consolidate power over the more independent non-kosher South. Lincoln fits right into that. They didn’t get their bank so they started a civil war THEN they got their bank after mopping up the blood and letting memories fade a bit. Lincoln was much a Churchill-like puppet that sold his country out but gave great speeches.

        • I don’t believe this. Abe was just what he said he was. The North was big time for free labor and not slave labor. Remember Abe issued free money, no debt, greenbacks when the Jew bankers wanted to charge the North huge war interest. Seems I remember 13%. He just printed money. I think that’s the reason he was killed by the Jew Booth.

  3. Years ago I subscribed to the print version of American Renaissance newsletter. This was just before I bought my first computer in 1997 and discovered a vast world of White dissident voices. Back then it took some work to find out about anything beyond the controlled media narrative. This article brought to mind a lengthy quote in AmRen by a Southern senator warning that abolition would bring about Negro Pandemonium. Now I merely look around the streets of my city and see Negro Pandemonium.

  4. Slightly O/T:

    Niggers are running WILD nowadays – more so than I can ever remember in my life. They so obviously believe themselves to be human beings, not the pavement apes they obviously are, and somehow entitled to the trappings of White civilization. It’s so embarrassing to see a little black buck riding a bike through my formerly White neighborhood. Why can’t I just shoot it? It’s a biological hazard!

    Our problem, as I see it, is that as miscegenation concomitantly runs wild with the nigger’s ‘freedom’ (as will happen when any two populations are forced to live together), our controlled opposition ‘leaders’ are faggots and wannabe hasbara rats like Jared Taylor. Kikes are the biggest threat to our lives, and our White community MUST band together and help itself out – NOW more so than ever.


    A new day dawns,
    a mad Jew spews his lunacy on the lawns.

    Somebody should start a website called Mad Jew of the Day to highlight the Judaist who said the most insane things each day.

    For Mon. 9/18/17, I nominate this fake Jewish “historian”.

      • @Goy,
        I believe that officially dividing America up by race just won’t work. The black partition will always want handouts, aid money, and everything built and managed for them. Black refugees from their own partition will always be
        attempting to flee into the white side for a better life. This is happening now between Africa and Europe- and they have an ocean between them.
        If white Americans want to know peace, it won’t be enough to have blacks out of their state. They need them out of their country.
        Lincoln had the foresight to know what many silly elites can’t even see now. Forced removals are the answer. America is your nation, and it should not be split apart.

        • John, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, we have so many treasonous and traitorous fifth columns in America that are paid off with our worthless currency that it will be extremely difficult to rally significant amounts of Whites for deportation squads. The ‘business community’ will be against it, as will the ‘Christians’, etc., etc. The retardation of Christian Zionism may be a uniquely Southern American problem (it’s extremely embarrassing), and they literally have sold their souls to the kikes. Thank you for your optimism, though.

          • Economist Martin Armstrong states his AI indicates the U.S. will break apart around 2032.

            Why so far out? Come on folks, we can help speed things up. It is time that we, too, participate in the destruction of America. Why should (((foreign entities))) and our pedophile politicians get all the credit?

            www (dot) armstrongeconomics (dot) com/armstrongeconomics101/basic-concepts/us-breakup-becoming-more-mainstream/

            www (dot) armstrongeconomics (dot) com/uncategorized/224-collapsing-wave-structure-point-to-breakup-of-usa/

            He also posted it on his blog more recently but I can’t seem to find it. Read it and don’t weep. The glistening has returned to my eyes. This is no longer The United States of America. I am no longer willing to be part of a system so corrupt and compromised that it no longer bears any resemblance to its former self. Of like 200 years ago.

  6. O/T once again…LATEST GAB DRAMA, for those interested (and why wouldn’t you be?):

    Andrew Torba has now banned Weev for some totally non-threatening thing he said related to the (((Self-Chosen))). Faggot boomer kike Paul Ramsey, alias ‘Ramzpaul,’ is so triggered by all of this he’s reporting Weev and Gab to the FBI on Twitter. Simultaneously, the megalomaniac prairie Jew Vox Day is also working his creepy wife (who calls herself ‘Spacebunny’, for some reason) to harass and ruin the lives of people who tell the truth about blood-sucking kikes.

    Bottom line: alt-lite/alt-kike is JUDEN POISON.

      • @Captain: I hated him from the beginning, and never understood why anyone ever watched him in him his weird videos where he would smoke cigarettes and rant in front of his webcam (or believed them to be of any value).

        Have any of the Alt Lite cam whores ever had an original thought in their lives? I will NEVER understand how someone could actually watch a Paul Ramsey video and become a ‘fan’.

      • “Alt lite cam whore”. EXACTLY. In addition to being a somewhat high-strung, effeminate troublemaker Ram Z Fagg is also a narcissist. He needs a pink triangle stitched on his striped pajama work-camp uniform.

    • “Spacebunny Day” is really just one of Cox Gay’s sock accounts. “Spacebunny” does not write like a real female does, it writes like an effeminate, sexually disoriented male that thinks it is a lot more clever than it actually is.

  7. The American Republic, as originally envisioned by its Founders, was destroyed by the War between the States. The country has become an increasingly centralized Federal tyranny ever since.

  8. “In a recent article for Politico Joshua Zeitz, a Jewish historian from New Jersey…”

    When it comes to Jews, always apply great skepticism to their self-identifying adjectives that often are gross exaggerations or outright fabrications. Whenever you see words like “brilliant” or “talented” or “clever” shut your connection to the article as quickly as possible. It is probably just another mind weapon narrative in their huge arsenal of hallucination weapons directed at your subconscious and super sub-conscious. Ordinarily, you may not pay much attention to the word “historian” but in the future, it will become fact whenever you see the name Joshua Zeitz because that’s how your subconscious identifies the words Joshua and Zeitz. These are the same shysters who have been able to convince large swaths of humanity that 6,000,000 perished at the hands of one of the (((most persecuted))) tribes of Europe and that their Luciferian cohorts don’t control Hymiewood.

    This Jewish historian from New Jersey is probably a stand-up comic from Hoboken.

  9. The pure concentrated fury of those old newspaper statements is refreshing, in a way.

    Also, “Abraham Africanus the First” is a hilarious formulation.

    Thank you!

  10. Lincoln wasn’t all bad. One way or another there was going to be a War between the States eventually. It almost happened 30 years earlier, when Old Hickory was president.

    Was there a reason why Abe didn’t comb his hair for that photo?

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