GOP Establishment & Big Business Pour Money into Defeating Right-wing Populists

The familiar partnership of Big Business and social conservatives which has long dominated center-Right politics in the United States appears to be coming undone as the Republican establishment openly declares war against rising Right-wing populists. The Washington Post (one the most biased and unreliable Leftist newspapers in the country) reports that the GOP and Chamber of Commerce are pouring millions of dollars into smearing the reputation of popular Alabama judge and US senate candidate Roy Moore as well as Breitbart editor and former White House advisor Steve Bannon:

Deep-pocketed supporters of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and other GOP leaders have resolved to fight a protracted battle over the next year for the soul of the party in congressional primaries. “It’s shaping up to be McConnell, the Senate Leadership Fund and the Chamber against Bannon,” said Scott Reed, the senior political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “And we will take that fight.”

But the task will not be easy. Strategists from both sides of the party’s divide say recent focus groups and polling have shown that the frustration within the Republican base has only grown since the 2016 election, stoked by an inability to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health-care law.

…The first battle will conclude this month in Alabama, where the incumbent senator — establishment-backed Luther Strange — is fighting uphill against former state Supreme Court judge Roy Moore, a conservative evangelical jurist who has twice been removed from the bench for defying legal decisions. Known for his conviction that Christian teachings are the source of all government authority, Moore has twice been elected statewide to the Supreme Court, but he also lost two primary campaigns for governor, in 2006 and 2010. He bested Strange by a margin of 39 percent to 33 percent in the first round of Senate primary voting last month.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), who came in third in the first round of primary voting, threw his support behind Moore at a rally Saturday. “It is truly amazing the audacity, the ego of the special-interest groups and the political action committees as they try to buy this United States Senate race thinking that with impunity they can run over the people of the state of Alabama,” Brooks declared.

In a sign of fights to come, the two Republican candidates are now competing to demonstrate their disgust with Washington politics. Strange, who was appointed this year to take the seat of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, begins one of his most recent television ads looking at the camera and announcing that he is “mad at Washington politicians.”

Moore describes his campaign as an effort to hurt McConnell, drain the swamp and bring more radical policies to the Senate, including a possible effort to impeach sitting U.S. Supreme Court justices for affirming the constitutionality of same-sex marriages.

…Allies of McConnell have been blanketing the Alabama airwaves to shrink Moore’s polling lead. After spending nearly $4?million on ads before the first primary vote in August, the Senate Leadership Fund plans to blitz the state with another $4?million before the Sept.?26 runoff. So far this year, the super PAC has raised more than $11?million, including a $1?million infusion from hedge fund manager Paul Singer last month, federal filings show.

The Republican National Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee have also sunk money into the race to defend Strange. The Business Council of Alabama, working with the U.S. Chamber, plans a major employee get-out-the-vote operation to support Strange by arguing that he will be better for the state’s industry and jobs. The chamber has also paid for a statewide mailer and an ad campaign that will include a spot during Saturday’s Alabama and Auburn college football games. “There is no taking it back,” Reed said. “Alabama is the big enchilada.”

The Senate Leadership Fund is also taking aim at Bannon himself in an effort to tarnish his position as a champion of the Trump political movement. Law released a statement on Tuesday calling Bannon “dead wrong” for using a recent “60 Minutes” interview to criticize Trump’s decision to fire former FBI director James B. Comey.

Big Business has been behind fully supportive of the Progressive social agenda of de-constructing traditional society and replacing Whites with cheap Third World labor. They oppose Confederate heritage issues in the South, embrace the homosexual agenda and fight for open borders and free trade deals.  The old alliance with these interest groups against communism makes no sense in the post-Cold War political environment. We see that they are openly hostile to Right-wing populists. The focus at this point should be on crushing the GOP/Big Business establishment and ensuring that the Right-wing of the future will be populist and sympathetic to our ethno-nationalist and traditionalist concerns. If it won’t advocate for our racial and cultural interests then it is of no use to us.

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  1. This just in: Trump administration seeks to avoid withdrawal from Paris climate accord.

    Man, never mind the Chamber of Dunces, the whole kit and kaboodle is going to get TROUNCED at the midterms.What don’t these retards understand? If we all stay home (l certainly will) they’ll NEVER WIN AGAIN…

    Hard times breed hard men.

  2. If there is any kind of amnesty I stay away from the polls– no more casting meaningless votes. On the three major issues of most importance to me the GOPe/CoC are identical to the Democrats (immigration and trade) or a little worse (wars).

  3. Break Jewish money and you break Jewish power. The money, the money, the money. Stop enabling their scheming. Stop buying their products.

    • The purpose of QE (quantitative easing, i.e. creating money out of thin air and giving it to your bankster buddies) by the Fed is to facilitate the theft of assets from the productive classes in society.

      If you never bought anything from a Jew ever again, they will still own next to everything in your country.

      • Sursum, Maple- then all that is left is both:
        a) imprecatory prayer, and b) bullets.

        They shoot traitors still… don’t they?

    • No, fellow White people, seizing their money makes you a socialist! Don´t you remember how Stalin ate cute little babies alive with his bare hands? Do you really want that to happen again?

  4. I didn’t read any mention of immigration in this article about Christian Conservative Roy Moore. Don’t take it for granted that he’s rock solid on immigration because he hates Liberal Left supreme Court justices, hates homo marriage equality and believes all our laws come from the Christian Bible. If some guy like this never mentions immigration, he might just not think about this issue, think it isn’t very important and then some adviser will convince him to make speeches saying the US should welcome anyone in the world who wants to come here and work – and then their are jabs at the welfare state and how these hard working immigrants just want to put food on the table etc.

    Rand Paul did this, that’s why we got American Renaissance to make Sen. Rand Paul White traitor of the year and we destroyed his race denying, Black pandering Presidential campaign.

    It’s getting increasingly difficult to get Christian Conservatives to work for us – the tops of all the tax exempt American Christians churches have either gone over to the enemy in the form of (Black) Liberation Theology or they want to simply not talk about subjects that get them smeared as racists, they want to be like former Mike Huckabee the guitar playing Baptist preacher, turned Arkansas governor that had his own Fox TV show before he ran for President of the USA – Huckabee’s speeches to LaRaza audiences were as bad as anything Hillary or Obama ever said.

    • It is important to support Judge Moore over Senator Strange, not because he hasn’t had shinola to say about immigration, but because you want to send the following message:

      Millions of our votes trump millions of donor dollars!

      Moore winning would be a much needed slap in the face of people who feel that they can buy our government and then use politicians as tools against us.

      Think of the possibilities.. Donors have arrogantly gotten away with buying our elections in the past. But what if the end results in this election and all elections to follow is that donors only piss off the electorate and energize the base all the more behind the populist candidate when they fund the establishment candidate?

      The only way to neutralize the Zuckerbergs and the Soroses is to allow the establishment candidates and the public relations professionals trying to tarnish the populists to drain every penny from their piggy banks while voting in populists with shoestring budges.

      This way, all these bastards accomplish is making sure the establishment candidates are terminated from their offices with one helluva golden parachute!

      Why do you think Hillary is writing books where she spins and spins and spins and blames everybody and their cousin except her inept campaign for her loss? Because she’s trying to convince these donors that Trump’s victory was a fluke.

      With her pay for play scheme as Secretary of State, she had proved that she would pimp out this prostituted country to any john with enough cold, hard cash, including Vladimir Putin. They thought they would get the big enchilada with a President Hillary so they poured hundreds of millions into her campaign and her “charitable” fund. She ended up a multimillionaire and they ended up with zilch in the end.

      • I would rather these usurpers and bringers of genocide get a parachute made of pre-stresed concrete over very deep water.

  5. There is a virtual certainty that an economic correction resulting from various overvalued asset bubbles breaking. Tech, the dollar, All major index stocks etc.. should be watched closely.

    When the correction happens, the establishment political/business alignment will lose functional legitimacy.

    Folks of our movement have two decisions that need to be made.

    1) Do we put our hat in the ring to displace them?

    2) Do we actively begin acceleration tactics against the order?

    At an individual level, we all have the same task. Gain fiscal independence from the system, and begin to create meatspace colonial organizations that will function as support networks for groups of trusted folks.

    At a collective level, it is becoming necessary to coalesce behind regional leaders in order to move forward. Currently we are a small internet pond of loosely affiliated misanthropes and shit posters. The Goliath establishment, though teetering, can and has been tossing large rocks into our pond (de-platforming) to disrupt the decentralized network. That is all they need to do to keep us irrelevant.

    We have already been neutralized politically. It is time to reformulate while we still have momentum.

    • We were not prepared for our debut in Charlottesville, and we aren’t recovering from it.

      In the short term, our political alignment needs to be one of opportunistic defensive huddle. Particularly, we should be drafting on the largesse of Steve Bannon, and let the massive disaffected base which Trump is beginning to shit on get a clear, and un-countersignaled from us, picture of the fact that they are being betrayed.

      From our end the messaging should be foundational, and positive, giving clear alternatives that are palatable to real people, not designed only to pander to internet Nazis, who will only go along with a plan if there is a provision for immediate gassing of Jews.

      We can be a voice of hope, and a Clarion call for a new and better way. Or, we can go the direction the daily stormer is pushing, and become White ISIS.

      In the end I think our success will really come down to who we choose to follow.

      Meatspace is the reality we have yet to gain purchase in, and that is going to require some hierarchy to accomplish.

        • I think it has been, but, you know the Tribe of Satan! They just don’t go away, unless you put them in a nice toasty oven. Yeah Jew is the latest incarnation. The content. verbiage, and “tone” are EXACTLY the same.

          • WeaverJew was the most ANNOYING commenter on this site. I hated having to scroll through its verbal vomit. I hope it did holocaust itself.

    • Agreed. Memes won’t feed or defend a family. Right now that’s all we have to work with. This is going to change quickly as we bring families that are woke into closer proximity to each other to become a real world support network.

      Imagine something small at first, like a well placed subdivision in a pivotal district of a pivotal state. Twenty families come in and begin buying out the properties when they are available. All of a sudden a community garden and homeschooling, as well as home maintenance and construction services can be provided between the families. Money is saved in this way, and put toward buying more houses. There is absolutely nothing keeping us from doing this now.

      • Literally everyone could contribute to this sort of colonization in one way or another. This precludes separatism or any other legal hurdles, and allows us to legally establish the economies gained from in group preference.

        Quickly we would need white collar folks specialized in various things to manage the legalities of the investment, lawyers accountants and financial services folks to help people get their assets and finances in line with the community.

        People keep their own fruit, and gain the security we are currently lacking by not being able to trust people. Even to be able to have kids and know they aren’t constantly in danger. This would be so simple to implement. Would just require a group of people with the means to be willing to move.

  6. None of this is new, and it’s exactly what the brown people are doing now, just here in our land.

    If they can do it, we sure as shit can do it better than tomato technicians and sand people.

    My only concern is why it isn’t already happening. WN 1.0 was a dud because of muh rugged individualism. I’m hoping this isn’t becoming the case now with this new generation. If so, nothing we are doing has any point.

  7. I can’t imagine stale old pricks like Bitch McConnell, John McTumor, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden and Face-Lift Fiasco Pelosi clinging on to power much longer. The jew-controlled “bomb the world/invite the world/screw Whitey” system of government has lost its last tattered shreds of credibility.

    Again, I predict that Trump will be America’s last president. GOOD.


    Latest report:

    Just went to the local Verizon store to change my phone plan. The ‘technicians’ were all worthless niggers, and there was a giant illuminated poster of the smirking nigras of ‘Hidden Figures’ (kike psy-op movie) front and center, mounted on the wall. I witnessed multiple products of miscegenation in the form of mulatto and mestizo biological waste running around, encouraged by the aforementioned nigger ‘technicians’ to play with the expensive technology, as white cucks cooed in the background. Particularly egregious was an older white man, Oathqueefer material par excellence, who ostentatiously slobbered over some dindu woman’s mulatto baby like it was a normal child. What is WRONG with these STUPID WHITE CUCKS?

    • I’m seeing more and more stupid old white people walking around with their mulatto, half-caste grand-nigglets in tow. Unsurprisingly, those picaninnies are ugly and unruly. But white grandma will get her just desserts in a few more years, when her grand-nigglets stab her to death so they can steal $10 out of her purse.

      I shall then laff six million times.

    • Particularly egregious was an older white man, Oathqueefer material par excellence, who ostentatiously slobbered over some dindu woman’s mulatto baby like it was a normal child.

      Was he working there? If so, maybe he was just trying to get a sale. Can’t blame a man for trying to make a living. And for all you know, he went out back and barfed after the ordeal was over.

      But in general yeah, watching older whites (especially) slobbering over nigger turdlers is a truly dispiriting sight. What, it’s not good enough to just shut your mouth and be a racist in private anymore? Oh no, they have to advertise to the world their boundless love for all humanoidkind, including the despicable nigger variety.

  9. “The chamber has also paid for a statewide mailer and an ad campaign that will include a spot during Saturday’s Alabama and Auburn college football games.?

    Of course.

  10. Funny how Jack Ryan believes that not mentioning certain things means there might be more to them than is on the surface.

    Isn’t that violating the guidelines? A conspiracy?

  11. Rothschild can print for McConnell a whole new kind of currency, and it won’t bail the Corporate Globalists out in Alabama.

    More than enough in The Great Yellowhammer State have figured out what is going on.

    They will send Trump a true Alt-righter, which will be a problem for Trump, as he only prefers to cross-dress Alt-Right, not be it.

  12. I fuxking Hate that the deep state Forced Bannon out, called him a loon and All of that shit. You see people what this GOVERNMENT does to people like Bannon?? They don’t give a shit that he was a Navy Officer for nearly ten years and has alway been a patriot. He has pro-white agenda so he had to go . Bannon needs to keep exposing these Cucks

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