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  1. The very fact that the FBI actually labeled them a ‘criminal gang’ in the vein of MS-13 (!!!!!) should be enough to totally discredit the FBI, FOREVER.

    I’m from Michigan where this all began, and I actually knew some Juggalos growing up – obviously they’re easy to mock, but they’re just a subculture formed from the abandoned white working class. I actually wish WNs or the Alt-Kike would do some outreach to them.

  2. The FBI is now thoroughly politicized, beyond the law, seemingly unaccountable, corrupt, and ridiculous, although scary like the Stasi. I root for the wiseguys against them in the movies and tv. Their image with me is shot to hell forever.

    • Have you read what the FBI did to Paul Manafort in July?

      Have you read the (((names))) of Mueller’s prosecutors?

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