Black Lives Matter, Antifa Riot For Three Nights In A Row In St. Louis

I’m confident that I am not the only one who sees this in America.

Charlottesville. Durham. Boston. Laguna Beach. Phoenix. Berkeley. Portland. In every single case, the common thread is the Antifa who would have also succeeded in causing violence at the Ben Shapiro event in Berkeley were it not for the $600,000 in hired security.

In St. Louis, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have rioted for the last three nights in a row after the Jason Stockley verdict. On Friday night, 33 rioters were arrested and 10 police officers were injured after Black Lives Matter and Antifa tore a path of destruction through the Central West End and were even bold enough to attack Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house. On Saturday night, 19 rioters were arrested after vandalizing 23 businesses in the Delmar Loop and University City. On Sunday night, over 80 rioters were arrested after rioting and destroying property in downtown St. Louis.

Each night the Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa anarchists have spent hours rioting and attacking the St. Louis Police after the other demonstrators have gone home. Each night they have also gone to a different part of St. Louis in order to engage in vandalism against businesses. Clearly, these two domestic terrorist groups, which are at the center of all mayhem in the United States, are doing this because their agenda is to make business owners pay an economic price for the Jason Stockley verdict. By rioting and attacking police officers, the mob is asserting its sovereignty in St. Louis.

Can you imagine the wall to wall negative coverage this would be getting from the fake news if the Alt-Right was doing this? Suppose the Alt-Right formed a mob in the streets and attacked the house of the mayor of Charlottesville. Suppose the Alt-Right went around Charlottesville for three consecutive nights attacking police officers and vandalizing businesses in different parts of the city. Everyone knows we would never hear the end of the “Neo-Nazi rampage” in Charlottesville.

It didn’t even take anything remotely resembling the organized criminal conspiracy which has unfolded in St. Louis for the last three nights in a row for Congress and the President of the United States to unanimously condemn White Nationalists. It was Antifa and Black Lives Matter who started the violence in Charlottesville, who boasted about it on their own websites and who got away with it because the fake news and Republican Party made them out to be heroes. They’ve since been emboldened to go all over the country starting more violence against Trump supporters and police officers.

The fake news isn’t interested in dwelling on Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence. They shrug their shoulders and look the other way while violent mobs trample on the civic order and attempt to intimidate their fellow citizens. They look the other way when police officers stand down because Democratic politicians are intimidated by these mobs. In fact, they even look the other way when the same mobs attack their own reporters because they are afraid of crossing them too.

St. Louis is a reminder of just how normalized leftwing political violence has become. It is not even really newsworthy when an American city is terrorized by these mobs for three nights in a row. We’ve seen them do worse in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Charlotte and other cities. We can tell ourselves that at least no one died this time and nothing except American flags were set on fire. While the media might be silent about it, millions of people see what is going on here.

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  1. “Can you imagine the wall to wall negative coverage this would be getting from the fake news if the Alt-Right was doing this?”

    No, if any of us did anything even remotely similar to what these pieces of dung are doing, we’d be SHOT outright by ZOG’s police and/or military. Period. The only news story would be that the brave police and military had to resort to deadly force to save property and citizenry from being destroyed and murdered by White supremacists. To the APPLAUSE of Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccer-mom.

    • Exactly, they are itching for the chance to mow us down, the TV Jews were screaming for the blood of the Bundy Ranch cowboys, display far right symbolism and you’re just putting up a target for rifle fire.

    • Pre-election Trump would have surely tweeted….something about this insanity. We seem to be getting no reaction from The Law and Order POTUS – zero. And, where is Sessions ?? White silence = Black violence, indeed !!

  2. The way I look at it is that they are doing us a favor. We don’t need to even fight just let it collapse and use every collective brain cell to prepare for what comes after. Our sister (((collective))), The Soviet Union came down with very little violence. The Russians just had to survive.

  3. WTF is Trump doing, besides posting funny tweets about the failed NY Times and making patriotic speeches in front of safely right-wing audiences about how great America is? Why doesn’t he impose martial law in nonwhite urban areas and start rounding up subversives and domestic terrorists?

    • The Donald is too busy trying to start a war with Kim Jong Ugh, the North Koreans haven’t hurt anybody with their rockets that I’m aware of, doesn’t matter, they have been told to get in line, and leaders of other countries are supposed to act like seven year old children the minute the U.S. government opens it’s big mouth.

  4. Part of the Soviet-style collapse of Amerika (and dumbing down/brainwashing/poisoning of Americans) is that our fellow citizens will literally run away screaming from you in terror and/or anger if you try to talk to them honestly about racial issues such as the daily riots that spring up in every major city.

  5. The one thing the globalists don’t want is destruction of the infrastructure. Kill as many as you want but don’t destroy the roads and bridges. There’s your best targets Black Lives Matter, destroy the infrastructure. Maybe we do have a common goal? But, we know how to rebuild them, don’t we?

    • exactly. Urban black/communist thugs attacking urban Jews/White cosmics.

      does it get any better?

      I think not.

      let antifa/blm shitheads burn down the (((cities))).

      saves us the trouble.

  6. Something I was also thinking about: there’s been such a significant uptick in threatening racial overtures, in the vein of ‘your grandchildren are gonna be brown’ and ‘we want to hang little White boys’. These disturbed anti-Whites, who dream of forcibly raping and impregnating White women and hanging little innocent White boys while castrating White men, will be funded by their Jewish handlers ad infinitum, to stalk and threaten us wherever we go. They are a very serious threat to our long-term safety and well-being. What to do?

    • Ahhh yes. Such an important and effective strategy to bitch about fat White women. Isn’t Anglin raving about the glories of fat teenaged Nigerian nigressses, though?

      • Denise, Darlin’… AA isn’t doing that, because blacks don’t matter. Overweight white women are our genetic heritage, and they need to lose weight and they need to be brought back to heel, to do with their husbands and fathers tell them to do. It’s a simple as that.

        You see it as a negative, we men see it is the positive -we want to help redeem the disturbed young white women of our race, whether they want to be redeemed or not.

      • I wonder if I get censored on here seemingly whimsically for pointing out that men are, in fact, ugly as often as are women.

    • See you’re still in denial about how destructive single white women are. They hate the West, root and branch, and want to destroy it. They’re looking for men masculine enough to dominate them; since they see their own as weak (actually, imprisoned and helpless in a panopticon, but instinct isn’t that fine-grained), they turn to outside tribes in an effort to find men masculine enough to sire their children.

      Even if most of them are voluntarily barren, that’s the underlying biological motivation.


    You are absolutely right. Whites never rioted when the serial rapist Bill Cosby was acquitted. Or OJ Simpson got away with murder. Because if they did, they would be shot by the police.

    But with blacks, the police have to respect their “civil rights.”

    This is because blacks have civil rights, but whites do not, as per the Judaists in the media and the Supreme Court. There are 3 Judaists on the Supreme Court (out of 9 total).

    Don’t think that when whites become minority, they will get the civil rights instead. The Judaists will then turn around and proclaim that in a democracy, the will of the majority prevails.

      • Is there evidence for Sotomayor being a jew? Rumors abound but I don’t think I’ve seen any hard evidence. She still could be, I just don’t know that we should be saying with certainty when we don’t have anything hard on her.

      • Jewpedia has lots on puerto rican jews (Sotomayor’s parents emigrated from Puerto Rico) but neither of her parents’ life situations come across as particularly jewish-seeming. Maybe her mother’s, and certainly she has a look that could be semitic, but so do some mestizos.

        She remarked last summer that several justices come from NYC (along with being jewish or catholic). I hadn’t much thought of that aspect of the NYC liberal junta that’s taken over the US government.

  8. CALL your Reps.I know they SUCK. But CALL. Yes. They hate Whites. Bring that up. Go to events they appear at. I am GOP, and my State Congressman is a JudeoChristard Flag Waving BITCH. But I call, and I show up. I say everything in person that I say online. Sarcasm really ruffles ’em. I take it as a win when I bring the wonks that answer the phone to near tears

    • The Governor of Massholechusetts, “His Excellency” Charlie Baker, issued a Proclomation denouncing the “White supremacist” rally in Charlottesville. I sent a letter directly to his office and informed that faceless mediocrity that he was a “politically correct COWARD”. If “His Excellency” is displeased with the disrespectful tone of this lowly peasant he can tell me so man to man, I am not hiding from him or anyone else.

  9. The new Republican governor of Missouri had been saying and doing good things about the BlackliesMatter matter Antifa riots in St. Louis

    Don t really on Washington beltway cucks handle this sh $& at state and local level

  10. Let me you ask you this; how many of you in here follow collegiate and professional sports? I once did so until I realized that collegiate and professional sports are just another weapon in the arsenal of the enemy. Much to the dismay of some of my friends I have weaned myself from collegiate and professional sports. If you have not then you are not truly dedicated and awakened.It has become, whether they realize or not, a form of virtual Negro worship for millions of white males. After all, the fans are overwhelming white, the players majority black, and the cheerleaders majority white. Watch them as they scream in orgasmic glee every time a Negro crosses the goal line.The subconscious message is blacks are alpha males and the white fans are beta-males. F the SEC! Ban all athletic scholarships!

    • the whole thing is a Jew scam. In the NFL/NBA 90% of the teamowners are Jew billionaires sucking the (((Wall Street))) tit. The whole point is to keep Whites from noticing that they are being genocided by the selfsame Jews.

  11. The nig nogs and the white commies are going to keep this up and nobody is going to want to even go to St Louis anymore. I go down there sometimes to go to the hockey games, or to the Muny Opera, they are already cancelling concerts and other things because there aren’t enough cops to protect people. It goes on night after night with these black shit asses throwing bricks and bottles at the police,15 to 20 cops have been injured.

      • Agreed. Cops are happy to follow orders and bust anybody’s head as long as it doesn’t hurt them personally. They need a personal motivation to do their jobs. Lay it on.

    • The only things in St. Louis worthy of being saved are those Rebel statues. The niggers, the pigs, the cowardly white politicians – let them all annihilate each other.

  12. If right wingers did these things they would be machine gunned and locked up for life. “Protests” today are always orchestrated by the regime and quasi-state agencies like the ADL and SPLC to serve the purposes of the regime. If the penalties for the Bundys and the Unite the Right organizers are this incredibly harsh, the simple fact is that there is no peaceful redress of grievances possible.

  13. I’d love to see some rogue cop just lose it and start mercilessly gunning these monkeys down. Imagine it starts a trend!

  14. I went to the rifle range today. I shot about four hours total. I had the whole place to myself because it was raining. There wasn’t a single Patriot in sight that wanted to use their precious weapons in adverse weather conditions… except myself of course, being a Southern Patriot and former Marine. I know that what’s coming won’t always be in 72 degree, sunny weather. My weapons are top notch and dialed in. Giving up Cable TV, Movies, Sports and other bad habits free up quite a bit every month. Satisfied that my weapons are zeroed and my skills are still honed razor sharp I headed home to clean my weapons and enjoy a fine meal cooked by my stay at home wife and mother of our children. Life is good in the rural White South.
    I look forward one day to passing on the skills I’ve mastered to young, white, Southern, Alpha males so that our way of life does not perish. And yes, one day I’ll employ those very same skills against our enemies.
    Deo Vindice! God Save the South!

  15. Sorry, but this silly talk does no good. If you want your freedom, you are going to have to beat the police in a street fight. Antifa and blm had the balls, and you guys sucked police cock. You will have to ally or at least blend in with minorities and antifa whites who want to overthrow the system. Why?? Because we want the dollar to collapse so that we can free ourselves from paying salaries and pensions to government employees, both local (think the Charlottesville PD you guys) and global. You need ALL the allies you can get, and ideological differences are meaningless in this fight. For fucks sake, you can piggyback on even BLM, and you don’t see that. Look at what happens to you guys when you lose your jobs, and you’re the ones who don’t want to tear the system down??. Grow some smarts. Grow some balls. Return the favor!

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