The Rise of Senator Roy Moore

We’re thrilled by the election of Judge Roy Moore.

I’ve long supported Roy Moore. My wife voted for him in the August primary. We both voted for him yesterday. Roy Moore is a godly man and the much needed antidote to the LGBTQ agenda which has been shoved down our throats 24/7 by Corporate America for last two years now. In fact, the insanity of gender confusion has reached the point where I tweet about it more any other issue.

If I had openly supported Moore in the Republican primary, it would have been fodder for a media narrative that “white supremacists support Roy Moore” and would have been an unnecessary distraction in the race. Now that the primary is over and Roy Moore’s victory over Democrat Doug Jones in the general election is all but assured, it is time to celebrate this huge victory.

We’re going to have a US senator who openly brandishes firearms at political rallies, who despises the SPLC who had him removed from the Alabama Supreme Court, who believes Christianity should inform our government, who has the backbone to defy federal judges, who bans cigarettes, drinking and profanity at his events and who believes homosexuality should be illegal. Aside from openly endorsing Alabama’s secession, it doesn’t get anymore based than that in American politics.

Roy Moore is going to rise far in American politics. He is Ted Cruz without being a slimy, calculating, self-interested, insincere foreigner. He is Donald Trump without being a vain, unprincipled moral degenerate and New York con artist. Roy Moore brings a strong dose of Christian social conservatism to Trump’s economic nationalism. He is much closer to our ideal Alt-South candidate: Southern, Christian, populist and nationalist, slashing and willing to defy the federal government.

The rise of Roy Moore is the latest evidence that the forces unleashed by Donald Trump, particularly in the South, are now moving beyond their standard bearer. Trump was only the figurehead of the revolution and a passing phase of what is going on in the base of the Republican Party. It has been our position all along that Trump is just a phase like the Tea Party. The White vote in the South, which was splintered during the late 20th century, has reconsolidated like it was in the Jim Crow South. In other words, the Republican Party now has a corporate elite which exists in constant tension with a White working class base which over the last twenty years has come to resemble the old Democratic Party.

As the Luther Stranges and Bob Corkers of the Chamber of Commerce-controlled, New South era Republican Party melt away in defeat and retirement, we’re going to see the gradual reemergence of the colorful Southern populist. Roy Moore’s political arrival is the first of many to come. In the US Senate, I expect Moore to become the social conservative version of Rand Paul, an implacable enemy of the LGBTQ lobby which has hitherto encountered little opposition in Congress.

The sheer radicalism of the LGBTQ agenda has surprised many of us since the triumph of gay marriage. We always knew it wouldn’t stop there (freedom and equality never does in “free society”), but transsexuals in the military, integrated gender neutral restrooms, indoctrinating children in transgender ideology, mangling pronouns and outright denying the existence of biological differences between men and women has shown this movement is far worse than we ever imagined. In Weimerica, it is now arguable whether immigration is even the most damaging issue our culture is facing.

Are the Mexicans here worse than the Thots and Lactatia?

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  1. OK, but how does he really stand on immigration. So many other Cowboy, gun and Constitutionalist Christian Religious Right folks were presented as our heroes and so many like Cliven Bundy and Mike the Huckster Huckabee said and didn’t treasonous, insane things on immigration. How do the Agribusiness powers that be in Alabama feel about him? Remember that Onion King in Georgia – they just have to have those happy, low wage, third world workers from Honduras and Somalia.

    • Moore will arrive in Sodom-on-the-Potomac and discover which way the wind blows. Within a month or two, there’ll be nothing left of his “conservatism” but “I Stand with Israel”.

      as has happened with every Republiscam “conservative” since the 1980’s.

      memories are short at Occidental Dissent. Study history.

      • Roy Moore is no dumb hick. I listened to him discuss the law, and the philosophy of law, and I have not heard anything like his lecture, and, his answers to questions in years! A man with a firm grasp of the classics. I was surprised.

          • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            Judge Roy More, the guys that wrote the above and I like the 10 commandments. Just curious Hans, what is the basis for the laws that you prefer to live buy? Did you make it up? Would you prefer that your neighbor and I make up our own, too? Interesting world that might turnout to be eh? Would you prefer we take our lead from Marx? How about Mao?

  2. [OT]

    [the following needs to be spread everywhere]

    Researchers Find Tipping Point to Sway Public Opinion

    If just 10% of a social network is strongly committed to an opinion, that’s enough to rapidly convert the uncommitted 90% to adopt their point of view, say researchers who used computer models to discover the tipping point where a minority view becomes the majority opinion.

    The findings of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) were recently published in the journal Physical Review E.

    “This is true not only for important opinions, like political views,” says Boleslaw Szymanski, SCNARC’s director and a distinguished professor at RPI. “It also applies to everyday decisions like, for instance, whether to buy a PC or a Mac or what fashion to wear or what movie to see. The spectrum of potential applications here is very, very broad.”

    • Rensselaer is pretty jewish, I believe. There is a clear campaign to alienate the radical ends of both political sides of the spectrum from their half of the center.

      Convincing the extremists on both sides that they can dig deeper into extremism as a means of winning is probably the goal here.

  3. Good analysis and commentary, HW. Judge Moore seems like a straight shooter and a State’s Rights conservative populist. But there’s always the “I exam”, as in Israel, Internationalism and Immigration.

    • Dubious. I think he’ll be more of an opiate than Trump ever could have become. For one, he sounds demagoguey when it comes to social issues, which have always been used to seduce and fool the white working class in the South particularly. Why not just condemn the extremes like transsexualism and out of control judges? What’s the point in ‘outlawing’ homosexuality? Most middle class whites don’t believe in doing that, even in other parts of the South. Is he even going that far or is HW just fantasizing? (And while I disagree with some of the views expressed, listening to Renee Baum-Griffin was very refreshing…she has a great radio voice and adds to the few authentic white women advocating for anything but attacking other women).

      Then the ‘christian zionism.’ Ugh. Sounds like a neo-neo-cohen.

    • Someone should come up with a clever name for Bannonites. Or maybe that’s it.

      For a time I liked Bannon, but only as a means to an end which is how he views his white working class flock. He is at heart a zionist with very deep roots to Israel. We cannot trust him and Trump’s hardcore narcissism oddly balanced Bannon’s machiavellian pragmatism somewhat. Trump wants to be loved and he is too all about himself to hew so closely to any organized ideology.

      Now Trump has come undone and we are left with Bannon disciples unhinged. This is dangerous territory. The struggle was always Kushner v. Bannon and Kushner won a decisive round but hardly the battle.

    • Yes, Kapper – a new Jesse Helm, or a new Strom Thurmond, would probably be a better coimparison.

      The difference with Moore, however, is that he is not the last of a dying breed, but, the first of a new/olde one.

  4. The movement, under new management, can have a happy 2018 if it gets the foot soldiers involved in grass roots politics, while the headliners push the metapolitics below the enemy radar.

    Which way white man?

  5. ” The White vote in the South, which was splintered during the late 20th century, has reconsolidated like it was in the Jim Crow South.”

    Words that will make every godforsaken JEW cower in their yarmulkes. Praise the Lord!

  6. Excellent article Mr. Griffin. The Neocon/Rino’s will dump a tremendous amount of money in Alabama to defeat him in favor of the Democrat. This fight will be very similar to what happened to Trump.

    Moore is Populist Revolt 2.0. Let’s hope he remembers that when he gets to D.C..

  7. @Mr. Griffin.

    Sir, as per usual, I thought your analysis penetrating and brilliant. My I add a tidbit?

    The America of 1783-1861 was dominated by the would-be Confederacy.
    The America of 1865-2016 was dominated by New England.

    This whole process is like a mationally psychick magician’s jack-in-the-box- this because, as the initial Tea Party & Sarah Palin rise tumbled out into 2014 Republican takeovers of State Governments, and then Donald Trump tumbled out of that, and then Roy Moore tumbles out of him, soon enough, mark my words, the Confederacy is going to tumble out of the Yankee Empire box; or, if, failing that, the Union will continue with a resumption of original States’ Rights, State Sovereignty, and a diminsht Supreme Court.

    One box will lead to another.

    Ironically, at this point, our enemies see this more clearly than do our brethren.

    Remember : you got it from me.

  8. Well, surprise, surprise, a Jew is fearful of Judge Moore.

    “Meet Roy Moore. When he’s not waving a six-shooter like Yosemite Sam, he can often be founding railing against the evils of homosexuality and the impending institution of Sharia law. After defeating Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary, despite the campaign efforts of President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Moore is on the verge of assuming the seat Attorney General Jeff Sessions vacated in the United States Senate, with Democratic opponent Doug Jones unlikely to receive much in the way of funding from the DNC.”

  9. If he is a bane to Big Fag, that is enough, although he is strong on immigration as well. I was in Alabama that week and the NRA was all over the airwaves slandering Moore. I am now aware that the NRA is completely swamp scum. We need to shut those idiots down, when we get into power.

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