Anticom’s Charlotte Rally

A few days ago, Anticom asked me to share the news of their upcoming rally in Charlotte, NC. I was happy to do so. I met some of their members in New Orleans, saw them again in Charlottesville and was looking forward to collaborating with them again in the future:

Since then, a lot of shade has been thrown on this event. I think some of the criticism justified. I think some of it is unjustified. At any rate, the event in Charlotte is still three months out, which is more than enough time to address and sort out these concerns. I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

Let’s start with where I agree with the critics:

1.) Guns – As Weev noted, it is illegal to parade, observe as a spectator or participate in a demonstration with a firearm in North Carolina. This is a good point. Every state is different and what was legal in Virginia is illegal in North Carolina. Obviously, it is not a good idea to bring firearms to any event in North Carolina, especially in a leftwing stronghold like Charlotte.

2.) Date – This is my major objection to the event in Charlotte. The date is too close to Christmas. Most people who would like to attend will be either with their families, traveling or just getting home on December 28. I know this is true in my case and it is the reason why I am unlikely to attend. The date needs to be moved either back to earlier in December or pushed forward to January. The organizers also need to be aware of when college students will be dealing with exams.

3.) Torches – If you are going to hold a torchlight parade, the time and location should never be announced publicly. Assuredly, the media will be there to film anyone and anything involving fire can be disrupted by Antifa in ways too horrific to contemplate going forward with.

4.) Demographics – After Charlottesville, the vast majority of people in our community are justifiably concerned about walking into another trap. Many have noted that North Carolina has a Democrat governor and Charlotte has a liberal mayor and black police chief. It goes without saying that this is a combination of factors reminiscent of Charlottesville which we be wise to avoid. There are any number of White suburbs in Mecklenburg County or nearby Union County, Cabarrus County or Gaston County which would be a much better location to hold this event. If the event was held in the Charlotte suburbs, it would dispense with the liberal mayor and black police chief and would be much safer.

If I was organizing this event, I would hold the rally in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, probably somewhere like Concord or Huntersville. Once our people have arrived in the area, we could always travel into Charlotte as necessary for unannounced events. The only value of doing anything in Charlotte would be for the publicity and the optic for which a flash event is better suited.

While the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department claims they will enforce the law, the same was true of the Charlottesville Police. We will have no idea until we get there. We can’t assume Mayor Jennifer Roberts won’t pressure Police Chief Kerr Putney to issue a stand down order, give Antifa a free hand to attack and then arrest us when we are forced to defend ourselves.

Here’s where I disagree with the critics:

1.) Socialism – It seems that a lot of criticism of this event has been based around the fact that Anticom is a pro-capitalist organization. If anything is true, this positions Anticom a lot closer to the eternal normie in North Carolina. While I am highly critical of capitalism (see the Tory position on capitalism and socialism), I don’t think we need to constantly counter-signal capitalism either. We should be able to agree to disagree on economics. Also, there is nothing be gained by constantly trying to appeal to socialists and communists who are our avowed enemies in the streets.

2.) Guns – As we have already seen, we can’t hold armed demonstrations in North Carolina. It seems that some people, however, are opposed to armed demonstrations in general. In Pikeville, we had an armed demonstration and there were no injuries or arrests. In Charlottesville, we had a disarmed demonstration and Antifa were emboldened to attack us with every weapon in their arsenal.

After Charlottesville, the League of the South decided we weren’t going to participate in any further disarmed rallies. We thought it was a mistake from the outset not to bring firearms which some people thought would be “too provocative.” Against our better judgment and experience, we went along with that plan for the first time in our history and the result was chaos and injuries. Instead of engaging in street brawls with Antifa, we are going to return to the formula which has worked for us in the past. We believe that disarmed rallies and gun free zones encourage street violence.

In Charlottesville, Redneck Revolt came armed and even drew their guns on our people who were removing the speaking equipment from Lee Park. It is worth noting that Redneck Revolt is also a pro-gun group. Even Antifa realize the stupidity of being against guns in the South. The last thing we want to do is create a dynamic where Antifa is positioned as pro-gun and the Alt-Right as anti-gun in the South. We’re always going to be as armed as Redneck Revolt at all of our future events.

3.) American Flags – If disarmed rallies sound dangerous and unappealing, exclusively using the American flag at disarmed rallies is even more so. Who is down for getting a few guys together to go get beat up with the American flag like Joey Gibson?

This isn’t going to work for a number of reasons. In Joey Gibson’s case, it works because he is half-Japanese, believes in his conservative rhetoric and can’t so easily be branded a “racist.” If we were to go get beat up like Joey Gibson, no one would sympathize with us. On the contrary, the reaction would be more along the lines of the racists and Nazis got what they deserved.

The idea here is to appeal to the normies, but it isn’t normies who come to these events. Normies are individualists and materialists. They are people who are satisfied with life or who have difficulty thinking beyond their own personal self interest. The people who come to events are overwhelmingly angry and disaffected. In fact, they skew toward the highly disaffected and altruistic. They are doing this because they believe in a cause greater than themselves and want to change their circumstances.

The Patriot groups who use the American flags aren’t normies either. Anyone who has followed the Patriot movement knows that it is a scene. It is the same people traveling all over the country to do their Facebook livestreams. The normies always stay at home to watch the Patriot soap opera. These people are disaffected civic nationalists. Even the Threepers understand that they aren’t normies. The III% is a reference to their belief that a tiny minority fought in the American Revolution.

It is worth observing here that the MOAR rally in Washington, DC drew about 200-300 people. The largest Patriot rally in memory in Houston, which was organized by Open Carry Texas, drew about 1,000 people. The crowd in Houston leaned heavily on gun enthusiasts and militias. In both Houston and DC, it was the same familiar set of Patriot groups, MAGApedes and Alt-Lite Kekistanis. These people aren’t drawing larger crowds than us with American flags and sincere Patriot rhetoric. In fact, MOAR was drastically outnumbered by the Juggalo March, the optics of which were, well, let’s just say had many shortcomings. The Juggalos more than made up for it though with passion and energy.

It’s hard to say which event was more cringe. I personally don’t think there is much energy left in civic nationalism. These events are a huge decline from the crowds of Baby Boomers that Glenn Beck managed to turn out at the Lincoln Memorial in 2010:

The most recent polls show that White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right constitute about 8 percent to 10 percent of the American population. This isn’t a bad showing. Pew’s surveys show that “Strong Conservatives” are only about 12 to 15 percent of the American population. We imagine that Middle American conservatives somewhere out there in the Heartland are this overwhelming majority, but that’s not the case at all anymore. “Business Conservatives,” the sort of people who vote for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, are another 10 percent of the American population.

Basically, I think that using exclusively American flags at the events will only divide our coalition and depress turnout at events. It won’t attract normies or civic nationalists because the “racism” charge will still be effective. It won’t deter Antifa who will still come to engage in violence. It’s just going to discourage our own activists from showing up. If the Oathkeepers, Threepers and American Warrior Revolution can’t make it work, I doubt we can with a halfhearted effort.

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  1. Don’t think you/we should go.

    On Lib Left, Black turf – m’thinks the thing to do is Identitarian type flash mobs – it’s not a parade if you just show up and set off colorful smoke, do 5 minutes of English soccer fan chants.

    Let’s show up at some SEC college football game where there are thousands of our White Southerners still going to these Black thug gladiator events – 2 hundred well dressed alt Right folks singing in unison, shaming these idiots – that would have a good effect. Many keys in not getting beat up or arrested, or doxed, keep it secret, dress in unison and not scary like paramilitary or Nazi. Look good, have some fun.

    • Ryan – we live in the Age of Miracles for 2 reasons – you offered good advice, and I am admitting it.

      No one is before me in admiration of Herr Hitler and the Reich, but any-one who shows up in Knaaazzzeee regalia, waving a swastika flag is a JEW. Shove it in the closest oven. Taunting Nigger ball worshipping retards is a excellent idea!


    No going into any territory where less than 51% of the immediate demographic is white and middle class. If the local people identify or sympathize with even part of the platform, the cops will not stand down. Otherwise, the people paying their salary will turn against them. Jews & Co. cannot afford to have the white working class perceive LE as traitors.

    As many women who can should go, under the right circumstances. It seems critical to present a non-stereotype whitemaleoppressor picture of what white liberation looks like.

    Also, why bother courting mainstream talmudvision publicity? The only people who still consider cable and TV news the authority on what’s real are mostly over 55. Most of those still taking TV as god won’t listen anyway, and since the jews control it allowing them to mold (distort and fabricate) the news only gives them credibility in the eyes of the rest of the adult population. By ignoring mainstream media the internet becomes even more important to the people who would listen.

    • The Torchlight rally was the BEST optic we had at Charlottesville. We just need to train our guys to not verbally slander. My friends loved the way it looked but when they watched YouTube videos of our comments to the thugs we lost ALL support.

      We need to dress more professional and demand the right to speak! I also think guns are a very bad idea and ultimately will lose us support.

      • Firearms will be SOP for the League from this point forward. And a clarification: There were many many armed League men at Lee Park on 8/12. We simply made the decision to leave our M4’s behind and carry concealed pistols.

      • I’m sorry, Matthew, but I have to disagree. Torch rallies are very frightening and off-putting to normies; and the only purpose of a rally is outreach to normies.

  3. Not bringing guns to a rally where guns are illegal anyway is a risk worth taking, as long as lesser weapons and protective gear – like the armament of the Charlottesville shield-wall – are available. I’m disappointed that LOS won’t participate – they comprised much of the shield-wall at C-ville. Their courage, discipline, and fighting skill would be critical at any future mass, Alt-Right rally in potentially hostile territory.

    And such rallies will be necessary for the movement to progress.

  4. MISSING ESSENTIAL: Masks and the loal legal climate. Where this local legal climate includes an anti-mask law, be alert to set LEOs on observed violators.

  5. We learned from Charlottesville that Democratic governors are willing to use the state police against us, Even in the reddest, whitest county in NC. Maybe no before Charlottesville they wouldn’t, but now they have precedent. I would suggest a change of venue. East Tennessee would be my choice. Private property would be ideal (damn the city and any carry laws on private property).

    Otherwise, I think we should push to drop the American flag ban. I, personally, don’t want us to show up looking like a bunch of damn Joey Gibson “patriots”. Not saying don’t bring it, just don’t require it.

    Also, pushing the date forward a bit would be a good idea. Christmas notwithstanding, the dead of winter doesn’t seem like the ideal time to hold an outdoor rally.

    Finally, on another note, no one should pass on the rally because of Anticom’s politics. This is an explicitly anti-communist event, and whether capitlaist or socialist, we all hate communism.

    Anyway, those are just my two cents. Personally, I’m just happy that we are organizing again.

  6. “Let’s show up at some SEC college football game where there are thousands of our White Southerners still going to these Black thug gladiator events – 2 hundred well dressed alt Right folks singing in unison, shaming these idiots – that would have a good effect.” -Jack Ryan

    I respectfully disagree. Any White still attending these thug events is addicted and cucked. We’d have as much luck attending an Oktoberfest event to protest alcoholism.

    I suggest a “Remembrance moment” to be included in a future rally. The endless list of white victims of black and illegal alien murders can be read aloud. These victim’s families (especially children) might even participate seeing as how their deceased loved ones have been thrown down the memory hole by the MSM. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom’s family might be receptive while some, like Minister Davy Blackburn (Amanda Blackburn) are so far gone as to be unreachable. Many, outside the WN and realist movement have no idea of the shocking amount of White murder/rape victims there are every year.

    I think any future rallies in Democrat strongholds with a liberal mayors and mud Chiefs of Police is a recipe for disaster.

  7. The Torchlight rally is a rememberance. It’s our equivalent of a candlelight vigil.

    I think we need banners made of the 4 names of our guys charged after Charlottesville with a single torch in front of each banner.

  8. Charlotte, NC? NO. The cities in the South are totally (((reconstructed))). If Spencer is not attending – that’s a plus. Avoid ANYTHING spencer-related at all costs. Find a venue where you can carry ANYTHNG. I want to carry flame throwers and should-to-air missile launchers. Capiche? Find a White Place, that permits shoulder to air missile launchers. And Dec 28th is not going to work for any-one. Are the organizers retarded?

  9. 1) the correct answer to when is black Friday weekend

    2) the goal isn’t normies joining, it’s the consent of the governed – their acquiescence to a new program, this is why you aim your message at them, a nice white suburb shopping center is the place to go

    3) there’s no point in taking new ground when we can’t even hold the ground we have: wall + deportation

    4) for the surly types, the enemy always affords us opportunities to CounterPunch like the NFL; nation building is for a different segment of the movement – the former cannot be allowed to kneecap the latter

    5) nice to see articles again at OD. Is the Annus Horribilis over?

  10. December 28? Who was the……are you sure Spencer had nothing to do with this?

    How about holding the event on….get ready for this…..January 19th, the anniversary of General Lee’s birth? It’s also close to Marchin’ Lootin’ Coon Day. Eh? EH?

  11. There is one reason and one reason only I disapprove of this event: The group is explicitly Anti-Racist. Anti-Racist events should never be attended by our guys. Just like those Cuckfederates in Richmond, people need to learn the hard way that if you disavow racism you will be left to defend against Antifa by your damn selves. We who explicitly claim to love our Race proved at Charlottesville that without firearms or Police intervention we can beat Antifa even when outnumbered. The same can’t be said for most of these “Anti-Racist” groups.

  12. No!!!!

    I really can’t believe this question even has to be asked. You should be building a vast array of networks throughout the South, not poking a hornet’s nest surrounded by quicksand. If you have to be public and make a spectacle, then make public statements about food drives, fundraising for needy families, skill building and workshops, etc. Make anti-Whites attack something that most people will see as a very positive thing. A simple protest or rally at this point is far too easy to be spun into something people will see as negative.

    Even though I’d sometimes like to drown Denise in a pool of battery acid, she is correct about Spencer. You really want to avoid Spencer. You really, really want to avoid Spencer & Co. If you were truly fed up with the revolving door of Stormfront drama a decade ago, and understood how the misanthropic lunacy of places like VNN was a dead end, then you’re going to be very frustrated with the direction of Alt-Right this time next year. I made it a point to tell people during the primaries that they shouldn’t put too much faith in Trump and were going to be very disappointed once he got into office. I’m making it a point to tell you that you are going to be very disappointed if you don’t carve out a separate path for yourself.

    Just in case I wasn’t clear enough… you really, really, really want to avoid Spencer & Co.

  13. We need to capture and display the US Stars and Stripes flag as our own.

    The neo-cons captured it for their banner of Death and Destruction propagandized at NFL games. We will take it from them.

    The US flag represents America… it can be ours if we display it in overwhelming numbers at rallies.

    It will be very bad visuals for antifa when antifa will undoubtably attack the US flag bearing Whites

    One of my large Trump campaign signs was defaced repeatedly until I decorated the sign with a large US flag and numerous small flags. The vandalism stopped.

  14. This comment is probably too far down for anyone to see but whatever. Rallies are great, but all sections of the alt-right, no matter the group, are missing something: policy. We need a policy to work towards. If some time in the future we make our own nation, secede, make America white again, etc, we’ll have to come up with a policy to keep that country stable. It’s good to start coming up with a political/governmental platform way ahead of time.

  15. You’re AGAINST capitalism ? You mean PREDATOR capitalism right ? Capitalism is the only system that works but we need safe guards against the evil ( yes in many cases Jew 🙂 ) 0.01 % screwing us over. Anyways …

    “Think like a general !”
    You have X # of troops resources etc. Where can you get the most bang for your buck ? Not at anticom, before Christmas. Meanwhile, notice how much mediaattention Dillan Roof got when HE shot up a BLACK church. Yet, not another peep about the 3rd world porch monkey that shot up a WHITE church !!! Know how many white people are pissed about THAT !!??
    Want GOOD publicity and donations … “general ?” Carefully “think tank” a real juicy “campaign” which will expose this disgrace. Set up a HUGE protest AT the church. Do your homework. Review how MUCH media attention Roof got vs how little porch got. It’ll make you famou$.
    Or … just stand there whistling Dixie ….

  16. If we can’t win over normies because of the racism charge, then there’s no point to any kind of march or rally as OUR ONE AND ONLY PURPOSE is to awaken racial consciousness within our fellow whites. THE END. So we either figure out the best message and optics for doing so, or we conclude it cannot be done as NOTHING OTHER THAN EXPLICIT WHITE NATIONALISM WILL SAVE US AT THIS POINT.

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