Corn is for Grits, Not HFCS

One of the problems that Post-Modern consumerist/individualist society has pushed upon us which is literally killing many Southerners (and White people in general) is high fructose corn syrup. It takes an especially deadly toll on rural and working class Southerners, it seems. With this in mind here are a few Southern themed anti-high fructose corn syrup memes to share with normies.

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  1. Aside from fatty liver disease caused by HFCS the other health effects are the same. Corn just isn’t healthful for most people. Anyone wanting to be healthy needs to limit their sugar, grains, and starches. Limit the carbohydrates to leafy vegetables.

      • And Harold missed the point, entirely.

        While I eat all sorts of good food, (and fast, as Orthodox Christians do) every year come August,
        I want fresh Minnesota corn on the cob
        -with butter and salt and pepper.

        Mmm mmm boy.

        Keep your damned tofu burgers!
        (Having to eat lentils twice a year,
        is bad enough…) lol

  2. This is a very serious problem. As a health care professional I can tell y’all that I read the labels on food and do not buy or consume any food with this sweetener in it. It’s produced to salve the “sugar NAZIs” who prop up sugar prices in the US to above world prices. Cane sugar should be the only sweetener other than honey or Stevia. Even Stevia is kept of the market by the HFCS lobby in conjunction with the chemical sweetener lobby.

    The short version of the above, NEVER consume any food with high fructose corn syrup in it.

    • Our entire family is with you, Mr. Hines.

      We run from anything with high-fructose corn syrup, and cross ourselves at the sing of synthetick sweeteners, just as we shun almost all processt food.

      We either use sugar, Stevia, or do without.

      • juniusdaniel1828

        Sugar, Mr Daniel, is a Southern product. Corn surup and ethanol, which ruins our engines, are Yankee Corn Belt products.

        • Southern sugar it was argued never could keep pace with the demand. Cuba was our main US Supply of Sugar for Coca Cola and much of the other stuff, but after it fell to Castro and JFK placed the embargo on it, that ended. Through the Sixties and into the Seventies, it was argued that HFCS was needed to augment the sugar supply, plus it was cheaper and sweeter. Obviously we see the effects now.

          In the Top Twenty Corn States there is MISSOURI 9, TEXAS 12 KENTUCKY 14 ARKANSAS 16 TENNESSEE 17 and NORTH CAROLINA and MISSISSIPPI 19 and 20. Of course the increase in corn production in the South has to do more with the decline of Cotton, Tobacco and in Arkansas’s case Rice and the Chicken/Hog farm boom. Ethanol was brought to us by the Iowa scumbags, who are always the first ones screaming for more farm subsides, but so does Missouri, so the South isn’t untouched by the politics on this issue.

    • But Pat, just about everything has that corn syrup shit in it, it’s like there’s no friggin’ escape from it!

  3. High fructose isn’t fructose. It’s a trade name for a chemically concocted, artificial sweetener invented in a Japanese lab. The body metabolises HFCS in exactly the same way as grain alcohol, meaning it first processes it in the liver and turns it into fat. HFCS tastes sweet but doesn’t increase the energy in the bloodstream; rather, it takes energy from you to convert it to fat. The more HFCS-sweetened soda you drink, the more tired and irritable you feel.

    But hey! It goes right along with all the artificial sweeteners sorbitol/sorbates they label as preservatives. Get used to the aspartame, acesulfame, sucralose, and saccharine added to sugar-sweetened snacks to get you used to the taste (and the headaches). They’re going to stop diabetes by giving us all cancer.

    Thanks corporate food industry!

  4. Why can’t they just put normal sugar in their products? I feel like the food industry is waging a campaign of genocide against us.

    • ” I feel like the food industry is waging a campaign of genocide against us.”

      They are. Kosher and ‘Halal’ – two foreign scams to bilk free Whites to return again to bondage. [Col. 2:20-23]

    • @SpahnRanch…

      ‘Why can’t they just put normal sugar in their products? I feel like the food industry is waging a campaign of genocide against us.’


      This, Sir, is just one of the nightmares of American culture – North, South, East and West, this being that they can never leave well enough alone – they either have to ‘improve it’, replace it, fake it, GMO it, or jus’ plum destroy the dadburn thang!

      This goes far beyond corporatism, but the American culture itself, which, by the way, is a dang pestilence.’

      How it is folks work it out in their mind that this ‘Murica is a good plac, and ought export itself to the rest of the world, I can only think is proof that their analysis is baset solely on our material wealth, because in many many other ways, we are a peoples poor of soul, and lacking in any sane sense of limits.

      • Morbidly obese, overmedicated people who use those motorized scooters to shop for HFCS – drenched “comfort food” at WAL *MART, so they can get even fatter and sicker…..God forbid we should inflict our “American way of life on any other country. It would be more humane to simp!y drop an H bomb on them.

  5. Eat organic every chance you get. Buy organic seeds from : Listen to what’s coming on yesterdays : SGT Report on Youtube, ( click ‘videos’ and they line up in order. ) We need to learn to grow and can. Get most calories from fats an protiens not carbs. Omega 3’s. Walnuts macadamian nuts salmon mackerel string cheese, egg whites organic beef. No tuna … it’s all from the FUKUSHIMA Pacific. Multi vitamin – mineral daily. Coffee I heavily pesticide. Get organic coffee.

  6. I think the soy epidemic is a bigger problem in this country. They can’t mass produce enough food and so they add that bean crop to everything….along with cotton fiber.

    If we are going to go down this route, we should focus our efforts on things that we don’t have the luxury of avoiding. I choose to drink hfcs and I can choose not to. I can’t choose not to eat soy and hormones/antibiotics in food. We should stir this rage up in folk and rope them into the fold

  7. This stupid boomer was trying to tell people about this 20 years ago and I was told to go put my tin foil hat on. There is a lot more than just HFCS that the establishment is trying to slowly kill you with but then I think I’ll just go put my tin foil hat on and shut up.

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