The Kangs-geld and The Coming Reckoning

The unrest of late and the increasing volume of ever-present demands to confiscate white wealth give one cause for consideration of an ancient truth of English history. The surrender of sovereignty only begets the basis for more demands to surrender sovereignty. In this article, we will learn about the state of American sovereignty through economics, in the sense of the redistribution of real goods and services. It paints a dire picture of where we are headed in terms of our ability to satiate an alien and invader populace in our own midst while struggling to survive ourselves.

But first, a lesson in history. For a time, what we today would call England struggled with a population of Danes in its territory, conducting raids and military actions against towns, monasteries, and anything else they could find. Seeking to spare themselves bloodshed, many English nobles and smaller kings set up a “tribute” system in order to satiate the vikings’ love of gold, silver, and grain they didn’t plant or reap themselves. We refer to this as the “danegeld.”

The word in itself contains a notable double-entendre. To the English, the word “geld” meant “tribute,” sharing a common root with the Latin “geldum” and reflected in other languages as the Frisian “jild” or “jield,” the Gothic “gild,” and what now we might call “yield” when we ask whether a field yielded any crops. The second meaning comes from the Norse “gelda,” the Gothic “gilþa,” and the old Norse “geldingr.” You might recognize this in its modern English form of “gelding.” That is to say: somebody else has your balls. And so the term poetically illustrates the rationalization for getting trampled underfoot by the tramplee while hinting at the mindset of the laughing trampler. England suspected, as Kipling noted, “Once you have paid him the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.” [1] But, mercifully, that wasn’t quite true. It took centuries of war on England’s part to banish the Dane to Denmark after King Alfred the Great undertook the process of uniting England and campaigning against the Danes. But eventually, England broke free of the yoke.

Possibly the worst part of the Danegeld was the acceptance of colonies and military outposts on England’s soil itself as to make it easier for Denmark to wage war on the English – should tribute not get paid. Even so, we’ve done the same thing with the Kangs-geld. We’ve provided them with Section 8 forward operating bases from which to launch raids on our formerly white communities in the suburbs. We’ve accepted them into our military and created positions in which virtually no risk is faced and no work is required, so they might reap the benefits reserved for our warriors at no real cost. We have ushered them into all levels of our government so that they might have control of our affairs. And even with our acquiescence, they still conduct raids with eye-rolling predictability on our populace. In both instances, the payments were given by cowed “leaders” under threat of harm and innocent people going about their business suffered the undue brunt of the harm.


The Kangs [2] have been increasingly unwilling to keep up their end of the bargain, although the amount of tribute we deliver increases every year. Riots, rapes, robbery, and murder skyrocket under the “Trayvon Effect” where all pretense of law and order has evaporated and given way to the sentiment among the colored barbarians and their allies that adhering to the original bargain struck is a form of white supremacy. Unfortunately for blacks, we will soon find ourselves in a position where we cannot maintain our tribute either. An article on the Alternative Hypothesis lays out that blacks are a massive tax drain on the economy, to the tune of $7,700-$10,000 per capita per year while whites are a tax boon of $1,200-$2,800 per capita per year. [3] In simple terms, virtually all wealth (i.e. property and money not under lien of debt as well as goods) blacks own is tribute from whites. Astoundingly, rather than hoarding wealth and maintaining it, it appears that blacks have reached the point where our pernicious elites cannot confiscate wealth quickly enough from white men to meet the rate that blacks spend it. The black median wealth (over half of all black families) will be zero by 2053 or sooner. [4] That means that over half of all black families will have not a single penny to their name and debts beyond any and all of their property.

Many young whites also have a net worth of zero, however, this has traditionally eased off by the time whites get into their late 20’s and is largely an effect of college debts, something blacks typically do not have. I view the 26 year estimation as overly optimistic with blacks getting prodded more and more towards college and with a burgeoning Hispanic population eating at the resources reserved for the black tribute. As our economy continues to plunge and the barbarians with their hands out increase in number, we find ourselves in a situation described best by W.B. Yeats in his poem, “The Second Coming.” “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.” [5]

In other words, the bread and circuses can’t last when Jayquondus and his bitch (his words, not mine, as many moments in life, I hold dogs in higher esteem) can’t afford malt liquor, mcnuggets, and the electricity bill. The barbarian will make good on his threat to raid and pillage. Indeed, he already has. But this time he will march in force on the blighted and impoverished whites who labored so hard to provision them for so long with wealth they have squandered, wealth that belonged rightfully to us and “our posterity,” wealth that could have been used to build a nation of virtue, prosperity, and Godly religion.

But, alas, that was not meant to be. We are men of hard times and we keep watch for a second coming. Where are you, Alfred, and when will you unite us against the Godless barbarians who steal bread from our children, spit on our religion, and defile our soil?

-By James Radclyffe and originally published at Identity Dixie.


[2]Term taken from the dubious and unsubstantiated afrocentric declaration that blacks were “Kangz” in ancient Africa and had some sort of complex society.


    • The person who wrote this article places all the blame on the Negroid Proles and not the Jewish Slavemasters who put them in positions to harm us. Remove the Jew=THIS ENDS

  1. Because the alt-kike doesn’t have the balls to puch up. They punch left at the minions of the jews. It bothers me as well.

  2. All to Enrich Big Jew. If every White South African was impoverished tomorrow, in a year or two most of the confiscated wealth would find its way to Rothschild and out of the Negroes hands who would be back to starvation.

    • While the savages are getting ready to boil themselves some remaining “racists,” the kikes are stealing all the kangs’ gold and diamonds (almost worthless to those who understand the kike diamond ploy).

  3. Jews or not it’s a perfectly valid point. We should go back to public housing and place all of them in territory where the Democrat voters are. Let have Diversity. There’s a way to build high rise buildings extremely cheap. There’s a company in China called the broad group that builds 30 story buildings in 15 days with mass production of the floors walls and ceilings in factories and then hoisting the whole thing up onto the building, propping up the walls, roof and bolting the whole thing together. Once the building is built housing cost would plummet compared to section 8. Section 8 is actually higher cost than normal rent. They could pay for the builds by cutting this cost paid back. All of these could be placed where the residents could be watched to decrease havoc.

    • I have rentals and have had experience with Section 8. Rents paid by the Feds. is lower than market value. One of the reasons for housing shortages is that the Feds don’t necessarily pay market value.

  4. These scholarly essays are as dry and devoid of life as Egyptian mummies. What are we going to do about the jews and their army of peanut butter colored cannibals? That’s what I want to know.

  5. Great article. We are battling on multiple fronts- we don’t need to mention Jews 24/7: niggers are a problem too…

  6. Pleasant reading. Following the money is only part of the tribute forfeit to these evolutionary losers though. If our technologies and knowledge investiture were accounted into the vanity altruism of universalism, the losses to whites would be realistically even greater. They jump their place in the evolutionary queue. This includes blakes, jews and especially yellow peril, whose infiltration and tradecraft represent obscene losses to our race and nations. I dream of a great investiture clawback from all these avaricious monsters.

      • Indeed, you can be sure Russians know all too well about smiling orientals who are plotting murder and genocide against them. Orientals are a threat by virtue of their huge population that grows at the expense of others.

  7. Dear Silas,

    I truly appreciate your articles. Thank you. You do need to Name the Jew – you Southrons MUST get over your lunacy about “Not All Jews Are Bad Our Dixie Jews Are Awrite” NO THEY ARE NOT.

    Otherwise, your articles are terrific. Thank you.

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    We wait to hear of her disbarment.
    Where is Gov Cuomo’s condemnation of his fellow New Yorker?

  10. “We’ve provided them with Section 8 forward operating bases from which to launch raids on our formerly white communities in the suburbs.”

    Burn this into your memory. The gov’t set up enemy-alien attack bases that are legally and culturally inviolable, and that are never counterattacked by aware whites. We’re dispersed into millions of isolated individuals and small family units that are easy to menace and assault one by one. We make pitiful pleas to gov’t forces to come take reports after we’re attacked. We each have only a few small arms to face down ever-larger, ever-bolder, mob-like irregular forces. In the end, we’re left with no choice but to gather our meager possessions and flee.

    This goes along with their well-rounded attack on our livelihoods and education, sexual molestation of the young, old, and our women, etc. The vast extension of Section 8, and the “removal of barriers” to eligibility for convicted criminals, is neither a mere coincidence nor an unintended consequence.

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