CBS Fires Jewish VP for Anti-White Comments Follows Las Vegas Shooting

CBS has fired its vice president Haley Geftman-Gold after she posted comments on social media expressing her lack of sympathy for the 58 people recently murdered in a mass shooting in at a Las Vegas concert. Geftman-Gold, a New York Jew, is a graduate of Columbia Law School and also a vice president at MTV Networks. Fox News reports that she attacked the murdered victims for being country music fans, likely Republicans and supporters of gun rights:

CBS has parted ways with one of the company’s top lawyers after she said she is “not even sympathetic” to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because “country music fans often are Republican,” when discussing the tragic mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas late Sunday night.

…Hayley Geftman-Gold, the network’s now-former vice president and senior counsel, took to Facebook after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and sending more than 520 others to hospitals.

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs [sic] will ever do the right thing,” Geftman-Gold wrote in a now-deleted message that was first reported and captured by The Daily Caller.

Geftman-Gold continued: “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc [sic] country music fans often are Republican gun toters [sic].”

Geftman-Gold is presumably referring to Sandy Hook, which occurred in Newtown, Conn. back in 2012. A 20-year-old gunman, Adam Lanza, killed 20 children and six adults during the tragic event that sparked intense political debates regarding gun control.

The mask slips for a moment and this woman’s undisguised hatred of White people is expressed. And her company is forced to fire her. We often hear or read anti-White rhetoric in the mainatream media. Geftman-Gold’s comments just lay bare how hateful such people are towards us.

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  1. As stated, occasionally the jews mask slips and their hatred of all things white, Christian and Southern shines through. rest assured, every other antiChrist has the exact same feelings whether expressed or not, unless its the concert promoter who might lose a few shekels over the debacle…

      • The biggest jew worshiping celebrity I know of right now is that crooner from the Cretaceous Pat Boone. He presents himself as being a wholesome Christian and all of that, but on a recent radio interview with the greasy, swarthy Arab George Noory Boone cucked so hard for the jews and their Zionist state it was downright pornographic (Boone is actually something of a prevert. Larry Flynt once published an indecent photo of him in HUSTLER).

        No matter how White they may be goy slaves of the Sanhedrin should be regarded with nothing but the lowest contempt.

    • @Goy,
      That comment is very concerning……I worry that you and Denise would wear those poor ovens out. What did ovens ever do to you???

      • @Alphabet,
        Are you serious or what? Obviously you don’t read any of my other posts. One doesn’t come any more un-Jewish than me. I’m an Australian farmer from Barellan, NSW with four adult kids. I didn’t even understand the JQ until I began reading this sight.
        I was using a bit of humor- we do need that from time to time. Goy is a good lady who is pretty chilled.
        To you and anyone else who doesn’t really get my Aussie country humor, I do apologize.

  2. And yet jews have the chutzpuh to endlessly complain about Auntie Semitisms. As if they don’t know what causes it!

    • If they look at themselves in a mirror, the causes of anti-Semitism would be looking back at them. Jews are incapable of self reflection, a hallmark of psychopaths.

  3. I’d guess most of the audience were Californians LARPing as Cowboys for a weekend.

  4. You know what the worst punishment for that jew princess would be? Not the rope or the oven(although she deserves BOTH), it would forcing the bitch to do some housework. Oy, my nails, one of them is chipped! I tink I’m goingk to PLOTZ!

    • Have her cleaning hotel bathrooms, for the rest of her life, at minimum wage.

      She would probably gas herself.

  5. Bad stuff. I’m about a five minute drive from the Mandalay.

    Very somber mood here today. Everyone has that distant look in their eyes.

  6. Everyone is numb here.

    Buying a firearm here is easy. Walmart sells them. Gun shows all the time.

    I doubt many locals were victims. These events bring in the tourists.

    A lot of aspects of what happened last night don’t make sense.

      • No, John. We get the real rednecks for these events. They come and party hard. California liberals wouldn’t be around these concerts.

      • Don’t know if you have been here, John. But outdoor concerts like this aren’t the shows on the strip with $200 tickets.

        These were regular people that fly out over the weekend to get wasted and party, not the California liberals that prefer inside shows and nice restaurants.

  7. These Jews in the media love this shit. Good to see Palmetto has finally come around to see it.

    I’ll be posting this story on a few sites.

  8. We will never know how Paddock got his hands on machine guns. People in power do not want us to know.

    • It’s easy to modify a firearm to full auto. The guns were legal,from what I’ve heard.

      Good thing Trump won, or Hilary would have used this to bring about stricter gun control.

  9. Kike had another job within the hour, probably with a related company. Pure “optics” for the cattle.

    • You beat me to it. I hadn’t heard that this jew b*tch has already landed a new position, but I was going to write that she certainly would very soon. There are never any real consequences for this scum. Another recent example– the odious Julia Ioffe.

      • Oh, I’m not confirming it, I’m sure she’s off the radar, but we both know that she isn’t out of work. It’s all nudge, nudge, wink, wink, let’s fool the cattle.

  10. Needless to say, if this had happened to the kikes, they would be provided with 24/7 taxpayer-funded police and FBI protection, indefinitely, at all of their synagogues of Satan and ‘community centers’. They would force both the House and Senate to proclaim a national Day of Mourning to commemorate their dead and a 9/11 Commission-type committee to investigate.

    All we’re going to get is Orwellian gun control and more anti-White hate from the disgusting subhuman mongoloid races. Because the victims were NAAATZEES…

    • Would anyone here doubt that muslim refugees would be banned from Western countries if they specifically targeted their cousins the jews instead of attacking the general population?

  11. This is a case where you’re having the opposite effect if you’re trying to rally people against Jews. Because she looks sort of interesting because she was willing to get fired after taking a shot at mass tragedy. It would be like someone getting fired for cheering 9/11. Obviously I’d find that edgy.

      • She pushed the envelope a bit too far today. But I have no doubt she has already received job offers.

        Her “edgy” anti-White hatred is valued in the media.

        • Let’s humor (((Daryl))) and respond to his disingenuous comment:

          Jews obviously have tremendous difficulties in managing their collective anti-White sociopathy. They are now (misguidedly) loosening their psychological restraints, in full-scale celebration of what they believe to be the impending White American genocide and Jewish-Chinese plunder and takeover of the entire planet.

          Because they lack human souls and delight in harvested human misery, nothing short of FULL-SCALE EXTERMINATION of them will do.

          Got it?

          • I have a better explanation. If you post something controversial, whether it be far left, far right, pro gay, anti gay, pro capitalist, anti capitalist, you risk driving away customers. The media is a business. Thus for the same reason Pat Buchanan was fired, this Jewish women was fired. I know it takes a basic understanding of how business is run

  12. Why is every single msm (almost a day later) still using the same random photo of Paddock with his eyes closed? When a big crime is committed don’t they usually use a drivers license or passport photo to show the public? Seems strange to me.

  13. Back at you Hayley bitch because “we not even sympathetic” for the 6 million put to gas… so we even now right?

  14. Anti Semitism is virus infecting the mind, an irrational behavior from sick people that occurs for no reason at all.

    • It’s a natural reaction to jewish bad behavior. The questions is not “Never again”, it is “Why not more often” relating to the holocaust.

  15. The JAP over-reached and her jew masters had to sacrifice her. Not to worry, the Jew Circle of Trust will ensure that she lands on her feet.

    • yes, the (((LVPD))) handled this real well: Paddock blasted away for 72 minutes w/o a single round of suppressing counterfire from the badged orcs. Then they tiptoed upstairs and found a cold corpse.

      Las Vegas is a Jew-owned (Wynn, Adelsohn et al.) gambling town. The Mayor has been a Jew since forever. Current is (((Carolyn Goodman))). Before that, (((Oscar Goodman))), her termed-out husband. I seem to recall that the Mayor of Charlottesville was also a Jew.

    • For now. Until they find a way to use her infamy to make her a star in a reality show or something like this. In 2001, New York publicist Lizzie Grubman DELIBERATELY hit a bunch of people with her car and called them “white trash.” In 2005, MTV gave her and her friends a reality show, “PoweR Girls.”

    • Doubtful, I would call this damage control. Jewish style. They had to get her to quit shooting them in their feet as a group.

  16. Again, full automatic weapons were NOT used. The shooter used multiple “bump-fire” (Slide Fire) type stocks on over the counter, semi-auto rifles that anyone outside California can purchase without a felony conviction. AP just confirmed this.
    Anyone who has served in the Military or has a rudimentary understanding of weapons knew this immediately upon hearing the audio of the shooting videos.
    I happen to have extensive knowledge and experience in this arena. The shooter also used drum magazines (not “clips” as niggers and idiots refer to them).
    The full court press on the 2nd Amendment will commence shortly.

  17. I believe the “shooter” is Jewish. IMO, this is another false flag brought to the US by the CIA/Mossad and the shooter is somewhere in Tell Aviv counting his money. Too much does not add up .

    • I second this notion, Cyndy. This absolutely has the appearance of a mossad illuminati coordinated strike, with more than one shooter, symbolism included i.e. “Harvest festival” etc.
      Somebody at Daily Stormer who carefully analyzed the video also talked about hearing distinct sounds of 2 different guns being intermittently fired in order to make it appear as only one in order to fit the narrative of one shooter. I’ve also been reading rumors that eyewitnesses who were at the scene are saying the multiple guns firing. This is very similar to the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald, who many also think was a jewish patsy. I think its likely this Filipino “companion”” was also involved in helping set him up to be in the right place at the right time for the massive coordinated effort. The mossad are well known for using females in roles like this. Funny how she was questioned and quickly released so fast. And apparently already left the country. Suspicious. The fact that there was information being published in Israeli newspapers early morning practically before any investigation had been completed also is suspicious. David Duke mentioned this on his latest podcast yesterday.

      I also believe there was likely elements of the FBI/ATF involved to help doctor the evidence and tie up any loose ends at the crime scene, i.e. quickly process the Filipina and whisk her away out of sight. The Filipina “companion” might have even been the one that snuffed the guy. And I don’t believe for one second this guy whose own brother claims has no formal military training pulled this operation off single handedly. Furthur, neither strike me as the types that would be involved in Antifa or whatever as is being claimed by many in media. Both have the look and feel of your typical white conservative types as were most of the concert victims. Just another goy added to the ritual slaughter/sacrifice.

      If the above hypothesis is correct then this was likely a message sent by the Bolshevik Jews to the growing White Nationalist movement that they can and will murder whites with impunity if pushed. They’ve done it before (USS Liberty) and have been doing this type of underhanded shit for a long time and have only gotten much better at concealing their involvement (thanks to having operatives now firmly entrenched in media and govt). They learned from their 1967 USS Liberty attempted false flag debacle not to get sloppy and get caught with their pants down, even though (I think to their surprise and glee) they found out just how cowed and brow-beaten white America had become when there was no response after their disingenous apology and disgraceful offer of sheckels (which even that was re-nigged on and was meager to begin with). The families of the victims deserved retribution as did all Americans that should have rivaled both Hiroshima and Nagasaki ten-fold.

      Since thw USS Liberty they realized they could commit terrorist attacks with impunity and there would never be any real consequences and white Americans would never retaliate and have been steadily upping the ante since (911 was their biggest operation by far and targeted Americans in general) but the crosshairs have always been on the predominantly Aryan segments of the population so this ritual slaughter of white conservative christian southerners has to be the most satisfying feather in their cap to date.

  18. One of my friends recently asked me why so many Jews were fiercely pro-abortion. “They don’t care about abortion,” I said. “They just want to stick it to the Christian mainstream, who they hate and resent.” This kind of thing confirms that though — as do many other things, such as the Jewish-run SPLC trying to re-define mainstream thought as “hate.”

  19. @Days,
    I’m also pro-abortion…..for Jews, blacks, street shitters and other non – whites. I think they should enjoy free abortions. I also rejoice at every non-white who’s a homo…..they don’t breed.

  20. The authorities are searching for a motive. Perhaps it’s contained within her anti-White comments: Everyone knows Republicans, Trumpsters, Whites in general are Nazis and killing Nazis is the highest virtue.

  21. The kikes are succeeding beyond their wildest expectations. The zionist control the US completely and this is just another of their results. Gun control will be furthered in the jew agenda. Negroes have been turned loose on the Whites and all the jews have to do now is to get police to surrender and that will be the end for Whites.

  22. you just knew she was gonna have the last name “Gold” didn’t’ya ???? and a hyphenated Gold at that….You just can’t make this stuff up any better

    • I have only one thing to say about Jewesses, after suffering the mental abuse of dealing with a couple of them. They are like Medusa, the Gorgon as in the farther away they are from you, the better. Preferably out of earshot, the way they talk can make a man want to jump out of a plane without a parachute.

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