A Southern Nationalist Perspective on Catalan Secession

Recently, Dr. Michael Hill, president of the League of the South, took to Twitter to proclaim the Southern Nationalist organization’s official support for the secession of Catalonia from Spain.

Catalonia, or Cataluña in Spanish, is a relatively wealthy, densely populated (7.5 million people) Autonomous Community with its own historic language, Catalan, which evolved from Vulgar Latin along with the other (closely related) languages of Iberia (except for Basque). There are perhaps 5.4 million Catalan people worldwide, with 4.8 million of them living in Catalonia. A large percentage of the population of the region is made up of people who moved from elsewhere in Spain for economic opportunities. And there is also a large non-European population in Catalonia. Muslims make up approximately 7.3% of the population. Only 52% of the people are Catholic, the historic religion of the region. According to studies, 46% of the people consider Spanish their native language while 37% consider Catalan as such. The regional government and public schools use Catalan as their primary language.

From a Southern Nationalist or more broadly from even an Alt-Right perspective there are problems with endorsing Catalonia’s secession from Spain. Support for Catalan secession is a minority position even within Catalonia. Secessionists make up somewhere around 40% of the population with close to 50% opposing secession. The recent referendum, which was illegal under both Catalan and Spanish law, was boycotted by opposition parties in Catalonia and only 42% of voters in the region participated. Of those who participated 92% supported secession. This would put support for Catalan secession at 39% among all voters.

The Catalan cause has historically been associated with the radical Left. During the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s the region was controlled by communist and anarchist groups who made war upon Spanish nationalists and the Catholic clergy. There are numerous contemporary images floating around the internet of African and Muslim aliens holding Catalan nationalist flags and signs. Reuters reports that Catalan secessionists are openly appealing to Third World immigrants:

In a community hall in the Spanish region of Catalonia, two independence activists take the stage against a backdrop of red and yellow striped Catalan flags: a Syrian-born tourist guide and a Spanish member of parliament born in Uruguay.

With barely three months to go before an independence referendum called for Oct. 1, naturalized immigrants are taking on an important and prominent role in the campaign both as activists and supporters.

Catalonia has one of the highest percentages of immigrants in Spain, just under 14 percent of residents are foreign-born, and their votes may gain crucial votes for the independence movement in what is likely to be a close-run race.

Including them in the movement for nationhood is key says Catalonia’s deputy governor, Oriol Junqueras. “We want to be a very open and integrated society,” he told Reuters in Barcelona.

Campaigners are even encouraging migrants without the right to vote to ask work mates and friends to vote for independence and are advocating Catalan nationality for all migrants living in the region if it leaves Spain.

How is this good for White people, traditionalists or even the Catalans themselves? These “nationalists” are willing to give Africans and Arabs citizenship in exchange for a pro-secession vote.

In contrast to Catalonia, South Carolina’s secession from the United States in 1860 was specifically motivated by racial concerns on the part of the White people of the State. They blasted the Northern-elected US president as Abraham Africanus the First and attacked him for his opposition to slavery – the basis of the South’s economy and paternalistic, pro-White social system. When the Southern States seceded its Vice President Alexander Stephens openly proclaimed that White rule and Black slavery were the cornerstone of the new Confederacy. The cause of Dixie in the 1860s right through to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was White rule and Southern civilization. It fought militarily and politically in defense of a pro-White, inegalitarian, anti-democratic, traditionalist and paternalistic form of society. Meanwhile, Catalonia’s deputy governor, Oriol Junqueras says as his fellow secessionists recruit Africans and Muslims, “We want to be a very open and integrated society.”

In summary, the Catalan secessionist cause is not a clear case of supporting self-determination because it doesn’t enjoy majority support (much less overwhelming support as did secessionists in South Carolina and most of Dixie). And the cause is linked to globalism, communism, anarchism and White genocide. If there are Right-wing Catalan nationalists who wish to preserve their ethnic group and keep Catalonia Catalan then great. While living in Spain (for four years) I met quite a number of good, decent Catalans who were proud of their culture and also loyal to España. The only Catalan secessionists I met were liberal globalists who favored EU rule over Madrid. This is not a step forward. And even if Catalan nationalists cleared their movement of communists, globalists and Third Worlders the cause still does not enjoy majority support in Catalonia. Southern Nationalists should be smart and stay clear of endorsing this cause. We can be friends with both legitimate Catalan nationalists and Spanish nationalists. There is nothing to be gained for Dixie from officially taking sides in this foriegn conflict.

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  1. The Confederacy is basically a White ethno-state, is it not? Most true Southrons are of Celtic/Scots-Irish descent. If that’s so then they should be natural allies of the White ethno -state separatists in Catalonia.

    • Perhaps most Southerners in the Upper South are largely Ulster-Scots while those in the Lower South are largely English. What you can say is that we are overwhelmingly British and almost entirely Northwestern European. I, for example, am 57% British and 96% Northern European.

  2. This is not a real separation, rather, it is a hostile acquisition of a former place of “white supremacy.”

  3. Well I can agree with everything the column says…but- look at it from the opposite side of the spectrum-

    Catalonia’s vote for independence forces the EU to weigh in on a Damocles’ sword: “Can the EU determine autonomous ethnic regions among its own member states in Europe? ”

    If so, then where is the of vaunted independence of the member states?

    If not, then what has the EU become, but another Godless hegemonic political entity?

    And then the question will be asked if it hasn’t already been, why isn’t Brexit taking place? Why did the EU give Kosovo independence from Serbia? -Orthodox Serbia is already asking that question as of yesterday!

    Lastly, in this sort of Reaganesque trickle down paradigm, what does that mean for Southern Independence? In other words, cui bono?

    And Kenley, should we, will we use this as a means to rid ourselves of the non-whites in America?

  4. Southern Nationalists should support Catalonia because it is a precedent for secession in the MODERN West, unlike 1860.

    When Catalonia secedes it will move back to the center, to deal with real life consequences of their actions. In theory Spain will move a bit to the right with the Catalans gone.

    Catalonia has become like Putin was in a few years past, a litmus test for this movement. If you didn’t support Putin, your opinion was too stupid to be taken seriously, and actually dangerous, since if Putin’s Russia fell, the New World Order would run the table. If you don’t support Catalonia, you are too blinded by left-right thinking and even loyalty to “fascist” branding to be taken seriously.

    There is no way in hell that the final form of victory will be a pure “right wing” movement. It has to pull 80% of the white people along with it, if it can.

    Dr Hill has shown good instincts yet again.

    • My argument was to keep calm and observe literally EVERYTHING that goes on with the Referendum.

      It’s like the Duterte situation in the Philippines – his taking out the trash doesn’t affect us hugely, but it serves as an interesting template for a potential anarchy-filled future.

  5. I am in agreement with Mr. Hill. I support Catalan independence as i would California and Scottish independence. This time folks, it might be the Left that wants succession, let’em have it.

    Speaking of Leftists succession, I’m good with the huge metropolitan cities breaking away. What we loose we can rebuild. Let the liberals and blacks have eastern Maryland, Memphis, Birmingham, who cares.

    We need to actually encourage leftists succession.

    • I support Calexit. They need to take Oregon and Washington with them. I also support New England independence as well as Southwest independence. Then let the remaining majority white and politically conservative states come together and form a White Heartland Republic. Southern secession is too narrow, we need red state secession!

  6. Mark Saint – I suggest you listen to Michael Cushmen who has spent quality time in Spain and knows the history, knows the facts on the ground.

    This Catalan independence movement is like the fake Scottish independence movement. It’s not about some unique group of White Europeans actually working for their independence – it’s a false Christ. These Catalans, like the fake Scottish nationalists want to be independent from some other perfectly good groups of White Europeans, but they’re fine with open borders immigration from North African and Bangledesh.

    What utter nonsense.

    This appears to be another example of some group of our people grasping at straws. Since we aren’t allowed to do real nationalism, with real race realism, we grasp at all kinds of nonsense like Scottish independence from England, Catalan Independence from Spain. The EU still controls the banks, dictates mass Muslim refugee resettlement so the Catalans will not in any way be independent, they will be slaves of the EU with though crime laws, magic negroes on TV. The only thing they get is that they get to try to pretend that they are another oppressed people like the Muslims, LGBT, Blacks, Jews etc.

    No, F**** this nonsense.

  7. Just another case of Americans commenting on European affairs they dont understand.

    Self rule for all or none. Hypocrisy is the worst sin. To say that catalan independence is wrong, but self rule for american whites is ok, is total hypocrisy. By that “might makes right” logic, Jews are entirely justified in their dominance of the American system.

    It doesnt matter if they are leftist. That doesnt change the morality of their claim.

    • “Just another case of Americans commenting on European affairs they dont understand.”

      Perhaps you missed the final paragraph. I lived and worked in Spain for 4 years and have many Spanish friends. This was a huge issue when I was there. I taught people in the government and military and business leaders and spoke to them at length about it. Before you make such a stupid statement you might want to check things out a bit more.

      And no, not everyone deserves self-rule. Haitians, Zulus and Arabs certainly don’t. Lots of other savage tribes don’t either.

      • “and no, not everyone deserves self-rule. Haitians, Zulus and Arabs certainly don’t. Lots of other savage tribes don’t either.”

        Mr. Cushman, that is a very good point and one that supports the idea of quality of life under Colonial rule. The answer to that, of which, seems to be the underpinning of Alt-Right/Identitarian/Southern Nationalisms, is we just don’t care about their lot in life anymore. We have given all in that endeavor to help them. Time to leave them to their own devices. And that is the basis of my above statement on Catalan and Scotland.

        I see White European/American culture at the stage when Rome left Britain, time for the locals to fend for themselves. When we come out of this cultural chaos, our traditional boundaries will be very different.

        Keep up the great posts and commentary. -Mark

  8. I support Catalonia Secession for the same reason I support Calexit: Puts the winds of Secession in motion, destabilizes the ZOG governments of all White countries even further, let the Lefties stew in their own stupid policies, free up the rest of the country…

    • Catalonia is more pro-immigration and EU than Spain as a whole. Castilla is more Right-wing. Catalan secession would not destabilize ZOG. It would, if anything, strengthen it.

  9. Let’s say the population of Catalonia is 7.5 million people:
    – 4.8 millions of them Catalans
    – 2.7 millions of them not Catalans
    If independence is supported by two thirds of the Catalan voters, but only 10% of non-Catalan voters, it is not enough to get a majority.

    I think only the Catalans should be allowed to vote in the first place. It would make victory possible. But the far-left probably insists that everyone must be allowed to vote.

    “The Catalan cause has historically been associated with the radical Left. During the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s the region was controlled by communist and anarchist groups who made war upon Spanish nationalists and the Catholic clergy.”

    Historically, the Catalan cause has not been associated with race replacement projects. Race replacement flies in the face of all nationalist and separatist ideals.

    Franco’s government didn’t use to support race replacement either. Even so, I think the race replacement program has been imposed by the Central government in Madrid, with the help of the European Union and of other (((international organizations))).

    I think what happened since Franco’s death in 1975 is that both the Central government in Madrid and the separatist movement in Catalonia have been subverted by the Jews, in the same way it happened in every other Western country. Catalan separatists who denounce Madrid’s immigration policies probably never were given a voice in the jewsmedia.

    (((Reuters))): “naturalized immigrants are taking on an important and prominent role in the campaign both as activists and supporters”

    I’m sure that claim is rubbish. In Scotland too, we were told that the shitskins were in favor of independence. That was a lie. Maybe the separatists are pushing a few non-White collaborators in the limelight, or maybe the jewsmedia are giving prominence to non-White phony supporters of Catalan independence because those people strongly support immigration and are likely to frighten the voters. Even so, it’s a sure bet that Blacks and Arabs are strongly against independence. They are against any affirmation of White identity. They would rather live in a Jewish-controlled giant supermarket than in a real White country.

    “the Catalan secessionist cause (…) doesn’t enjoy majority support”

    In the USA, White Nationalism doesn’t enjoy majority support either. Does it mean that White Americans enjoy being race-replaced? Of course not. It means that people are manipulated by the media. Elections and opinion polls don’t prove anything. Deep down, most White people are White nationalists. They just don’t know it.

    Most Catalan people want to preserve their collective existence too. Many of them just don’t realize that the only way to do so is by achieving political independence.

    I agree with what Afterthought said: “When Catalonia secedes it will move back to the center, to deal with real life consequences of their actions. In theory Spain will move a bit to the right with the Catalans gone.”

    I also agree with Zachary Brown about the idea that decentralization and secession can only make ZOG weaker. Separatism is the idea that you should be in charge of your own national life. It means getting rid of ZOG.

    In the United States, most White people who voted for Hillary Clinton did not really support the destruction of the White race. They were simply misguided. Most high-level politicians, Republican on Democrat, support race replacement, while most of the voters don’t. I’m sure the same is true of the Catalan separatist movement. Their current leaders may be in tune with the Jewish-led anti-White Left, but I hope they would not be able to stay in power, since most people who support secession disapprove of the race replacement program.

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