Germany Goes Full Anti-Free Speech

Germany’s government, which under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration has been aggressively replacing ethnic Germans with Third World immigrants, is using its power to attack social media companies to force them to police politically-incorrect ideas expressed by their users. Politico reports:

Policing online hate speech is no easy task. Germany is about to find out how difficult it can be.

The country’s new rules aimed at the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter took effect Sunday, including potential fines of up to €50 million if these social media giants consistently fail to remove illegal content from their digital platforms within 24 hours.

The law — known locally as NetzDG — has caused deep divisions within Germany between advocates that want West Coast U.S. tech companies to take more responsibility over what is published online and free speech campaigners who argue the legislation goes too far in policing the digital world.

It also has raised hackles within the European Commission and with American policymakers about Germany’s crackdown on hate speech. The country’s proposed fines represent the largest financial penalties for such activities anywhere in the Western world.

The German people are finally waking up after decades of anti-German indoctrination following WWII. Chancellor Angela Merkel, a former communist youth leader turned childless cat lady, is increasingly unpopular and her false-Right party, the Christian Democrats, got their worse results in decades in the recent election. The patriotic, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party is growing quickly in popularity. So all is not lost in Germany. But these moves to abolish any dissent from globalism and White genocide must be fought and defeated.

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    Does anyone have her address, so we can send her letters of encouragement (I’m thinking apologies for American/kike denazification, too).

    I bet she would love to receive them.

  2. Right now there is no Germany, just an enemy occupation zone in the middle of Europe. Maybe someday soon the Reich will be restored, but that cannot happen without restoring Prussia as well.

    • I’m coming to believe that you are correct, and that all of that stuff about the World War II ‘settlement’ with the US/Allies, and forming a fake country, is substantively historically accurate.

  3. PLEASE STOP THE NORMIE-TIER ‘ANALYSIS’ ON THIS SITE! AfD is controlled opposition:

    “Germany’s AfD Has More Immigrant MPs Than Merkel’s Conservatives”

    AfD is currently led by a mentally-ill ex-Goldman Sachs lesbian, Alice Weidel, who has a Sri Lankan ‘wife’ and concomitant non-White ‘children’ (that are not genetically hers).

    Weidel, like most everyone else in the ultra-lame AfD, supported sanctioning Bjorn Hocke and even kicking him out of the party because he dared question the totally insane lifelong Holocaustianity kike worship brainwashing to which all ethnic Germans are forced to acquiesce from birth until death, under threat of imprisonment.

    Oh yeah, and the AfD just LOVES Israhell and the Self-Chosen, who openly despise them right back and are gleeful about said exploitive relationship. It’s extremely painful to watch.

    I despise this German ethno-masochism. Heil Hitler!

    • Calm down, Goy Goddess. Firstly, those of immigrant background among the AfD MP’s are hardly representative of an anti-white/anti-German worldview (essentially, they’re not Muslims/blacks/ostentatiously Jewish), likewise Björn Höcke was NOT expelled, ergo you’re essentially splitting hairs.

      In fact Frauke Petry was herself the most ‘moderate’ voice & she was basically sidelined entirely. Men such as Alexander Gauland (co-leader) utter phrases & a patriotic sentiment (i.e. “we’ll take back our country & our people”) which haven’t been heard in quite a while. So that’s at least ‘something’.

      AfD is essentially all Germany has right now. Is it perfect? Of course not, yet until someone presents a better alternative (pun unintended), there’s no harm in pushing the AfD from within towards a nationalistic racial goal we want, even at a grassroots level.

      • Spahn – from the accounts I’ve read, NPD are basically paleocons of the Pat Buchanan type.

        This does not stop the (((criminals))) of the illegitimate German government from infiltrating and attempting to destroy it, however.

  4. The German government, not unlike every other Western government, is dedicated to the proposition of White Genocide. Proposition states can brook no opposition to the proposition. Such states can’t allow free speech. Yes, we still have free speech here but not without “consequences”.

  5. Germany is simply a word these days the country it once was no longer exists ,Russians and Poles physically stole the Eastern part and the Western part has been psychologically destroyed by ceaseless Jewish propaganda and in the early days actaul physical extermination .What remains is a rump State now being herded into the cattle yard .The road to redemption via the ballot box seems far fetched and fanciful .The alternative entails actions that would be dangerous to speak of here ,but without having those trying to eliminate the German people paying a price in blood ,political,action is futile .

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