The EU’s Coming Calamity

Back in August, I wrote an article outlining the doom getting underway in Germany. It’s not an isolated case. These troubles are manifesting across the continent. Let’s take a quick look at the EU, because it’s even more screwed up than the US. Just like the US, the European establishment handles its finances with the same lethal incompetence that characterizes its immigration policies. It’s important to pay attention to these issues because we need a profound calamity in order to enter the mainstream sooner rather than later. Either entity might be the source of a western sovereign debt/currency crisis, which would serve as exactly that sort of catalyst.


Germany is the economic giant of Europe and a leader in public debt. Their ratio of debt to GDP is around 95%, decisive for the EU. The other big player, France, has racked up a 65% ratio. That’s terrible, but not yet across the historically-unrepayable threshold of 90%. However, the overall ratio of the EU is, um, 90%.


Like the US, the EU has amassed titanic pension liabilities which its rapidly shrinking, productive white population simply cannot make good on, even with extreme levels of taxation. Vibrancy has made this situation much worse than it needed to be. For example, in Britain, only 20% of the working age Muslim population even has a full time job, let alone makes a net contribution to Her Majesty’s Exchequer. As the Islamic majority emerges, the tension between paying Jizya, servicing debt, and fulfilling the pensions of the older generation will become intolerable for dwindling European taxpayers.

The European Central Bank

In the US, the Federal Reserve (our quasi-private central bank) has been creating trillions through keystrokes to buy up debt from Uncle Sam. This is why we can temporarily live way beyond our means. The ECB has taken this idiocy a step further. It’s also been purchasing corporate debt in order to prop up the market. Ever fattened yourself up with some processed bullshit from Nestle or bought gas at a Shell station? If so, you helped these corporations service their debt to the ECB, which it purchased with Euros digitally conjured from nothing. Sucking up debt with fake money is all part of a scheme with the intentionally opaque moniker of “Quantitative Easing”. The ECB has taken it so far that its balance sheet has exceeded that of the Fed.

Prophets of Doom

Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s outgoing Federal Minister of Finance, recently warned that this irresponsible monetary policy will result in a global financial crisis. It’s a telling prediction, because unlike Trump, he doesn’t wish to own the next crisis in his new role as President of the German Bundestag. Schäuble is not alone. Otmar Issing, the academic architect of the Euro, has also reached the point of issuing this warning about his brainchild: “one day, the house of cards will collapse”.

Image result for european migrant crisis

Let’s not overlook world’s most powerful financial institution: Goldman Sachs. In the lead up to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, Goldman sold bets on dishonest financial instruments. This was a major factor in the meltdown. Along with JP Morgan, they’re now offering a new twist on the old Credit Default Swap. These “Total Return Swaps” are bets that certain high-risk European bank bonds will be paid or not paid in full. What could go wrong?

To Summarize

Our cousins in Europe find themselves faced with the same time bomb that we do: A sharply contracting population of white contributors who cannot afford to pay for a rapidly expanding population of retirees along with soaring vibrancy. We’re all faced with an additional predicament: our governments have already incurred unrepayable debts and created enormous amounts of money in order to absorb them. These reckless policies have ensured that when a catastrophe occurs, it will be severe.

They Have Tough Battles Ahead

In the US, we have somewhat free speech, and are fighting a transition from America to Brazil. In the EU, our counterparts have no essential freedoms and are trying to oppose a transition to a Caliphate without being thrown in jail. On top of all this, they’ve now got hordes of Africans washing up and nigging out all over the place. Anyone with common sense can sight turbulence on the horizon. It doesn’t matter what gains the AFD made in the German elections or the new whiz kid on track to lead Austria. The problems have already been imported, and even if they succeed in halting the arrival of new ones, there will still be unrest. The vigorous crackdowns on freedom of speech and the brutal suppression of separatists in Catalonia are some indicators that Europe’s establishment has begun to recognize their predicament. These clampdowns are signs of desperation, not confidence in Europe’s trajectory.

Cheer Up, This is Great for White Nationalism

Financial and economic dysfunction will hopefully act as a centrifuge for societies and nations. People who don’t have an acceptable job or palatable government handouts have little incentive to coexist with the “other”. Sectarian discord should work synergistically with the simple desire of the productive not to pay for those who are not like them and do not like them. Open borders and globalization aren’t affordable endeavors. In fact, they’re demonstrating themselves to be self-defeating mechanisms. Once the money runs out, they’ll screech to a halt. How crazy things might potentially get from there is impossible to accurately predict. However, without hardship and strife, sanity is unlikely to prevail upon the brainwashed masses.

-By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. Excellent article!

    I believe that all of these anomalies were executed to destroy the U. S. I believe George W. Bush destroyed the economy so completely, and went about it with such zeal that I presume he did it on purpose. I also believe that Barack Obama continued this policy of destruction by, among other things, allowing insane amounts of non-working illegal aliens into the country creating an impossible financial burden that landed squarely on the backs of the working white majority.

    I’m not sure WHY they did it, but I believe that, however it shakes out in the long run, they believed themselves to be immune from blame or retribution.

    Eventually we will have to stop talking, quit negotiating, and start actually DOING SOMETHING about these insurgents if we are to save our country. I only hope we haven’t become TOO CIVILIZED to do what needs to be done.

  2. It’s getting very old seeing libertarian-conservative economics continue to exert this baleful influence over the alt right.

    The United Kingdom reached public debt levels over 200% of GDP three times (Napoleonic Wars and the two World Wars respectively). The United States reached public debt over 150% of GDP after World War 2.

    I’m not a fan of QE (especially the ECB’s Corporate Sector Purchase Program), but I think it’s safe to say the Ron Pauls of the world have now been disproven. Not only was there no hyperinflation, but there isn’t even any inflation. People should’ve been able to figure this out from Japan-watching, as Japan has been practicing QE for a lot longer (note–Japan’s public debt is over 200% of GDP, and they’re not broke either).

    Pensions are an issue to be certain, but let’s not act like the sky is falling. Either benefits get cut or taxes go up…big deal.

    Is the problem is the invading Mohammedan and African army, not deficits and debt.

    • Correct. Money and debt are just numbers in a ledger somewhere. Who cares if those debts are paid off, defaulted, or hyperinflated away. What matters are people: Japan is still a Japanese country but Germany is not a German country.

      “Either benefits get cut or taxes go up” — The entire First World already taxes at the short-term Laffer maximum, so benefit cuts it is. Young people won’t even bother looking for jobs if all their earnings go to someone else’s elderly parents and someone else’s welfare babies. Britain calls them NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training); Japan calls them “grass-eating men”.

      • Advanced countries that are sovereign currency issuers tend not to experience hyperinflation or default except when they lose a major war (or suffer a communist revolution). Britain has been faithfully servicing.

        Countries without sovereign currencies (e.g. the Eurozone) may be at risk of partial default, especially if they are small countries and have a current account deficit.

        The financial risk here is greatly exaggerated. The main risk in government debt is that the returns suck.

        The Laffer Curve, at least as expressed by its proponents, is another fraud. Many countries in Western Europe have tax burdens more than 50% higher than what is standard in North America, yet they are just as wealthy. Even small tax hikes can raise substantial revenue.

        It should also be noted that some countries in Europe do not have public pension risks of the kind we Americans associate with Social Security. Italian pensions for instance are fully funded. Swedish pensions are investment accounts.

        But yes, let’s say the libertarian doom crowd is right for the first time ever. The public debt of Austria-Hungary was completely defaulted on because none of the successor states were willing to assume the Hapsburg debt. Austria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia etc. continued to exist and their economies continued to grow.

        Back before modern financial markets European governments routinely defaulted on their debts. Like you say, the people in these countries didn’t go away. Even the governments generally did not go away (being a creditor to a king was often dangerous).

        • you are mistaken. The (((debtbuck))) is backed by smoke, mirrors, and violence. First substantial war the ZOG loses, the (((debtbuck))) will collapse. And with it all the rest of the international debt pyramid.

          just like every other Ponzi in history.

          and, BTW, all current ec statistics – debt and deficits, inflation, unemployment, etc. – are entirely fictive.

          • The (((debtbuck))), or rather, the Federal Reserve Note, is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government–meaning that yes, it is backed by VIOLENCE. Is that not real backing?


            1-You are taxed
            2-If you don’t pay your taxes, you go to jail
            3-You must pay your taxes in Dollars
            4-All private debts must also be paid in Dollars

            That’s pretty compelling, and the childish obsession with people on the right with GOLD is beyond embarrassing at this point in time.

            Could the Dollar be rendered worthless if the United States lost a major war? Sure, that’s one of the conditions I outlined in which a currency collapses.

            In which case another currency will replace it and things will carry on…big fucking deal except for people who don’t own any real property (losers).

            As for your belief all statistics are false…what a compelling argument. Even if we accept the alternate data of John Williams over at Shadow Stats, that doesn’t show the sky is falling at all.

    • There has been plenty of inflation. I”m certainly worse off that I was 10 years ago. Wages are stagnant and everything keeps going up like food, utilities, taxes, and a number of other things. Ron Paul was prescient.

      As for hyperfinflation, its probably still possible, but the petrodollar status may be keeping this in check.

      • The fact that you are worse off than you were a decade ago is not indicative that the Dollar is going to collapse. Why would it mean that? It just means you, and probably many people like you, are worse off. I don’t know your background, but perhaps you’re a working or middle class person who has suffered from the massive offshoring of jobs and the concentration of monopoly power in the past generation.

        Yes, some prices have continued to rise. Healthcare, education, childcare (this one baffles me given stagnant wage growth), and housing (in coastal markets) have continued increase in price significantly. Costs for manufactured goods on the other hand have fallen and costs for most services have been stagnant (as you’d expect with stagnant wages). Food prices have risen in line with overall inflation (i.e. modestly)

        Prices have risen by 46% in this century so far for an annualized rate of inflation of around 2% or so. That’s not very high, and certainly much lower than was experienced in the generation before this century.

        John Williams of Shadow Stats disputes these figures and claims the figures are higher, but even so we’re not looking at hyperinflation or currency collapse. We experienced double digit inflation in the 70s, and Britain even had 25% inflation in some years back then. There was no currency collapse.

        There are inevitable issues with the Bureau of Labor Statistics data such as which goods and services they measure, how they weight the basket, and most contentiously their efforts to adjust for quality (hedonic indexing). But you can go through the data yourself and see exactly how much a commodity like eggs has changed in price.

        I don’t consume healthcare or education, so my personal price index has possibly seen deflation in this century.

        And incidentally, these doomsters contradict themselves. They claim that our debt is unpayable and thus we face collapse, but they ALSO claim inflation is a very dangerous and bad thing even though it reduces the real value of existing debts.

        These people are simply religious fanatics with a set of irrational beliefs and will not be swayed by evidence. We can summarize these beliefs as:

        *All debt is bad, but government debt is especially bad
        *All government deficits are bad, because they add to the debt and allegedly crowd out private investment
        *Debts are so high they can never be repaid
        *Keynesian stimulus do not stimulate the economy
        *Government data are extremely manipulated, but for some reason financial markets don’t discover this
        *The reason financial markets don’t discover this is CENTRAL BANK MANIPULATION
        *Hyperinflation and currency collapse are inevitable and coming Real Soon Now
        *In addition to currency collapse and hyperinflation, stock & bond markets will collapse and there will be a gigantic depression Real Soon Now
        *Real money is GOLD and/or SILVER
        *If the person who believes this is under the age of 30, then real money is BITCOIN and/or ETHEREUM
        *An appropriate financial portfolio is precious metals, crypto currency, storeable foods, gasoline, firearms, and Infowars Life supplements

        Fiat currency and continuous economic growth are, historically speaking, quite novel. It feels like something for nothing–like we’re cheating. Thus there’s a kind of powerful drive among money people to claim our money, economy, etc. are completely fraudulent and aren’t real.

        After all for most of the history of civilization money was gold & silver (sort of–coinage is only 2700 years old), there were no securities markets, and the economy did not grow per capita at all. Then everything changed in the past 300 years.

        A stopped clock is right twice a day, so when things do go wrong these gloom & doomsters have confirmation that there apocalyptic prophecy was right all along. Of course then we muddle through it and pick back up…even when things go really wrong.

  3. Just look at that boatload of future scientists, inventers and engineers. That image sums up Europes future rather well. Nothing to fear here. They couldn’t do anything in their own nations to advance it, or themselves… they’ll go to Europe and then magically contribute more than they take from the taxpayers.
    The European Disunion is in as much bother now as the Disunited States of America.
    It angers me how our, ahem, ‘leaders’ can send troops over to fight in someone elses useless wars that mean nothing to us, yet can’t stop the takeover of our own nations with the same vigor. Their treachery renders them unfit for office.
    The time for civil war is nearly apon us.

  4. The last paragraph infused some optimism.

    I think it’s time for whites to come together as a people worldwide and free ourselves from the yoke of the International Central Banks.

    If ever there was a time for world-wide, white cooperation, the time is now. Our recent coalescing and the courage of the millennial alt-right is reason for optimism.

    Ridiculous phrases as “Stop the hate” and “diversity is our strength” are losing their luster as more and more whites see them for the hollow and false platitudes that they are.

  5. There will absolutely be a massive uprising in Europe. They don’t have a choice. The current leadership in Western Europe has chosen to put their own people in this situation. Good article by the way.

    Current population estimates are trending in the direction of roughly four billion blacks in Africa by mid century. That’s a lot of blacks that will not stay in Africa. Let’s be honest, these blacks will ruin whatever area they settle in. They have ruined large swaths of land here in the United States and Europe already. Inner cities are war zones.

    Was in Baltimore last month. They have pretty much turned that city into a Haitian type of environment. The poverty there is really bad. One of those cities where open drug sales in broad daylight is the norm. I did some sightseeing in “Sand town” where the HBO series, The Wire, was filmed and where the upstanding young negro Freddy Gray was taken into custody before he killed himself in the back of a paddy wagon.

    So, yes. As they spread and multiply Europe will suffer the consequences of the black and its devastation. Probably won’t be full on War for another twenty years though. But it will happen.

    It’s going to be a hell of ride.

  6. I have children that will have to fight this war. This reckless policy of open borders disgust me. Some very sadistic shit in my opinion. When War does break out it is on the hands of those who allow this insanity.

    Anyway, I don’t want want to get too angry today about this. The boomer generation left us a hell of a mess to deal with.

    • Don’t blame us! YOU try and get Truth in an age of no Internet, smart phones, and only three news outlets!

      • You have me confused with the typical stereotype. I roll hard and want a decent future for my kids, my eldest daughter is married to a Marine MP. Your generation left a pile of shit for us. We will clean up the mess you left behind.

        And I squarely place blame upon your generation for this mess. And history will also recognize it. Don’t bother arguing with me. Your input is irrelevant and useless.

      • Your generation had a good run. Group sex in vans, Woodstock. LOL

        Disgraceful behavior led to this mess. As a man of the cloth I’m sure you can recognize the degeneracy, and the results. Well, actions have consequences. Just take a look at the boat loads of niggers arriving daily. And they are pouring in,

        The boomers fucked up what was a good thing, And the newer generations will have no choice but to clean up the mess. There really is no choice. Either fight or get wasted. Picture Europe in fifty years.

  7. That boatload of tar babies made me nauseous. Oh, the ensuing bloodbath will be mind boggling.

    Let’s hope the Europeans lynch their rulers real soon. No mercy whatsoever, please.

  8. As I’ve said before we could literally put an end to all of this by the end of next week if we really wanted to. There are only 15 million jews in the world – and we know where all of them can be found. True, there are hundreds of millions of darkies and Mohammedans to deal with, but they could be eliminated the same way we eliminate hundreds of millions of bugs.

    • Hey, cool it with theanti-Semitic remarks. I have some videos to return in Nashville.

    • It’s not the Jews per se. Suppose I genetically engineered some lemmings to have reddish fur, and to run slightly faster than ordinary lemmings, to which they are otherwise identical. One day a wave of lemmings swarms past your house toward the ocean and you say, “Look, the red lemmings are leading the others to their doom!”

      First-worlders are marching to their doom because, for lack of real problems to solve, they’ve fallen into the trap of competitive virtue-signaling, like Chinese Communists competing to write the most poems praising Chairman Mao while crops rot in the field. The Jews among us march faster because, as “rootless cosmopolitans”, they’re not held back by connections to the blood, soil, and traditions of their host nations.

  9. Laffer’s theory is pretty obvious: There exists a tax rate between 0% and 100% that maximizes revenue (and a lower rate that maximizes long-term growth, which is irrelevant to democratic governments that get replaced every couple of years). People are generally willing to pay more for government they see as honest and representative of their interests.

    As ethnically-homogeneous European nation-states degenerate into African-style tribal kleptocracies, I expect that their subjects’ willingness to pay taxes will decline accordingly.

    There’s a lot of momentum either way because boys usually decide in their teenage years whether to be workers or slackers, and tend to remain such for life even if incentives later change. It takes 10,000 hours of hard study and practice to master any field, a sunk cost for older workers and a missed opportunity for older slackers.

    * Democratic social-welfare states take most of your earnings and lavish them on slackers. Be a slacker!

    * The state provides women with welfare benefits and affirmative-action jobs, so money is no longer the deciding factor when choosing a man. Skip the career and learn game instead!

    • Ten thousand hours? I think I’ve exceeded that number. A lot of hours though. I’m thinking about going off grid. LOL

      I don’t really care what happens. It will be bad, and then I will get back in the struggle. Just purchased a nice keychain blade, a push weapon to be used. I’m done, call me when the war kicks off.

    • Laffer’s theory is so obvious that it is useless. Consider that if temperatures rise too high or fall too low, economic output will fall. We can call this the Thorfinnsson Curve. Award me the Bank of Sweden Prize.

      I agree with most of your other points, other than long-run growth maximization (very little evidence here at all).

      Europeans are losing their willingness to finance welfare benefits for the same reason white Americans have long been reluctant.

      And yes, the gibs-me-dat state and feminism are disastrous.


    Catalonia Indenpence=Muslim-Sihk-Hindu-Nigerian Catalonia……


  11. Regarding Thorfinnsson’s comment about the U.S. debt post WW-2 – “The United States reached public debt over 150% of GDP after World War 2.”

    Actually what most people don’t understand is that we did NOT pay down that debt. On the contrary the debt continued to climb but the American economy exploded and thus so did the govt revenues – so in reality what happened is that the debt ratio was reduced significantly because govt income grew dramatically each year. I downloaded all of the debt and govt revenue data back in 2009 – going back to 1915 – but specifically studied the numbers surrounding WW-2.

    So for us to repeat the miracle of WW-2 – that is recovering from a debt 150% of GDP, our govt revenues would have to soar from $3.5+ Trillion to approximately $12+ Trillion in the next 10 years. Does anybody here think that’s going to happen after we’ve out-sourced our manufacturing to China and in-source foreign workers? Yep – not gonna happen. So we are stuck with $20+ Trillion debt that is going growing exponentially.

    There is no easy way out – except for turning into a 3rd world country.

    • The only time the public debt of the United States was ever repaid was during the Andrew Jackson administration.

      Now I’m a big Old Hickory fan, but paying off the public debt is a dubious idea for a number of reasons:

      1. Paying off the principle, as opposed to refinancing it, requires raising taxes or cutting expenditures further. Financially this is not a problem, but it is a political one.

      2. Eliminating public debt in effect eliminates the government’s credit history, which complicates future public finance. Consider how your credit score suffers from having no loan history. Primary bond dealers go away, treasury auctions stop, ratings agencies stop issuing credit ratings, bond investors develop different risk appetites, etc. You have no idea how the next bond auction (because one day the government will need to borrow again) will go.

      3. By far the most important one is that government debt is a risk-free asset. Many savers and financial institutions have an important need for risk-free assets. Banks need risk-free assets as capital. In financial panics, risk-free assets are a vital refuge. Without government debt the only risk-free asset is cash itself.

      The fact that we do not in fact pay off public debt is a feature, not a bug. As we owe the debt to ourselves, there is no problem. People are taxed…the money goes back to bondholders–circular flow. It’s not the same thing as a household where holding debt reduces your net worth…the public debt constitutes a government liability but a private sector asset.

      The reduction of the public debt as a share of GDP after World War 2 was not “miraculous” either. The United States enjoyed robust economic growth in the 3-5% range…as it had for the previous century. Unlike before WW2, there was also persistent inflation which further reduced the level of debt.

      You are correct that growth levels are lower today, but it is not non-existent. Right now we’re growing at 3%. That probably won’t last, but 2% is realistically sustainable. We’ll also have modest inflation. As a result the debt/GDP ratio will come down.

      In fact it has already started doing so, take a look:

      Note this is debt “held by the public”–as a substantial amount of public debt is in fact owned by the Federal Reserve. Payments made by Treasury to the Federal Reserve get remitted right back to Treasury.

      If growth and/or inflation levels are lower than I (and markets) expect, the past guides us once more for an option.

      Britain reached a public debt of 215% of GDP in 1815. At this time economic growth was perhaps 1% per year (took time for the industrial revolution to really gain steam), the country was on the gold standard, and the income tax was abolished in 1816. Lord Liverpool’s answer was to establish a sinking fund–a portion of tax revenues was set aside each year with the intention of specifically retiring some of the public debt.

      No reason the same couldn’t be done today if it were necessary–but it’s not necessary. It’s a made up problem.

      • The debt can never be paid off under the present system, thanks to the jew-run central bank.

        But you already knew that, Thorfinnsson. So why are you trying to bullshit us?

        • I am countering the OP’s bullshit, which is tired nonsense the hard money doom-and-gloom crowd has been spreading for a century now. The alt right needs to jettison shop-worn, false economics it inherited from the conservative-libertarian movement. It has already done so with trade…time to do so with macroeconomics as well.

          The fact that you think the debt can never be paid off is the problem here.

          The debt, could, of course be paid off. I’ll wager many commenters here have or had 30-year mortgages. The federal government could amortize the debt rather than issuing new bonds to repay principle.

          But more to the point–there is no good reason to pay off the debt. Stop thinking of the government as a household.

          Each bond held by the public represents a liability to the government and an asset to the private sector. The national debt, in order words, increases private sector net worth. And in doing so, it provides the private sector with risk-free assets which are the best collateral bar none other than cash.

          The current jew-run central bank in no way makes the debt non-payable. If anything it makes it easier to pay off by suppressing interest rates, though the power of central banks is frankly overstated.

  12. Something you youngsters need to understand is nothing just happens. Our owners think in terms of centuries. You guys think of stuff for next week. Wake the fuck up, you have the internet. We didn’t.

  13. This sure sounds a lot like “worse is better” which I know Hunter has stated he is opposed to as a way to grow Southern Nationalism. Truth is that it IS going to continue getting worse. At some point it will happen at an exponential rate. THIS is when the white cucks will finally turn off the TV, THIS is when they’ll finally leave the cities with whatever they can carry, fleeing diversity and tolerance for all (except Whites).

    In the meantime you can cultivate the soil around you and prepare. I don’t have countless weapons caches in a dozen different places just for me. I have them for YOU, my fellow whites and your priceless children. Because we’re not voting our way out of this. Because God wants me to be my brother’s keeper.
    May God bless you all.

  14. Do any of you WN/SNs live in a community nicer than this?,_California

    Do any of you live in a community that can boast that less than 3% live below the poverty line?,_Maryland

    Oh no! Not in Cook county!,_Illinois

    Now… imagine if your grandfather’s hadn’t have burned down the prominent black communities of yester-year in their infancies…there’s an old saying; “What goes around, comes around”… Suck it up SNOWFLAKES!!!!

    • Now imagine if your Jewish ancestors hadn’t killed tens of millions of my people, who returned the favor with interest. Suck it up.

  15. A good chant or slogan for the next Alt-Right rally- ‘kill white guilt, not white culture’. Lets see what the leftard compassionistas would have to say about that.

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