BTFO: American Nationalist Optics Debate is Over

The on-going debate in the Alt-Right over whether American nationalist (AN) symbolism should be exclusively used to win over a sympathetic public to our ideas is over. And the ANs have clearly destroyed the opposition. After all, these clean-cut, well-dressed, USA flag-waving pro-White patriots clearly won, right? This is the ethno-state.

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    • Most Americans who have laid their lives on the line for real, Veterans, are White. Most of them cannot abandon the Stars and Stripes. It is hard for most White Americans to understand that the flag they have lived under their whole lives, has been used as a tool against them.

      The Stars and Stripes is, after all, a well designed flag. Most people cannot fathom that the only reason it is really still allowed to fly, is that it is useful in whipping up patriotic fervor on demand. Those same people get upset when they see left-tards burning it.

      The left has the ability to keep the Hammer and Sickle going, despite being the banner of murder of a couple hundred million people for a century. And they do not and will not apologize for it.

      I folded my Stars and Stripes up decades ago, as the America I once believed in, has long since died. My Stars and Bars is folded also. Dixie ain’t gonna rise again, ever…sorry. The Swazi flag has too much baggage, too many White people had relatives that that fought Fratricidal War 2. Those flags are nice flags, but like all relics, their times have past.

      The issue of a representative flag is one example of why Whites will not likely ever unify as one group. Our people never had one flag to represent them all, nor can most even fathom the concept. The way things are going, there will be no need for a flag.

      • This is a peripheral issue at best, and it illustrates how most of us (myself included) have no visceral idea of what’s coming. When events become real, most of us will have better things to worry about.

  1. Yes, brilliant of you — abandon the only identity that Americans have in favor of some made-up thing that nobody cares about.

    Why don’t you advise the Germans to abandon German symbolism and identity also, while you’re at it? After all, they’re using the symbol of the German gov’t who is imposing immigration. British patriots should scrap the Union Jack; the French should eschew the tricolor. All men of the West should discard hundreds or thousands of years of identity — THAT’S the way to really unify them and pull them together as a nation to resist foreign invasion.

    Your position, sir, is utterly nonsensical.

    • Back then America was 90%+ White with 80-90%+ rejecting integration and racial equality and you know what happened? The modern world happened. America has proved itself completely incapable of saving the White race within it’s territory. Being a Southern Nationalist is not a made up identity it’s blood and soil which resisted Yankee imperialism until we succumbed and became “Good Americans”

    • Ironsides, have you not understood the saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results”?


      The flags we wave around, the stars-n-stripes along with all the others, are relatively new things compared to the actual HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years that we’ve been around as White people. Relatively new things, all these “patriotic” rags… but old things now, things that’ve lost what little usefulness to us they once embodied. Like an old jacket that has been so moth-eaten it no longer even has the appearance of a garment.

      Let this sink in: Our Race Is Our Nation! It’s the ONLY thing that really means anything… and our White bodies are MUCH more important than the old rags we’ve insisted upon draping around our shoulders, the now moth-eaten garments of “patriotism” and “constitutionalism”. We need to rally around our RACE ONLY, internationally. Americanism means nothing, it never did.


    • The US flag is the flag of a failed state. Anyone who flies it will be deemed responsible for the trillions in debt and unpaid pensions. You can wave it for now as it probably will bring good people over but when things start to fail I am pretty sure the “optics” will not be what the new country will want. The tricolors in general need to go. It is really the (((bankers))) colors now and has been since the French (((Revolution))).

  2. I can’t seem to reply to comments, but I strongly agree with Ironsides above, and disagree with the author’s sentiment. Leftists are handing us the gun of patriotism. Pick it up.

    • Leftists have been attacking America as a “racist country” since forever, this is nothing new. The whole NFL fiasco is just the latest example. It was “patriots” serving in the Nat Guard that forced integration. It was “patriots” that invaded the South when we legally and peacefully seceded. It was “patriots” that declared us an unlawful assembly in Charlottesville and colluded with the Reds to stage a bumfight

      No, if you want to identify as an American Nationalist and fly the Federal flag to try to save our race be my guest. If you’re right you will have advanced the 14 words and I will reconsider my position. However this “everyone needs to fly the American flag and be patriots” isn’t going to sit right with many especially the young folks who feel left behind by America and have never had a taste of “the good old days”

      I might also add it is the people marching in the streets risking their lives, jobs, etc. Who at the end of the day decide what symbol to fight under, at Charlottesville the Federal flag was severely outnumbered. That should be enough indication that the loyalties of our hardest warriors is not to the Yankee Squid.

      • I only have a moment right now, but I am not demanding that everyone flies the American flag. I have no problem with Southern nationalists flying the Confederate flag. For many, American nationalism is a very, very good move.

    • @indigenous white person

      “Leftists are handing us the gun….”

      Only in small matters that we don’t care to win or lose! What good is it going to do white people if all the NFL players have to stand for an anthem??? We are still going to be in the same mess. And the Democratic party is collapsing under unpatriotism yes, but Republicans held a majority of seats in the federal government the entire 20th century (even with Roosevelt’s 4 term tyranny) and will continue our path towards destruction!! What good is your patriotism????

      Southerners need new symbols! I like the Confederate stuff, but we need white people outside of the Confederacy to join our cause! I for one am national socialist, but am willing to compromise for the greatest good. I don’t think anything is off the table of possibilities but we need to organize and act fast.

  3. We need a new Symbol. I suggest a blue flag with a White silhouette of a Women ,Girl, Boy and Man in the center. At the bottom the 14 words, “We Must Secure the Existence of our People and a future for White Children”. Across the top the Flags of all the White Nations of the World.
    Drop all the National Socialist symbols. They have too much baggage. Keep the Confederate Flags( for those who desire)

    • That sounds similar to the flag of Orania in South Africa. What we ought to uses is a solid blue background (NOT ugly federal navy blue but a bright transcendent blue like the white ruled blue in the orange, white and blue South Africa flag) and in the center of the flag a solitary white star trimmed in red denoting secession like the Bonnie Blue flag except this star will have 14 points, not five points, for the 14 words.

  4. There are times in history when a symbol has evolved to represent such depravity that one must put it down and walk away. Old Glory and the Union Jack have reached that point.

    They represent everything we stand against. When Russia cleansed itself, it chose another symbol.

    The aforementioned symbols of America and Britain represent cultural debasement, greed and blood lust. We can do better.

    • When the Soviet Union fell, Russia went back to its traditional flag, and religion. That is not an option for whites here, our enemies think we are all alike, which is of course not true. Jim B is right, we should reject the stars and bars because a growing number of whites see it as an enemy flag, including this one. The U.S. government IS a grave threat to the very existence of whites worldwide.

      • I like the flag of the Russian Nationalists, black, white & gold bars. Goes back to the Romanov dynasty. It has the look of power & punch! Something the WN movement needs.

  5. There is nothing obscene or indecent about flying the Stars and Bars at pro-Southern rallies. I understand the argument for waving Old Gory instead but I still don’t accept it as a flag that represents me or my interests. It is the flag of the enemy occupation government. However, flying the US flag from Old Hickory’s time would be a different matter.

    • I understand the argument that people make about it once resembling Whites only, but emphasis needs to be on the word “once.”

      Thinking back, I think the last time the American flag ever explicitly stood for White identity was during the Boston integration riots back in the 70’s and early 80’s.

    • “There is nothing obscene or indecent about flying the Stars and Bars at pro-Southern rallies.”

      @spahnranch1969 true but most would think it’s just a Betsy Ross Flag. It might be just better to fly a “Founders Flag” of which , hasn’t been designed yet.

      People have a misconception of what the founders stood for. When they see the 1st American they envision modern American values. Far from it. The founders would despise what we have become.

      Anyway, I see a three way struggle occurring at the moment. Those within Southern Nationalism, those within National Socialism and those that wish to bring back a mythical lost America. Those that fly the 1st American fall into the MLA category.

  6. I commend your activism but IMO, “Anti-Whites will not destroy us” would be much more effective than “You will not replace us”. As for the rest I don’t much care but dress up Nazis and Imperial Wizards not such a good idea. I realize you haven’t much control over it especially if it’s false flag.

    • The big thing about this weekend’s rally and future gatherings is the fact that we can exercise vetting. We can prevent the clowns, retards, and straight up plants from being embedded with us.

      That being said, we just need to admit that most organizations, websites, forums, Discord channels, etc… already have their infiltrators – remember that the FBI has had decades and whole departments devoted to dealing with us.

      But that issue isn’t even that much cause for concern so long as each organization has established dress codes (no mutton chops dudes with swastika Walmart sweaters), flag codes (no random swastika guys like the one in Charlottesville), rules for conduct/behavior, and shuns/expels/etc… people who talk about things like shooting up Jew daycare centers or Black family reunions.

      This stuff is common sense to me, to Hunter, and to most other normal people who are involved in the Alt-Right.

  7. I like the new League of the South Black Cross of St. Andrew over a White field -it honors the past (Confederate flag and Scottish flag) yet, speaks to the need for something new.

    We can’t live in the past.

    Let’s make nostalgia a thing of the past.

      • @jack Ryan

        It’s ok, but black and white are really hard colors to discern on a battlefield. Charlottesville was a nightmare because the antifas wear the same color. Brown/tan is a distinguishable color. I like the league symbol but wish they would say brown or tan clothes.

  8. It was Andrew Anglin who recently made the argument that we should all embrace the American flag. He’s young and stupid on this matter, because the American flag is the flag of a destructive imperialism that destroyed and enslaved the Southern Nation in the 1800s, destroyed and enslaved Germany in the 1900s, and in the 2000s is currently in the process of actively replacing its domestic population of whites with niggers from Africa and other third-world low-IQ people, as if we don’t have enough homegrown niggers already in the USA population.

    Only stupid cuckservatives embrace the American flag. Anglin’s a dope for advocating that. He needs to back off that stupidity.

    • 100 years ago today, my grandfather was standing in some goddam trench in the middle of France. In the process, he was trying to avoid getting gassed & his ass shot off. On the other side of the barb wired no-man’s-land, his German counterpart was doing the same. Folks, this is patriotism taken to the level of hysteria well beyond that of all those screaming girls at an Elvis concert, 60 years ago. To put it bluntly, you don’t know what the hell your doing, especially when you’re killing your fellow white man for no good reason at all.

  9. I was on the fence about this until the enemy attacked the idea of America. It is now ours to claim in all its glory. Things change and if we can’t roll with the changes we are doomed.

    I remember cutting a US flag off of a sweat shirt I got for free so I used to be against the idea but after we see all the non whites burning and shitting on the flag not recognizing it as the gift it is would be foolish.

    This is a no brainer guys

  10. A lot of us support you guys.

    And it has been noticed that a lot of the people arguing against you are MAGA, rather than WN types.

  11. Here is my take- a solid blue flag-not ugly dark federal blue but a bright transcendent blue like the shade South Africa had when it was a white ruled nation. In the center of the blue flag, being 5/6 the vertical with of the flag, is a white star trimmed in red denoting secession like the Bonnie Blue flag. However, instead of 5 points this flag has a 14 pointed star. Here you have a simple flag, in traditional Anglo-Sphere colors, that also imparts the need for secession and an Ethno-state (the 14 points representing the 14 words) This flag has no up or down and could hang vertically also.

    Or an alternative version is a central horizontal bright blue bar 1/2 vertical width of flag ( 18 inches in width of a 3 foot by five foot flag)
    In the center of the horizontal blue bar is the 14 pointed white star trimmed in red described above. The star would be 5/5 vertical width of the blue bar which would be 15 inches)

    Above the blue bar is a white and red horizontal bar with each stripe being 1/4 the the vertical width of the blue bar.( that would be 4 1/2 inches for each stripe) The same stripe and dimension arrangement on the bottom. Like the solid blue banner this flag also cannot be flown upside down and looks equally well when hung vertical as a banner.

    So from top to bottom on a 3 feet by 5 foot flag
    1.Red stripe ( 1/4) 4.6 inches
    2. White stripe (1/4) 4.6 inches
    3. blue center bar with 14 pointed white star trimmed in red – 18 inches is the width of the blue bar, ( which is 1/2 vertical width of the flag) the white star trimmed in red is 5/6 vertical width of blue bar ( 15 inches)
    4. white stripe ( 1/4) 4.6 inches
    5. red stripe (1/4) 4,6 inches

    * also either version would make a powerful armband!

  12. On a solid blue 3 x 5 foot flag the star would be 30 inches. In version two the star would be 15 inches. The star is always 5/6 vertical width of the blue portion

  13. It’s a shame that they’ve been so aggressive in countersignaling this rally b/c I believe there is value to both tactics.

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