Commercialization & Acculturation of the Old Line State

Crab cakes and football! That’s what Maryland does!” The entire culture and tradition of the Chesapeake bay region, and one of the original thirteen colonies has boiled down to its sheer consumerist base. Many of us have seen The Wedding Crashers as one of the many throw away lines that is supposed to represent the culture and values of the Old Line State.

We on the Alt-Right understand that culture and traditions are inexorably linked to the people who created them, blood and soil indeed. What Under Armour, and the various cheap commercialization organizations, has done to our most sacred and hallowed symbols is the destruction of true white identity for those who bore that history in favor of a cheap made Americana substitute.

Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour Inc., began his regional company with the goal of creating a new breed of sports products. Plank’s vision was all the best attributes of the Saxon work ethic. But like all good ideas, that (((certain))) subset wished to exploit this trait for their own benefit. We have taken hallowed and sacred symbols, like the Calvert arms (or in the broader sense, the Confederate flag) and allowed it to become a cheap commercialized facsimile of the original.

This “Wal-Mart” version is devoid of any of the real meaning of the source material, and can be safely managed as a consumer product. Thus, the history of a proud state, with a lineage stretching back to 1634 and the far shores of Southern England, can now be the tool of acculturation for the new immigrant and transplant to express their “identity” with the local culture.

White Southern culture has been appropriated, and is being used as the catalyst for our own destruction. You need only look at the merchandise bearing our symbols, and the degeneracy that is now being expressed under our old banners to see the diversity subsuming our people.

-By William Poole and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. Most Marylanders aren’t Marylanders. They don’t even particularly like us. It’s a terrible situation. We were fools to let it happen.

  2. Ugh, Maryland is one of the most liberal states in the former American Union. The last decent guy to come out of there was Spiro Agnew. And he was Greek!

  3. My Mongolian friend told me to”not tell anyone” that I am a white nationalist. Well it’s funny because he has a country to go back to where they make up 99% of the population, and yet here he is encouraging me to allow diversity to take my country. Where will we flee to white man?

    I have often thought that if we started living in Puritan fashion a lot of these diversity party chasers will probably leave our land on their own. The rest that don’t will be ……manageable.

    • Puritanism is judaizing. Puritanism caused these problems in the first place. Unless you accept that protestantism was a disaster for Christendom, we can’t fix the problem. Protestantism allowed the rejectors of Logos to get control of our culture.

      • Sursum, your response is pure reductionism ad absurdity. You’re trying to build up your Romanism, but look to the log in your own eye first, before trying to pick out the speck in the protestant American’s eyes.

        Historic Protestantism-Creedal Calvinism and Lutheranism, as well as the Anglican expression of it, were -and are, strong, virile elements of a valid Christianity. What transpired to cause the destruction, was the ‘cheap grace’ of Arminian Methodism, and the anti-incarnational elements within the Baptist Ecclesiology.

        When the Methodists stopped working towards personal holiness, and began to substitute social gospel for it, we were doomed. When the Baptists threw the baby out with the bathwater-literally, we were doomed.

        Covenantal Christianity-which Catholicism historically concurred with; saw faith, folk, and culture as a three-pronged strategy for dominion. Second generation Methodists in the United States begin to see the blacks as worthy of salvation, whereas the Anglicans merely saw them, as the chattels they were- and are.

        Baptists sought “conversion” by any means necessary, literally becoming Christianized Marxists from the beginning. And by denying the covenant children could even exist, “”y’all come” version of Christianity-which is a total perversion of same.

        While I am critical of Protestantism, I can at least see where it turned aside. You’re not even willing to give them the benefit of the doubt!

        • @fr. John

          Thanks, I see a strong deviation of modern churches from Reformation theology. Circa. 1800 and up we experienced what has been called the “second great awakening” which really perverted many mainstream doctrines and birthed many new denominations in America that deviated from historic Christian teachings. Methodism, Mormonism, seventh day Adventist, Jehovah’s witness, church of Christ, all the Pentecostal and church of God, etc., all started in the second great awakening and in my opinion altered a lot of old beliefs that descended all the way back to the early church.

          I am not trying to step on toes, but understand that second great awakening teachings included things like tent revivals teaching social gospel, how to act like a Christian, lists of things Christians shouldn’t do, trying to predict the coming of Christ (which leads to Zionism), babblings and animal noises, supposed healings, alter calls for numbers into the kingdom, etc. etc. These things should largely be considered psycho-therapy.

          Prominent leaders of second great awakening we should largely ignore (or study if you want to know why our churches are so weak): Joseph Smith, Charles g Finney, Wesley Bros, Charles taze Russell, Billy graham, Billy Sunday, etc.

          • The church of Christ was a restoration, not a doctrine twister. The 1st century
            church found in the New Testament had no man-made creeds, popes, women
            preachers or area-wide government. Each congregation had its own male
            leadership and the apostle’s doctrine for doctrine. The church of Christ was
            the movement back to the way it was done when there were living apostles to
            correct the mistakes.

            I agree the other groups were charging off in the wrong directions because they
            were lead by people, not the apostle’s doctrine (Acts 2:38 – 42). An example would
            be not having the Lord’s supper every Sunday, as it was done in the 1st century
            church (1Cor 11:23 -26).

  4. Western Maryland would like to Secede from Baltimore and the eastern part of Maryland. Tired of paying taxes for the advancement of Blacks, and now Mexicans (Roman Catholics), and other 3rd World types.

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