Hollywood and Ex Israeli Military Black Ops – An Axis of Evil

Contrary to malicious gossip and Michigan News type slander, we at OD are not 24/7 obsessive Jew haters. We don’t blame “THE JOOOOOOOZ” for all our failings, nor do we go for wild conspiracy theory nonsense that the Jews are responsible for global warming here in Chicago in late January as it’s f******* cold.

But, we do “notice” certain things like the hateful and repulsive movies produced by sick, repulsive Hollywood Jews like Harvey Weinstein.

Q: Do the Jews run Hollywood?

Q: Are there Chinese people in China?

A: Affirmative to both questions.

Some mainstream media publications (New Yorker, UK Daily Mail) are now reporting that Harvey Weinstein spent $ millions hiring an organization called: “Black Cube” to harass and intimidate Harvey Weinstein’s victims. Black Cube is reportedly run by ex Israeli intelligence (the MOSSAD) and ex Israel military; they specialize in black op deceptions to intimidate and silence their client’s enemies/victims.

Steve Sailer has done an excellent job of exposing the real lies and crimes of the “American” mass media (Jewish media mafia) such as the Rolling Stone Magazine rape hoax slander of the University of Virginia White Southern fraternity.

Israeli spy poses as women’s rights advocate

Steve Sailer is now covering the Weinstein & Israeli intelligence connections and the predictable Jewish American Neo Conservative denials and spins (link, Link)

I look at this subject this way:

Jews are an ethnic group like Italian Americans and Irish Americans. Most American jews are not religious they are secular/atheists and they tend to go > 85% Lib Left Democrat in American politics and pro Israel, anti European nationalists in foreign policy. Jewish Americans created “Neo Conservatism” as a false opposition to their Lib Left cultural marxism – so Americans including our dispossessed Southern Americans are forced to choose between 2 anti White political choices:

1) PC, cultural marxist Lib Left Democrat, open borders immigration – pro Israel
2) Neo Conservative, race denying, open borders immigration – pro Israel

What a choice!

This Jewish ethnic group dominates the “American” media, including the mainstream Conservative media. At the top it’s a Jewish ethnic/political mafia and even White gentiles like Ted Turner who promote the same Lib Left United Nations politics are not accepted in to the Hollywood Jewish Media mafia.

So what do we do?

My advice is to just recognize the situation, same as recognizing the reality of Italian American mafia domination of organized crime from the 1920s-1980. Mexican cartels are now the worst organized crime drug traffickers and Latino/Black street gangs the worst on the ground criminal terrorists.

Do we want to deny or support the Hollywood Jewish media mafia that employs the likes of Black Cube/MOSSAD to harass and intimidate their enemies/victims (that would include us)?

No of course not. Get Netflix DVD rentals, start film clubs – watch decent films directed and acted by our people from the 1930s-70s. Let’s start a bi-weekly OD film club and give recommendations and reviews.

Because spending big $s going to Hollywood movies and streaming them in to our homes is supporting the likes of Harvey Weinstein and the MOSSAD/Black Cube. These disgusting, degenerate perverts also tend to suck at making movies and TV shows – it’s all CGI, gore with no plots. Consider going the “Benedict Option” – named after the last real Catholic Pope who advised traditional European Catholic Christians to withdraw from corrupt popular culture.

Stay strong kinsmen and kinswomen.


  1. No sooner is a new medium of mass communication invented than the god damned jew has to swoop in like a predatory bird and take control of it. TV, radio, films, music recordings, publishing, the internet – none of those media were invented by Hymie, but he is the one who reaps all the profits from them. Kinda makes me a little mad when I think about it.

    • Just kinda mad, huh brah’? It’s biblical prophecy that the White man (the pure descendants of the true Israelites) was to be a blessing to the world, a declaration which in itself should be a major revelation to the average dolt “Judeo-Christian” that the jooze are NOT God’s people, but IMPOSTERS, just like they lie about everything else. All great discoveries and inventions are the products of the White Aryan man. The jooze have only usurped and subverted our gifts to humanity, perverted, merchandised and converted them to tools of destruction. Dude, as Goy Goddess says, “The ovens won’t be big enough.”

  2. This is the best OD piece I’ve read in a long time because this is the real enemy. This is who has created and continues to support a reality that the majority of the public believe in, hence they are who need to be exposed as liars and the root of almost all that is wrong in our once great nation. My only disagreement is I do hate the jews and I make no bones about it. They are our greatest enemy. AIPAC forces all of our congress to pledge loyalty to Israel and if they don’t a campaign to end their seat is established and always wins. They are the most dangerous group America has ever faced.
    There is an old interview on youtube of a very old man named Norman Dodd. He was chair of the Reese commission in the 50’s. It was created to investigate our countries foundations and what he found is chilling. It demonstrates that these problems are not new and were created over 100 years ago to turn our nation into a communist system run by people that believe they know better than we do, the financiers of these foundations and although he never names them, it was the jews
    In ending I will also say this. Joseph McCarthy was right.

  3. Thanks Jack great advice!

    If you doubt that Jewish philosophy controls our mainstream Hollywood then go watch the new “IT” movie. I can’t stand it when Hollywood starts making fun of virginity and I can’t think of anything that’s more in the spirit of antiChrist than that. In fact in Revelation it says God is raising up 144k not defiled by women. Our society and especially Hollywood want to push destruction of our bodily temples-in their minds that is victory in their war with God and “validates” their cause.

  4. speaking of jew controlled, 1 of our guys in charlottesville wrote “i’ve never in all my years seen such a corrupt, commie town. this town makes up & changes laws at will.” please help our guys still there thru goyfundme.com or jailatm.com please throw a few dollars in:
    been following hunter wallace’s twitter 4 updates 2day on cantwell’s hearing. thank you for what you do!

  5. Good intelligent post. ‘d argue it’s maybe more like 20 % good Jews, 20 % in between, and 60 + % bad ??? Only God knows exactly, but I’m VERY streetwise.
    I have an extensive background in film, ( scripts, etc., ) and what you need is two fold – 1. A “NO PC MOVIE LIST,” and 2. An exclusion of those directed by scum, but then we get into the actors as well ! 🙂 It’ll get down to where there’s maybe 100 movies that are ok.
    Wherefore art thou my brother, with George Clooney was an ok movie but Clooney’s a piece of Hollywood “S” we should boycott.

    Runaway Jury is an 8 but the gun control message sucks.
    I say …. look at The Third Reich and how 3 down and out beer bud’s who couldn’t even afford a typewriter, built that machine.

    Do something similar to that ( BUT WITHOUT THE EVIL PART AND THE OCCULT PART, ) with THE CONFEDERATE PARTY … wherein you create a ‘movie dept?’ I don’t have ALL the answers but I do have MOST. We need eachother … fellow white brothers !

    Keep up the good work identifying “specific Jews,” who are enemies within.

  6. I long for the day of the great white investiture clawback. All our culture, art, literature, coinage, performance disciplines and media, all our technology, all our domesticated animals, all our industry, materials and science instrumentation — every last bit of it!

  7. Watching old movies is a good idea, but even The Sound of Music, for instance, is politically slanted to favour the victor’s view of history. The Powers that be have infiltrated everything! What we really need is to take over the media/entertainment industry and start producing products that have our own perspective foremost and our best interests in mind. Hollywood is just a propaganda arm of the culture war against us. It needs to be taken down and radically revised to favour us.

  8. Cultural appropriation of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant [WASP] American culture, and the Catholic base from which it sprang, is a 24/7 strategy of the Christ killers- via their plots, their choice of directors, producers, actors, symbols, advertising-you name it. The slimy Jews hands…are in everything.

    I call them that ( slimy, Christ-killers), because none of them – NONE- are worthy of inclusion in our nation. While we don’t have to attempt a genocide- (even a fake one, like the recent second world war is purported to be) -we do need a removal. Every Jew, every ‘Semite’ (so-called) every Mischling, needs to be removed from this nation.

    The biblical precedent is clear; (the biblical Israelites never did rout/annihilate/remove the “pagan nations round about them” as per God’s directive) the European precedent is clear(109, and counting); the wishes of Abraham Lincoln (regarding the servants of the Christ-killers) was clear;

    But in each case, the will of God was not enacted. We have only ourselves to blame, for not doing what needed to be done in each case, and right speedily.

    Our future demands it. And if Donald Trump, or any of our elected officials won’t do what needs to be done, then we must take the law (and our guns?) into our own hands.

    When a corrupt government won’t do the will of the people, (which it says it’s elected to do), there remains no other choice. Jefferson clearly noted that, after the conclusion of the Revolutionary war. It’s not like what we are talking about, is either illegal, or immoral.

    The weight of 20 centuries- is on our side.

    • If Trump was ever on our side, things look pretty grim now, with him being surrounded and besieged by antiChrist jooze more and more as time goes on. What meager successes and accomplishments he’s had in our favor are constantly offset by his acquiescences to the (((international cabal)). Hell, his own family is infected and his bloodline now tainted with luciferian joozery. Yes, things look very bleak indeed.

      See you in The Kingdom, brother.

  9. Jews are not merely an ethnic group like Italians or Irish. Framing it in that way makes it appear that they’re just like us. Obviously, they’re not. Jews are extremely ethnocentric and clannish. Irish and Italians are not. Jews instinctively do what’s good for jews. America is being destroyed at this very moment simply and totally because of jews. Besides, neither the Irish, nor the Italians, work as an extremely ethnocentric group to dismantle societies White Europeans have created.

    Mesirah is the word jews use for their code of silence. Wikipedia doesn’t say that it is just like the Sicilian Mafia’s code of silence, the one they call Omerta. When speaking of the “mafia”, what people need to understand is that it was a jewish thing. All we know is the (((hollywood))) version of who the mafia was. The Russian “mob” is in fact, the jewish mob, and in the “Italian” mob”, it was required that so called “made men” in their mob brotherhood, be Sicilian. It just so happens that there was a substantial population of jews who lived in Southern Italy and Sicily until the 1400s.

    • Well stated, and illustrative of the jooze’ chameleon-like shapeshifting, camouflage and blending into the shadows. They truly are the masters of mind control and prestidigitation, what with all of the major and most readily accessible forms of mass media under their control and direction.

      No, the jooze are not merely an ethnic group, and they know they are not a “race” in the most commonly understood modern sense of the word, although they are indeed a race according to the more archaic definition. There is a powerful genetic predisposition at work, self-evident and obvious to anyone gifted with the least bit of perception. They are indeed a tribe and the descendants of a common ancestor whose DNA they “religiously” strive to preserve in their genetic code —-and that ancestor is NOT Abraham. Some of us are aware of “the dual seed line”, and have crossed the threshold of the door into knowledge of the supernatural origins of the satanic jooze. Truly, fact is stranger than fiction.

        • Jews aren’t Semites. True Semites were purely White stock. Modern day “Jews” may have a tenuous connection to the Abrahamic line through intermarriage with Esau, but most of their connection to Noah came from Japheth, not Shem. They’re actually literal descendants of the Canaanite-Edomites that John Hercanus made the mistake of sparing when he retook the southern kingdom of Judah, a couple hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

          And yes, I’m 100% pure Anglo-Saxon.

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