Franken Resigns

By yesterday, it was clear Sen. Al Franken was done.

Rep. John Conyers was also forced to resign. Sen. Al Franken resigned this morning. This isn’t about morality so much as it is the Democrats positioning themselves to “War on Women” the Republicans in the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election:

“A year into Donald Trump’s presidency, many voters still don’t know what Democrats stand for — so at the very least, party leaders reluctantly decided, they better take a stand against sexual harassment.

Especially when they’re going to need a huge turnout among women to do what now still seems like a reach, but six months ago seemed impossible: flip the House and maybe even the Senate, and rally in races for governor and state legislature across the country next year.

“For the last decade, Democrats have been pointing the finger at the Republican Party for devaluing women,” said Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA and the executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee during the 2012 and 2014 cycles. “This is a requirement to be able to look at them with a straight face and say we’re the party that cares about them.” …”

The pitch will be the Republicans are the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump. There is a rumor floating around Twitter that CNN and The Washington Post are working on accusing up to 40 members of Congress of sexual harassment as #MeToo spirals out of control:

The dangerous precedent that is being set here is ANY accusation from a woman against a man in the workplace or politics should be 1.) automatically believed without corroborating evidence and 2.) that accusations alone are sufficient to destroy a man’s career. If the Republicans yield to this political pressure, it will empower feminists like never before. By this standard, you are guilty of sexism if you doubt Tawana Brawley or the accusations made against the Duke Lacrosse players.

This touches upon a subject that I wrote about last night in The Hard Right, Women, Traditionalism. We don’t live in a traditional society anymore. Instead, we live under liberalism, which has abolished traditional gender roles in the name of “freedom” and “equality” and “individual rights.” As a result of this, schools and the workplace have been integrated and it has led to exactly the sort of behavior that critics of feminism once predicted would happen. Even though sexual harassment is the inevitable result of feminism and integration, it is now being cited to further demonize men.

The integration of the military is a classic example of this. Previously, the military had been a traditionally male space, but once it was integrated and women were allowed to become soldiers and sailors the result was an explosion in pregnancies and accusations of sexual harassment. This has happened at schools and colleges, the workplace and politics. There will always be unwanted sexual advances in integrated spaces and it is the result of the corrosive effect of liberalism on our culture.

We’ve built our society around the notion that men and women are exactly the same, that they should be free to do whatever they want, that they should have the same individual rights and that there shouldn’t be exclusively male and female roles and spaces. Then we cry about the consequences. Under liberal democracy, we have reached the point where the major parties are pitting women against men for political gain, which further polarizes and undermines our culture.

The solution to the negative side effects of liberalism is traditionalism, not more liberalism. If we returned to traditional gender roles, this wouldn’t be happening.

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  1. Please, define ‘traditional’ gender roles, once and for all.

    Because this idea of tradition only seems to go back as far as maybe the 1950’s, and it only lasted about 20 years – for the upper half of society. Where was everyone else?

    I trained at a very high level with the fittest of men (or teen almost men) – the ‘best’ was ranked #2 in the world in a sport known for requiring endurance and strength. Somehow these titans of testosterone managed to never once physically attack any of us (and we girls weren’t exactly unfit ourselves). I suppose some very minor obnoxious comments occasionally happened but they would have been silly insults as opposed to sexual invasions, and the girls were absolutely more obnoxious than the guys, I suspect to overcompensate.

    Whose traditions are we invoking?

    None of my teammates were jews, all aryan or just about.

    • Yes – the ideallic phase seems to have been a brief aberration rather than anything that has ever been the norm.

      Perhaps this is why it’s looked on so fondly – it never had enough time to develop big issues and everyone sees it through rose tinted glasses. Especially the great sitcoms from that era, which were largely exaggerated like everything else.

    • You have to go back before 1850 to find any tradition in the West that doesn’t immediately degenerate into the mess we have now. Until about 1800 it was common knowledge that women are like impulsive, highly sexualized children, and need firm male guidance throughout their lives. After menopause they could be deputized to watch over their daughters-in-law to make sure their sons didn’t get cucked.

      Chatting up an unrelated young woman without first securing her father’s permission was still a serious offense when this scene was painted in 1854, but the Victorians had already cultivated the idea that women were inherently virtuous, and only did evil things when corrupted by evil men. Which led to the modern idea that anything women do is virtuous by definition.

  2. Franken was apparently pretty pro-Zionist for a liberal. I guess only the Israel-friendly democrats, jewish or otherwise, win office.

    So he must just be one front’s collateral damage in a larger war.

      • I am trully happy MN can kick the kike out. A special election means (((they))) can’t stack the deck. GREATER minnesota will vote republican but the metro areas have about twice the population, and they will vote libtard. Its how Amy Kloebachar was elected.

        I hope cooler heads will prevail

  3. No doubt Frankenkike will be replaced with another ultra-liberal Israel First jew. Once the heebs take control of a political office they are extremely reluctant to pass it back to a gentile, even if that gentile is an obedient shabbos goy.

  4. Maybe the best course of action would be if White women were encouraged to stay out of the workplace, get married and raise large, healthy White families at home?

  5. And when this happens of course the intellectuals will write their essays, the feminists will double down and dismiss as usual with the usual Isms, Ists and phobias for good measure.

    And just when he conservatives are ready to declare defeat as usual a Shit Lord or many will arise

    It’s a new Era gents

  6. DC is a cesspit who literally traffic children and white women as sex slaves. We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg and the sooner these freaks fall the better.

    I thought Frenken might fall on his sword to set a precedent for Moore, but don’t think if we are thinking it that Judge Moore hasn’t. He’s not one to back down and it’s time for the wheat to separate from the chaff.

    These people (DC and Hollywood) are literally Satan on earth – the biggest scum you could find if you searched all of Creation twice. Seeing them be publicly outed is never a bad thing. Most Americans have no idea the corruption runs this deep and now this is supper table discussions and workplace chat.

    I hope there are people out there searching for the child victims of D.C. like they have been doing in Hollywood. The momentum on this right now is great and more demons taking the fall the better. I’m sure Lispy Gayrahm is shaking in his boots for some of his young victims to come forward.

    Unfortunately DC tends to do away with completely the evidence of their crimes. God rest their souls.

  7. God bless Roy Moore for not backing down! The Jew shebeast All-RED refuses to release the yearbook. That alone is proof of attempts at Jewing. Purge the HEEBS and we can begin to rebuild our shattered world.

    Frankenkike? HAHAHAHA!

  8. So, shouldn’t we be maintaining the same rigorous skepticism towards all claims, instead of acting like any accusations against a jew are valid while knee-jerk defending whites? BTW, I don’t dismiss claims of Moore pursuing teen girls, probably of consent age or older, as irrelevant.

    Marcus wrote an article last night presuming the accusations against some jew music producer – by a 17 year old!!!! – of rape are inherently true.

    The jews are the moral relativists and hypocrites. I as a european try to be consistent and principled wherever possible.

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