New York Times Pans Alt-Tech Sites

In anticipation of the upcoming Twitter purge, The New York Times is attempting to set the narrative with a new hit piece up on the emergence of Alt-Tech sites:

“If you’ve lost sleep worrying about the growing power of the alt-right — that shadowy coalition that includes white nationalists, anti-feminists, far-right reactionaries and meme-sharing trolls — I may have found a cure for your anxiety.

Just try using its websites.

In recent months, as sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have cracked down on hate speech and barred several high-profile conservative users, the alt-right made a declaration of technological independence from Silicon Valley. Hard-right activists vowed to create their own versions of these digital services, on which all views would be welcome, no matter how crude or incendiary. …”

We’ve been dealing with this for a year now.

I don’t really consider it a bad thing. I’ve always thought it was inevitable. The country has become so polarized that social media is balkanizing. The same is true of sports, commerce, politics and news and opinion. It is just another milestone on the unraveling of our common culture.

I would rather it happen sooner than later. We’re really wasting our time anyway on the mainstream social media platforms. There is no point in building up a 20,000 follower Facebook group or Twitter account only to wake up one day and find out it has been arbitrarily deleted. We’re already dealing with shadow banning, limiting, rigged algorithms and the banning of our followers.

Until recently, I never used Gab that much but the followers that I accumulate there won’t be purged on a daily basis. My account isn’t going to be deleted. The messages that I send out will be seen by my followers. Slowly, I have begun to use it more often to the point where I now use it every day. It is a better investment of my time. Many of the people who have been banned from Twitter already have over 10,000 followers. There are also more organic followers and fewer bots on Gab.

The best thing that happened to many people in the Alt-Right this year was being banned from PayPal. It forced them to resort to Bitcoin just in time for the massive boom. Unfortunately, I am a pitiful no coiner and missed out on this windfall but the early adopters have done well. I’ve raised money through GoyFundMe and other content creators are making a living through Hatreon. I’m confident these nascent Alt-Tech platforms will continue to mature and gain traction.

The censorship on Discord and Facebook have also forced us to rebuild our communications infrastructure elsewhere. We’re still sorting through and figuring out the alternatives. It is going to be another short term annoyance. In the long run, we will adapt and create new systems impervious to no platforming. The censorship on mainstream social media platforms will also require the ADL and Silicon Valley tech giants to openly assume the role of the thought police. It will require legions of censors to patrol social media 24/7 and constantly remind Americans of what they can and cannot say.

I suppose they can try to enforce their taboos that way, but the effect will be to make Jewish control of the media more visible than ever before. It will be easy to point to Google/YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as a clear example of how Jews not only control television, but also social media monopolies. The result will be a steady trickle of banned users who will migrate to Alt-Tech sites. It will be slow at first while the userbase is small, but in the long run it will be worth it to be beyond Jewish control.

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  1. The Leftist arguments on any topic are usually littered with hypocrisy, lies and double standards. Our side of the argument are that of facts, figures and truths that we can back up.
    The Left can’t counter what we say, and they know it, so they’d rather silence us.
    The Left only support free speech when its their
    free speech.

  2. The perverts of the tribe:

    Larry King,
    Ryan Lizza
    Norman Patti
    Harvey Weinstein
    Richard Dryfuss
    Bryan SInger
    Andrew Kreisberg
    Woody Allen
    Roman Polanski
    Murray Miller (screenwriter, Girls
    Jeremy Piven (actor Entourage)
    Brett Ratner (Director X-men & Rush Hour franchises)
    Steven Seagall (1/2 Jewish)
    Mark Schwann (writer One Tree Hill )
    Jeffrey Tambor (Larry Sanders Show)
    James Toback (screenwriter Bugsy)
    Bob Weinstein (Harvey’s brother)
    Matthew Weiner (Mad Men creator)
    Jonathan Schwartz (WNYC radio)
    Leonard Lopate (WNYC radio)
    Geraldo Rivera (Jerry Rivers, 1/2 Jewish)
    Matt Zimmerman (booker Matt Lauer)
    Matt Lauer
    David Sweeney (NPR News producer)
    Charlie Rose Glenn Thrush (NY TImes, MSNBC)
    Mark Halperin (ABC, NBC)
    Jann Werner (Rolling Stone)
    Al Franken
    David Corn (the Nation)
    Michael Orsekes (NPR News head)
    Leon Wieseltier (editor New Republic)
    Possibly, but unverified
    Teddy Davis (producer Jake Tapper State of the Union)
    Lockhart Steele (pseudonym? Gawker)

  3. US Gov. can’t legally shut down free speech so they let the “private sector” do it. Interesting times ahead. Pro-White side may be smaller in numbers and cash but certainly larger in brains and resolve.

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