Charlottesville Denies Unite the Right Anniversary Rally Permit

This isn’t surprising:

“The city of Charlottesville has denied a special-event permit application for a Unite the Right anniversary rally and four others demonstrations next summer.

In an email sent shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, city spokeswoman Miriam Dickler said the city is denying the five different applications for events in and around Emancipation Park, where the white nationalist rally took place Aug. 12.

According to official notices signed by City Manager Maurice Jones, the city is denying the applications for Aug. 11 and 12, 2018, a weekend, due to public safety concerns. …”

As we now know, Charlottesville is the Berkeley of East Coast. It is the most shitlib town in all of Dixie and now it is even crazier than ever before.

The First Amendment is a dead letter there. We know for a fact that the Charlottesville Police can’t be trusted to protect either free speech or public safety. Bob Fenwick went so far as to say to Tim Heaphy the other night at the Charlottesville City Council meeting that the Alt-Right were “invaders” and that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were “protecting the city.” This is a place that acts like a foreign country with its own constitution, judicial system and foreign policy.

Should we even want to go back there? It is like trying to hold a rally in North Korea. We know that the media will go out of its way to bury the truth and present us in the worst possible light. We know that the Charlottesville City Council does not believe the US Constitution applies within the city limits. We know that the Charlottesville Police will deputize Antifa as their private militia. We know that the judicial system in Charlottesville is so thoroughly corrupt and unreliable that we will be selectively prosecuted for crimes while Antifa will be given a free hand to engage in violence.

What can we do about the situation? We can either settle our grievances with Charlottesville in state and federal court, which is going to happen anyway, or pressure the Justice Department to intervene. It has become the leftwing version of a sundown town. I suppose filing for the permit and having it denied is another way of proving that Charlottesville won’t allow free speech.

I don’t know. It is a long way until next summer. We will see what happens over the next few months with the lawsuits and our political prisoners who are still there.

Note: Charlottesville recently dropped the felony charge against DeAndre Harris. I’m about as fond of that place as our ancestors were of Lawrence, Kansas.

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    • Must be an alienating experience living in a vessel that has no bondage to anything; a language foreign to him( both English and Spanish), blood that cannot be traced back to any particular region, living in a system that you or your mixed heritage ancestors could never Phathom, everything you consume and interact with invented by outsiders.
      And the mind dulled by inferior genetics, The only thing that sparks a primitive level of inspiration is a currency that is failing and flawed, nonetheless, designed by a foreigner of white skin, and the highlight of his life is to make the most of it, Devout of anything meaningful or holy.
      Truly, these creatures are living in the prime of their existence on our dollar. Soon, as with everything that will be over.

  1. El Crapo,

    Is that how long it took you to read it? Judging by the length of your infantile comments, you are incapable of typing anything more than one line of dribble at a time. The only life on this site that seems to be worthless is yours. I strongly suggest that everyone on the site cease to respond to you, as it appears to be the only satisfaction that you enjoy in your miserable existence. We should focus on what is important to us, and let your pathetic excuse for humanity live in an echo chamber. You certainly aren’t worth the time I’ve taken to reply to you.

  2. I can certainly see Jason Kessler’s rationale for going back to Charlottesville, but we can’t discount a very serious incident happening.

    If for example the Charlotteville police were to shoot 50 alt-right demonstrators, would the media report the massacre accurately? We know they would not. It would be reported as a terrorist attack, which the police bravely fought off. And what of Donald Trump? He would go on TV saying that the law enforcement in Charlottesville are wonderful people that did a fantastic job.

    We need at least ONE town that is under our control. As a national movement, surely we can accomplish this. Even the weird Warren Jeffs cult managed to bring a town under their complete control (including the police!). Surely we can do the same.

    • I am of the same opinion.

      We need to choose a town/city/county, and determine to take it over- no ifs, ands, or buts.
      The lezz-beans and fruits came to MN, to ‘help’ passage of the death(faggot)-friendly ‘legislation from hell’ – Moslem hordes have infected MPLS, in order for them to ‘elect’ traitor nigger Keith Ellison…. and the FEDGOV clearly (under the Obamanation) meant/means to infect every town/city/county via their ‘demographic enrichment.’

      Trump was the last gasp of the White Man’s resort to lawful means. We now must take the law into our own hands, as is our right, as the ONLY TRUE AMERICANS, in order for the Law to stand.

      Secession (racial, cultural, religious, geographic) needs to become a reality, not just a pious platitude. I mean, look at the options- Deseret (the Mormon ‘homeland’) has the entirety of the LDS Council of 12 transforming their cult into the prototype of the musical “Book of Mormon.” They voted for ‘anyonebutTrump’ – The Vatican Eww RC’s, meanwhile are all itching to become ‘sons of Belial’ under FrankytheAntichrist. The SBC have cucked and worshiped nigger d*ck since well B4 C’ville, and are as far from the grace of God as one could possibly imagine, even WITH their DTS and Scofield Reference Libels. The only ‘heresy’ today is the ‘R’ word. In short, an idol ripe for toppling.

  3. I don’t think that, without some form of religious sanctioning, we could set aside a town for ourselves. The moment ((they)) realized we lacked diversity, ((they)) would use every effort to make certain we acquired some. I don’t know how much longer some of the Amish and Mormon communities can maintain their homogeneity. I think it’s only a matter of time before the order comes for them to diversify. What we can do is secede from the mainsteam by developing our own alternative outlets for entertainment, news and culture. This works well for the Asians and Hispanics.

  4. “Should we even want to go back there?”

    I would hope not. Please don’t come back here. The rally has already caused our community so much pain, why would you willfully antagonize us further? Because our community decided that a park shouldn’t bear Lee’s statue or name, because he has no personal connection to this town and us locals want a park that promotes more inclusive ideals?

    Why can’t you just listen to Trump on this?

    >Reporter: Should statues of Robert E. Lee stay up?
    >Trump: I would say that’s up to a local town, community, or the federal government depending on where it is located.

      • I do respect Robert E. Lee. I also don’t want a park with his name and statue in my town when he never even set foot in it. Is that too complicated for you?

    • You caused your own community pain by deciding that you didn’t have to abide by the federal laws that you forced US to submit to at gunpoint only a generation or so ago.Before this is all over,we will rip you from your homes in the middle of the night,put you on your knees in your lawns and force each of you to kiss a Confederate flag the way you forced our ancestors to submit to yours and the way you are trying to force our children and grandchildren to submit to anarcho-communism.

      We are coming back.You will pay for all of our people who have suffered because of your White-excluding “inclusivity”.

      • >”you didn’t have to abide by the federal laws that you forced US to submit to at gunpoint only a generation or so ago.”

        What laws are those?

        >”we will rip you from your homes in the middle of the night,put you on your knees in your lawns and force each of you to kiss a Confederate flag”

        I’d love to see you rot in jail after you try that.

        >”White-excluding “inclusivity”.

        Someone get this man a dictionary. He misunderstands, fundamentally, everything.

    • “Because thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” that’s why, Alex Jimmy-rustle. Your town deserves to suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah. Actually, it is already….

      • You think everybody who doesn’t want the US to be a white’s only nation is a witch? Genuinely confused by your statement.

  5. I can’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to repeat a nasty experience, but the cause of preserving the First Amendment is best served by standing up to the authorities rather than slinking away. The Heaphy report confirmed — and local papers did NOT bury it — that the city conspired to allow violence in order to have an excuse to declare a state of emergency. Since the marchers had gone to court to obtain a permit, the city was trying to accomplish by devious means the suppression of protected speech and would appear guilty of “conspiracy to violate civil rights” — a charge that was deployed against the Klan several decades ago. I have noticed over the years that conservatives always give up before halftime, often with the encouragement of their “friends.” Don’t continue this “cuck” behavior. The city must be brought to admit that fulfilling its constitutional obligations is its best course, even if it would rather respond like Josef Stalin. And if anyone thinks they are going to solve the problem with violence, they are just making another excuse for sitting on their butts. I imagine over half the people in right-wing groups are plants, anyway. Give ’em polygraphs!

    • This.Their conspiracy against rights carries the death penalty if it causes anyone to die.They caused someone to die.We should execute as many of these fuckers as we can convict on this charge.

    • I want that Kike Mayor, and his Silverback animal companion, to have to have their mouths STUFFED with the legal orders for TOTAL SUBMISSION to the Lawful Assembly they have denied REAL Americans. “No Justice, no peace,” I believe is the mantra?

  6. I don’t know if it makes sense to go back to Charlottesville or not, but all efforts that can be undertaken to cause the subhuman filth without honor who control Charlottesville grief and cost without too much trouble to us should be done. I absolutely support Kessler’s efforts for this reason.

    Anyone who doesn’t respect Lee is a traitor to humanity.

    Anyone who supports communism is a traitor to humanity.

    Anyone who thinks ‘Black Lives Matter’ has sound arguments is too stupid to vote.

    • What the “subhuman filth” most want to avoid is yet another Unite the Right rally. They are frantic to avoid it. They say so in their organs of opinion. Whether you can ruin their day “without too much trouble” is relative. It would be more trouble than trolling on the internet but less trouble than taking Iwo Jima.

  7. I think it is a worthwhile endeavor to go back. If they continue to infringe upon your 1st amendment rights then take them to court. Let them spend time and money defending their city in legal proceedings. Consider suing them for damages. If they lose then their tax payers will be funding your efforts. When you finally get a court injunction to force the city to respect your 1st amendment rights, make it as difficult as possible for them to control Antifa and the SJW contingent. Trigger them to maximum effect and manipulate them into attacking the police. Then the liberal government will be forced to either stand with their police and anger their leftist supporters or stand with the Antifa and demoralize their officers. If you continue doing this you may even be able to bankrupt the city and destroy its business community. Cities that support violent leftist mobs need to be held accountable and pay a price for that support.

    • What the “commies” of Charlottesville most hate and fear is not a lawsuit or payout but another public rally staining their fair city. To be sure, legal actions will be required to make that possible, but with great benefit to the cause of free speech everywhere. Treason never prospers, what’s the reason? For when it prospers, none dare call it treason. Don’t let Charlottesville get away with violating the first amendment. Make it obey the law of the land.

    • Careful, slave of Satan, what you wish for. Because you will reap as your accursed race has sown. And God (if you even believe in Him) does NOT hear the prayers of the non-Elect.

  8. Let me know when the next gathering is. I’ll be there with a sign “El Chapo is a cock sucking nigger”.

    Show up and take it from me El Fag-o.

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