Live Thread: Alabama Senate Special Election

We’re getting started early here.

Roy Moore and Doug Jones are entering the ring. Only one will make it out politically alive to head to the US Senate. FOX News says Doug Jones has a 10 point lead. Emerson Polling says it is Roy Moore by 9 points. Monmouth has the race tied and says it will come down to turnout. Common sense and experience says Roy Moore will win this election easily, but Doug Jones has lots of yard signs.

In one corner, you have a Christian conservative who brandishes weapons at campaign rallies, a Vietnam veteran who was twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for defying the federal government and who wants to get rid of the 14th Amendment and 19th Amendment. In the other corner, you have a liberal Democrat bugman, a creature of The Washington Post backed by the Jews and National Review cucks who wants to abort your children or transform them into transsexuals.

You know what to do, Alabama.

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  1. “We should not be entangled in foreign wars merely at the whim and caprice of a President.”

    Does Roy Moore mean this or is it an optional policy to be chucked when he has hold of the staff of power like when Donald Trump abandoned his 2013 Afghanistan position?

    “We should leave Afghanistan immediately. No more wasted lives. If we have to go back in, we go in hard & quick. Rebuild the US first.”

    • I fully share your distrust of politicians, but I would like to ask you: What new war has President Trump got America into? A rocket strike and some advisors in Syria and some waffling on Afghanistan do not add up to an about face. The big tests are whether he keeps us out of war with Korea and Iran.

      • Any country with US troops outside the US is a country where troops should not be. Syria is worriesome. Why is the US Army deployed in South Korea when South Korea should be defending itself? It could be worse but it is still off kilter.

        What was Donald Trump wrong about in 2013?

      • Agreed and well said. President Trump has strongly resisted the Neo Conservative, Zionist, Christian Zionist war mongering to attack secular Batthist Assad’s Syria and attack Iran and also resisted restarting the Cold war with Russia. Trump is still good at bashing the Jews media though he doesn’t call it the Jews media and uses his friendship with the President of Israel to counter claims he’s racist and anti Jewish.

  2. If Jones wins it can only be the result of election theft and voter fraud. Let’s not kid ourselves, Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac is controlled by men who are hell bent on defrauding the voters and have the means to do so.

      • The demoncrat just won. You forgot about Soros AND Soros voting machines. Obushbunnybama working the phones and a bunch of dumbed down self hating whites. The cure ?


        It’s a sad day in Alabama and the south in general. Your marches and protests will do nothing to save the sinking Titanic. ONLY The Confederate Party will.

  3. Moore getting elected will inflame tensions by the Anti-Whites, we need unrest so that our people don’t have a chance to become complacent and continue believing the Union will save them. The hatred towards White Christian Alabamians that will be spread as a result will push them all a little closer to saying “To hell with these people telling us what to do, we need to secede and rule ourselves.”

    Jones getting in will just disillusion Moore’s base, it would be Obama on a smaller scale. Either way I would hope it opens our peoples eyes.

  4. I’ll be placing my vote for Moore in about an hour.

    Wondering if there will be cucks and weirdos protesting at the polling place.

    • Is the vote today?

      If so – how about recruiting some hairy Sikhs to dress up like hostile Paki Muslims and hold big signs for Jones and also threatening regular Alabama Christians that Muslims are taking over Alabama and there’s nothing anybody can do about it except turn over their daughters to be the 4th wife of some mountain Muslim goat herder from Afghanistan.

  5. Senate Repukes talked about refusing to seat Moore if he wins. If so it’ll be time to break out the popcorn and beer.

  6. If Moore is innocent of rape, he should take a polygraph, limited to the two accusations of rape or assault involving Corfman and Nelson. As it stands, the voters are forced to choose between a liberal and a rapist. Perhaps Moore intends to win and then step down in favor of another conservative. Or perhaps he fears that a polygraph test would be rigged or expanded to ask whether he ever dated anyone under 18. But he can get Bannon to set up the test and it’s up to him which questions he answers. If he can prove he did not assault the two women, the liberal media would be dealt an enormous blow. If he’s really innocent he should try to turn the tables rather than hope to muddle through. And if he is guilty and manages to win anyway he will be a walking time-bomb for Trump and the right.

    • “As it stands, the voters are forced to choose between a liberal and a rapist. ”

      I respond:

      Oh do shut up. No one has accused Moore of rape. He’s accused of once being 20 years old and having consensual making out with heterosexual woman 3 or 4 years younger than him and these rumors are from 40 years ago.

      I’m sure we’ll also have huge smears that Mr. Moore once took a sip of beer and swallowed when he was 16 years old and not of legal drinking age.

      This at a time when thousands of English girls are being raped by Pakistani and Bangledesh old men and Bangledesh mountain goat herders who don’t use soap or toilet paper are setting off pipe bombs in Times Square New York City.

      Jeees our people will go off the deep end and become obsessed with utter nonsense.

      • Except he never rode her. In spite of her admitting she felt “excited”, he apparently sensed (if her story is indeed true, that is) that she was uncomfortable with going all the way, and stopped. Imagine the will power, not to mention moral rectitude, it took to rein in those horses when she’s laying there open to you and not resisting! I look at what he did (may have done) as a “catch and release” – very sporting!

        • This is totally inappropriate, this whole line of comments. I thought this was a white man’s blog, not some sandnigger’s. Jack Ryan (a Roman Catholic) spews his usual sub-psychotic distortions and things just degenerate from there.

          Have some pride moderators.

          • Onceler – they are joking, and making jokes about an absurd subject in a very civilized fashion. I am on the verge of telling you to be quiet, and go make some sandwiches and bring I some beer. Don’t make me do that, Onceler.

  7. Man I wish I was in Alabama this week. I would be carrying huge signs with an outstretched middle finger giving the finger to Hollywood, Harvard and Yale, CNN, MSNBC and increasingly Fox News and also the Middle Finger to Goldman Sachs and the Jonah Goldberg National Review.

  8. I hope Moore wins. These allegations have pretty much become total BS; not one credible verifiable incident. A false yearbook signature. Only a fool could believe it. The media leaves out how much establishment GOP in the millions spent on a primary to not have Roy Moore. This is an incredible low by any standard of ethics or morality.

    Us Texans will have to do something about Cornyn and the Cruz cuck. Cruz should have just kept his mouth shut but re established where his loyalties lie.

  9. It would be strange to see Alabama send a pro-illegal, pro-amnesty, pro-abortion right up until natural birth, vigorously pro-LBGTQwhatever, anti-wall, pro-Obamacare senator to DC.

    The (((news)))and (((lawyers))) went wild on this one.

    If Moore wins (((they’ll))) ratchet up their insults directed at Southerners. If Jones wins (((they’ll))) laugh at them for falling for it.

  10. It looks like Jones will win according to what I see. Black turnout high, white turnout lagging.

    Alabama is Blue.

  11. I’ll keep trying to care about this place.

    A hypothetical. Take a reliably blue state like Connecticut. Say there’s a Dem senate candidate facing similar accusations as Moore. Pushed by “right-wingers.”

    Would they in CT vote for a Trump Republican in protest as so-called respectable Repubs in Alabama are doing by voting for Jones?

    Hell, no. As they said re: Clinton scandals, “He’s right on the issues.”

  12. Congratulations, Alabama.

    You added one more vote for amnesty, against the wall, to protect Obamacare, and for removal of Trump.

    • AL is chock full of Niggers and White methheads. Apparently the “educated urban White vote” did this. Fine. They will reap as they have sown.

      • But it wasn’t the Niggers – they vote predictably, and turned out slightly more than average due to church lobbying this weekend.

        It was our own people, the suburban CUCKS that live in areas like my own city that turned the tide.

        But you know what?

        At least we’re now starting to get it hammered into our thick skulls that elections mean nothing at this point – this may have been my last voting experience for quite some time.

        • Slight correction – Black vote turnout was rather higher than normal, and there may have been fraud for all we know, but it’s still on the heads of Whites that blame needs to fall upon.

          It was the suburban cuckolds in areas like Jefferson County that got gaslighted into staying home, and gave just enough of an advantage to Jones to pull off a win.

  13. They found a winning formula.

    I expect a tsunami of sexual harassment charges against populist candidates next fall.

    • It’ll all come down to turnout next year.

      The Left is emboldened and ready to contest literally anything, while the White GOP voter is going to stay home out of anger at being lied to yet again.

      Expect the Republicans to get the long schlong next November – and I hope it’s the worst they’ve ever seen.

  14. Oh well…..If Moore had won he would’ve been just another ass-kisser for Israel, maybe even its biggest ass-kisser.

    • Meh…

      Maybe not – his wife’s response to anti-Semitism was to say they’ve got a Jew lawyer so they’re good.

      A true Christian Zionist would have literally groveled while talking about how the Kikes are the light unto the nations and other similar crap.

  15. Takeaways; Trump may have “won” because Clinton was the worst candidate to ever run for the Presidency. He in fact lost the popular vote by 2%. Biden would have smoked him. Even with a “booming” economy, Alabama elected a Democrat, and not even a blue dog. What happens when the economy starts trending downward?

    This was a war and Trump is not fighting it like a war. That puts us in a very precarious situation. Still, we have to go down swinging in order to save some white countries. America is too far gone. Partition / Accelerationism is back on the table. Perhaps the movement can get back into form instead of being the shit show it has been for 13 months?

    Use 2018 not as a chance to fight for Trump, but to scare the shit out of white fence sitters by blowing up the GOP.

    • Stay home, encourage other Whites to do the same, and let the Dems run riot through Congress.

      Let the cucks crash and burn, because so long as they have any influence, Nationalism is going to have to fight for every single inch.

  16. More seats will be lost next November. Still no Wall, Moslems are still immigrating in and Hillary is not even being investigated much less locked up.

    What happened to all those campaign promises. I’ll sit the next election out. Simply not worth my time.

      • He is pretty much useless at this point. I highly doubt he can win in 2020 unless the Left runs someone as equally uncharacteristic as Hillary.

        He promised to get us out of Middle Eastern wars. We now have military in Syria, thousands, and we now have more military personnel in Afghan than we did when Obama left office. He will be a lame duck by next November.

  17. I guess you just have to laugh at this. There is absolutely no way out of this by way of elections in this multicultural nation. This is just the beginning of things to come in the next few decades as Whites become minorities.

    When the Dems get back in power in 2020 they will be on the warpath. The borders will be thrown open and tens of millions of non-Whites will be ushered in.

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