Correcting Team ‘Merica’s Scorecard

I saw that USA Today recently published some news about the U.S. Army. Apparently, the American Empire attempted to allow its citizens with a history of serious mental illness, such as cutting (also known as “self-mutilation”) and depression, to seek a waiver and join the Army. The idiotic decision was quickly retracted by the top brass. But, it appears that the Empire has been experiencing problems with meeting its recruitment quota. To me, this isn’t all that surprising. Who would want to join a military with a declining, albeit fairly recently, reputation and poor record?

This isn’t designed to denigrate our veterans. Let’s get that out of the way. Many of my best friends and prominent members of the Alt-Right movement are military vets. This isn’t about the common soldier or officer. It’s about our overall waning martial standards, but most importantly, our hyper-inflated war record.

More from USA Today about the struggle to recruit:

The decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September 2018. To meet last year’s goal of 69,000, the Army accepted more recruits who fared poorly on aptitude tests, increased the number of waivers granted for marijuana use and offered hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

You see, it’s common practice among patritards, Bro ‘Merica types, boomers, arm-chair generals and folks that have watched Saving Private Ryan too many times to deify the U.S. military, along with the Empire’s wartime track record. Interjecting nuance, strategic caution and more non-mainstream (and usually more historically correct) narratives is heretical to these groups. Even while trannies and homosexuals are welcomed with open arms (not by the rank and file solider mind you) and women are allowed in combat arms, nary a critical word is acceptable. Blind adoration for Weimerca’s Legions is the proper response.

Per the Military Times:

About 7.8 percent of the military — roughly one in every 13 troops — is clinically overweight, defined by a body mass-index greater than 25. This rate has crept upward since 2001, when it was just 1.6 percent, or one in 60, according to Defense Department data obtained by Military Times. And it’s highest among women, blacks, Hispanics and older service members.

If you think this is a problem, you’re in good company. Unfortunately, the vast amount of the ignorant class has no idea. They’re normies, so what should we expect. It’s not surprising that much of our country legitimately thinks the Empire can wage decades long wars, ostensibly lose both of them, but also defeat a European nuclear power, while our military would be unrecognizable to our grandfathers.

It’s this ignorant class, coupled with the globalist power players, that are the true warmongers in this country. Mention that we’ve been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years and you’ll either get a blank stare, shrug or screams about “Freedom” or something.

One of my favorites is to ask a gung-ho patritard how many of our soldiers died in the Second World War. None of them know. In fact, they won’t even guess. If you’re a normie reading this, I bet you don’t know either, not off the top of your head anyway. But, if I asked you how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust, I bet you’d know that one, wouldn’t you?

Think about that. How dysfunctional is that?

You know the body count of the Holocaust, but don’t even know how many American soldiers died during the greatest and bloodiest war in the history of the world. That’s really strange when you put it into perspective. Then again, these are the same type of people who wear graphic t-shirts with “Back to Back World War Champions” printed on them. It’s such a pleb-tier understanding of military history, it also disparages our own veterans and other countries with honorable military traditions from both of those unnecessary wars.

Many, but certainly not all, of these same people like to rebuke the Confederacy and our statues with snarky comments like, “No trophies for 2nd place.” I expect that from ignorant antifa, but this sort of childish response is coming from uberpatriots. In return, I ask them if we should tear down the Vietnam Memorial, after all, we did lose that war, didn’t we? Generally, that doesn’t produce a response, unless they question my patriotism to the Empire.

It’s the uberpats’ sophomoric and self-satisfied chutzpah that rankles most folks with a deeper understanding of the World Wars than playing Call of Duty or watching Band of Brothers. “We kicked their ass! Don’t Mess with the U.S!” they’ll scream or furiously type on their keyboard while chugging a Bud Light.  Never mind that Imperial Germany lost more men in a single battle (Battle of Verdun and before the U.S. entered the war) than the entire American Expeditionary Force. Or, that Imperial Germany had defeated the Russian Empire, while staving off both the British and the French.

It’s the same with the Second World War, only magnified. Now, I have great admiration for my own family that fought bravely in Europe, as well as, the other men that did their duty. I think if they saw Europe today they would feel very differently, with Muslims conducting mass rape, Truck of Peace™ “incidents,” and no-go zones. Call it a hunch, but if our boys at Normandy could see France and Germany today, I think that they’d rather have headed home than kill Fritz.

Related image

And, speaking of Normandy, let’s dispense with the notion that Operation Overlord was the dagger in the wicked black heart of the Third Reich. Famous (and thoroughly disgraced and deceased now) historian, Stephen Ambrose, liked to equate the 1944 campaign as the “children of democracy” battling the forces of evil. It would have been more accurate to describe it as, “Mega-Power lands on lightly defended beach battling second and third-rate troopsOsttruppen, old men and boys, eventually get’s bogged down by logistical misfortunes and thick hedges.”

But, no one wants to talk about that. Sure, some under-strength veteran troops, including a few panzer divisions, were eventually mobilized to repulse the landings, but they were far too little and too late. They were eventually obliterated by overwhelming air, sea and artillery power too. Your average rah-rah ‘Merica! arm-chair general doesn’t want to mention that the Allies had approximately 1.4 million troops in Northern France by the end of July 1944, compared to the Reich’s 400,000. In their mind, it’s plucky dogfaces versus the behemoth and unstoppable German super-soldiers.

This is a fairy tale.

Now, it may not be popular, but the American Empire didn’t defeat the Third Reich. As much as it pains to me to say it, the Soviet Union did. Around the same time that Normandy was drawing closer to an end, the complete annihilation of the German Army Group Center was taking place in Soviet Byelorussia. Operation Bagration resulted with the destruction of the entire central front, the Germans lost about a quarter of its Eastern Front manpower, similar to the percentage of loss at Stalingrad (or about 17 full divisions) and allowed the Soviets entry into Poland. In other words, this was the end. No amount of lopsided kill ratios was going to stop the Russian Bear.

As Max Hastings wrote in 1985 for the The Washington Post:

Germany’s titanic struggle with the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1944, which killed more than 2 million German soldiers — arguably, the best 2 million — provided the western Allies with an extraordinary luxury for nations at war: time to train, to prepare, to plan to meet the enemy on the battlefield under conditions of their choosing, at a moment carefully selected by the warlords of America and Britain…In May 1945, the Allies attained victory first through the huge efforts of the Russians who had inflicted three-quarters of the German army’s casualties; and second through the deployment of overwhelming resources.

And, how has the Empire fared since bringing peace and democracy to Europe (twice)? Not good. Not good by a long shot. A tie in Korea and a humiliating defeat in Vietnam. Our country still isn’t even over ‘Nam – a truly shameless political blunder, plus the approximately 59,000 dead Americans and the country tearing itself apart.

2-1-1 in 56 years (from our entry in WWI to our official disengagement in Vietnam).

Now, you can count our smashing of the Iraqi dirt people in 1991 as a victory. But, that win has been completely overshadowed by our current and thoroughly disastrous Middle East meddling. The First Gulf War is about as relevant as the Spanish American War – no one cares or really remembers.

Then, we had our tragic invasion of Iraq in 2003. That murderous misstep requires its own lengthy screed. In short and needless to say, we ousted stable Saddam, got a lot of good men killed and completely fucked up the entire country (“fuck” meant in the bad way, not the uberpat anthem of “America, Fuck Yeah!“). Count this one in the L column in 2011. Since our leaders never learn a lesson, American troops were sent back to Iraq in 2014 – so, if things get escalated due to Israeli advisement, you can bet another official defeat in about a decade or so.

Image result for invasion of Iraq

Lastly, we’ve got the Graveyard of Empires – where we figured we’d give it the ole college try. Worked out well for the British and Soviets, right? The British encounter with Afghanistan is mostly remembered for the disaster of the First Afghan War which culminated in a helter-skelter retreat by British troops and their camp followers (including women and children) from Kabul. Almost the entire force of 16,000 people, including 700 Europeans, were annihilated due to freezing weather and unrelenting attacks by savage tribesmen. Mention that to an uberpat, along with the Soviet defeat, and you get nada.

Afghanistan is an unmitigated disaster and a financial and bloody sinkhole. We should pull out now, declare it what it rightfully is (a colossal misstep) and have “Peace with Honor,” before more men get killed in poppy fields or a forlorn firebase in Kunar Province.

Ultimately, it boils down to this: the Empire doesn’t love you, no matter how much you love it. It has been half-ass bumbling through conflicts since 1945 and treating its soldiers like week-old leftovers – the GI Bill and third-rate VA healthcare doesn’t make up for a lost limb. There’s little reason to celebrate the Empire or its “vaunted” military history.

Now, enjoy some plebeian cancer:

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  1. Most of the Patriotards with their idiotic T-shirts end up not enlisting, anyway. If Texas had its own army, or the South was an independent nation, I would have joined. But not the Empire’s farces.

  2. Thank you. My father‘s generation fought in World War II, and the trauma that they entertained, and the killing that they engaged in, forever made them reticent to even talk about that. In their later lives, I think they became more aware of their shame for having enabled the Jewish menace/communist menace after the fact, then when they were 18-year-old conscripts.

    I’ve never liked anyone in the military, because they all seemed to me like such dumb idiots. Now, reading this, I know that I am correct. The jarheads are no better off than the mercenaries-the Janissaries-that invaded Europe and killed their own flesh and blood, because they had been co-opted by a foreign, Godless
    regime early in their lives. Today’s wars for Israel, are no different.

  3. I followed the Iraq War 2 (George W Bush’s war) closely on a website that, IIRC, was named iraqwar, and it had over the coarse of several years a lot of videos of USA military vehicles of different kinds getting blown up, often completely blown up into pieces and on fire and burning, in a way that USA fatalities must have happened. And yet, every week, the USA was reporting 1 or 2 troops killed.

    The conclusion I reached is that the USA was consistently understating its casualties. Reasons to do so include keeping the USA’s citizens from protesting and also to not discourage wannabe soldiers from joining the USA army.

  4. I’ve disliked the open borders fanatics and the multi culturalists, almost all of my life, lately I’ve added the flag wavers, the jerks who want to plaster the U.S. flag over everything, and the people who never seem to tire of cheer leading for another foreign war and are always ready and eager to sent somebody else’s kid off to get shot at or get blown up in a part of the world that nobody cares about except the foreign policy obsessives. The people who think the U.S.. government should micro manage the planet and all other countries should bow and scrape the minute anybody in Washington opens up their big mouth.

    It never seems to occur to the Toby Keith’s of the world that there wouldn’t be as many wounded warriors without the sonavabitch’s cheer leading for war like they were rooting for a local football team. And that our brave fighting forces didn’t necessarily make the country safer by blowing up Iraq and Afghanistan. I didn’t ask any of these 20 year old John Wayne wannabes to kill any foreigners for me, they did that all on their own. I feel sorry for them, but I’m not responsible for the decisions they made.

    The military has become just about the biggest sacred cow in the country, you can’t criticise the violence, the waste of life, or waste of money. the United States spends about 40% of all the military spending in the world, and it’s never enough.

  5. Trumpenthal threw his Zionist friends a bone with the Jerusalem thing…

    but it’s not going to make up for his refusal to do what (((they))) wanted in Syria. So

    he’s going to have to take down Iran for them instead. Probably the ZOG will tighten the screws on Iran
    leading into the 2018 election…and then attack just before. If they can win quick, Trumpenthal will be a cinch for 2020. If not, and given ‘Murka’s degraded military, it may be not, a visible defeat could collapse the entire Zio-globalist project, the petrodollar, debtPonziconomy and all.

  6. How is the USSA going to maintain its global empire without any quality troops to maintain it? The draft would have to be reinstated, but no politician in his right mind would ever recommend such a thing. BTW, all that horse-shit about “thanking a vet for his service” was created by the War Department’s Division of Civilian Psychological Warfare.

  7. A couple of years ago, I was made aware of a man named Smedley Butler. General Butler was the highest ranking, and most highly decorated Marine at the time of his retirement in the 1930’s He had been in the Spanish-American War, the Philippines, Haiti, South America and WWI. He became so disgruntled with the way the American government treated other countries, that he went Red. He wrote a book titled “War Is A Racket.” I admit that I have yet to read his book (it’s on my to do list), but I read a few extracts from it. He wrote that he could have taught Al Capone a few things; writing that Al only ran his racket in three districts, while he operated his on three continents. Butler spent his time, following his retirement, trying to recruit men into the VFW for the purpose of “educating soldiers out of the sucker class.” Is it any wonder that noone I talk to has ever heard of him?

    • Read it! Butler tells it like it is. 100 years ago today, my grandfather was in France, lying in some god awful trench, worrying about getting gassed and/or his ass shot off. The more things change, the more they stay the same, even a century later.

      “In modern warfare, there’s nothing sweet or fit in you dying, you will die like a dog and for no good reason.”

      Ernest Hemingway

  8. The US military has some of the best trained and equipped troops in the world. They are highly capable of winning on a tactical level although that doesn’t necessarily translate to strategic victories. However, these troops are primarily found in the special forces, infantry, and other combat arms units and are a minority of the 2 million active and reserve troops currently serving. The majority of military personnel are not focused on combat and are in support functions. Their time is largely consumed with enforcing cultural Marxist dictates and being indoctrinated as social justice warriors. Their training is focused on equal opportunity, combating bigotry, sexual harassment, and racism and studying the latest trends in gender identity.

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